Who will get the USMNT January camp call?

 Mix Diskerud (ISIPhotos.com)

With Christmas around the corner it isn't just Santa Claus making a list of those who have been good this year.

Bob Bradley is making a list as well and in a few weeks we will find out which players he has selected for the annual January U.S. national team training camp. There are plenty of MLS candidates to choose from after a season that saw many new faces emerge, and some familiar faces play really well.

Last year, Bradley brought in a camp of 30 players, made up mainly of MLS players, with some Scandinavian-based players mixed in. We aren't likely to see a list for next month's camp until closer to Christmas, but based on the recent MLS season, and the performances of some European-based players in recent months, there is a group of players you can see getting the nod when Bradley unveils his list.

With that in mind, here is the projected 30-man roster I see Bradley calling in for the January U.S. national team camp:


GOALKEEPERS– Kevin Hartman, Nick Rimando, Matt Pickens, Sean Johnson 

DEFENDERS– Clarence Goodson, Omar Gonzalez, Tim Ream, Nat Borchers, George John, Heath Pearce, Marvell Wynne, Kevin Alston, Sean Franklin

MIDFIELDERS– Alejandro Bedoya, Benny Feilhaber, Mikkel Diskerud, Brek Shea, Eddie Gaven, Bobby Convey, Jeff Larentowicz, Geoff Cameron, Robbie Rogers, Kyle Beckerman, Dax McCarty

FORWARDS- Edson Buddle, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury, Chris Wondolowski, Justin Braun, Conor Casey


Some quick thoughts:

Call it the John Kerry double flip flop. I originally listed Goodson, but took him off considering his impending move to Danish club Brondby, but with Brondby also off until March, Clarence Goodson should get a call. No, he's got nothing to prove, but he's a veteran and the camp needs veterans. If he passes on this camp, Chad Marshall would make sense as a replacement.

One player who nearly made this list is Ike Opara. The San Jose rookie had a great start to his first MLS season before a broken foot sidelined him. He's a future national team player, but given the fact he just returned to training in November makes me wonder if he would get the call ahead of any of the above centerbacks. If Bradley is intrigued enough by his potential, Opara could be making a trip to training camp.

It wouldn't surprise me if Gale Agbossoumounde got called in so he could get some quality training in, much as was the case in South Africa last month.

Kevin Hartman was in camp a year ago, but will he be looking to rest his the knee injury that hobbled him late in the year? There aren't a ton of goalkeeping options to choose from.

Landon Donovan is absent from this list, as he should be. Let's face it, he is either going on loan to Everton again or he's taking a long and deserved break.

Neither Logan Pause or Brian Carroll are on this list despite starting against South Africa. Why? It's fair to say Beckerman, Larentowicz and McCarty probably all have higher places on the USMNT depth chart than Pause and Carroll.

I'm open to some suggestions, and could swap in a name here or there. There were a handful of players who I could see getting a look. Any one of three San Jose defenders in Brandon McDonald, Jason Hernandez and Opara, to Rapids defender Drew Moor. Attacking wise, someone like Justin Mapp enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in Philadelphia, and young goalkeeper Brad Knighton might be someone to give a camp look at if players like Hartman and Rimando can't make it. Chris Pontius is someone who would be a good player to invite but he's still recovering from surgery.

There are plenty of players who people always bring up, but who aren't eligible to play for the USA. Players like Sebastien LeToux, Danny Mwanga, Tony Tchani and Rodney Wallace. Oh, and Andy Najar. If you're not eligible to play for the USA yet, you're not getting a call-up, so people should probably stop considering those type of players as options. At least until they secure American citizenship.

Those hoping to see some European-based benchwarmers making the trip for this camp shouldn't hold their breath. Last year's camp only included four non-MLS players (based in Sweden, Norway and Denmark).


What do you think of the group? Who is missing from the list that should have made it? Who's name are you happy to see included?

Share your thoughts below.

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228 Responses to Who will get the USMNT January camp call?

  1. Murphy says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to take some other young goalkeepers? Hartman and Rimando (and even Pickens) aren’t really going to get looks with the national team in the future. But I guess the goalies at this camp are really just there to stop shots. Howard and Guzan are the top keepers for the next 5 years really.

    (SBI-How many good young keepers are there exactly? Sean Johnson is pretty much it. Bill Hamid would be a candidate but he’s coming off surgery. Other young-ish keepers are based in Europe so they won’t be able to come to the camp anyway. That leaves the likes of Hartman and Rimando, who did just finish as the two best keepers in MLS so it’s not like they’re chopped liver. If anything, having those two working with a player like Johnson can be invaluable for Johnson).

  2. BetaMale says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that Findley has no business in a USA shirt ever again.

  3. patrick says:

    at this point, we need quality keepers so that we can see if any of these forwards/mids can actually put the ball in the goal. We’ve got howard/guzan for at least 8 years, if not 12.

  4. James says:

    Juan Agudelo? Or is he too young yet?

    (SBI-Did you really just miss his name on the list?)

  5. Ne-Dub says:

    I hope we give Cameron a run at CB.

  6. Murphy says:

    Yeah you’re right. I like Johnson I hope he gets called up. He’s a good young keeper.

  7. BetaMale says:

    Why not Dom Cervi from Celtic? Its not like there’s any danger of him getting playing time in Scotland while the camp is going on…

    (SBI-He’s been on the bench for them quite a bit so it seems unlikely, but if Celtic would release him I’m sure Bradley would call him in.)

  8. jcl says:

    Uh, didn’t Goodson just transfer to Brondby???

  9. Jason says:

    isn’t there a U-20 camp for Agbossoumounde to attend too? with all the top kids playing abroad

  10. Scott says:

    Bill Hamid sounded like a good option to this camp.

    (SBI-Definitely, but I’m pretty sure he’s still out after surgery.)

  11. Scott says:

    I’d also like to see Mcinerney, but if he didn’t make the U20 roster I guess he isn’t likely to make the USMNT camp

  12. Scott says:

    Agree. Casey as well

  13. JohnC says:

    Ives you love brad knighton! Your constantly tweeting and dropping his name. As a Union fan I love it and love when he replaced Seitz, too bad Nowak doesn’t rank him as well nor the revs. What about Macmath as 4th goalie- bobo has brought in Cervi, invited Janis once and Lichaj as participant but not eligible for the games in the past.

  14. wally says:

    I was surpised when that guy made the wc camp, was really surprised when he made the actual wc squad, and was shocked that he got pt at the actual world cup. It’s still hard to believe that that actually happened. Some things in life are just unexplainable.

  15. Logic says:

    I hope Opara does get called up. I know he was hurt, but I swear that guy has more upside than Ream. (And that’s not a complete knock on Ream — I just think Ream’s best is Jay Demerit 2.0, in other words: solid, but it’d be nice if we could do better.) Opara and Omar Gonzalez represent much better potential at CB. I’d like to see Michael Parkhurst on this list as well. And Chad Marshall needs to be in the mix; he’s only 26.

    The rest are the usual: Bedoya, Diskerud, Agudelo, and Bunbury have the most to gain. And I’d like to see Convey get a runout at LB.

    Wondolowski and Braun better be in the Jan. camp. Do I think they’re good enough? No, I don’t. But they’ve earned a look. Buddle is a tricky case in that he’s not a long-term option, however he may be very useful for the upcoming Gold Cup as the US needs to win now.

    I’d also like to see a little more of Wynne and Dax McCarty, but other than that there’s no one else eligible to be called in that excites me. All the other names are either not eligible for the US or playing in (or riding the bench) in a bog boy league.

  16. The Dude says:

    I can’t think of too many other options. Maybe J.F. Torres? The hunt for a competent LB continues, of course.
    The one trio I’m looking forward to seeing more of is Juan, Teal, and Mix. I think Mix might be the creative playmaker we’ve sought for a while. Stick him behind Altidore/Bunbury and Agudelo, with Dempsey at left and Donovan at right (and either Jones, Edu, or MB as DM) and we might have the perfect lineup. I see Mix and Holden fighting for that spot in the near future.

  17. Eric says:

    Ives, I can see AJ DeLaGarza getting called into camp as well. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see him get a look at left back.

  18. jonk says:

    He did. I guess Ives subscribes to the same train of thought as John Spencer and the Timbers when it comes to transfers in which players haven’t actually stepped on the field for their new team.

  19. Idaho Brian says:

    I think the list looks very close to what we will see happen. However, I would prefer to see Gale A. and Opara get the nod over guys like John and Wynn, (unless still recovering from injury in the case of Opara).

  20. Chad says:

    Ryan Smith. Arguably the most dangerous winger in MLS. Excellent vision, near perfect technical ability, and good decision making. He has also stated his desire to play for the USMNT on multiple occasions. If I’m Bob Bradley, he’s among the first I call for this camp.

  21. drew says:

    Conor Casey? Really? Does his team’s improbable run through the MLS cup really warrant a re-call to the national team?

  22. BetaMale says:

    Also how about Paco Torres? Their season is over and he’s looking to showcase his talents in this country to land an MLS team. I think this would be a perfect situation for him to turn some heads again.

  23. Ben says:

    Steve Zakuani received his green card? Does that mean he could be invited to camp? I know he played a friendly with Congo, but as a non-sanctioned FIFA event he is not tied to any national team yet.

  24. scott simon says:

    What about Herculez Gomez? His season is done in Mexico and I thought he has done a good enough job to at least be included in this camp. Am I off on this?

    Also, Ives – what ever happened to Preston Zimmerman? That kid was good.

  25. Annelid Gustator says:

    Like this picture:

    link to loraleeslooneytunes.com

    And Findley getting the roster spot and PT.

  26. Jason H says:

    Conor Casey, Beckerman, and Bobby Convey? Seriously? Why are any of these guy still in the packing order? They’re like Ching and Findley- great for MLS, crap on an International level. Has Bobby Convey’s playing been stellar enough to warrant a return?

  27. Brian says:

    Excellent list Ives. Pretty much everyone that I predicted too in a couple BigSoccer posts. I agree with your assessment of Carroll and Pause.

    Like you said, some other possibilities are: Ike Opara, Gale Agbossoumonde, Brandon McDonald and Chad Marshall. I highly doubt Justin Mapp gets a call up.

    What about someone like AJ DeLaGarza? He was pretty good in the MLS Playoffs, and he’s someone who can play left back.

  28. Chad says:

    The Apetura is over. The Mexican Clausura starts January 7th. Probably unlikely that any Mexican based players will take part in this camp.

  29. Brian says:

    I guess technically he could be invited to camp, but he can’t play in a game for the USMNT, and I have never heard of someone being called up to a national team camp who wasn’t eligible to even play for that country, yet. It’s not gonna happen. Zakuani will be playing for Congo DR

  30. john.q says:

    YIKES i’d rather see Brian Ching get called up than Conor Casey.
    is there a USNMMAT(United States National MMA Team)? Casey would be perfect for that.

  31. Brian says:

    I like the idea. I know his Dad is American, but I wonder if he even has a US Passport. Although if he didn’t have one, it would be very easy for him to get one. Kinda like Daniel Williams (just has to go to the US Embassy and get one).

    It’d be nice if Ives could clarify Ryan Smith’s situation

  32. Logic says:

    I’m not sure Smith is eligible. “Stating a desire” is great for future considerations, but I’m pretty sure he’s not quite American just yet. I could be wrong though; like I said I’m not sure.

  33. gaucholic says:

    Diskerud is a beast! hope he gets a transfer to a more prestigious league soon.. can he play on the wing?

  34. Logic says:

    While the games stop, the Mexican teams certainly do not. They prepare pretty hard for the Clausura on break, so usually Americans down south don’t get called in for the January camp. Hence no Torres, Bornstein, or Gomez. (Or the kid I think might have a chance at US forward: Sammy Ochoa.)

  35. PSPTim says:

    I haven’t heard anyone else advocating for Ryan Smith, but I cant disagree. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the USMNT in recent years has been quality depth, and good wing options in MLS are typically few and far between.

  36. Cairo says:

    Ok, I’ll say it. Why not Freddy Adu? He’s always done well in Nat’l team settings, he could use the quality workout as much as other young guys not playing (boss, etc), and he’s younger than a lot of the guys on this list. Might help him land somewhere new as well (like MLS, for ex). Ok, I will now duck.

  37. JC says:

    Convey? Would love to see him back but I thought he and BB have an issue……

    Did they work this out?

  38. NateinSF says:

    really? how does he deserve the call up. most other national teams don’t provide “workout” calls up for struggling players.

  39. BetaMale says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know if they took a break or not.

  40. Mike Ufford says:

    Not sure if Ryan Smith is eligible, but I’d like to see him get a shot if it’s possible. He’s one of the better wingers in MLS, and the story behind his switch from England makes me want to see him make an impact for the Yanks that much more.

    I think Sean Franklin is a quality wingback who can swipe a spot from Pearce or Bornstein. Give him minutes. Same to AJ DeLaGarza. Or maybe its just the Galaxy fan in me being biased.

    But whatever Bob does, I want it to be in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. We’ve maxed out the 4-4-2 and its more or less tactically obsolete at the upper end of the international game.

  41. wally says:

    That is awesome.

  42. Brian says:

    It’s unfortunate that Hamid is coming off surgery (will he even be ready by the start of the MLS season??) because I think this would be an excellent camp for both him and Sean Johnson.

    I think you have to call up Hartman and Rimando to provide some veteran presence to the camp, not to mention they could be competing for the 3rd goalkeeper spot on the Gold Cup roster since Hahnemann is A) 38 years old, B) Has mentioned USMNT retirement, C) Isn’t the starter at Wolves anymore, and D) it remains to be seen whether Hahnemann will return to MLS at the start of the season or not until the summer when the EPL season is over.

    After that it kinda just defaults to Matt Pickens since William Hesmer is hurt, Luis Robles and David Yelldell are starters for their Bundesliga 2 clubs and unavailable, Dom Cervi is probably unavailable, and he’s younger and/or (in my opinion) better than Matt Reis, Troy Perkins, Jon Busch, Kasey Keller, Zach Thornton and Joe Cannon.

    Brad Knighton is a possibility too but I think Pickens is better.

    And I doubt Bob is gonna call up any of the U-20 Goalkeepers.

  43. Logic says:

    All right, all right. This fairly decent for Adu time. (45 minutes since Ives’ posting.)

    It depends. The kid is really messed up right now psychologically, club-wise, and otherwise. And I agree with Cairo in that why not call in Adu if he’s serious about coming back to MLS. (Which is probably the best thing for his fledgling career at this point.)

    Problem is I think Adu still has delusions of grandeur, isn’t willing to put in the work, and mentally thinks MLS is an admission of failure.

    It’s sad really, but Adu is a Grade-A bust.

  44. wally says:

    i want freddy as far away from our promising young guys as possible. If he ever gets another call up, he needs to earn it. the guy’s been given way too much in life without having to work for it.

  45. Brian says:

    I’m sure he’s eligible. His Dad is American. Getting an American passport would be just a formality. He does have a English U-20 Cap, so he might have to file his one time switch paperwork to play in an official match for the US (if the English U20 cap is official), although he wouldn’t have to worry about that for this camp or the friendly (similar to Teal Bunbury who has an official Canada youth cap but played in the South Africa friendly for the US.)

  46. Scot says:


  47. Fred Garvin says:

    Already capped by Congo DR

  48. Brian says:

    And you’re probably right, unless Jose transfers (or would it be a loan?) to MLS before then.

  49. Brian says:

    If he doesn’t get a call up for January then I’ll believe Convey’s conspiracy theory that Bob or someone else with the USMNT or USSF has an issue with him. Until then I’m just going to assume that Bobby was rather unrealistic about his own health, form and fitness when he thought he was deserving of call ups in the last cycle.

  50. Brian says:

    Yeah no sh*t man. I read his post. I should have said “Zakuani will be playing for Congo DR for now and in the future”

    Technically he isn’t cap tied to Congo DR until he gets an official cap, but it’s all a moot point since he’s not even a US citizen at this point

  51. robert daniels says:

    Am I the first to ask there lichaj is?j

  52. josh says:

    any thoughts on yevgeny starikov? striker for tom tomsk in russia, started last number of matches. would make sense to at least check him out

  53. fischy says:

    You want a demerit? Ok.


  54. another KC fan says:

    No Harrington?

  55. Brian says:

    ^This. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s something worth discussing. I’m kinda split. DeMerit would provide some good veteran leadership to the camp, the defense and the CB corps, and it would get himself back in the USMNT fold, if we do indeed want and need him for the Gold Cup.

    But at the same time, he hasn’t played in a game since July and having him the camp would limit the playing time of Gonzalez, Ream, John, Opara, Cameron, etc.

    I’m leaning towards wanting Bob to call him because at this time we don’t know what the status of our CB’s is going to be for the Gold Cup. I’m sure Bocanegra will be there, but he might be playing LB for us. Will Onyewu transfer or go on loan? More importantly will he be getting playing time? How will Clarence Goodson’s move to Bronby go? Will he be getting playing time? Will one of the young CB’s (Gonzalez, Ream, Opara, John, etc.) be ready to be a starter (or even the 3rd CB) by then?

    Primary objective of the Gold Cup is to win, and if Jay DeMerit has a good start to the MLS season and other CBs are either hurt, not playing or not ready yet, then we need him.

  56. Logic says:

    Um. Lichaj is consistently in the Aston Villa 18. While that’s not starting full-time — that’s enough to keep him out of the January camp. If guys are in the mix with their Euro clubs they don’t get called in for non-Fifa 3 week camps.

  57. sanjose says:

    Everyone pretty much agrees on these names for the most part. The real debate is which of these guys should start and get PT in the Chile friendly.

  58. TimChapman says:

    His return is supposed to be at the very beginning of the next MLS season so Perkins will probably play a match or two at the very least so they don’t rush him back into action

  59. Brian says:

    Yes and hopefully the only one. Notice how none of our English Premier League players are on this list either? Hopefully that should be a clue why.

  60. Knowles says:

    I have a bad habit of commenting off topic on these threads, but I’m watching the L’pool-Villa game right now and thinking how good Deuce would look in a red shirt. Got to believe he’d score some key goals for them and fit well with his familiarity with Hodgson’s system.

    Also, does anyone with more knowledge of Euro transfer rumors heard anything about the Lukaku kid for Anderlecht? Seems like he’d be a pricey but excellent fit at Anfield to take some more pressure off Torres’ shoulders

  61. NateinSF says:

    yes, agreed on that completely. if you what the US Soccer Federation to gain credibility you can’t call someone like this in.

  62. Brian says:

    Anyone else planning on seeing the Chile friendly at the HDC?

  63. Rich K from LINY says:

    He’s in England, still in season. Uh duh.

  64. Rich K from LINY says:

    Ill lose a lot of faith in BB if he chooses Wondolowski. Has to be most overrated player in MLS. Every goal I see him score is of the garbrage variety. Do you honestly think that guy has the skill for the international level? Get real.

    (SBI-You must have missed quite a few of his goals this year. Not all were of the tap-in/PK variety.)

  65. Soyouthinkyoucandance says:

    Lichaj is on the travelling roster for Aston Villa right now.

  66. Soyouthinkyoucandance says:

    Somebody feed Diskerud some meat, he looks like a Monty Python character.

  67. sciroccer says:

    Agreed! Casey is a waste, the crap fouls, and crap goal he got in the cup. I think he’s very overrated. He’s been with USMNT before and he stunk it up! Findley can’t finish but at least he has speed. The C.rapids went thru the much weaker East for that cup, if it were the West, they would’ve been out in the first round. If Cummings werent the other striker on the team, he dosent score at all.

  68. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t say they’re all garbage. He had some cracking shots.

  69. Logic says:

    Lukaku is definitely on the Premier League radar — but reportedly Anderlecht want beaucaoup dollars for the kid. He’s young, what, like 19 or so. Anderlecht isn’t giving him away.

    For Deauce, rumor has it there’s an unspoken rule Hodgson only got to poach one player from Fulham — and Hodgson tried for Handeland but then settled for Konchesky. I think Liverpool would pay 10 million pounds for Deuce, and I think Fulham would reject right now since there fighting for Premier League survival. If Liverpool make it 20 million (which I don’t think will happen) things could get interesting.

    The other rumor is Michael Bradley. Gladback should have sold him last summer, and plenty of Premier League and German teams are interested at the right price. Gladbach is going down, but Junior won’t go with them. That’s almost guaranteed.

  70. Rich K from LINY says:

    Ream is a much better ball distributor out of the back then DeMerit, hands down.

  71. Ben says:

    I’m not going to argue that Opara might be better in the future than Ream, but I think you are doing a disservice to Ream by refering to him as Demerit 2.0. Demerit made it because he is tough beyond tough and gritty beyond gritty. One area he lacks, though, is skill on the ball, which Ream has in abundance.

  72. Knowles says:

    Gotcha. Yeah I was wondering about Bradley too, but might be overestimating his abilities to assume he could step in and play big minutes for ‘Pool. Although Lucas…

  73. Logic says:

    Rich: yes Ream is much better at distribution than Demerit — which is a good thing. But there’s still nothing about Ream that screams top-end potential. I hope I’m wrong, but he’s doesn’t seem special to me.

    Good player. Not good enough for the national team going forward. That’s my opinion.

  74. Logic says:

    Sorry Knowles, let me be clear. Michael Bradley won’t be going to a top-4 team, that’s for sure. But he’ll be playing top-league football one way or another. Bolton and Bremen are two teams supposedly tracking him. But then you know how soccer rumors go; nothing is certain.

  75. ahm says:

    lucas is currently better than MB. fan of both USMNT and liverpool and lucas was gawdawful the past few seasons but has been steady with both form and workrate this season. deuce would be an excellent fit and lukaku would be intriguing as he fits the mold of the signings the henry ownership target with comolli at the helm. problem with deuce is that i think liverpool would need to cut some of the dead weight before bringing him in. maxi rodriguez’s form has picked up but he was useless for the past cumulative season in a red shirt, and joe cole has been out of fitness and form thus far but just signed a mammoth of a contract. i’d love deuce, lukaku, and bradley for depth but i don’t know how plausible any are

  76. Logic says:

    I’m on record on saying that I don’t think Wondolowski and Braun are international quality, but I do think they deserve a January callup. You have a season like Wondo’s you at least deserve a look.

    Maybe he’ll prove my opinion wrong. Who knows?

  77. Isaac says:

    Yeah, let’s not call up a guy who was half of the best forward pairing in the 2010 MLS season and scored in the final. The guy may not be the most attractive option because of his style, but he scores goals. That’s what matters.

  78. Isaac says:

    He’s like second in assist to only Donovan and Stephens.

  79. Neg says:

    I’m there since it’s close and probably will be sitting with the American Outlaws.

  80. Josh D says:

    Nice to see a United player in the mix again – Get in their Dax : )

  81. Eric says:

    Its going to be nice to have Gonzalez, Ream, Opara and Boss all as options in the future at CB. But I feel like Ream and Opara would be the best combination. Gonzelez is more of a Gooch 2.0 than Ream being a Demerit 2.0.

  82. Jamie says:

    I guess I am not aware of his story, care to enlighten me?

  83. gerald says:

    Jason Hernandez has caps for Puerto Rico, I might have missed if someone else had mentioned this

    (SBI-When did he get Puerto Rico caps? He was called into USA camp last year.)

  84. Logic says:

    That’s a nice point, Eric. I hadn’t thought of Ganzalez as Gooch 2.0.

    These boards are all about opinions, so I hope all of us are wrong and all of these guys turn out to be great CBs. But you never know.

    And while I’m a fan of Opara, he certainly has more to prove at this stage than Ream or Gonzalez — like say, stay healthy for an entire MLS season…

  85. Peter says:

    And Najar too in a couple of years.

  86. Gooner says:

    John O’ Brien

  87. elmatador says:

    All the Generation Adidas Players…Every single one

  88. Ja Ja James says:

    I know Paco Torres is not popular right now, but I would like to see him in camp. Slovenia aside, I belive he still brings an element currently lacking on the U.S. team. They should not throw him out yet.

  89. Neuwerld says:

    Some of the best strikers in the world live off poaching. Wondolowski knows where to be and is a pure efficient finisher. He has the third highest scoring percentage in MLS history (behind only Savarese and Adolfo Valencia).

    If he can get service with the national team I imagine he’d put away his chances as well. The question is if he can get the service and the chances.

  90. carlos says:

    Sheanon williams for rb instead of Alston

  91. Ja Ja James says:

    Also, Rogers has had so many chances to produce and continues to lack consistency and has disappointed more times than not. He is a one trick pony.

  92. Fred Garvin says:

    Sorry Brian, maybe Adu will pick up his game and you can jump on that bandwagon

  93. Iknowicandance says:

    Is the guy guarding Mix the Jamaican refferee that always screws us in qualifying?

  94. GY says:

    Don’t be surprised if Chris Pontius is called in…

    (SBI-If he’s ready, he could definitely get a call.)

  95. carlos says:

    Ryan smith alsoooooooo

  96. d.flinn says:

    I really think Patrick Nyarko should be cap tied. The kid was a rare spark of light for the Fire this year and is a real talent.

  97. john.q says:

    casey has nothing to offer moving forward. he had his chance and wasn’t up to par on the international level. knowing that, why is he on the squad for camp cupcake?
    if its for developing the younger strikers coming through ching is definately a better option. they both have a similiar styles but ching has much more experience.

  98. Korey says:

    Patrick Ianni? Anybody?

  99. DirtyLeeds says:

    Please, please, please, no Conor Casey; his game is everything that is wrong about soccer in the US. Thanks for Honduras and all but he should never wear the shirt again…

    I’d rather see Bob call-up some unproven player from the u-20s like Tristan Bowen. Casey

  100. anon says:

    what about parkhurst or hunter freeman as a potential rb? pearce is the only lb listed, and i think parkhurst and freeman could challenge franklin and alston for rb. wynne hasn’t played rb in a year.

    (SBI-Parkhurst is an interesting one who probably should be on the list. Not sure about Freeman challenging Franklin or Alston, but an interestig thought. As for Wynne, he’s versatile and coming off a great year so he’d be worth seeing in camp.)

  101. Herm says:

    I’ll be there.

  102. RLW2020 says:

    how about Jay DeMerit?

    also is Bornstein going to Mexico or Portland?

    ..and why isn’t Goodson available? new club is on the offseason as well right?

  103. Phil says:

    What is the strategic goal of the January camp? is there a precedent under Senior? Prospect development? Showcasing MLS propects to international markets? Team cohesion?

  104. Phil says:

    would a cap make that happen? doesn’t he need to play in a friendly?

  105. PHIL says:

    camp. sorry!

  106. phil says:


  107. phil says:

    yeah with that kind fo logic and you would have b*tched about Drogba getting a Cote’ d’Ivoire callup last week since he hadn’t scored since October, right?

  108. MicahK says:

    Um last time I checked Rimando is not young.
    -.- Cervi would be a good goalkeeper.

  109. MicahK says:

    For all that is right no Robby Findley. 😀

  110. phil says:

    other than the fact that Fulham is wretched, Deuce is having a banner season. why transfer now? if he stays on pace he’ll be worth twice as much by season’s end.

  111. MicahK says:

    Bornstein is with Tigeres from what I have seen.

  112. GW says:

    ” I think Mix might be the creative playmaker we’ve sought for a while. .. I see Mix and Holden fighting for that spot in the near future.”

    Mix and Holden do not have the same skill set. Based on his Bolton games, Holden, who leads Bolton in tackles, is a good holding, defensive mid with the ability to attack as well. Mix is more creative, a better attacker, quicker thinking with the ball. They should play together well.

  113. phil says:

    really? that why villa and liverpool both lined up in a 4-4-2 today?

  114. phil says:

    word up.

  115. MicahK says:

    I hope Bob does not use an all MLS squad for the gold cup like he did in 2009 we got killed in the final by Mexico.

  116. Phil says:

    if we play a 4-5-1 I could see mix holden and MB/Edu as a pretty convincing central triangle. Deuce and Donovan out wide with Altidore up top.

  117. GW says:

    “familiarity with Hodgson’s system”

    What makes you think Hodgson will be there by the time they get around to bidding for Duece? Or if he is, that he will last very long?

  118. Chris says:

    I’m there and at the Off Campus Pub across the street before the game.

  119. Phil says:

    Knighton save Philly’s bacon. Too bad they didn’t make the switch sooner.

  120. baquito alyeska says:


  121. MicahK says:

    Preston plays for Mainz reserve team like Jared Jeffrey another American. 😀

  122. Phil says:

    Justin Mapp?

  123. MicahK says:

    Are you serious 4-4-2 is one of USA best positions.

  124. Isaac says:

    You need to understand that Torres is coming in at a very congested position where there are now, ESPECIALLY now, quality options. Rogers is a very talented player who is providing depth at a position we don’t have an abundance of players in. The other thing is that I never hear anyone else naming someone else better for the winger position that doesn’t already have a spot on the national team.

  125. Isaac says:

    I was suprised he didn’t get a look last January camp. A player with good attacking prowess, skill, finishing, and a hard worker.

  126. Isaac says:

    Dude….Feilhaber and Diskerud in the center would never work. Who’s supposed to do defensive work in that pairing?

  127. MicahK says:

    -1,000,000. Log out your computer you are banned from this site.

  128. Primoone says:

    Those are exactly the very names you want to see at camp cupcake.

    Franklin, Alston and Wynne possess excellent athleticism however, they severely lack in cerebral fortitude (with respect to football)…if you get my drift.

    Im excited to see more of Agudelo as well as optimistic about Convey’s return. Was not a real big fan of his back in the day however, I am now a believer. He is solid at that LB position and you cant say enough about his play up and down that left flank in addition to his delivery. I can easily see a Bornstien upgrade. I have a feeling that Beasley will eventually lock that winger spot up again however, Convey will definitely give him some competition.

    Dont care to see much of Wondo, casey or Braun.

  129. MicahK says:

    He is horrible and cannot jump high at all.

  130. bizzy says:

    We have one more new comer to the midfield war…..JONATHAN SPECTOR (still can’t believe I’m saying this!!!). His drilling abilities came out of nowhere. His ball control against Sunderland is crazy..dribbling pass players…making runs and crisp passes…wow, even the commentator praised his abilities. After dogging this guy for so long I’m glad to be proven wrong(like I know nothing about soccer). Bradley and Holden beware, Spector is on the loose and headed your way!!!! It’s going to be interesting…..

  131. Isaac says:

    It’s not always about young players. He has shown ability at times and bad form at others. Just like any other player, if you’re on form, then you get called up. He’s on good form, so he gets called up. Casey may not be the best forward we have, but he scored goals and played well when we needed him to and any player who has to the potential to do that can play for this team.

    I honestly feel players like Casey get a bad rap because their style is not as attractive as other players’.

  132. dave says:

    Shea and Alston I disagree with. I would be satisfied if Buddle and Bunbury get to start. Agudelo and Wondo need to get significant playing time. In goal those are the choices for now. It would be nice to have a young 22 to 25 goalkeeper to try out.Convey could be an answer to the left back position. Rogers will start; he is one of the few midfielders in this group with enough speed to give opponents problems on the flanks.

  133. GW says:

    I’m no fan of Casey but there is no such thing as “crap” goals. There are only goals.

    I’m a great fan of Gerd Muller ( and no, I’m not saying Casey is in his class)who scored tons of goals (look him up). The majority of the ones I saw were what you would probably call “crap, garbage, tap in” goals.

    I prefer to win so I’ll take a player who scores 18 “crap” goals over a player who scores 8 beautiful goals any day. Or, as someone once said what do you need more, a great goalscorer or a player scores great goals? Not that Casey is either but he does have knack for putting the ball in the net, by whatever means necessary.

  134. Big Chil says:

    4 Colorado Rapids players!

  135. GW says:

    Is there an expiration date to playing for the USMNT? Are you allowed to play only so many times and then that’s it?

    Casey and Beckerman, I’ll agree with you are all heart and marginal skill while Convey, well maybe his ship has already sailed, but it takes all kinds to make up a team, particularly a national team with as thin a talent pool as the US has.

    The USMNT manager, whether it’s BB or anyone else, has to keep a very open mind in terms of who plays for the team. National teams rarely get to play all the guys they want to play together at the same time.

    Remember, the clubs pay these guys, not the USSF.

  136. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Jay DeMerit never exactly screamed top end potential, either, but he had his 15 minutes 😉

  137. Big Chil says:

    Different cycle. 2011 Gold Cup winner goes to Confederations Cup, an important goal for US Soccer. It’ll be mostly World Cup starters in 2011.

  138. Dennis says:

    No chance of that, this time around the Gold Cup matters.

  139. AAA says:

    As long as Charlie Davis isn’t involved in transporting people, we should be okay.

  140. Frank says:

    Lukaku is only 17 right now and has been consistently scoring for over a year. Think baby Drogba, only potentially bigger, stronger, and faster. He is one of the top 2 or 3 most sought after young players in the world.

  141. SBGarrett says:

    Eric Wynalda Comeback!

    (that’ll show Harkes)

  142. Gacm32 says:

    I’ll be there mate.

  143. Gacm32 says:

    +1 They played really well against the Real Madrid Reserves last week.

  144. Big Chil says:

    Don’t forget, Conor Casey’s brace against Honduras put the U.S. within 1/2 game of qualifying for the World Cup.

  145. Dennis says:

    Convey seems to, finally, be over his injury woes. The games I saw him in, he was the best player on the field. MLS is a bit slower than the international game and I do not know if his quickness is any longer sufficient. But he clearly showed he is in the mix and he will bring some veteran experience to the group.

  146. Dennis says:

    If nothing, he will give the defenders a big strong forward who is willing to use his muscle to work against in camp.

    Also, he does score goals, where it not for his bullying style, we probably would have lost to Honduras in qualifying and that would have had a big impact on whether or not the US even traveled to SA.

  147. Big Chil says:

    A DeMerit callup would be good. He’s moving to Portland, could use the offseason training, he’s a vet, and a potential Gold Cup starter.

  148. EDB says:

    I will probably be the only one to say this, but why no maybe a GA graduate in Husdic? He offers a different type of vision from a deeper midfielder, and he has a nack for following the play and poaching goals. I would rather him get a chance then a beckerman or lorwentowitz.

  149. Dennis says:

    I agree that Spector has been found guilty of zoning out in the back and failing to cover when he should. Those occasional lapses are more forgivable at midfield and allow him to show off his strengths: winning balls, good control under pressure, more than passable aerial ability and a wicked left foot. Lately he has even shown some ability to take on players 1v1, he might move even further up the field if West Ham need it.

  150. The Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll says:

    Agreed. The equation goes a little something like this…

    Marvell Wynne = stupidity

  151. Isaac says:

    ….He wasn’t even the one driving, dude…

  152. Isaac says:

    Beckerman and Larentowicz did a hell of a lot more than Husidic did this year.

  153. sunLipsssss says:

    I have really high hopes for George John.

  154. jig says:

    pretty funny comment right here. i wouldnt call liverpool “high end”, let alone Villa.

  155. euroman says:

    No chance Goodson is called in for this C-D Camp. BB will want him to get off to a great start with his new club Brondby who opens camp January 10th. Brondby sits 3rd on the table with 14 matches to play. Top 2 play Champions league and 3&4 play Europa so it critical they finish strong. No Goodson for this one.

  156. Isaac says:

    I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the end of Robbie Findley until he gets better. I feel bad because he’s a great guy that certainly has potential, but his problem is that he doesn’t offer enough. Good pace, and fairly good on the 1v1, but past that, he’s lacking. He shows very little sophistication or tactical acumen in his off the ball movement, which left the USA very rigid in attack, particularly against Slovenia and Ghana. His touch is very questionable and we’ve seen too many attacks fizzle out at his feet. His finishing is off and that could certainly change because every forward goes through a slump, but he hasn’t shown sharpness in his shooting in a while.

    The kid definitely has potential though. He was involved in the first and third goals against Australia and the first goal against Turkey and at times offered exactly what we need – a hard-working, pacy forward that can threaten to get in behind, stretch defenses, push back the backline and make space for Donovan and Dempsey to operate in. A perfect example being his missed chance against Australia. He made a great diagonal run in behind, rounded the keeper, and nearly scored.

    The simple fact is that the kid is lacking in technical and tactical quality. He should really consider going overseas because he’ll be surrounded by soccer-savvy coaches, players, and people that can teach him the finer nuances of the game and improve his skills. Davies got the same experience and so did Donovan, even without success. Both turned out to be great players.

  157. CJ says:

    Ives – Any thought about college guys getting a call? Maybe a GK like Zac MacMath or even NASL GK of the Year, Steve Cronin. MacMath gets plenty of time with the youth MNT sides, but maybe heading into MLS he would get a look? I like the idea of having 2 veterans and 2 young guys in camp. It’s important to bring in the young players for the experience. With that said, Hamid should be the 2nd young keeper to get a call…but he’s got the shoulder injury. Therefore, I’d say Hartman/Rimando with Johnson/Cronin or MacMath would be a good decision. Maybe you go with a guy like Cronin since MacMath just went through his college season and U20 play. Good opportunity for Cronin heading into MLS pre-season.

  158. sean says:

    Parkhurst? I would be interested to see what he can do at right back.

  159. Rob says:

    Speaking of MLS players… Cummings just scored in the, LOL, Caribbean cup final. This game is like watching two high school teams go at it. I seriously think any of those u-17 teams from the Nike friendly could beat either of these teams…

  160. bizzy says:

    you must not be watching MLS if you think wondolowski is not a quality goal scorer. First of all he scores with both feet….one time shots (volleys)…..accurate placement…accurate timing. Say he lacks speed and strength for the international stage but overrated should be more like underrated. San Jose Earthquakes wont be where they are today without wondo…..and if he had the kind of service Buddle is having in LA no one will see the golden boot for a long time in this league….

  161. Rob says:

    Damn this was played yesterday!! Sorry

  162. bizzy says:

    then again he has the speed to get behind defenders….and strength isn’t everything

  163. Rob says:

    The problem is who would want him? He is a risk, and in his last friendly, he failed to link one pass the entire first half, as he gave the ball away on every possession. He will need a great year, I think, in MLS to be looked at again… But hey who knows, maybe someone would take him.

  164. beckster says:

    Good list but Marvel Wynne – enough….

  165. Isaac says:

    I agree with what you’re saying but if you’re going to talk about him have your facts straight. Findley most definitely did find Robbie Rogers on the flank before Rogers went past two men and crossed for Bedoya – it’s in the highlights on YouTube. Therefore, a pass completed. Sorry, didn’t mean to be a jerk there :)

  166. wilyboy says:

    Bobby Convey at left back has to happen. Aside from his history with injuries, he’s perfect for the spot.

  167. Mike Ufford says:

    He was an Arsenal youth product who once asked what his odds were of getting called up if he got into good form and found himself playing for a winning team. Someone in the FA told him that no matter how good his form was, he could never play for England because he didn’t grow up as a part of the national England set up. So Smith packed his bags and came to America, where we’ll judge him on how well he plays rather than what one scout thought of him when he was 15.

    I think Ives covered it somewhere on here right after he signed with MLS.

  168. Anyone with potential says:

    Mario Rodriguez..!

  169. AAA says:

    That’s why I said “involved in.”

    Dude is just bad luck. He gets in a car, bad things happen. When he dies (may be live till 90), the hearse will crash on the way to the cemetary.

  170. bizzy says:

    Robbie Rogers, Kyle Beckerman, Dax McCarty, conor casey and Marvell Wynne are not international caliber players….McCarty has potential but not for the international stage. If they are not even in the All-American MLS Best XI, why should they get call ups to the NATIONAL TEAM representing the RED, WHITE AND BLUE? what have they done? Rogers?…..been there done that…no good on the int’l stage? Beckerman….no good on the int’l stage? Casey?!!!!!..put Mikkel Diskerud up front instead.
    How about bringing to camp:
    Jemal Johnson
    Lee Nguyen
    and see how they do in training and assess their abilities, skill and current form.

  171. Isaac says:

    I’d go with the 4-2-2-2/4-4-2. Buddle and Agudelo as the forward pairing, Diskerud and Bedoya as the attacking midfielders, Beckerman and Feilhaber as the central/defensive midfielders, and Convey, Gonzalez, Goodson, and Franklin from left to right in that order.

    Agudelo will basically do what Davies did – play just off of Buddle, make runs into wide areas to allow Diskerud and Bedoya to come inside, and drop into the hole to receive the ball. Benny and Beckerman will sit deep to allow the full backs forward, while also linking the defense to the attack with good distribution(ala, Bradley’s pass to Davies on the first goal against Spain).

  172. patrick says:

    stu holden is anything but a defensive minded midfielder. He’s deadly on the ball and for bolton is distributing. A midfild tandem of holden and dax would be a nightmare for the US. Holden’s tackles are a by product of his tireless running and the system bolton plays, not because those are his tendencies.

  173. EA says:

    I think we’ll see Jay DeMerit playing the role of Jimmy Conrad in this camp.

    Minus the two mindless yellows in the first half of the game.

  174. Primoone says:

    Rogers adds dept certain however, I have a couple names that are automatic upgrades..Convey and Beasley. At one point they had the position on lock…and are young and experienced enough to take it back. Rogers went to my school and I like rooting for him, but lets be honest and call a spade a spade… doesnt have the skill, speed or experience that the afore mentioned have. Everytime I see Rogers play, it seems as if it takes him too long to figure it out before he starts making smart decisions. Every time I watch him play, there are too many bad decisions, turnovers and piss poor defensive markings. He definitely has the ability as I have watched him at the club level. Unfortunately, he just does not have “IT” on the National stage.

    You can also insert Clark, Wynne, Sasha, Casey, Benny, Findley into that conversation.

  175. nick says:

    You have got to be kidding me. How much of Tim Ream have you actually seen. He is NOTHING like Jay Demerit as a player.

    Ream is not only on of the best US Center back to come along in a while but he has great potential.

  176. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry but Bobby Convey is only slightly above average when it comes to speed. I can see your case for Beasely, but geuss what – he’s not available, therefore your argument is nullified. The only caps that Rogers got in the past year that Beasley didn’t were the El Salvador, South Africa, and Honduras caps and those were all because Beasley was still in season while Rogers was not.

    Rogers definitely has skill and speed to take players on. His problem is that his head is all messed up. He thinks that he should come into the center to get involved in build-up play, when in reality, he’s much better when he simply uses his pace and skill to get down the line and put in crosses. He did amazing in the Costa Rica game because he painted his cleats white and put in crosses. It led to two chances that game and one of them was a goal.

    As far as who is better, at the moment, it’s Beasley. Rogers has better 1v1, better touch, a better shot and probably is better from set pieces, but his head isn’t straight. Beasley knows he’s out there to take players on, stretch play, put in crosses, threaten to get in behind and bring energy to the side rather than trying to be the creator.

  177. dan c says:

    agreed, i still think we shea at lb as well…

  178. danc says:

    Im a union season ticket holder, i just don’t see the williams thing. kid is fast, strong, and loves to get forward, but is reckless with his tackles and finds himself out of poistion ALOT…. I know everyone at ppl loves him so i guess i’m in the minority

  179. jmac says:

    100% correct. Suggesting that Holden is a DM is crazy

  180. Brian says:

    Why you replying to me?

  181. Brian says:

    I can dig it. Although Goodson won’t be there (Bronby opens camp on January 10th), so I’ll put DeMerit or Ream there, and my guess is you’re probably gonna see Bob put Pearce at left back.

  182. Brian says:

    Lol yeah and also being a waaaay better player.

  183. Brian says:

    For real man?

    Grella is on loan to League One team (English 3rd division). So not only is he not that deserving he’ll be in the middle of a season.

    Frankie Simek is also playing for a League One team (same team as Grella), and he’s got a fair amount of call ups in the past (Gold Cup 2007, Netherlands friendy in March 2010. Plus with Cherundolo, Lichaj and Spector were not exactly in super need of Right Backs. Frankie’s just got to stay healthy, keep getting playing time, and move up to at least the Championship if he wants call ups.

    Not gonna even waste my time on Adu.

    Davis? Who’s Davis? Do you mean Charlie Davies? Let’s what until he starts getting for first team action.

    Jemal Johnson is also League One striker. ‘Nuff said.

    Lee Nguyen is in effing Vietnam!

    Torres probably won’t be available. Mexican Clasura starts January 7th, so unless he transfers or goes on loan to an MLS club before then, he’ll still be with Pachuca and he’ll be unavailable.

    Yevgeni Starikov is a possibility. Very intriguing, but largely unknown at this point. 9 appearances and 1 goal for a midtable Russian Premier League isn’t something that I’m gonna get all worked up about if he doesn’t get called in. Someone to watch though. I’ll be surprised if he gets called in.

  184. Brian says:

    Thanks for the info!

  185. Brian says:

    Not funny at all.

  186. Brian says:

    Haha definitely. I think you gotta start Feilhaber and put him with a defensive midfielder like Beckerman. Diskerud could start out wide though or come in as a sub for Benny.

    Benny might not even be there though if he transfers to a new club this winter.

  187. Brian says:

    I’m from Sacramento and go to school at Cal Poly in SLO. My girlfriend goes to school at UCLA, so I figured this would be a good weekend to drive down to LA and see a USMNT game. This will be my first USMNT game. I’ve been to 2 Galaxy games before at the HDC.

    Do you have to be an official member to sit with the Outlaws? I just have general admission tickets

  188. Logic says:

    Actually, I’m not kidding you. I’m disagreeing with you — which is kinda the point of these boards. I have indeed seen Ream play several times. I think he is a nice prospect who’ll be a solid professional centerback. But I certainly don’t think he’s the best CB prospect out there right now, nor do I think he’ll ever become a first-rate star player.

    You stay classy though, nick.

  189. MicahK says:

    K, good that is a sign of relief, lol. 😀

  190. MicahK says:

    That is messed up man. -____-

  191. MicahK says:

    Why would we call up a college D team for a friendly honestly why??? -___-

  192. MicahK says:

    Put Findley on the wings and lets see how he does.

  193. MicahK says:

    Rogers can cross good though, that is a strength not a lot of US players have.

  194. Futbol Fiend says:

    A couple of players come to mind that i’d like to see in camp.

    1)Santino Quaranta – the guy has all the makings for the international game and is a versatile player, can play in the midfield or up top. He’s done well to get back on track and i’d like to see him included.

    2)Andy Najar – is it too far fetched to invite this kid to the January camp? Get some camaraderie going with the players and coaching staff…I say it’s worth a shot. We need to lock him in US MNT cap ASAP!

  195. Lost in Space says:

    A good list Ives, but I’d make a couple changes: In Defense I’d drop Marvell Wynne & Nat Borchers and replace them with DeMerit, Parkhurst or Ryan Smith & Ike Opara. In Midfield I’d drop Beckerman or Larentowicz and add Brad Evans. At forward the only issue I have with your list is Conor Casey. Unless he’s there to show the young players what Not to do (lazy, slow, etc…) he adds nothing to this camp. If the entent is to show young players how to be a target forward use Ching instead.

  196. EA says:

    Casey???!!!!! CASEY???!!!!! How should he even be considered.

    It’s not like the guy could go on the road in CONCACAF and singlehandedly carry the US to a victory that kept us out of a VERY bad spot in qualifying or anything.

    You know who could, though? That guy in the Swedish reserve league. HE could.

  197. EA says:

    Is Evans healthy?

  198. AS for young keepers, maybe Zach McMath of U. of Maryland. He already plays at the U-20 level. I would normally call in Hamid as well, but with recent surgery, he won’t see playing time although camp time might not be so bad if he is able.

    I would think that Jon Busch would get a call, particularly if Hartman takes a pass.

  199. Rob says:

    LoL no worries, I must have missed that link up….. but my over-all point is held at I will say 95% of the time….

  200. The funny thing about Tim Ream is that we were hearing many of the same things about Clarence Goodson about six years ago. Solid player, good with the ball at his feet, but not really a top-class defender. I would argue that at this point Goodson is #2 or # on the depth chart for U.S. MNT.

    I see Ream as one of those late developers. Remember, just two years ago, pretty much no one outside of St. Louis had heard of this kid.

  201. Annelid Gustator says:

    I just want the guy to get his mojo back, wherever he plays. But frankly we need defenders and forwards so much more than middies that I hope he gets back on the ball and then back in D.

  202. Ja Ja James says:

    I hear you Isaac. I justvalue Torres game over what Rodgers brings on the wing. We have not had a true left winger since 2002 with Eddie Lewis. Deuce can play there as well as Landon, but you are right, Rodgers is our only true wing player we have in the pool. I just dont believe he has progressed enough to continue getting call ups. If he could cross like Lewis then I would understand.

  203. Lil' Zeke says:

    I’m ready to write you off for the pool, but Findley’s one of our top fifty players. If he figures it out down the road and goes on a tear, I’d invite him back. Why rally around a needless formula like that?

  204. robinswood says:

    Okay, I’m going to throw jeff parke’s name in there. It’s not as if he wasn’t in line a couple of years ago until his “controversy.” Solid beyond solid, The man just did not fail this season for the Sounders. Great distributor, rarely gives up anything in the air, and is a threat on set pieces. Great organizer and a guy who is tactically beyond reproach.

    With him and Hurtado next season, the Sounders will have one of the best CB tandems in MLS.

  205. Primoone says:

    Ok…so Convey is slightly above average in speed. You have a point in that regard. However, slightly above average is still better than Rogers’ average speed. In addition to this, you failed to address the fact that he is more experienced , (EPL experienced) and gives better service and plays both sides of the pitch with the ability to slide up the flank from a LB position. His consistency was also realized at the national level at some point however, finally succumbing to injury which ultimately led to a return to MLS. Every time I see Rogers’ name on a roster or in the lineup, Im always asking myself, “is this the Rogers’ moment…will he break out? How many breaks does he get before he really makes even the smallest impact?
    You will get no argument from me regarding his Football acumen. His head is all messed up and quite frankly it’s a detriment. It sounds as if you may be referring to what Rogers has done at the Club level however, I have yet to see it on the National level myself. You want 1v1 and a great shot? Move Duece to the Left where he can cut to his right. Insert Holden on the right.

    and contrary to what JaJa is saying, Rogers is not the only winger in the pool.

  206. elmatador says:

    Zach Lloyd from FC Dallas…he’s young and has tons of potential. I see him play all the time at Pizza Hut Park in FRISCO

  207. El Torito says:

    Really…… what about Altidore’s years of no performance (riding the bench at a club level)and constant call ups. Adu is hurting but he was hurting before, but everytime he was called up he scored or performed.

  208. El Torito says:

    We need to remember that we had a great run with an majority MLS team last Gold Cup. How ever, we could not match up the speed of the young Mexican players that lead to the 5-0 defeat.

    Buncker BOB need to remember this….. The good thing is that Mexico is going to be coming into this tournament with a “US who? really?” mentality and we need to send them packing early.

    Mexico is predictable, you put pressure on them and they cry, then you score, and they fight, you score again and they turn on each other.

    Just play fast, smart, and constantly attack. USA back to the Confederation Cup.

    We need affective, fast, smart and tight players.

  209. Peter says:

    Najar for one.

  210. Aaron says:

    Are the Hoyos brothers a lost cause for the USMNT?

  211. bizzy says:

    ….but you’ll rather have Jeff Larentowicz, Robbie Rogers, Kyle Beckerman, Dax McCarty, Casey and have the US embarassed. Grella, Simek and Adu are at a higher level than all those guys regardless of what you may think. Grella has been with Leeds who have refused to left him go, even though he wanted to leave for lack of playing time, so they loaned him. Simek is playing for league one, doing very well and a starter…meaning he can bring something to the table.
    Adu you are right lets not touch that because he is a big deal if just training with Randers becomes an issue.
    Our current squad is being picked from MLS..not serie A or English premier league!!!!! Now is the time to see what we have and weigh all our options, instead of fielding dead weight players that cant even make MLS team 2 let alone team 1

  212. bizzy says:

    and by the way the Hondoras (not Chile or Mexico) team that beat us in JAN this was our line-up:

    Conrad (capt.)
    Marshall (Pearce, 61)
    Feilhaber (McCarty, 77)
    Beckerman (Casey, 60)
    Kljestan (Bedoya, 61)
    Cunningham (Goodson-1, 45)

    any names look familiar???

    Honduras, when the beat us, fielded players like
    Amado Guevara – playing for a team in Honduras….HONDURAS…Motagua!!!

    Carlos Pavón – Played for LA now he’s playing for Real C.D. España in Honduras

    Ramón Núñez played for FC DALLAS guess what team he currently plays for now?? LEEDS UNITED…Just to name a few

    A perfect example of why Grella, Adu, Simek, jemal johnson, Starikov, Lee Nguyen and others should be looked at instead of including pass dead beat players….

  213. RLW2020 says:

    finally some fair statements about Casey..

    i know he doesn’t look or play like the ideal player and ya he doesn’t have speed like Davies or technical ability like Jozy but he is a different type of goal scorer. Casey is a very good poacher..

    from many nights watching him at Rapids games he is at times frustrating to watch but if a ball is deflected in the box or put in the air on a cross he is one of the best at putting in the net. He scores a lot of scrappy goals and his style at times can be useful vs. dominative latin teams.. i also don’t see a whole lot of forwards from MLS/Scandi gunning to take his place either.

  214. RLW2020 says:


  215. RLW2020 says:

    fulham needs dempsey bad right now.. the only way he moves is in the summer if fulham get sent down (which will not happen!)

  216. RLW2020 says:

    haha i like your idea!

  217. RLW2020 says:

    look at it position by position looking forward to the gold cup:

    GK: (Howard, Guzan) set.. bring in quality MLS GK’s to test the rest of the team, also Johnson is a prospect that could use a look

    LB/RB: (Dolo, Spector, Bornstein, Lichaj) test prospects and let team build: Altson, Franklin, Pearce, etc
    CB: (Gooch, Bocanegra, DeMerit) need experienced international backups to push for these spots: Goodson, Gonzalez, etc

    DM: (Jones, Edu, MB) set.. test quality MLS options.. good for training
    Wing/Mid: (Dempsey, Donovan) set.. test quality backups and build confidence (Bedoya, Shea, Benny, Mix)
    F: (Jozy, ?) develop young prospects (bunbury, agudelo) and quality backups (casey, buddle, wondo)

  218. RLW2020 says:

    Drew Moor was one of the best players for the rapids all year.. surprised not to see him. Maybe over George or Nat..

    I guess Wynne has more USNT potential than Moor but right now I would rather have Moor.

  219. RLW2020 says:

    not a bad idea.. i think SBI said that a while ago like a Dane Richards conversion.. hopefully he can make the shift up in PDX.

  220. USA4Life says:

    What about Eugene Starikov? A young American forward who has seen quality minutes with Tom Tomsk in the Russian Premier League. With all of the other “forwards” being called into question, will Starikov be given a chance?

  221. GW says:

    “dax” McCarty?

    Holden would be fine in a Gareth Barry type role. He’s a fine player but he’s doesn’t have the attacking threat potential Diskerud has.

  222. Goalscorer24 says:

    What about?:

    -Defender, Etchu Tabe with Finnish club RoPS

    -Left back, Daniel Williams of Frieberg, in Germany

    -Forward, Tony Taylor of Estoril

    -Ryan Guy, forward in the Irish league. (I know it is 2nd tier, but he scores, why not try him?)

  223. Brian says:

    Dude did you not read what I wrote? Not only are guys like Grella, Simek and Jemal Johnson playing in the English 3rd division (whether they’re even worthy of a call up or not is up for debate) but what is not up for debate is the FACT that they play in league WITHOUT A WINTER BREAK, so they are UNAVAILABLE for this camp and the Chile friendly.

    Same with Torres he’ll be UNAVAILABLE too because the MEXICAN CLAUSURA STARTS JAN 7TH.

    Starikov is the only one who would be available (not counting Adu).

  224. Louis Z says:

    Technically I think Ream is ahead of the curb, physically I see some limitations, could he overcome with experience? time will tell.