2011 MLS Draft: Match Day Commentary


The best day of the year for Major League Soccer fans is here. The day every team has some hope and every team's fans can dream of the possibilities.

SBI will be providing in-depth coverage of the 2011 MLS Draft, with live commentary, interviews, articles and video interviews. You can also find plenty of MLS Draft coverage over at FoxSoccer.com.

Please feel free to share your draft day thoughts in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's live commentary is after the jump):






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57 Responses to 2011 MLS Draft: Match Day Commentary

  1. adub says:

    finally !!!! Jalil Anibaba will go #3 thats my suprise of the day

  2. EA says:

    Best day of the year?

    Give me a day where they’re actually playing (like opening day/weekend) over a bunch of guys who will end up being Chance Myers.

  3. DC Josh says:

    YES. how the heck does Perry Kitchen fall to #3? Does DC take him or do they pass up for offense? Knowing their recent moves, they will pass.

  4. rory says:

    I love Drafts!

  5. DC Josh says:

    Chea boys.

  6. Second City says:

    Please, pass on Sarkodie, Chivas.

  7. MLS e-Book says:

    Loving that this is on ESPN.

    It seems like the offseason was dragging by until this week.

  8. Second City says:

    Next up:

    Please, pass on Sarkodie, Philly.

  9. Second City says:

    I’m guessing Sarkodie will get past NE with Alston…thinking Houston passes on him too in favor of another position.

    Wildcard: Vancouver @ 8th pick.

    Hoping Sarkodie falls to Chicago and they actually pull the trigger. Not sold on Soares CB pick. Seems like an average defender.

  10. gigi says:

    He has to go next, guy had a good combine.

  11. Thorpinski says:

    I took a beat down from a lot of people including Ives..but I called it Omar Salgado the #1 pick.

    You always take the best player. The same logic applied to me calling Najar ROY.

  12. wow says:


    Epic failure of a prediction.

  13. Second City says:

    Only consolation for my club Chicago missing out on Sarkodie, is my passion for the national team.

    Sarkodie is going to a great manager and developer of talent. With Dom, who I think should be our next national team manager, will coach him up.

    Ah well, Will Bruin now? Anibabe perhaps?

  14. wow says:

    Terrible pick. TERRIBLE. No need to draft him #1. Could have traded down, still gotten him, and gotten something else for the #1 pick. Probably could have had him at #8. LOL @ Vancouver. Off to an awful start.

  15. Second City says:

    Song potential: (Hava Nagilla Hava)

    Aaaaaannnnnaaaa – niiiiii – bbbaaaaaaabbbaaaaa (repeat)

    Doesn’t that translate to “Let’s rejoice” anyway?

    Happy Chicago fan, seems like a good pick.

  16. RedLine55 says:

    Agree. Who knows how it will work out, but we have to be really glad with how the draft has worked for us.

  17. CILII_blog says:

    you won’t saying that when he’s scoring goals like a boss.

  18. Mike says:

    Ives. your mock draft and commentary sucks balls. Maybe you should find a new hobby?

  19. Second City says:

    Wondering where Salgado goes on loan until he’s 18 and is allowed to officially “transfer” to Vancouver, due to a FIFA rule.

  20. Second City says:

    Dynamo looking like they’re leading the way on value+needs and earning “Best Draft” non-award, award.

    Mel Kiper would be singing their praises, if he knew who the Houston Dynamo was, I’d imagine.

  21. Duck says:

    Booyah Houston, two GA signings. Looks like they went for prospects, and are going to fill the centerback and central midfield positions from some other source.

  22. DomiNate says:

    Sounders trade 11th pick to Portland for allocation money, and Portland trades it to Houston for allocation money. I wish they’d tell us how much money was involved

  23. gigi says:

    hoping for Tetteh for nyrb

  24. MLS E-Book says:

    MLS proving to be the craziest draft. Loving the way all the reporters say “I think they’re going this way” then the team goes with someone out of left field and the reporters are very tongue in cheek with “of course”.

    Like trying to predict the lottery, isn’t it? It’s been fun though.

  25. Thorpinski says:

    Grasshopper…when Lebron James was drafted first Cleveland did not trade down they took him because he was the best player. Not saying Omar is Lebron, but what I’m trying to show you is that when a player is better than the rest you take that player. Had they passed he would have gone second. This is a weak draft with really only one potentially great player. Omar Salagdo

  26. fred says:

    tee hee holes.

  27. wow says:

    Your analysis is downright laughable. Seriously. Laughable.

  28. wow says:

    His insight is far better than yours. Perhaps you should just crawl in a hole and die.

  29. BOOM says:

    Kenny cooper is going to the Portland Timbers

  30. Thorpinski says:

    We mock that which we do not understand

  31. i Agree says:


  32. nik says:

    So much for watching the draft on the MLS Web site.

    They suck

  33. Justice from the Big D says:



  34. nik says:

    MLS feed is up now. Can hear techs bitching at each other. Can’t hear over music. “sigh”.

  35. Investigate Fifa says:

    Have you lost your baseball?

  36. adub says:

    yeah well i thought teams would be jumping to get him, he had a great combine

  37. Neal says:

    Think that the rule won’t apply since his contract is with the league.

  38. vik says:

    Salgado with a pretty composed interview after being picked 1st. Way to comeback from that shocker interview with Ives 😛

  39. Ride or Die says:

    RBNY has added alot of attention to themselves with some pretty well known figures on their roster, lets see if it adds up to championships.

  40. Thorpinski says:

    Is that you Seft Blatter?

  41. b says:

    Whereas your contribution is…?

  42. b says:

    The SBI video interview was the practice he needed to become a slick public speaker!

  43. mike says:

    My contribution was previous listed. Pointing out that the mock draft and supplemental commentary was/is laughable at best. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine, but it’s the case. You’ll notice I didn’t stoop to the level of calling Ives a tool or awarding him -1,000,000,000,000 or whatever that means. But best of luck wasting your time with this nonsense.

  44. wow says:

    You put too much emphasis on how someone plays over a few days over how they play over a college career.

  45. Chris Bates says:

    I have tried to ask this question numerous times on the online chat but it never shows up.

    Anyone talking about Steven beattie forward from NKU division II Player of the year?

  46. Adam says:


  47. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I’ll LISTEN to the argument that Salgado “has the most potential.” I might not agree with you.

    You saying he is the best player in the draft is way off. Lebron was a given All-Star when he came out. It was not debateable. Stardom in soccer is much harder to predict.

  48. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Hahaha nice. I couldn’t believe the first round Houston had.

  49. moosecat says:

    every team in the MLS has hope every day. if you finish 5th-8th in the league you are more than likely going to win the cup. just sayin’.

  50. zaggy says:

    In September at the earliest? He’s not going to play for Vancouver until then. That said, they have a decent developmental academy, in terms of US MNT talent, he’s probably going to do well there.

  51. zaggy says:

    It does, its been confirmed every step along the way. They took a flier on a guy they want to develop

  52. mike says:

    What does your retardation have to do with anything?

  53. Capy says:

    They didn’t even update their picks until many minutes afterward. Unprofessional presentation all around by ESPN and MLS. Twellman was a good player, but sounds like a dufus on camera (even next to Lalas). There have to be better voices for soccer in this country!

  54. Capy says:

    Live broadcasting here would have been better. The Live Blogging didn’t seem to work.

  55. Brent McD says:


  56. Neal says:

    OK, thanks for the correction. My bad.
    Guess I’ve been too busy working to follow this. Time to get back to web surfing on the company dime…