What will you remember most about 2010?

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With 2010 down to its last day and final hours, it's time to you to share with us the most memorable moments of an eventful year.

What, from a soccer standpoint, will you remember most about 2010? Will it be Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria? The USA-England World Cup match? The Colorado Rapids winning MLS Cup? Thierry Henry signing with MLS? Juan Agudelo's U.S. national team debut? Inter Milan's treble? Akron's championship season? Stuart Holden's rise? The arrival of the Philadelphia Union? Spain's run to the World Cup?

Will you remember negative or sad things? Will it be the FIFA shadiness, or the USA loss to Ghana? The Netherlands and their World Cup final thuggery? Nigel DeJong's bone breaking? Togo's African Cup of Nations tragedy? The retirements of Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston and Brian McBride, among so many others?

I will share my favorite 2010 moments later on today. For now, please feel free to share your favorite soccer moments of 2010 in the comments section below.

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77 Responses to What will you remember most about 2010?

  1. Dave from Charlotte says:

    oh, man….Landon’s goal against Algeria BY FAR!

    Grown man crying…glad I was alone in my house for that one. It was ugly.

  2. Amit says:

    It has to be Landon’s goal against Algeria. Going from worst to first in the group in an instant brought out an emotion in me that sports have never evoked before.

  3. Don Pelayo says:

    I will never forget Landon Donovan’s 2010 birthday present for me (June 23 is my birthday). Even if that day didn’t have a personal importance to me, it would be hard to argue against that goal being the most memorable moment of 2010.

  4. AngelaML says:

    Absolutely the highlight was Donovan’s goal against Algeria!!!

    The saddest would be Steve Ralston’s retirement. Such a classy player. I was actually glad to have Twellman finally retire, so we could get his salary back.

  5. wilyboy says:

    I think the Algeria goal was sensational, and all important, but how triumphant was that Bradley goal against Slovenia?

  6. Jacob says:

    As an Akron student and member of the AK-Rowdies student fan group, I have to say Akron’s championship season. I had so many great memories watching this teams incredible run. It’s been a great year to be an Akron Zip.

    Clearly, Donovan’s goal was the second highlight of the year. That was incredible!

  7. A.S. says:

    The question should be rephrased: What will you remember about 2010 OTHER than Landon’s goal against Algeria?

    Here are my other top World Cup memories: Dempsey’s goal against England, watching the crazy end of the Ghana-Uruguay game in the middle of Grand Central Station with about 1,000 other random people, Arjen Robben’s missed chances against Spain.

  8. KJ says:

    I was at the Algeria Game. SO There’s no question that Donovan’s goal and the ensuing celebration was this year’s soccer memory.

  9. Dempsey’s goal against Juventus. the killer chip from distance.

  10. Charles says:

    Every year is a great memory of going to Sounder’s games. This year of course was the Open Cup Championship at QWest.

    And of course, like anyone with a brain the WCup goal by Landon !!! Couldn’t have been any better, I will watch that 30 years from now and still can’t wait to see the outlet throw start one of the greatest moments ever.

    I think that goal will be one of the biggest symbolic stepping stones for US soccer. Beating England in the Group Stage clears an imaginary hurdle to becoming a team that CAN win it all. Fitting it was Landon who put it in.

  11. A.S. says:

    Two other things of note from the World Cup, now that I think about it:

    1. Getting chosen into the easiest group the US has even been in – the optimism was so high.

    2. The Edu game winner against Slovenia that was incorrectly called back.

  12. Sipu says:

    The goal against Algeria goal is one that I will remember. A bunch of us at Save the Children’s headquarters had commandeered the Emergency Response Center (where the TVs are) to watch the second half. If children are saved by shouting – we saved a lot of children that day.

    More honestly, the pain of almost every DC United home game will stick with me for longer than I’d like to admit. After the US Open Cup semi-final loss (a pocket version of United’s season), I didn’t know if I’d be able to come back to RFK in 2010.

  13. Peter says:

    Agudelo’s goal for sure. (and anything else that has to do with RBNY haha)

  14. Glaing says:

    Landon’s goal vs Algeria. The phys. ed. staff of the high school I work in were all in the fitness room watching that game. We went nuts. Second favorite moment was when my wife and I walked into RBA for the first time.

  15. Thomas513 says:

    Landon’s goal is first. Wow. I still get excited about it.

    Second, the Open Cup final at Qwest. That was a night that I will not soon forget.

    2010 was great – bring on 2011. I can’t wait for March 15 and the Gals.

  16. Andy says:

    Other than Donovan’s goal…

    Donovan’s loan at Everton
    The US comeback against Slovenia
    Dempsey’s chip against Juventus
    New Zealand’s 1-1 tie against Italy

    Yeah, the last one seems strange, but NZ is who we used to be 20 years ago. Their team was mostly semi-pro players with a smattering of professionals and they not only got their first ever WC points, but tied one of Europe’s super-powers. We Americans point to the New York paper’s “USA wins 1-1″ result vs. England, but it was more a vindication of where we believe our rightful place is in world football. For NZ football, tying Italy in the group stages was akin to winning the World Cup Final – it was an upset of epic proportions that spoke to the spirit of their players.

    Not being a Kiwi, I didn’t get as overwhelmingly emotional for that game as I did when Donovan and Dempsey scored their goals for country and club respectively, but I understand enough about what that result means to New Zealand to feel some of what they did.

  17. Peter says:

    Ghana v. Uruguay was pretty cool too.

  18. randall says:

    the good- donovans goal. no-brainer.

    the bad- the feeling we didnt take full advantage. great draw, our best players in their prime (donovan, dempsey, howard, etc). we had our share of luck good (dempseys goal v england) and bad (davies, onyewu, and holden injuries), but still- we started every match other than england on our heels. fell behind, seemingly didnt “really” start to play until we had to. questionable player selection…while it was a very respectable showing, and succesful, i still felt we didnt play our best.

  19. jason says:

    Donovans goal vs Algeria easily the high point this year!

    The low point, for me, was losing CD9 (lets face it, somewhat needlessly) for the WC along with a weakened Gooch.

    To think what ‘could’ have been with an in form CD9 this last WC?!

  20. Tony in Quakleand says:

    Donovn against Algeria

    Bradley against Slovinia

    Donovan against SLovenia

    Diego Florian (The Most Interesting Man in The World)

    Messi’s constant failure to understand that what he does is impossible

    Uruaguay vs Ghana

    Henry in MLS

    New USA youth talent emerging everywhere

    Donovan in Everton

    Biggest disappointment: Surprisingly, the Dutch failure to play like the Dutch in the final, depriving us of what should have been a classic match up

  21. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Damn, I can’t wait to see Red Bull Arena!

  22. Nicole says:

    The Goal by Donovan. “Oh, can you believe it!”

    Donovan’s time at Everton. “USA! You Must Stay!”

  23. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Oh, and my son converting a PK to win a U12 tournement in Palo Alto and getting mobbed by his teammates.

  24. John R. says:

    Aside from the Donovan goal, it has to be LAG 0-3 FCD in the Western Conference Finals. Deciding at practically the last minute to fly out to LA. ACB putting out 110% and making a grand spectacle of themselves and the game. Kevin Hartman standing on his head to keep the Hoops in the game. Ferreira scoring against the run of play, then John and Chavez icing the game in the second half. Getting told to “sit down and shut up” by bitter Galaxy fans after the second goal. The “Let’s Go Giants” chants that started up in the waning moments. Watching the team celebrate on the field with the trophy and the confetti cannons. That’s my lingering soccer memory of 2010.

  25. Dan the Man says:

    Other than Donovan’s goal, it was the Chile-US friendly at Home Depot for me. First game I attended in person where I really got to experience something like the atmosphere of a real international game. US-Barbados didn’t really count . . .

  26. angler23 says:

    Being at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on June 23rd, experiencing 91 minutes of indigestion, nail biting and hair pulling followed by an hour of high fives, signing and hugging anyone wearing the Red, White and Blue. Priceless.

  27. #JustSaying says:


  28. vik says:

    I remember teams like Mexico not pushing hard enough to win their game against Uruguay, when they knew Argentina awaited the loser. Algeria playing for a draw in the final game, it was bizarre. I remember all of the USA’s failings stemming from not being good enough, never not trying hard enough. Our play was clean, our tackles honest, and the spirit was unmatched at the tournament. More than anything else, I love the way the US represented its country at the cup.

  29. Charles says:

    Well said about the US and very true.

  30. Ne-Dub says:

    I will never forget being at The Irish Bank downtown San Fran for the Slovenia game and being so down and out at half, but when Mike Bradley scored to tie the game is my most memorable moment.

    Also how much we got screwed in that game.

  31. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Man, haven’t been to the Irish Bank in ages. One of my favorite soccer memories was being in Ireland’s 32 for Italy-Ireland in USA 94. The place exploded when Ireland scored and when they won, the entire bar tumbled outside and blacoked off traffic on Geary singing ‘Ole, Ole, Ole!’ The SF cops were mystified – they didn’t have any idea what the crowd was celebrating.

    We now return to your regularly schulded programing

  32. fieldsy says:

    The Donovan goal was definitely #1, I have a picture of it hanging up in my living room.
    The USA vs. Slovenia game was a crazy game that I will remember as well. My wife complains I don’t show enough emotion, but I was an emotional roller coaster during that game.
    It was amazing to watch Barcelona crush Real Madrid 5-0.

  33. ga-gone says:

    With you 100%.

    I remember the depths of despair I was feeling in the prior 20 minutes, and how all of that was instantly wiped away by total euphoria when that ball went in the goal.

  34. DC Josh says:

    Without a doubt, the most memorable soccer moment of 2010 is Donovan’s goal against Algeria. It is probably the most memorable soccer moment of my life. I get goosepimples just thinking about it.

  35. Brett says:

    Donovan vs Algeria… no contest. I was sitting there thinking our WC was over. The disappointment started to set in and then -BAM-, with only hypothetical minutes left to go, it all changed.

  36. DC Josh says:

    I forgot about Donovan at Everton. Certainly the most fun I had watching an American Abroad. The first game at the Emirates with the snow and seeing Donovan make mince meat of Clichy was priceless.

    Lastly, Charlie Davies fighting his way back into contention for the world cup squad, and the riot that followed when he wasn’t selected.

  37. Yo-Joe says:

    After Donovan’s goal, LeToux’ hat trick in Union home opener.

  38. Don says:

    I’m going against the grain here, Donovans goal was fantastic and I’ll never forget it.

    Howevuh, Iniesta’s gigantic goal to defeat the Netherlands in OT. Avoiding the crapshoot of PK’s was huge. His tribute to Dani Jarque was fitting.

    I am not a Eurosnob, I love my US Nats and DC United, but as far as big goals, as a Barca fan as well, nothing touches little Andres Iniesta.

  39. JFC says:

    donovans goal vs algeria and juan pablo angel’s last minute freekick goal vs houston.

  40. Soccer Buff says:

    Totally with you. I watch the replays and i still get the chills and a little teary eyed

  41. I work in a Medical Research Institute (as an admin, not a scientist) with most of the reserchers from Europe or Asia doing Post Doctoral work. The upper management learned their lesson four years ago, when all the labs were empty during WC games.

    So this year they put a big screen TV in the caferia, so I got to watch the US v. England game sitting next to two English guys, hearing them moan when Green let the Clint’s goal in. Every time an English player went down the one guy would yell “stand up, man!”

    Later I watched the French team play next to a French guy who kept shouting “a main, a gauche, non port ou!” – my high school French was good enough (but not the spelling) to realized he was saying ‘pass left, pass right, doesn’t matter, just pass!’

    Since I’m the only one in my family who follows soccer since our son moved to the east coast, it was really great to get to watch the WC games with all the Eurpoean and Asians fans and watch then moan and/or cheer.

    Loved the whole WC experience. Go USA!!

  42. Jack says:

    Well, the Donovan goal goes without saying, doesn’t it? Haha, “GOAL GOAL USA.” I was in NYC and I could actually hear people in the buildings around me screaming–it was an amazing, amazing thing, to see Americans that united around a moment in soccer.

    Donovan’s run at Everton as well–I was so happy to see him succeed in Europe.

    Seeing Stuart Holden establish himself in the EPL has been a pleasure as well. He has a very bright future ahead of him.

  43. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    “GO GO, USA! YOU COULD NOT WRITE A SCRIPT LIKE THIS ONE!” — I still get chills watching the replay of that scene.

  44. Crazy Jon says:

    Donovan Vs Algeria
    My Rapids Winning the MLS Cup and the opening of the Supporters Terrace!!!
    Donovan, Bradley and Mo Edu’s Called back Goal vs Slovenia
    Dempsey’s wonder goal vs Juventus

    And being drunk from dawn ’til dusk for the entire month of June

  45. canchon says:

    Donovan’s goal is a no-brainer…but I also think that Maurice Edu’s goal called back also brought a reaction like I have never seen before.

    The day after the game, I walked into my local bodega and immediately got into a conversation with several strangers about the goal – including the bodega’s owner – people who have never talked soccer before. I remember thinking: “wow, people do really care.” People were legitimately angry at being screwed by the ref.

    For people in the NY region, how cool was walking into RBA for the first time, to a sold out and rocking stadium for the Santos game?

  46. Thorpinski says:

    That would be mind, too

  47. JD says:

    – Donovan vs. Algeria
    – Bradley’s goal vs. Slovenia
    – The emergence of Tim Ream
    – Joel Lindpere for RBNY
    – Red Bull vs. Santos (RBA is all that if you’ve yet to go)
    – Jermaine Jones’ feed to Jozy vs. Poland
    – Dempsey’s goal vs. Juve
    – Diskerud and the ice in his veins on the feed to Agudelo in South Africa

    Bring on the Gold Cup!

  48. bumble biddle bobble says:

    I was watching the end of that game on a flight from LAX to Houston. When the Ghana player missed that PK people were screaming and others were crying. The Stewardess had to get on the itnercomm to let the other passengers know that there was nothing wrong with the plane that it was just a football match.

    What a great match.

  49. Johnny Appleseed. says:

    Donovan’s goal will obviously stay with me forever. However, what I will remember most about 2010 is Fulham’s run to the Europa League final. From Deuce’s chip against Juve to Simon Davies sublime touches to equalize against Hamburg at the Cottage and Gera pointing to the sky after winning it. Such a special run that we aren’t likely to see again in a long, long time.

  50. KutamaObama says:

    Donovan’s goal against Algeria by far. I would say a distant second is the whole Charlie Davies Bruhaha….

  51. Jamie Z. says:

    I will remember 2010 as the year Freddy Adu finally put the doubters to rest and showed the world he was truly a world class talent.

  52. Matt in Tampa says:

    With you Wilyboy. Had Landy not scored that goal, Bradley’s goal would have been at or near top…. kind like pretty good looking girl standing next to Megan Fox. Just not fair to compare.

    ps. Landy’s other goal where he just about took the keeper’s face off, is also a hot chick next to Megan Fox.

    I guess had Megan Fox scored the goal against Algeria instead of Landy, it could not have been topped.

  53. matt C in tampa says:


  54. Matt C in Tampa says:


    Are you THE CRYING MAN?

  55. Mike in Long Island says:

    LD’s goal hands down… Bradley’s goal in Slovenia game a close second. With the obvious aside I’d say Stuart Holden’s emergence and Landon’s excellent stint at Everton for me.

  56. Mike in Long Island says:

    Let’s not forget Kenny Cooper tearing it up in Germany and England!

  57. Matt C in tampa says:

    Here’s how you spend new year’s eve. Drinking game. Go to Youtube and flip through the world cup videos. Whoever sheds a tear first, takes a shot. Everyone else has no true passion for US soccer and must take three shots.

    Start with Cantor’s call. I could swear he’s about to cry.

    link to youtube.com

  58. Bob says:

    Crappy refing

    From the World Cup to the MLS Cup, and of coures my teams got screwed

  59. Matt C in tampa says:

    my bad, i think “crying man” was crying at hte Slovenia match.

  60. Ron from Tampa Bay says:

    Highs: LD smashmouth goal to start the comeback against Slovenia, LD 90+ vs Algeria, the rise of young USMNT players – Aguedelo, Ream, Gonzo, Diskerud, Lichaj, Bedoya, Holden

    Lows: We still have Bunker Bob Bradley squandering an opportunity to possibly make the World Cup semis and squander the young crop of players for the 2014 cycle, Typical anti-American referees at the World Cup and the hypocritical corruption of Sepp Blater and FIFA

  61. C-note says:

    …….. and Brian McBride retired.

  62. RB says:

    Donovan’s goal against Slovenia over the one against Algeria, for me. As big as the latter was, of course, it didn’t carry quite that in-your-face, sheer determination aspect, and didn’t start the whole turnaround that got the team going and into position to get as far as they did.

  63. Fred Garvin says:

    US Open Cup Final

    US Open Cup SSFC vs LA at Starfire <–Best beer garden in MLS Landon’s goal

  64. BradAR says:

    Obviously Landon’s goal. I still choke up whenever I watch replays of in (in both Spanish and English).

    I will also remember how many times the US got screwed over by FIFA with blown calls against Slovenia, Algeria, and the worst, giving the World Cup to Qatar.

    Finally, I will remember how the once mighty and proud Liverpool was nearly brought to its knees. For such a huge and popular club to almost be forced into administration is disgraceful.

  65. RSL123 says:

    I will remember those orange and gray nike boots the most.

  66. Chris says:

    pass left, pass right, doesn’t matter where = à gauche, à droite, n’importe où

    Sorry, French major here :)

  67. Chris says:

    And Thierry Henry just dominating the MLS like we all knew he would!

  68. gabecarrillo79@yahoo.com says:

    Donovan’s goal vs. Algeria by far!! Followed by the opening game at Red Bull Arena … from running into other fans at the train station to walking into the stadium and realizing we finally had a home!!

  69. Byron says:

    “OH . . . CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! GO, GO USA!!!!!!”

  70. wesaley says:

    Is that James Dolan on the left of this picture. If so,I just wanted to say thank you for being the worst owner in sports.

  71. TimN says:

    My list:
    1) No brainer…Donovan goal versus Algeria. One of the biggest goals EVER in US Soccer.
    2) Bradley equalizer against Slovenia…a game that truly seemed lost, then everything changed
    3) Dempsey goal versus England…weak, but it accomplished a HUGE goal in group play
    4) Dempsey goal versus Juventus…one of the best goals ANYWHERE of 2010

  72. You could not write a script like this! says:

    I will remember 2010 as the year I started to follow soccer on a daily basis. I was a casual fan of the US Men before, but, thanks to blogs like this, I am now a diehard fan. The goal by Donovan sealed it for me.

  73. Kei Kamara says:

    Wondolowski’s season and respective MVP that he was denied. (to a crap player from another country).

  74. sciroccer says:

    The Donovan-Algeria goal! WOW!My family watched that live, and the neighbor called the police on us (thinking domestic violence) because of our screaming. The best part was the cops watched the replays with us afterward -but I think what’s going to really stick with me is the disallowed goal, when Edu was supposedly offside???

  75. Thanks, I was too lazy to look it up. But sure understood him :)

  76. Sean says:

    That Landon goal against Algeria wasn’t just my favorite soccer moment of 2010, but my favorite soccer moment ever. And it even falls in the top ten (if not 5) sports moments of all time for me

  77. Landy cakes goal against Algeria. It wasn’t only the best moment of 2010… it was the BEST MOMENT IN US SOCCER HISTORY! It wasn’t so much the goal, or the stage, but more because every american for that same moment held their breath, then exhalde in sheer joy, because of Soccer. Go USA!

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