Reports: Osorio to remain at Once Caldas

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Juan Carlos Osorio may not be returning to MLS after all.

ESPN Los Angeles stated last week that Chivas USA were set to announce Osorio as their new head coach, but according to reports out of Colombia, Osorio has decided to stay at Once Caldas.

Osorio recently led the Colombian club to the Colombian championship in 2010. According to several reports, Osorio has decided to remain with the club until the end of his contract in December of 2011 so that he could guide the club in the Copa Libertadores tournament.

In the Colombian reports, Osorio had interest from several clubs in Mexico and Colombia as well as Chivas USA. Chivas USA have been without a head coach since firing Martin Vasquez in late October after a disappointing season that saw the club finish at the bottom of the Western Conference table.

What do you think of this latest development? Think Osorio will still join Chivas USA? Who should Chivas hire if Osorio is unavailable? 

Share your thoughts below.

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16 Responses to Reports: Osorio to remain at Once Caldas

  1. Josh D says:

    “Chivas USA have been without a club since firing Martin Vasquez…”

    I know Chivas USA can be seen as a joke, but surely not that bad haha : )

  2. Dinho says:

    It will be Jesse Marsch. You heard it here first.

  3. eric says:

    Not hard to decipher. Libertadores or MLS?

  4. JoeW says:

    Osorio’s family (if we believe the stories) has been a factor here and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an issue here as well. That can often account for “sure, I’ll sign with you” to “uh, having second thoughts, I think not–I’m going to stay where I am” kind of stuff.

  5. Twellman says:

    They should hire Taylor Twellman.

  6. DINO1ER says:

    My Goats don’t want him anyway.

  7. Lee says:

    Hire Wynalda

  8. Drew says:

    that dude is weak sauce

  9. Vince says:

    I would to see Ramón Ramírez or Claudio Suárez

  10. Front Row says:

    0s0ri0 was a mediocre coach with Chicago and New York. The Mustang League can keep him.

  11. Second City says:


    Wynalda posting on messageboards campaigning for himself, I see.

  12. Danny says:

    Classic – Not even crappy coaches want to take the goats job – can you really blame him. When your “big” upgrade is conrad, you’ve got big, big issues

  13. JFC says:

    so is his trademark to get a team to the finals and then lose?

  14. Smith says:

    How come every time JCO changes jobs it’s filled with “will he, won’the, did he, don’t he?” drama???

    He’s as indecisive about where he will work as he is when he fills out a line-up card.

    I couldn’t care less about Chivas but today is a great day for their organization.

  15. Kevin says:

    link to

    this says that Chivas usa is looking at the Guatemalan National team Coach Ever Hugo Almeida. It could be jsut a rumor but you never know.

    He has coached and won titles all over south and central america so, maybe not that bad eh?