World Cup Voting Breakdown


Shortly after both Russia and Qatar were announced as the 2018 and 2022 World Cup host nations, FIFA released how the vote for each event took place.

It was revealed that England didn't progress past the first round of voting for 2018, coming up with only two votes, while the likes of Netherlands/Belgium and Spain/Portugal progressed, only to be defeated by Russia in the second round of voting.

For the U.S. bid, while they progressed through four rounds of voting, it was never very close. Australia came up with just a single vote — the low for the day, while Japan and Korea Republic were voted out in rounds two and three, setting up a final vote that Qatar won 14-8.

Here's a complete look at the vote for each World Cup bid:


Round 1: England 2 votes, Netherlands/Belgium 4 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 9 votes (as no absolute majority was reached, the candidate with least amount of votes, England, was eliminated)

Round 2: Netherlands/Belgium 2 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 13 votes (Russia obtained an absolute majority)


Round 1: Australia 1 vote, Japan 3 votes, Korea Republic 4 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 3 votes (Australia eliminated)

Round 2: Japan 2 votes, Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 10 votes and USA 5 votes (Japan eliminated)

Round 3: Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 6 votes (Korea Republic eliminated)

Round 4: Qatar 14 votes and USA 8 votes (Qatar obtained an absolute majority)


What do you think of the voting results? Surprised to see the U.S. receive little support?

Share your thoughts below.

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276 Responses to World Cup Voting Breakdown

  1. Mike in Austin says:

    It looks like FIFA knew where they were going for both cups before the vote. Amazing to see that 2022 was almost a first round knockout.

  2. Alex says:

    Who would vote for Korea? They had it 8 years ago and the region is unstable.

  3. ahm says:

    electric cars everyone, electric cars

  4. brad says:

    Dolla dolla bills yalll!!!

  5. Oog says:

    Wow, we barely made it past the first round.

  6. RLW2020 says:

    korea japan kinda nixed each other.. why didn’t they do another joint bid?

  7. Andrew says:

    Today, I am embarrassed to be a fan of international soccer.

  8. werner says:

    first the galaxy loss, and now this!
    i swear soccer hates me!

  9. Tony in Quakeland says:

    We’ll still get 2022 when the little postage stamp regime collapses/

  10. RLW2020 says:

    actually why did either of them think they could win? and waist there time doing this? wish their votes would have gone our way..

  11. Rory says:

    Unbelievable. Fifa is worse than any government.

    Speaking of unbelievable, did anyone else see where the US government bailed out Barclays as part of the bank bail-out?

    Can we rename the BPL the US TaxPayers Premier League?

  12. d says:

    I don’t like that votes seem to be changing between rounds, not just from the countries which were eliminated

  13. ed dog says:


  14. Rory says:

    It also makes 2 Asian World Cups since the last North American World Cup.

  15. ciscokid says:

    Frankly, if they could pull it off in South Africa (stadium attendance notwithstanding) they sure as hell can pull it off in Qatar.

    It may suck as a WC destination but assuming the world is still around in 12 years, It’ll be a fine event…to watch from a US bar.

  16. CG says:

    I think this makes one of two things clear. Either a) we really don’t understand what the FIFA objectives are in selecting a host nation, or b) this is clearly not an objective process (which it should be). The fact that England got so few votes and that Japan/Korea got so many is absolutely puzzling based on my understanding of how the process is designed. I think Qatar is a terrible choice (TERRIBLE), but objectively speaking, they didn’t have what should have been, and what I thought was the US’ biggest negative of having hosted only eight years ago (in proper grammar you can’t even type the number it’s so small).

    It makes no sense.

  17. dj voter says:


  18. YO says:

    Blatter new exactly where the next cups would take place months if not years ago.

  19. fromage says:

    Just what I would expect from FIFA.

  20. Speedball says:

    Qatar now has 12 years to nationalize as many Brazilians as it can.

  21. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Ya I noticed that too. grant wahl made a similar observation. very suspicious…but what isn’t in this fiasco

  22. fromage says:



  23. KCB says:

    If supporters in the U.S. are upset, I don’t even want to know how the English feel right now. 2 Votes?

  24. Hokie_Futbol says:

    hahahaha. well said. I’m sure they can pull it off, but not many Westerners will be there.

  25. rory says:

    Wouldn’t help… here’s where we get our oil from

    1. Canada

    2. Mexico

    3. Saudi Arabia

    4. Venezuela

    5. Nigeria

    6. Angola

    7. Iraq

    8. Algeria

    9. United Kingdom

    10. Brazil

    Although I did list that the US was Qatar’s number one trade partner.. I just can’t figure out what we’re buying from them.

  26. Waterlewd says:

    Do we find out who the 11 voters were for Qatar? That would be transparency. My bet would be Africa and UEFA under direction of Blatter.

  27. Eric says:

    HA HA!

  28. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Steve Mcmanaman is going to get fired from ESPN after he beats up English media. He was so fired up the other day trying to distance the bid from the media.

  29. J says:

    So this maybe a stupid question, but what if any type of watch group can look over FIFA? It seems that the amount of corruption within the organization is just absurd, with even revelations over the last month or so proving it, yet there seems to be no recourse. How can an organization this size, and with this much power be above any ramifications?

  30. ernj says:

    B) is obviously the correct answer.

    We know it is about the money, but the US chose to emphasize the $ to FIFA and not the pockets of the ExCom members, as Qatar did.

  31. tyler says:

    We lost to a country that got caught buying votes and making anti-semtic comments. Explain that to my kids that I was planning on taking to the game sepp.

  32. Rory says:

    You know what’s odd… the GDP of California is 22 times bigger than the GDP of Qatar.

  33. NC Jeff says:

    Natural gas (and I don’t THINK that includes methane).

  34. Rocco says:

    Natural Gas.

  35. Brad says:

    Ives- So I feel safe in saying 2030 is going to URA/ARG.
    Europe always seems to get every other cup.
    Do you think we can pull the cup away from Europe in 2026….how about 2034? I know its SO far away….but I cant help but feel US soccer just took a major hit.

  36. gerald says:

    Yeah have to agree on that one, out in the 1st round

  37. Murphy says:

    so when is the next time the US could be a potential host? i’ve read that fifa wants china to host in the near future. can the US get 2026?

  38. ciscokid says:

    We hosted 16 years ago, and it would have been 28 years by 2022. That seems like a reasonable length of time between events.

  39. NC Jeff says:

    Interesting that Qatar lost a vote between rounds 1 & 2.

  40. Some vote movement from low vote-getters to high vote-getters is to be expected (my 1st choice clearly has no chance (even though they aren’t technically eliminated yet), so I’ll move on to my second choice now.

    But what I can’t explain is why top-vote getter in round 1, Qatr, would go from 11 to 10 in the second round. My 1st choice is winning, never mind, I’m changing to someone else…? The only options I see are: negative-voting (I just want X country to lose, which wouldn’t be in the right spirit), incompetence (senile, drunk, high…) or badly thought out fake behavior by a dishonest broker (i.e. bribery+incompetence).

  41. smits says:

    Thanks for pointing that out – did not notice it at first glance.

    What did someone second guess themselves somewhere?

  42. philmatt24 says:

    It’s very strange that between each round, so many voters changed their minds. I’d expect that, when England was eliminated in the first round, their 2 votes would go elsewhere – but what was it about England’s elimination that cost NED/BEL two votes? Doesn’t make sense.

    The 2022 voting is worse – Australia’s one vote obviously had to go somewhere else, but Japan and Qatar each lost a vote in RD 2 as well. If you preferred J or Q over K or USA while Australia was still on the table, how does A’s elimination change your mind?

    Somebody must’ve only bought votes in certain rounds…

  43. wes says:

    I think Blatter is really Lebron James, or vice versa. “I’m going to be taking my exploits to the deserts of Qatar in 2022.”

  44. nico says:

    nice. I would have liked to have it in US…but it is nice that FIFA is doing their best to support the growth of the game…rather than basing their WC host solely on financial and logistical merits.
    We had our WC in 1994 when the sport needed the boost…now it is time for others.

  45. Charles says:

    One of the Qatar votes swung to another nation in round 2 ?

    What ?

  46. Chris says:

    Does this mean that the national team from Qatar gets an automatic entry into the WC? They are currently ranked #113 in the world.

  47. Kevin in NM says:

    As disappointed as I am that the WC isn’t coming here, I think there is a bright side. Though I don’t think this ever played into the decision or rationale as to why FIFA awarded the 22 WC to Qatar, I honestly hope and feel it will help Western-Middle Eastern relations. The power football has over the world is pretty remarkable, so let’s just hope it can help, if only for some thirty-odd days, our world become a better place.

    Anywho, let’s get it back here in ’26!

  48. Kevin in NM says:

    Yes it does.

  49. bottlcaps says:

    And both David Beckham lobbied for England and Landon Donovan for the US, were both present at the presentations…double ouch!

  50. Nova99 says:


    Japan also lost one and NED/BEL lost two votes!

  51. 22JoKr says:

    Sunil Gulati batting 1.000. First Klinsmann now WC… Surely I’ll find some reason to become enthused about international soccer again.

  52. Mike in Austin says:

    So who voted for the US? Not that it matters, but here are my thoughts:

    Round 1 – Blazer (USA), Warner (CONCACAF), Salguero (Guatemala).

    Round 2 – all the above plus Thompson (England – probably voted for Australia in R1) and I would guess Hayatou (Cameroon – who hates Blatter and was likely against anything he wanted).

    Round 3 – all the above plus Ogura (Japan). I think this because he seemed to like the US bid and his worst football experience was when Japan missed the ’94 World Cup due to a late goal in the final qualifying match against… Qatar.

    Round 4 – all the above plus Mong Joon (S Korea – is opposed to Blatter) and either Leoz (Conmebol) or Grondona (Argentina) who were both likely backing S Korea.

    Again, none of this matters but since we don’t have a finals to prepare for, this is all the fun we can have.

  53. Special 1 says:

    As head of USSF Gulati must go

  54. Annelid Gustator says:

    This is normal strategery in elimination-type voting. Nothing wrong about that per se. The best indictment is of the 2 bids at once scheme. Just the worst idea ever.

  55. Consigliere says:

    Interesting, but I figure Qatar would have gotten the 4 Asian votes, the 3 African votes, 3 South American, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus.

    The US would have gotten 3 Concacaf and a few from Europe.

  56. Nova99 says:

    Chung Mong-joon is a VP in FIFA and could be the next FIFA President… hes got 4 other kiss asses 😉

  57. KFree says:

    at some point the u.s. will get it again, but dont be surprised if we have to wait a very long time…eng. been waiting decades longer than us…plus, you got soccer mad mexico to the south, and robin-to-our-batman canada to the north as options if fifa wants to rotate to our region.

    mls and ussoccer will need to develop american soccer without the boost of hosting a world cup.

  58. CG says:

    Yeah, my wording wasn’t great. I meant Japan/Korea hosted eight years ago but my sentence bled into another thought which included the US.

    28 years actually isn’t a very long time. I don’t know the numbers and I’m sure there are exceptions, but I’d guess most multiple host nations have waited longer in between. It’s a little misleading since it goes back to Europe about every other year (though that might be changing)

  59. Peter says:

    Not to mention that now concacaf will change the qualifying rules, meaning we won’t get a chance to break the AZTECA CURSE!!!

  60. EA says:

    Of course they’re an automatic entry, as the host.

    Perhaps they could have put the ’22 Cup in Haiti.

    They’re a higher ranked team.

  61. Mark says:

    They caught two of these guys willing to take money to influence the vote, so I’m sure they were the ones stupid enough to get caught, and the others are just a bit more slippery. Fifa can take their “social agenda” and go f**k themselves, it’s all about the money going to individual, greedy pricks. If it were about Fifa getting the money, the US would have won in a landslide, as the World Cup would have been a smash hit and the game would continue to grow in this country and generate a ton of cash for years to come.

    What a huge waste of money Qatar is going to spend to host the tournament. Imagine the good that money could do someplace else…

  62. Wes says:

    Jim Gray-Blatter what’s your decision?

    Sepp Blatter- Umm, the Summer of 2022, uh this is very tough. That summer im going to take my exploits to the blistering hot desert of Qatar and play in the Middle East.

    Jim Gray- Qatar? That was the conclusion you woke up with this morning?

    Sepp Blatter- That was the conclusion I woke up to this morning.

    Jim Gray- Why?

    Sepp Blatter- Umm….. piles and piles of cash. I literally woke up this morning on top of piles and piles of cash.

  63. Benjamin says:

    Qatar, in their presentation, asked “When will an Arab country get a World Cup?” In a way, this seems a similar plea to that of South Africa, trying to get a World Cup for the continent. The difference: African nations make noise in the World Cup every go round. It has been a while since a team from the Middle East was even competitive. At least we know who the second host team will be to not make it out of the group stage now.

  64. BradAR says:

    Some things that stand out to me on the voting results. First, the US had only 3 votes in the first round. I assume that those three votes came from the three CONCACAF voters, which means the US had no support at all from the other voters. Seriously? And two, as bad as we fell about the 2022 bid, imagine how the English feel about their bid. They had only two votes, and one of them was from the English member. That means the supposedly strong English bid had only one other voter convinced. Utterly embarrassing.

  65. bottlcaps says:

    Qatar in the summer|

    Does anybody remember how many complained about the heat in the US for the 94 WC. The hot climates favor Mediterranean (Italy, Spain Portugal)
    African and South America countries as well as .. the US. Out of luck are the Benelux, Scandinavian, Baltic, some Asian (Korea and Japan) and the Northern European teams.

    Training Camps in Tucson and Phoenix!

  66. JSmiley says:

    We don’t know what FIFA’s motivations are, but we can certainly say that making the WC accessible for the largest number of people to attend matches in person is definitely not among them.

    I am very sad today because in WCQ for 2022, I won’t give a rat’s butt who wins, because I won’t care who goes. And WCQ matches have been for me the most exciting sports I have ever watched.

    US’ unsuccessful bid completely aside: having the WC in an oppressive country is a slap in the face to those countries that made the sport popular and safe for a large number of people to enjoy in the first place.

    Wonder if FIFA wil have the women’s tournament in Qatar some day.

  67. 22Jokr says:

    Anyone see the irony that during the World Climate Change Summit (Cancun), FIFA opts to send the world’s largest sporting event to an impossible to reach destination that will have to build massive infrastructure and (and this is the best part) actually attempt to air condition massive outdoor venues??

  68. Supsam says:

    hahaha and what anti-semitic comments are we talking here?? You talk as if Mel Gibson was a Qatari

  69. Peter says:

    Well he did say that they combined the announcement of both cups so as to generate the most sponsorship dollars!

  70. Big Chil says:

    I suggest that we have Qatar fund the FIFA oversight group.

  71. bottlcaps says:

    In retrospect it was a bad move for the US to drop out of the 2018 bidding. Or too early. Staying in would have given them a bit more leverage for the 2022 (can U say vote trading?)

    I do think the wikileaks scandal may have hurt the US. Reading them this week has made the US kind of manipulative assholes, and probably made it easier for some of the US supporter to vote against us.

  72. AL17 says:

    I won’t Qatar when you consider that we didn’t have a pro league in place when we hosted the 1994 World Cup Finals. Not happy with the Vote but the one thingt we can damn well be sure of is that Qatar will be more than ready. We’re talking the place that has indoor Alpine Skiing, stadiums with state of the art AC won’t be an issue and the country is so damn small that getting around will be crazy short.

    If you have not read Adnrew Jennings book, Foul, go out and get a copy of it. It provides a great explanation on how FIFA works and the corruptness. It also notes how long a middle easter country has been trying to host a WC Final.

  73. @Herb_Maldonado says:

    Qatar have a decent soccer team. check link link to

  74. Supsam says:

    I dont know why ppl are calling for the head of Gulati. There was no way the USA would have won the bid the honest way no matter who was in charge. I feel pretty bad for the guy as our bid presentation was fantastic!…..well except for one thing:

    Morgan Freeman skipped a page on his speech. That had to have cost us :]

  75. JSmiley says:

    And that Qatar has the highest CO2 emissions per capita on the planet (much higher than US)?

  76. Nova99 says:

    I wonder how much we spent on this bid? I also wonder if we want to submit another bid in 2016 as the process is obviously not straightforward, so no point if the goons on the EC will vote us out of the first round like England.

  77. Leo says:

    What would be funny is if the economic balance of power shifted between now and 2022 and Qatar was left holding the bag.

    Despite oil revenues, I don’t think any entity is immune from the effects of the new global economy.

  78. Special 1 says:

    A comment on the NYTimes

    “Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Greenland ice sheet melted in the next twelve years due to fossil fuel use and Qatar found itself underwater in 2022? ”


  79. Illmatic74 says:

    The guy who think will be our GK in the World Cup in Qatar Bill Hamid is fuming on twitter about this.

  80. Rocco says:

    That’s the most frustrating part. They seem to be accountable to no one. Natural friends with despotic regimes going all the way back to Mussolini’s 1934 World Cup.

  81. Annelid Gustator says:

    Claim is that all venues are to be domed. Dunno how you get and keep grass fields in any kind of condition, though. Zero emissions AC? Sure, right, whatever. Now what about water? Do they have zero emisssions desalination plants? Care to share them with the world, ’cause that’d solve some serious problems.

  82. 22Jokr says:

    I still want Gulati’s head for saddling us with 4 more years of Bob Bradley soccer. Friendly against South Africa was typical of the style of play we’ll continue to see even with the senior players – oh what might’ve been… It’s not that I’m depressed, I just have no reason to be excited.

  83. Vince Clortho says:

    Yeah, c’mon Qatar organize a professional league amongst your 1.6M people. It could be a league to rival…Panama’s????

  84. Illmatic74 says:

    They obviously wanted to have the first World Cup in the Middle East and they viewed Qatar as the best choice.

  85. Katatonia says:

    cry more. its hilarious hearing all this usa was the logical choice talk.

  86. Big Chil says:

    Can anyone think of as historically a bad decision by a sporting organization as this one? The challenge is on.

  87. Big Chil says:

    Hindsight, of course, is 20/20, so I’ll give Qatar that.

  88. Wansteiger says:

    The decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup shows many things. First, the anti-US sentiment around the World (bidding for the 2016 Olympics an example as well). Second, the fact that like the IOC, FIFA probably gets a lot of money from us, yet we still comply with them. An argument I heard last year after Chicago failed to get the 2016 Olympics was that the USOC should stop giving the IOC money and then who’ll be laughing?

    As for personal thoughts on this decision I have these:
    1. Qatar won’t have any Oil money in 2022 and will have to default on their bid.
    2. The US was the logical choice if FIFA was really strict about leaving a sustainable legacy. We have the stadia and infrastructure to host the World Cup tomorrow.
    3. No one’s gonna go to Qatar, it will be a disaster like 2010, but more so. No one will be mingling in the streets in 105 degree weather on the Arabian Peninsula.
    4. What is Qatar gonna do with the stadiums after the World Cup?

    I know awarding World Cups and Olympics to new places is good and all, but Brazil has even admitted they’re not gonna start building stuff until after Carnival. I think we’re in for a mess. In hindsight (being from Chicago), I’m glad Chicago didn’t get the 2016 Olympics since cities lose so much money in such ventures. But the World Cup is different since we have everything in place already, we’d probably profit from it.

  89. Eurosnob says:

    The most stunning part is that the US only got 3 votes in the first round, i.e., it failed to attract any votes aside from 3 votes from Concacaf. In other words, none of voters from South America, Africa or Europe had the US as their first choice.

  90. Colin says:

    yeah, LOGIC SUCKS!

  91. Consigliere says:

    The Boston Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees…cursed them for a long, long time…

    The Chicago Cubs not letting that guy in with his goat…still suffering after 100 years…


  92. NOLA mike says:

    good insight….being an environmental engineer I can only imagine this will make FIFA look pretty bad come 2022 considering the more “environmentally friendly” stances that are becoming more popular in many places in the world

  93. Duck says:

    I am going to the happy place that is the USA 1-0 SA friendly victory.

    Does Russia count as both Europe and Asia? And does Qatar count as Asia? Because that gives me hope for 2026 by diminishing the prospects for a Chinese bid.

  94. Oranje Mike says:

    How does Netherlands/Belgium lose two votes to Russia in the 2nd round? This is a dirty process.

    I’d like to see countries take a stand against FIFA and throw out the idea of a rival federation. I’m looking at: USA, England, Ireland, Oz, Japan, Netherlands and Belgium and any other nation recently screwed by FIFA. The madness will NEVER end until someone takes a stand.

  95. Chan says:

    Can China get 2026 if the games were in Qatar 2022? Also, remember that Brasil last hosted in 1950, so the most successful nation has waited a long time as well.

  96. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    It’s amazing that the U.S. got so few votes early on.

    There’s only one reason why Qatar won: Mohammed bin Hamman, the president of the Asian Football Confederation, is from Qatar. He controls a lot of votes in Sepp Blatter’s campaign to win another term as FIFA president. Blatter needs those votes to win. Hence, the trade-off: We’ll give you the World Cup if you give your votes to Blatter.

    The tip-off came a couple of weeks ago when CONCACAF’S Chuck Blazer was named the chairman of FIFA’s radio and television committee. Pope Benedict knows more about being a practicing atheist than Blazer does about managing radio and television. That whole appointment was to throw a bone to Jack Warner in return for Warner’s support for Blatter…which would mean supporting Qatar instead of the United States for 2022.

    Remember that without Blatter, Warner is dangerously exposed. If they go down, they will go down together or sell each other out.

  97. Michael says:

    California also has an insanely large population compared to Qatar. Per Capita GDP for Qatar is 88,232 ranks number 1 and is the fastest growing in the world. California’s per capita GDP is 42,325 which would put it around 8th in the world currently.

  98. Louis Z says:

    I believe mexico had it twice within a span of 12 years.

  99. JSmiley says:

    I thought the idea of having a sporting event was to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. What has the Middle East done to promote the game? Does Qatar and other countries even allow women and girls to play the sport? Why should they be rewarded?

  100. Dave Benson says:

    I think that, once the dust has settled and everyone calms down, US Soccer needs to reconsider whether we want to continue bidding on future world cups. Because FIFA will send the next two (2026 and 2030) to a country in Europe (England probably) and China. In my opinion, 2022 was our best chance and we lost out to Qatar. Let other countries play lapdog to FIFA. At least we won’t have to hold our noses and kiss up to the likes of Jack Warner. Just one man’s opinion…

  101. Rory says:

    But Qatar’s stats are screwed by the 5% that are billionaires… most new college grads make $15,000 a year.

  102. Big Chil says:

    Qatar is in the Asian FC, so, yes we can bid for 2026, along with all the disappointed European bidders, and China is out, unless FIFA changes its rules…again…

  103. Eurosnob says:

    This was not even close. Qatar had 11 out of 22 votes in the first round. If Qatar had just one more vote, they could have called it in the first round.

  104. Katatonia says:

    so short sighted. sorry, its not all about the money. its logical that so many people in the usa would have this reaction though.

  105. Colin says:

    haha i just checked out his Twitter. Dude is NOT playing the diplomatic card. Love it.

  106. fromage says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how 2022 plays out. The middle east keeps burning through money like no tomorrow. At some point the wells have got to run dry (eg Dubai and all the swank buildings). Will Qatar be financially viable in 10 years? If any of the bids go bad you know that the US is going to be the default back up destination.

  107. Bench Player says:

    Yay! Social egalitarians strike again!

  108. HoBo says:

    it’s, unbelievable!

  109. The Sir says:

    How about the fact that Qatar has banned anyone with an Israeli passport from entering Qatar? Or their donations to Hamas?

  110. rory says:

    It’s funny that the person that once said they’d quit watching MLS if they went to 10 teams in the playoffs will openly support FIFA’s choice of putting World Cup in very backwards (in terms of gender roles, labor issues, international relations with Israel) country where it will be 130 degrees. Yes, I know they’ll play the games indoors (another “ugh” moment) but most people do like to do something other than go to the games while they spend a month in the host country.

  111. CACuzcatlan says:

    Do they release the totals after each round? I thought the just did the elimination, but no no knows who voted for who or how many votes each got until the very end. I might be wrong.

  112. Judging Amy says:

    4. What is Qatar gonna do with the stadiums after the World Cup?

    Dismantle them and send them to other nations. Seriously.

    link to

    Aside from being basically,an open air bribe, I question whether dismantling entire stadiums and sending them to presumably poor nations who don’t have the capability to erect their own stadiums, is going to work. From the article it seems that even Qatar isn’t sure how to carry it out yet.

    Maybe an engineer can provide more info on the feasibility of dismantling and shipping a stadium thousands of miles but it sounds like it could be BS.

  113. Louis Z says:

    oh well looks like brazil games will be evening games (3 hours ahead) in the west coast but the next two (Russia and Qatar) will be early morning games again 11 hours ahead of us. hard to get parties going at that time.

  114. Sninho says:

    China can’t host in 2026, in fact none of the nations we bid against can. A confederation can’t host two WC’s in a row. So Qatar screwed the US, China, Australia, and all other members of the AFC. I would be worried about the US bidding against another country from Europe though.

  115. HoBo says:

    very suspicious voting……. fifa is corrupt and needs to clean house !

  116. fromage says:

    I was thinking the same thing, but as a way to break free of the backwards thinking towards the game that FIFA has.

  117. Bench Player says:

    At least it will be environmentally friendly! Hypocrites

  118. Neeskens13 says:

    Mexico hosted in 1970 and in 1986 (as an emergency back-up after Colombia dropped out).

  119. Sninho says:

    They don’t care about growing the game!! They care about the amount of money that the delegates can give the ExCo members. They absolutely chose on financial merits.

  120. northzax says:

    well, I can answer #4: they are going to disassemble them and donate them to developing nations. seriously.


  121. fromage says:

    Haha, that guy is hilarious.

    “More incentive for us to bring the trophy back to the USA in 2022! With empty stadiums in 200 degree weather! We’re bringing the trophy back”

  122. Rory says:

    Please, if FIFA didn’t care about Russian fans putting up huge banana signs about black players, I don’t think they cared about how some Middle Easterners feel about Jews.

  123. ELAC says:

    Haters! Sounds like anyone but the US. WE could’ve used some bigger celebrities like Jesse James, Jeff Probst, and Katy Perry.

    F’ing lame, ese!

  124. Dlewis says:

    What’s the time difference in Qatar?

  125. Silamanagic says:

    Rigged. Qatar bought the votes. The terrorists are jumping with joy.

  126. Illmatic74 says:

    80% of the population is foreign workers. Only around 260,000 are indigenous to the country.

  127. Kballs says:

    WTF FIFA!!! That selection pisses me off sooo much!! Qatar is a country slightly smaller than Connecticut with a population of about 1.6 million people. The average summer temperatures are well over 100. They have no infrastructure in place and have never even qualified for the world cup. How does this selection make any sense?! Way to go FIFA, good work on improving your credibility! Ridiculous!!

  128. Sninho says:

    This is absolutely asinine…

    Qatar is a country that has come out and public supported the holding of Nuclear Arms in Iran, claiming that Iran only has them for peaceful purposes. They still have beheadings!!! I don’t think the “power of football” is going to help these situations.

    If Qatar is even around by 2022…

  129. rory says:

    A continent can’t hose within 8 years of hosting it earlier.

    So for 2026, only North America, Africa, Australia, South America

    If 30 is to go to Uruaguay/Argentina that means 2026 has to be North America, Africa, Australia.

  130. Sninho says:

    It’ll be the first host country to not even record a point…

  131. Rory says:

    I’d say it was to try to make someone else finish last and get eliminated… a little gamesmanship.

  132. Illmatic74 says:

    It seems to be what they have been doing lately. The last World Cup was the first in Africa, 2018 would be the first in Eastern Europe and 2022 would be the first in the Middle East.

  133. Richard says:

    1. Qatar = Natural Gas … not Oil, but gas reserves could run out!
    4. They flat out said that there would be no use for the stadiums in that country, so they would deconstruct them to a point where they can ship the stadiums to other developing countries who can use them. I think they said there could be up to 22 ‘stadiums’ moved.

  134. Rory says:

    It happened all the time in the old political conventions and happens nowadays in caucus elections (Iowa) Maybe the voter went with Qatar in round one because they didn’t think their real favorite had a shot, then their favorite did decent so their round 2 vote went to them.

    People are emotional and stupid, the two combined makes odd results sometimes. Oh, I left out greedy.

  135. Richard says:

    7 hours ahead

  136. The Sir says:

    link to

    For a little insight into some of the religious intolerance in Qatar.

  137. Rory says:

    Osama Bin Laden is a huge Arsenal fan, but that didn’t change his view of relations with the Western world.

  138. Spectra says:

    Juan Agudelo? Mix Diskerud? Tim Ream? Eric Lichaj? Teal Bunbury? Ike Opara? Not to metion the USMNT that is all still there minus maybe Bocanegra. We’ll get past this and soccer will conitnue to grow as we conitnue to field awesome teams.

  139. Richard says:

    Meant for Dlewis my bad

  140. Big Mike says:

    I know that the Conmebol publicly state they would be voting for Qatar. I guess they’re still pissed at the Concacaf.

  141. Eurosnob says:

    The indoor Alpine Skiing is in Dubai, UAE – a different country. Building 18 domed air-conditioned stadiums, hotels, public transportation infrastructure, is a much bigger undertaking, particularly for a country with a total population of less than 2 million people.

  142. Rory says:

    It’s funny a guy who got fired from being an assistant to the MLS Commish would wind up the head of the USSF.

  143. Spectra says:

    You know the way around simple corruption of individual members is to have a whole lot more of them. If there were 50 delegates its much harder to get to all of them.
    Really 22 Votes? and some of the vote are coming from trinidad and trabago?

    How about every country trying to qualify gets a vote. and those teams that have qualified before get two votes. Just something else please

  144. Eurosnob says:

    Blagoevich would have given Qatar a run for the money.

  145. rory says:

    Not to mention that the Middle East is not a continent. This is like saying “Northern North America really needs the World Cup” or Northern Africa needs a World Cup.

  146. Big Chil says:

    There’s no question Qatar will lose money on this. Anyone noticing that?

  147. ThaDeuce says:

    I just got an E-Mail from Sunil.

    “But in the face of this disappointment, we shouldn’t lose track of all that we achieved. During the past two years, the outpouring of support for soccer in the United States has been inspiring and historic. More than one million people signed on to our Bid, and more than 100 million watched last summer’s World Cup.”

    These sting incredibly hard when I think that we had over a million people sign the petition, and qatar only has a million and a half people in their country, and most of them probably did not support the bid.

    Sepp did not want to put on the best world cup he could, he wanted to make a statement, make money, or both.

  148. Rory says:

    My used copy of FOUL came in today… that’s what I call good timing!

  149. fischy says:

    Or, waste their time

  150. fischy says:

    Agreed, The Qataris have too much disposable income. Let ’em waste it on building huge stadiums and metrorail that will be useless to them after the Cup.

  151. ThaDeuce says:

    Now that would be awesome!!!

    Womens World Cup in UAE campaign STARTS NOW!!!

    I want Brandi Chastain to come back for that one : ) : ) : )

  152. Louis Z says:

    I stand corrected. 16 years.

  153. Frank says:

    Don’t underestimate the pull of $$$ to Brazilians who will be naturalized. They may get a point

  154. ahm says:

    i’m not all out disputing you, and what i said was really in jest, but i think a more accurate statistic would be where Qatar’s exports are going to. we have a lot of countries that don’t mean too much to us economically, but we mean a hell of a lot to them.

  155. MensreaJim says:

    I start getting old in these scenarios.

    So, rugby?

  156. fischy says:

    2030 should go to Europe, but the USA has to be the clear front-runner for 2026.

  157. Supsam says:

    oh please! The reason the middle east hates israel is not cuz they are jews (like the media outlets tell you) its cuz israel has been a bully in that region and is ruling under apartheid. There is a reason why the UN has passed 65+ UN resolutions criticizing Israel. Thus countries like Qatar have taken action against them. Did there law ban Jews or did they ban israeli citizens? The latter. Hey, im not condoning the middle east governments and some of their pathetic ways. Im just saying that some of you are just rambling on all this nonsense.

    Do you guys even know what a Semite is???

  158. fischy says:

    And, we should start our own United Nations and Int’l Olympics Cmte to get revenge for slights there (Chicago ’16)..oh, but wait, London has the ’12 Olympics. They might not want to go that route…

  159. Supsam says:

    As for the Hamas thingy. Did you know we sent millions of dollars and weapons to Osama Bin Laden?? Oh wait, did the internet not tell you?

  160. Rudy says:

    This is a nice sentiment, and why I don’t mind Russia getting 2018. But Australia should have been a favorite over the USA for 2022 and they don’t even make it past round one? Shady.

  161. DJ says:

    Ives, you might want to change your column on to correct your erroneous statement that England and Spain could bid for 2026. As the rules stand, the earliest they could bid is for the 2030 Cup. By the same token, your colleague tagged China as the 2026 favorite, when they are similarly disqualified. I hope you’re not succumbing to the Fox News disease of fatual inaccuracy.

    (SBI-How are England and Spain blocked from bidding on 2026? Last time I checked France 98 and Germany 2006 were one World Cup apart. Care to share?)

  162. George44 says:

    link to

    Best goal this year in ncaa?

  163. Brian says:

    I just read that Japan and England were the only ones to vote for England in 2018, which would mean the American voted for one of the others. Anyone know which country got the American vote for 2018?

  164. Mike says:

    Nicely said…

  165. fischy says:

    I think you couldn’t be more wrong. The two countries with the highest-rated bids for today’s processes will be back in pole position. I think England would be better advised to bid on 2030 over 2026, because FIFA is moving away from having European hosts in every other tournament. That would leave the USA as the clear choice in 2026.

  166. fischy says:

    “The middle east keeps burning through money like no tomorrow.”


    We got ’em beat.If there’s a question about financial viability, there are few countries better poised for a big fall than the good old USA.

  167. DJ says:

    No, Australia is a member of the Asian Confederation. They are ineligible as well.

  168. Big Mike says:

    Ouch! Just because Ives works for Ives doesn’t mean his in the same league as the scumbags at Faux News.

  169. usa soccerboy says:

    Giving FIFA the benefit of the doubt, they clearly are determined to bring the World Cup to the developing world. Just wish they would have told us earlier so we wouldn’t have wasted our time.

  170. fischy says:

    You do understand that Qatar is our closest ally in the Gulf region, with huge US military bases there?

  171. fischy says:

    Yes, but they don’t care. They understand money is to be enjoyed by the rich. This Cup is their plaything

  172. usa soccerboy says:

    Small Mike.

  173. Geo says:

    Sucks for the US, but the aside from the allegations of corruption (which are a legitemate gripe), if FIFA is looking to grow the sport of futbol, then Russia and Qatar are reasonable (?) choices.

    This is my brain talking, in my heart I would have wanted US……..

  174. fischy says:

    I’m sure someone does, but I’m also sure that no one blogging on this site has the slightest clue.

  175. usa soccerboy says:

    From the NYT re Wikileaks:

    “the tiny Persian Gulf state of Qatar, a generous host to the American military for years, was the “worst in the region” in counterterrorism efforts, according to a State Department cable last December. “Qatar’s security service was “hesitant to act against known terrorists out of concern for appearing to be aligned with the U.S. and provoking reprisals,” the cable said.

    Qatar is a notorious troublemaker in the region… Al Jazeera???

  176. Tizzle says:

    The reasoning being that he lost a politically rigged process that doomed the U.S. to failure before it ever submitted its bid?

    The US put together an excellent bid. It lost because of factors beyond its control, at least ethically. Not sure how you can blame Gulati for that.

    Then there’s the Klinnsman situation. My main concern with reupping Bradley was sticking with an old regime. Bruce failed to bring along new players, and we paid for it in 2006. But Bradley just trouted out a team of youngsters against South Africa and has never been afraid to give young players experience (see, for example, Eddie Gaven and Ricardo Clark at the Metrostars, and Jonathan Bornstein with Chivas). Sure, perhaps he was tactically naive at times in South Africa, but so was Fabio Capello at times. To me, the plusses of having a U.S. coach devoted to developing the U.S. game far outweigh these minusses.

    Then there’s the development of the Development Academy leagues and U-17s. US Soccer is trying to make headway at the youth level by focusing coaches on practice instead of games. Is it working perfectly? No. But it’s the right direction. And he’s appointed Wilmar Cabrera to the U-17s to bring in the Mexican-American talent we’ve been missing for years.

    I just don’t get the anti-Gulati rhetoric. The man has devoted his career to this sport and has implemented clear initiatives that go to the heart of issues we are confronting as a soccer nation. He is not perfect, but I question who, if anyone, would do as good, or a better job, than he. Except of course, the Special 1. Be Champions.

  177. Scott A says:

    Do you mean batting .000?

  178. Kevin in NM says:

    Haha relax, bro. I’m not trying to claim the relations between the governments of this world that are already completely corrupted (ours included), will be improved. But the average citizens, especially our own, who view Muslim countries with disdain, will hopefully realize they aren’t all that different from. And, hopefully, the typical Muslim citizen won’t view Western citizens with such disdain, either. I may just be an optimist, but I also understand it’s the governments of all these countries ruining the world, but not their people.

  179. DJ says:

    No, Europe is out for 2026. Asia is out for 2026 and 2030.

    (SBI-Why is Europe out of 2026? What makes you think that?)

  180. usa soccerboy says:

    That annoys me too. It seems an overwhelming majority of US fans preferred England.

  181. Scott A says:

    Seriously. There have to be more voters. It’s like deciding a massive election on an electoral college that isn’t bound by their constituents at all. FIFA is so out of control it’s insane.

  182. fischy says:

    It was either Asia’s time or North America’s. Since Brazil is getting 2014, there was probably some lean away from North America, anyway. Add in the appeal of placing it in the Middle East, and the general antipathy towards the USA around the world (thanks for your wonderful legacy, George W. Bush), and you can see how Qatar got a leg up — not to mention their promise to deliver these gorgeous stadiums to impoverished nations in like-new condition.

    Actually, if you look at the votes, especially the way Australia and England did so badly, there was a definite bias against the English and their progeny. Or, maybe it was just resentment against George Bush’s “Coalition of the Brave”.

  183. usa soccerboy says:

    The sheikh bought a World Cup for his wife banana. What he bought for his two other wives I don’t know..

  184. DJ says:

    “One man’s opinion” needs some factual correction. For the 2026 World Cup, the only eligible countries are those in the confederations of CONCACAF, Africa, and South America. China, Australia, England, etc. are out. For the 2030 World Cup, Europe becomes eligible again. Asia does not become eligible for a World Cup until 2034.

    If FIFA changes the rules of the game, of course, this changes.

    (SBI-How is Europe out of 2026 again? You keep saying it but I don’t see the basis for your repeated claim.)

  185. Kevin in NM says:

    Haha, and GWB told us there were nuclear weapons in Iraq – we all know how that turned out. I’m not saying our ‘official’ relations our going to change, but perhaps the perspectives of the average person here in the US. What, will you not go to Qatar in 2022 just because you will be surrounded by Muslims?

  186. Ted in MN says:

    Bribed by round? Maybe if we had made it to the 6th or 7th the US would have won just because Qatar didn’t bribe in those rounds or something like that.
    I know what I said wsa dumb but its FIFA you can never be really sure

  187. Ted in MN says:

    +11 or 23

  188. DJ says:

    That’s certainly true. But they do have a problem with the facts, regardless of whether you agree with their opinions.

    (SBI-You might want to focus on your own “facts”, which at this point don’t sound all that accurate.)

  189. jonk says:

    The reason Americans might stay away from Qatar has nothing to do with being surrounded by Muslims. I think people won’t go because it will be insanely hot, there will be crazy gridlock, and the cultural restrictions (even if they lift them from how they are now)…but that being said, I guess wealthy Europeans like to vacation in Qatar.

  190. Chan says:

    Didn’t Australia just switch from Oceania to Asia? Too bad for them. I would expect that Uruguay has a chance in 2030 for the 100th aniversary of the WC. Agreed with those above that US has a good chance in 2026.

  191. riceccloudnine says:

    This all assumes that FIFA doesn’t change their rules about hosting. When’s the last time they’ve kept anything consistent (ending rotation policy, always changing formula for WC seeds, etc…)

  192. Bob says:

    Australia moved its membership to the Asian Federation, so they will not be eligible to host in 2026 or 2030.

  193. Chan says:

    I wonder how nice these stadia will be if they are designed to be dismantled. I will definitely watch the replay of their presentation tonight to look at their plans.

  194. Dudeinho says:

    your telling me Im looking at 52 at that point. Jesus Might be worth it if we can compete for it at that time.

  195. r.benjamin says:

    And I am certainly curious about these air conditioned and floating stadiums and what the heck is gonna happen to them after the WC.. and also how a country that small will handle the influx of people.

    Random question.. is it better for the world economy to give it to Qatar where they will spend billions in infrastructure than to award to USA where it already exists?

  196. FulhamPete says:

    So, Doha, Qatar is USA +12hours…

    Game times are usually early/late afternoon, 1 hour break, then evening. Say, 1 pm, 3:30pm, 7pm local time.

    So matches are middle of the night, Later in the night, and Butt-crack of dawn on the West coast?

    F- this process, and F- FIFA.

  197. Dudeinho says:

    no i wont go because there wont be any bikini top wearing brazilian women in the stands or any other hot women or decent booze. please is to damm conservative for my taste. I am planning to go to Russia though “In russia vodka make you”

  198. eh says:

    here’s my prediction of the next world cups whereby FIFA will continue to try bring soccer to new regions regardless of size and logic, 2026-Faroe Islands, 2030-Antarctica, 2034-Moon

  199. k says:

    Forget Malaria, Bill Gates should have bought the WC for Seattle.

  200. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    fischy, do you seriously believe that the FIFA ExCo gives a damn about George W. Bush? The only thing they care about is themselves and how much power, prestige and money they can accumulate. Go peddle your conspiratorial Leftist politics somewhere else, OK?

  201. Dudeinho says:

    its an 11 hour difference on the west coast

    link to

  202. DJ says:

    The rules changed between the time France and Germany got their cups and now. In fact, they changed twice. Initially, they had Confederation rotation, which ensured Asia, and then Africa their first World Cups. When continental rotation was scrapped (after Asia and Africa received their first World Cups), and South America was in line to get 2014, a new system was installed beginning with the bidding for 2018. The winning confederation would be barred from bidding for the next two Cups. So, CONMEBOL is barred from the bidding for 2018 and 2022. UEFA is out for 2022 and 2026.

    That’s the way it is, but it’s scarcely anything to get worked up about, as FIFA could change things at their discretion.

    (SBI-You’re wrong DJ. European countries can bid on 2026.)

  203. 22Jokr says:

    Interesting, even exciting, young talent. Sure. But no reason to believe that the brand of soccer put forth will be any different than what we’ve been living with. (South Africa friendly was case in point – new faces, same set up, same style of play – if anything we’re regressing into an even more Arena-esque style of football… yawn)

  204. DJ says:


    link to

    (SBI-All you could find was a three-year old BBC article? I’ve asked around, both here and across the pond, and nobody supports that as a rule that is currently in place.)

  205. Antifootball says:

    OH SHUT UP! Go strap yourself to a tree.

  206. DJ says:

    Here’s a link to the BBC explaining things when the rules were changed:

    link to

    (SBI-All you could find was a three-year old BBC article? I’ve asked around and nobody confirms that rule to be currently in place.)

  207. eastbaygrease says:

    Try to convince Joe Six-Pack NFL fan that soccer insn’t just a sport for little kids and girls, again. Try to lessen the cultural divide between the Middle East and the Western World in a region that has never hosted the WC before. Seems like a good choice to me.

  208. Dave Benson says:

    As I understand it, Europe is eligible for 2026. If I’m wrong about that (certainly possible), that changes everything. But it seems clear that Blatter wants his legacy to be about spreading the Cup to all corners of the globe (while keeping Europe happy). My premise is that Europe gets the Cup again in 2026 and another emerging area (China – the mother lode of untapped markets for FIFA) gets 2030. If FIFA has to bend/rewrite the rules to get it done, they certainly will. It is also worth noting that the only votes we got in the first round were the CONCACAF 3 votes. NO ONE ELSE voted for us. What reason do we have to believe that we would be the front runner in a subsequent bidding process?

    I’m not saying we should just pout about losing. But we clearly need to reevaluate whether we bid and how we go about pursuing it if we decide to proceed.

  209. Big Chil says:

    Hating George W. Bush doesn’t make one a leftist, it makes one a mainstream American and in agreement with, oh, what, 90% of the opinion worldwide?

  210. ThaDeuce says:

    Ives, do you make the poll questions on your new fox soccer article?
    I wanted to choose none of the above!
    Where was my “is fifa just too corrupt” choice?

  211. Rob says:

    Speaking of not knowing, go to Isreal. Believe it or not there are Muslim israelis….. Appartied, what a joke. Since all Jews are ireali citizens, guess who they banned. Get a clue.

    If anyone is to blame it’s the anti-Semites in Europe that didn’t want to take care of the Jews and sent them to the former peaceful ottoman empire.

    Take a history class, and stop spewing the neo-Nazi bs.

    Oh and by the way I’m not Jewish at all, so don’t try that BS either.

  212. JoeW says:

    Do the math. Qatar in 2022. At that point (unless the rules change) it goes to Europe in 2026. At that point, how can you not give it to China–that would be 8 years from Qatar and although technically Qatar is Asia, that’s culturally, geographically, economically and demographically laughable. So really the absolute earliest the USA could hope to get the WC would 2034–assuming we don’t have competition from South America (that means South America would have last hosted the WC in 2014–or 20 years earlier). So actually, we probably have a good shot in 2038 or 2042.

  213. Sebzab says:

    Although it was def abt sponsorship dollars, it was also abt giving Qatar enough time to build all the stadiums, get their infrastructure in place and generate good PR (vs the bad PR that is inevitable). The 1st round voting makes it quite clear that this was a pre-determined result.

  214. JoeW says:

    One of the huge drivers for Osama Bin Laden and he desire to take on the west was the “defiling” of the holy land (ie: Saudi Arabia) by foreign soldiers (ie: US troops). Sometimes presence doesn’t equal a better understanding.

    Qatar actually has a lot of nice things to say about it as a country and place–especially given who else is near by. That said…things can change. I wouldn’t be surprised by the time 2022 roles around to see a more fundamentalist atmosphere in Qatar, one far less tolerant of women or infidels. I’m not predicting that, just saying a monarchy of such a small country isn’t stable enough to be able to say “yep, we are inexorably on the path to tolerance and democracy.”

  215. Ken says:

    I found this from FIFA:

    link to

    If I read it correctly, that would mean that UEFA is ineligible since they will be hosting 2018.

    (SBI-That’s also from the same time period more than three years ago. Still waiting for present-day confirmation that the rule still stands because I have yet to read anywhere now that Europe isn’t allowed to bid for 2026. If that’s the case I’ll gladly acknowledge it, but everything I’ve heard and been told says otherwise.)

  216. Rob says:

    Hmm so the terrorist organization (according to the entire western world) got it’s funding from Osama? Lol, try Iran.

    Osama and his cronies formed a different organization, separate from the Palestinian organizations. They were armed in the eighties to take on the Russians…. Your got one thing correct at least…

  217. JoeW says:

    Nope, not true. South Americans have got humidity–they don’t deal with arid climates like this–Mexico and some parts of Patagonia or Bolivia might be the closest you get. Ditto with the Med Euros. None of them train and play in 120 degrees in an arid climate.

  218. Rob says:

    Oh and by the way, in jordan ( who is an ally of Isreal), they put up a huge gate making sure Palestinians don’t cross their boarder. Jordan has got to be a racist anti-Islamic, apartheid loving country….. Oh wait

  219. Mratfink says:

    Why is Conmebol pissed at Concacaf?

  220. Supsam says:

    well, well, well you see, i have been to israel as part of a journalistic project funded by my university and thats how i know. The arab christians and muslims are treated like crap over there. There are streets that exist in israel where only Jews can use. Sad but true. If you have spoken to these arabs, they say they are treated like second class citizens. Its not only them, but orthodox Jews are also treated in the same manner. Isnt it funny how israelis hate foreign journalists? Wonder why.

    Im vietnamese so its not like i have any bias to begin with

  221. Supsam says:

    i know its hard to be convincing when arguing with an anonymous person online so visit this website that I highly recommend. Be open at least and give the site a look. I believe its ifamericansknew(dot)org

    haha wow this conversation has swayed from FIFA and their corruptness haha

  222. Gazza says:

    Why does Europe get it in 2026? That means Europe would have had it 3 times (’98, ’06, ’18)since North America had it in ’94.

  223. Don says:

    The pattern of voting in the first round gives a clear insight into why we did not get selected. EVERY confederation (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America) voted against our bid. ONLY our confederation voted for us. Asia is understandable as a case of vote for members of one’s association (Australia, Japan, Korea, and Qatar), but how to explain that not one delegate from Europe, Africa, or South America voted for us? If we confine our attention to the world of football, the USA constitutes a clear and present danger to the most successful associations. Were we to become a world power in football, we would suck the life-blood out of every other league. If we broaden our horizon to the place of the USA in the world, it is clear that we are isolated due to a well-earned antipathy created by our actions. Most certainly, FIFA is corrupt in many ways, but the votes make it clear that we never stood a chance.

  224. Sleepy says:

    As much as I would have loved to see the US get world cup, I’m really intrigued to see how Qatar handles the bid and the media scrutiny that comes with it. Who really knows what the Mid-East will look like in 5 year much less 12. I think if Qatar throws around enough money, which it appears they’re prepared to, it could be quite a spectacle. We all really know what a US, Australian, or Korean world cup would look like. At least this is uncharted territory and if it turns into a train wreck that will be fun to watch too. Besides I think FIFA likes the idea of always having the US on standby in case one of their “world cup/development projects” doesn’t work out.

  225. Rob says:

    Sorry as a non-Jew I was able to go anywhere with my friend from Jordan…. I stayed in Jordan for a week and Israel (as he is 50/50 Jordanian and palestinian). We were able to any where, but I was not permitted to go into any mosque, the rock included, since I’m Christian (by birth). I was also advised by my friend to stay in the Israeli owned territories for safety. I have seen the hatred by both sides. I have met very affluent Muslims teaching in the Israeli universities, who told me that not all muslims were against the Israeli government. I am sorry but the country you talk about is not accurate.

  226. Rob says:

    I agree we have gotten way off topic…. Damn corrupt FIFA

  227. DingDong says:

    It doesn’t matter if we buy oil from Qatar or not. If we buy it from Canada or Mexico, it still raises the price of oil just as much on the global market, which gives Qatar all the money it needs. I realize the initial comment was a joke, but I thought I would point this out.

  228. Adam M. says:

    I’m going with giving the Olympics to Hitler.

  229. Bob says:

    Article 76.1 in the FIFA Statutes only stipulates that “tournaments may not be held on the same continent on two successive occasions.” I couldn’t locate any other Technical Memos/Provisions which were issued after the Johannesburg meeting this past June which amended that statement.

  230. Eric says:

    Someone is going to die of heat stroke. No doubt.

  231. Rob says:

    Three major things about you website…. after doing a little research on the founder Weir… She says the Jews caused the holocaust on themselves (to form Israel) and she has posted articles on David Duke’s website (huge red Flag, as I looked just to make sure it wasn’t a lie). Also, as a .org nothing needs to be factual.

    And final red flag for me, the article that the Left supports the Israelis…. Sound a bit far to right. Dare I say Fascist even.

    Hey man either way your free to believe what you want. That is the beauty of America I guess.

  232. Front Row says:

    If you are upset, do not watch international games. If you feel FIFA is corupt, don’t buy products advertised during soccer games. I realized these methods might not seem popular, but hitting FIFA hard in the wallet might be the only way to influence future decisions.

  233. Bench Player says:

    Why FIFA would support any country that follows Sharia Law and its associated human rights violations is beyond my capacity.

  234. Bench Player says:

    Go Sharia Law!

  235. Supsam says:

    i would love to continue this talk over coffee but i dont see that happening haha. I guess agree to disagree, yes?

    I do hope english media do our dirty work in planning the downfall of FIFA

  236. Gene says:

    As disappointed as I am about US not getting it, the only other situation where the country that got to host two World Cups within 16 years was Mexico (1970, 1986). They got the 1986 because of the earquake in Columbia (who were scheduled to host it), if I remember correctly.

    I don’t think there was anyone else. Brazil waited 64 years to host another one, Germany 32 years, Italy about 60 years.

    We should make ourselves avaiable as a standby for 2022 if Qatar can’t make it, for one reason for another.

    We also should not act with such a sense of entitlement as some of the fans have reacted on this site. A US World Cup would generate a lot of $$, but it is not just about money, but also about spreading the wealth and bringing the game to new areas. Now, the country has to be ready for it and I don’t think Qatar is, but we should belittle the idea in general.

    I say all this as someone who is VERY disappointed we did not get it.

  237. agnigrin says:

    Europe will get every third cup not every other since 2002

    2002 SK/Jap
    2006 Germany
    2010 South Africa
    2014 Brazil
    2018 Russia
    2020 Q

    USA should be a lock for 2026… maybe like when South Africa got screwed in 2006 and then got it in 2010.. oh wait!

  238. Paula says:

    Yikes. I can see how people can be disappointed but …

    1) The cultural concerns are overblown, and frankly kind of offensive because it assumes that Qataris are all irrational fundamentalists who have too little in common with Westerners (clearly, there’s enough support in-country to make the bid possible in the first place). Not to mention, because they have FIFA and international private corporations investing their time and money into the bid, Qatar’s gov’t will amend laws to conform to more open social standards to accommodate all the different consumers who are going to be staying and buying things.

    2) The security concerns are also kind of weird, given how much heavy security there is for ANY event like this anywhere in the world. So I doubt people would be in more danger in Qatar than they would be in, say, metropolitan Los Angeles.

    3) The forced interaction w/ this larger world is actually what a lot of Western governments want for some of the more closed off countries in the ME. Which, I imagine, is why the Qatar bid looked so attractive in the first place. It’s heavy diplomacy that really hasn’t been achievable by other means in the 2 decades (admittedly, policies from Israel and the USA have often made it more difficult). So hey — contribute to Peace in Middle East by giving a WC to Qatar. SURE, FIFA sez.

    4) No one “hates” the US. In all likelihood the fact that our bid made too much sense on paper worked against us because — where’s the challenge, where’s the legacy in making an “easy” choice?

    There are plenty of other problematic things about the bid that we can harp on if we really need to. Namely the lack of existing stadia and the financial impact on such a small country whose citizens — despite whatever “help” FIFA and private corporations promise — will bear the majority of the financial burden and opportunity costs.

  239. agnigrin says:

    Excellent, lucid post! Wish there were more of these out there!

  240. Brad says:

    Brazil is the exception….lets take a closer look.

    82- Spain
    74-W germany

    And then they have 4/6 going back to 1930.

    So now you see my concern…..

  241. RB says:

    Negative: see video of Qatar presentation on first 5 stadiums on YT at link to

    Articles I’ve read talk about an evaporative cooling type of approach (“swamp coolers” to those of you in places like AZ), where solar panels would generate energy to cool water then filtered through the stadiums and blown around and so forth.

    Anyway you can see from the above link that they’re not talking domed stadiums…

  242. RB says:

    Well upon closer inspection, while interesting in general, that link says Qatar “will donate the upper tier of some of its 12 stadiums”. So not exactly just wholesale donating of a stadium, there…

  243. pod says:

    The first thing we do is tell FIFA to shove hosting the WC up their ***. The second thing we do is go and WIN it. You want to make FIFA nuts, win it. We need to put everything we got into winning the world cup. Our boys need the most passionate supporters.

    There is absolutely no way that Qatar fairly got 11 first round votes. Given all the negatives, 11 thought that was the best place, no way. They all got paid off.

  244. rob says:

    Fifa might have been concerned by the fact that all of the stadiums in the US bid are american football stadiums. Usually, countries hosting worldcup build new grand stadiums(France, Japan, Korea, SA all built soccer stadiums that will represent a legacy) specifically for soccer. American football is an opposing code of football like Rugby. By no means FIFA would have allowed American Football being glorified. OK that happened in 1994 but that was for money. FIFA is much more than money now. Say whatever you want to say about FIFA but FIFA/UEFA have done a lot to promote fairplay, discourage racism and promote friendship. If US had promised at least 4-5 soccer specific stadiums as magnificent as qatar is going to build then the story might have been different. How can you give worldcup to a association that wants to play all games in the stadiums of a sport that is so anti-soccer in every aspect.
    And for your kind information, it’s a worldcup not only to Qatar but to the whole arab region. this might be an important step in fixing relations between arabs and the west.

  245. rob says:

    Sour grapes dude. US didn’t get the worldcup doesn’t mean FIFA members awarded worldcup for bribes. And who says Americans are not capable of bribing? Read some transparency international reports. Americans are known for bribing others to get what they want. Maybe there is no corruption internally in the US but each year transparency international reports affirm Americans are big time bribers abroad.

  246. Rocco says:

    It’s been half a day and I only feel worse. This really is an outrage. I feel violated.

  247. rob says:

    You lost to a country that offered to built brand new stadiums that are going to look majestic(look at the proposed designs) and provide a soccer viewing experience second to none. It would have been a travesty to host worldcup in Gridirion Stadiums. Americans thought they will talk about money and the world will salivate. Bad new Soccer is much more than money. Instead of money, Qatar offered a legacy, Stadiums that can be dismantled and shipped to poorer countries, a worldcup that will bring Middle East and Rest of the World together, a world cup where muslims and non-muslims(by the way israel will be allowed to go if qualified and surely large number of UK/US nationals will find employment in design and building of facilities) will work together without hating each other. That’s what worldcup is about. It’s not about exponentially increasing revenues. It about exponentially increasing fairplay, fairness, equality and international friendship.

  248. Rocco says:

    Paula I don’t want to be rough on you but you should consider changing your name to Pauliana.

    re: 1.Its not the cultural concern that is at issue. Its the political concern of a nation that refuses entry of anyone who carries an Israeli passport. Who are listed as a major human rights violator of women and workers and a major human trafficking destination. Who have strategically aligned their nation with Iran on defense issues. That doesn’t mean it’s populated with nothing but fundamentalists but is governed by them.
    re: 2. Imagine you are a fundamentalist who prefers hyper-conservative religious law and watch your country overrun but the very culture you find most offensive for a month. Do you get a bit upset? I’d imagine those inclined to violence might just chose the opportunity to become, well, violent. Security is a legitimate concern. Its always a concern but here a tough situation is worse. And you don’t have to find a way to get past a stadium magnetometer to cause a lot trouble as we so sadly found out in Mumbai not too long ago.
    re: 3. Sure, it could be good to expose Qatar to the outside world but who says we have to reward them with the greatest show on earth to do it at the expense of better options such as, heck, forget the US, Australia?
    re: 4. PLENTY of people “hate” the US.

  249. RB says:

    This would have been 26 years (2022 v 1994), not 16 years…

  250. RB says:

    Make that 28! :-)

  251. Gene says:

    you are right, I forgot it is 2022.

  252. Rob says:

    Yep and coffee would sound great….. Haha

    I agree unlish the Brits

  253. Rob says:

    For me if FIFA want it in the middle east, and don’t care about how a country is run, at least give Otto a ME country who has a half decent team, ie Saudi Arabia or even dare I say Iran… Iran would be a harder sell ATM though.

  254. JW says:

    It may be “normal strategy” for a corrupt illegitimate process.

    The point is that if you are an elector and you truly believe a certain country is your #1 for the cup, then you vote for them every time, until they are eliminated. To change your vote in the second round should only be reserved for the elector that just got his bid country eliminated.

    This whole thing just seems like under the table, back room wheeling and dealing. Granted, I think Qatar is an intriguing place to try and hold the world cup. If they would have won the bid fare and square, then ok. But based on how the votes came out, I have no faith that it was the case.

  255. Paula says:

    Sorry to be rough on you, but most of that is solidly in the realm of opinion. For example, if I believe your assertion that plenty of people “hate” the US, it’s because they think WE’RE an unworthy or dangerous country — at that point, why should you think anyone would vote for us to host anything? So the world (as represented by FIFA members) hate the US: why bother being bitter that we didn’t win the bid because, according to you, we didn’t even have a chance?

    Also, it’s not Pollyanna to believe that Qatar’s gov’t (not mention all their partners in FIFA) have a strong financial interest in making sure everyone feels safe in their country, because that’s the only way people will attend matches, and stay at their hotels, and eat at their restaurants, and shop at their stores. Sorry, but a lot of this sounds like the handwringing over South Africa, and the violence never materialized.

    And I’m not optimistic about the bid’s long-term effects, either. At least South Africa has a growing pro league and players who are scouted internationally so that those stadiums might actually be used regularly in the future. By all accounts, Qatar is far from achieving that (at least by itself).

  256. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    It about exponentially increasing fairplay, fairness, equality and international friendship.

    Rob, you’re kidding, right?

    The 1936 Berlin Olympics and the 1980 Moscow Olympics should have buried the notion once and for all that international sport can bring world peace. This year’s World Cup should have buried the notion that soccer can increase “fair play” (unless you missed Nigel de Jong’s red-card-that-should’ve-been-but-wasn’t tackle).

    a worldcup that will bring Middle East and Rest of the World together, a world cup where muslims and non-muslims…will work together without hating each other.

    It’s very easy to “work together” for a limited time period in which no major political sacrifices will be made. It’s a lot harder to get parties to make the kind of political sacrifices needed to bring about the utopia you’re talking about. In fact, utopia isn’t possible in this life. The Nazis, Fascists and Communists tried and failed. Just ask their victims, if you can exhume their remains.

  257. Special 1 says:

    No,.. because he has been through a cycle that has not seen the USMNT progress for sh*t and the USWNT has barely qualified for the next cup

  258. smokeminside says:

    And even if all the stadiums were domed, there’s technology that allows the grass to grow….Frankfurt’s stadium used in the 2006 WC is domed and it has a beautiful pitch.

  259. smokeminside says:

    Maybe so, but they have 12 years and apparently limitless financial resources. They’ll be ready with the stadia and hotels, and the roads, too (though I’m less certain about that….gridlock could still rule the day). I think, and I know this isn’t novel, that the bigger issues will be the heat and how flexible the Qataris are about allowing western customs……

  260. smokeminside says:

    How do you figure they run out of Natural Gas?

  261. TimN says:

    Firstly, sporting events don’t “unify” anything…that’s a crock and a cover. Drive through Sarajevo sometime. You think the Olympics unified anything there??

    These World Cups were bought. Period. Though Russia’s bid is more logical than Qatar’s, it still was not a better option than England. However, Qatar’s selection defies all logic. They don’t have the infrastructure nor the size /population to support the biggest sporting event in the world. The heat will also be a HUGE factor.

    FIFA is as corrupt as they come, and all of the voter buying controversy leading up to this decision only makes one have to doubt EVEN MORE the validity of these announcements…shameful!

  262. CarlFranks says:

    You cant put the loss to mexico on the shoulders of Gulati though. They didnt bring their A game and got out played. Thats not Gulati messing up, thats the game of soccer

    though, being a UP grad I’m pretty sure the sole reason was that Stephanie Cox didn’t start.(in this part of my post, logic isn’t welcome.)

  263. CarlFranks says:

    In terms of size, its like saying Connecticut needs to host a WC

  264. CarlFranks says:

    try Death Valley

  265. Rocco says:

    This just in. Early reports are saying that the 2026 World Cup is has been granted to Lichtenstein. It seems as if modest payments of Lichtensteiner stamps was enough to win over the FIFA ExComm. UEFA members are now celebrating the long awaited moment were centuries of bad blood between Switzerland, Austria, and the tiny country will finally be resolved on the pitch.

    No firm confirmation exists on the rumors that 2030 will be won by the Vatican City. Doubts still exist about the viability of Pope Benedict’s plans to erect at least two stadia in St. Peter’s Square. Still a video presentation showing animations of the miraculous “walk on water” conveyor systems impressed the committee and media alike. The ExComm overruled objections by Sunil Gulati that Holy See’s plans to host Shakira for another rousing addition of “Waka Waka” in the Sistine Chapel would endanger the priceless frescoes and it seems rules will temporarily be lifted to allow drinking on the premises but communion wine will remain off limits.

  266. Johnny Thunder says:

    I predict Qatar will be unable to pull it off and the Cup will fall to the runner up. US.

  267. Cabrito says:

    How does this encourage other countries to bid for future WCs? I mean, you can have a nearly perfect bid like the US and England did, just to have FIFA say “I know Qatar is a risk, but f*ck it, let’s go with them.”

    Heck, maybe Canada should have put a bid together. Think about it, untapped soccer market, no security issues, mild climate in the summer, plenty of oil money to line the pockets of FIFA.

  268. Cabrito says:

    If Qatar can’t pull it off and FIFA comes to us with hat in hand, we should tell them to shove the WC up their asses.

  269. ThaDeuce says:

    I dig this:
    BillHamid28 Bill Hamid
    If Qatar can host a WC why can’t Virginia????!!!!!! Anybody down for a #govirginiabid ????


  270. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    So what? GWB is no longer the president. Barack Obama is, and he was supposed to make the US more “respected” about the world. Great job he’s doing with that, huh?

    Seriously, though, FIFA would have made this decision regardless of whether the US bid. Blatter wants the votes of the AFC (which is led by a Qatari) for his re-election bid, so he offered up the World Cup in exchange for those votes. Besides, Qatar and Russia can guarantee the kind of perks and exemptions that FIFA wants. No First World bid could compete with that.

  271. Not surprised Qatar won the bid. Money talks. And they have so freakin much of it. The bitter side of me hopes their air conditioning breaks in the stadiums in the 120 F heat; hate to have to answer for that!

  272. dave in socal says:

    Once again FIFA politics and bribery play a role. Bin Hamman the head of AFC, a FIFA Executive Committee member, and a Qatari national threatened to run for FIFA president if Qatar did not win 2022. Blatter wants another term as FIFA president. I think Blazer should run for FIFA president and embarrass Blatter.
    If the rotation stayed in place CONCACAF would have gotten 2018, but UEFA has the “divine” right to host every other world cup. The rotation policy was gotten rid of after having very few candidates to host when CONMEBOL had their turn for 2014. I think the U.S. should run for hosting 2026, but it is obvious a political power play by Blazer must be done. They only gave Blazer head of the broadcasting (television) committee.
    When the U.S. won hosting rights the U.S. had to qualify for the 1990 cup. Now I learn on that if the U.S. did not qualify for 1990; Germany would have hosted 1994. How about Qatar be required to qualify for 2014 or 2018? Then, if they do not qualify the hosting rights could go to Australia, Saudi Arabia, or the United States. But then again FIFA always has a double-standard or no standards at all when the topic is CONCACAF or the United States.