This Weekend’s Soccer on TV

BoltonLiverpool (GettyImages)

In a match-up of an overachieving team against an underachieving squad, Stuart Holden and Bolton take on struggling Liverpool in one of the more intriguing matches of the weekend.

Liverpool is in desperation mode as Roy Hodgson faces immense pressure to turn around an ugly season, while Owen Coyle and the Trotters are enjoying a dream season to date.

The Spanish First Division is back in action this weekend, with Barcelona beginning 2011 after finishing 2010 in strong fashion.

Here is a rundown of This Weekend's Soccer on TV: 




7:45am- ESPN2- West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester United

8am- Fox Soccer Plus- Leeds United vs. Middlesbrough

10am-Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester City vs. Blackpool

10am-Fox Soccer Plus- Liverpool vs. Bolton

10am- Tottenham vs. Fulham

10am- West Ham vs. Wolverhampton

10am- Stoke City vs. Everton

10am- Sunderland vs. Blackburn

NOON- Fox Soccer Plus- West Ham vs. Wolverhampton (Delayed)

12:30PM- Fox Soccer Channel- Birmingham City vs. Arsenal

2PM- Fox Soccer Plus- Watford vs. Portsmouth

2:30PM- Fox Soccer Channel- Tottenham vs. Fulham (Delayed)

3am- Fox Soccer Channel- Adelaide United vs. Brisbane Roar


7:45am- No TV- Rangers vs. Celtic

8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel- Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

11am- Fox Soccer Channel- Wigan vs. Newcastle United

NOON- Barcelona vs Levante

2PM- Sevilla vs. Osasuna

4PM- Valencia vs. Espanyol

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17 Responses to This Weekend’s Soccer on TV

  1. dbex says:

    are there literally zero games on Gol tv this weekend? my wife gave me a subscription to Gol for Christmas that I have not started yet…..if something like Fox Soccer Plus makes more sense I’ll do that instead, but what I really want Is La Liga and Bundesliga coverage.

  2. ndsoccerfan says:

    Who is in charge of selecting games for FSC? Ives, if you have any clout there, please say something. Why for the American market would they choose to show Man City and Blackpool over Liverpool/Bolton or Fulham/Tottenham?

  3. SdbransonUSA says:

    Bundlesliga is on its winter break until January 14, but La Liga is back in action on Sunday and Monday. I’m surprised htat they wouldnt have anything on Goltv this weekend.

  4. garbaggio says:

    Not sure why GolFV isn’t showing the Sunday games from La Liga (which seems to be running a Sunday/Monday schedule this weekend) but they have Atl Madrid – Racing Santander live at 2 pm Monday followed by Getafe – Real Madrid at 4 pm.

    At this holiday time of year EPL on FSC is much more abundant. Once Germany gets over it’s winter break and La Liga is going fullbore in the New Year they will have plenty of games.

    link to

  5. acj says:

    God bless ESPN3. It’s amazing for soccer fans. I showed a couple friends who live in England and Germany how many games I have access to for free* and I think they’re thinking about emigrating now.

    * I know my ISP pays for the access, but getting that many games in the UK would cost more than my internet connection alone.

  6. nine-toes says:

    Chile’s Squad to face the U.S. in January

    Arqueros: Paulo Garcés y Raúl Olivares.

    Defensas: José Pablo Fuenzalida, Paulo Magalhaes, Luis Pedro Figueroa, Sebastián Toro, Carlos Labrín.

    Volantes: Felipe Seymour, Eugenio Mena, Lucas Domínguez, Fernando Meneses, Edson Puch, Felipe Gutiérrez, Francisco Silva.

    Delanteros: Esteban Paredes, Daud Gazale.

  7. Don says:

    Absolutely. I love ESPN3 and the best part about it is you can go back forever and watch matches. Thanks Verizon for paying for it for me!

  8. fischy says:

    Let’s see — FSC is a package option or free on many system. FSC+ brings in $15 a month to FOX for every subscriber. Which channel do you really think will get the better games, and why?

  9. fischy says:

    Owen Coyle says that Holden is unlikely to play. Apparently, he suffered a leg injury against Chelsea — must be why they took him off.

  10. MadKingGeorge says:

    Why is the Rangers-Celtic game even listed if it is not on TV? Is it just me? I am missing something there?

  11. Sean says:

    same as the listings. those aren’t on tv either, lol

  12. ndsoccerfan says:

    I am pretty sure Sepp Blatter taught us that soccer is not about money.

  13. Dan says:

    ya but you can watch them on your computer, Rangers-Celtic looks to be blacked out of coverage.

  14. nine-toes says:

    link to

    good site to find all your footy streams.

  15. jig says:


    wahhh I want fulham waaaah

  16. RK says:

    There had been a strike threat.

  17. GW says:

    What happens if FSC goes for Fulham in a big way and then Dempsey gets sold in the January window?

    Do they get a refund? Would you watch Fulham to see EJ play for 10 minutes?