Special 1 TV: Christmas Special

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7 Responses to Special 1 TV: Christmas Special

  1. Awesome! I particularly like the part where Yukon Cornelius brings in a toothless abominable snowman to put the star on the tree. Shame the images were whited-out by this blizzard though. I imagines some Ives followers won’t get to see the dazzling imagery.

  2. Justin says:

    “You didn’t let anyone down this year? Not even over the summer?” hahahahaha rooney was awesome in this one

  3. Igner Ant says:

    I think Sven on keyboards was a particularly nice touch. Also, “Shut up, dingleberry!” is going to be my new favorite thing to say this year.

  4. SBI Troll says:

    “I must be confusing you with another fat man that was always gone by the new year.”

  5. Atletico Man says:

    Ronnie, don’t lie to Santy.

  6. PetedeLA says:

    That was the best one in a while.