Adu heading to Turkish side Rizespor

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American midfielder Freddy Adu's long and winding path through Europe has taken him to Turkey.

According to Richard Motzkin, his agent, Adu is set to move to Turkish second division club Rizespor on loan. Portuguese club Benfica, which bought Adu from Real Salt Lake in 2007, still owns Adu's contract.

The move to Turkey is the latest in a saga that has seen the former youth national team star and one-time U.S. national team midfielder go from Portugal to France to Greece and now to Turkey after trials in Denmark and Germany failed to produce moves.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed to see Adu going to a Turkish second division club? Wondering when, if ever, he'll make it back to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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105 Responses to Adu heading to Turkish side Rizespor

  1. Matt Mathai says:

    It really doesn’t matter where he goes. He needs to get playing time.

  2. Rob says:

    Ha Thought that was right…. Great team to get some sort of playing time… It is also time for him to learn a bit of humility, and train hard. Good luck Freddy Adu.

  3. alex says:

    this is just getting sad.

  4. Dave says:

    I realize Freddy’s contract must be a burden, but why on Earth is Freddy playing in the Turkish Second Division instead of MLS? Can he not hack it at all in MLS anymore? I find that hard to believe.

    Come home Freddy! You may have to work your way to the top, but it beats chilling in the second division in Turkey while players that were your back-ups with the youth national teams you thrived on playing substantial roles with MLS teams and earning USNT call-ups.

  5. Freddy says:

    I don’t get it. He has the talent. Is it his attitude? What’s it going to take for to find a team and get minutes? It’s a shame his career has turned out to be such a joke. I’m not sure I care anymore where he lands, his ship has sailed.

  6. phil says:

    Could he even be rescued by an MLS club at this point? Or has that ship sailed?

  7. bob says:

    I wonder if he can make it to a league in single European country

  8. dj voter says:

    france? i must have tuned that move out.

  9. Freddy says:

    Somebody better tell him to renew his passport because it’s probably running out of visa spots.

  10. AB says:

    Why are we paying so much attention to a 32-year-old journeyman?

  11. vik says:

    they can give you extra pages for more visa spots.

  12. vik says:

    but, i get that it’s a joke…now

  13. tnnelson says:

    this kid needs to just get with the picture and come to MLS already. he can probably make a decent salary, despite the fact that he will probably expect DP money which will never happen. just admit you failed kid, and come home and try and salvage something out of your career

  14. jig says:

    what makes you think he’d be good enough to make an impact at all in MLS?

  15. jake says:

    Good luck to Freddy. I hope he plays and plays well.

  16. Alex says:

    who’s to say an MLS club would want to pay him. Salary cap in MLS puts spending as a caution. Not sure if he has any “appeal” left in the US for a team to take a risk; at first maybe but in long run?

  17. jacob says:

    I don’t understand it. Is adu really that bad that he can only find PT on a second division turkish team. is he still in the mix for the ’14 world cup. I look at his highlight videos, and I see amazing ball skills and touch that no other U.S. player has. What’s the deal with this kid?

  18. Jose S. says:

    Hopefully this will be a good situation for Freddy.

    The team is 3rd in the league, 2 points from the leaders so they have something to play for.

  19. JFC says:

    he’ll score a goal and everyone will say “why isn’t bob giving him more caps?” Adu watch starts now.

  20. JFC says:

    i think that ship sunk. he will want DP money and no one is gonna give him that.

  21. Brett says:

    I still don’t know what he did wrong at Benfica. He was a spark when he got on the pitch for them.

    At this point I’ve given up on him. Yeah, he is young… but he has failed to stick anywhere he has gone and that is very telling.

  22. DK says:

    I’d love for someone to chime in who has more knowledge….but my sense is that Adu has excellent skill but average pace and quickness, and limited tactical ability and decision making prowess. I read an article last year about what insiders were saying in portugal and greece, and it seemed the consensus was he just wasn’t putting it together from a tactical standpoint. If you’re struggling to make the right decisions with the ball, you’re going to struggle to find playing time. I remember watching him with the U.S. “B Team” during the Gold Cup and feeling like he gave the ball away too much. Can’t do that in the pros.

  23. jig says:

    check the dates on those vids, my friend. there are thousands of stories out there just like Freddys. If youre great as a 15 year old, it by no means guarantees passage to elite status at senior level. dont know why this story is so surprising to people.

  24. psunomi says:

    He’s not.

  25. nick says:

    this is getting really funny.. ives u need to make some sort of game out of this.. “where will freddy end up next?” then we can place bets! i got 20 on that iclandic club that does all the crazy celebrations!

  26. Jeff says:

    Honestly, the truth is that Freddy just isn’t really that good. He has nifty touch, but that’s it. He’s small and slight, so he gets knocked off the ball easily, and his defensive positioning is pretty poor. He also isn’t especially fast.

    This limited skill set leaves him without a real position. With his inability to play defense, he can’t play wing midfield, or any kind of central mid that requires him to get back regularly. While he could maybe play offensive midfield, a lot of teams don’t have central mids that don’t have to play much D, and of the teams that do, they usually already have a good offensive mid because this is where the most talented players often play. He could theoretically play forward, but once again, he’s small (so not good in the air), not notably fast, and while his shots have nice touch, he’s not an especially good finisher. I do think however, that forward might be the position at which he can have the most impact going forward.

    Ultimately, he isn’t that great, and probably wasn’t going to be. His lack of a steady work ethic certainly doesn’t help, either. Didn’t you always have one guy on your youth soccer team that had great ball skills at a young age and seem like he was going to be awesome, only he never got any better or bigger, and never developed any other abilities to go with those ball skills? Or a guy who was a dominant athlete on your YMCA basketball team, but his athletic abilities plateaued at age 14 while everyone else continued to improve (and he kept acting like he was awesome)? Freddy is that guy.

  27. Rainstpub says:


    Same crap, different country. and who says and MLS team would even want that kind of headache. DC United got rid of him for that reason. Again, (I think this may be the 10th time I have said this) I hope for his sake he does well and figures it out.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE all you BB haters, do not mention Adu for USMNT until the guy is playing in a top country again. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. He has many issues… He’s too slow for a player of his size, burdened with a large contract (for a player of his skill,) and needs a attitude adjustment. His 400,000 twitter followers are just enabling him.

  29. Rainstpub says:


    As a coach I could not agree more. Well said!!!

  30. Hutskizzle says:

    im sure Akron will love to get him on a full scholarship this summer when his contract is up

  31. gas huffer says:


  32. MarkVA says:

    bahahaha what a joke. i can’t anyone would still sign him period

  33. bottlcaps says:

    Next stop, GPL (Ghanian Premier League)

    The MLS has a policy of not taking US players back on loan from foreign teams. So unless Benefica want to sell Adu to the MLS, he won’t be playing anytime soon in the US. And the money that Benefica payed for him, they don’t want too see written off just yet.

    Freddy Adu is not a bad player, He is just not a really good one, as was expected of him. But he is better than many of the MLS players currently riding the pine on their respective teams.

    It may be that he is overpriced too. With no real 1st team league experience (besides the MLS) a lot of teams would not take him with his/Benefica’s salary demands.

    I think Freddy Adu is fixable. You can relearn how to pay defense. With the right coaching, you can be better on the ball. The problem is is that most of the teams do not want to start teaching players what they should already know. Freddy is still young, and there is still time for him to have a productive career.

    Personally, I always though he would have done better in the Erdeveise, or even the Belgium League. But Freddy need to relearn some basics, but more importantly get some playing time at any elite level if he is save his career.

  34. Jim Rome says:

    One big question here. This is on everyones mind. Is Freddy Adu mentally ill? Lets look at it people… a perfect chance for a 21 year old to come back to his country and play and instead he wants to sign in a hell hole like Turkey. Even better for our special one, he is signing in the 2nd division.

  35. Ed says:

    Speaking of US castaways, what the hell is going on with Demarcus Beasley? Is he really so out of form that he can’t consistently crack Hannovers 18?

  36. Fred Garvin says:

    This guy needs his own reality TV show.. Too much drama

  37. Peter says:

    Adu Bids His Career Adieu!

  38. Roscoe P Soultrain says:

    Monaco plays in Ligue 1.

  39. MOUF says:

    i think he would get eaten up as he has no speed and cant handle physical play.

  40. Todd says:

    All true, but small players can perform well. See most of FB Barcelona.

    I’m mostly sad for Freddy and hope he can make it somewhere.

  41. MOUF says:

    he has less speed than you likely do and is weak. “Talent” (lets be honest, he has good touch and strikes the ball well, more to “talent” than that) only gets you so far, far enough to be a childstar flop apparently

  42. Andrew says:

    I almost can’t believe this is the same guy who tormented the Spanish back line less than three years ago. When we played that friendly at Spain just before the beginning of qualifying, Freddy was our best player on the night. Even if that great game was an aberration, he at least clearly belonged on the same field as the rest of the players. And now he can’t hack it in the 2.BL and has to go to the Turkish second division?

  43. JoeW says:

    What teams in MLS would Adu be a likely starter? B/c it doesn’t make sense for him to come here if he’s not likely to start.
    –DCU? He’s not better than McCarty or Boskovic at CAM, isn’t better than Pontius or Wolff at withdrawn forward and isn’t a good enough finisher to play in that spot for DCU.
    –Philly? Maybe.
    –Columbus? They ditched Schelotto (a far better player) in part b/c he couldn’t give them 90 minutes of hard work. Adu’s entire career history (even when he was in shape and in-form) was that he drifts in and out of matches: he makes Schelotto look like Schweinsteiger.
    –Vancouver? Maybe as a forward (but then Soehn wasn’t enamored of him)
    –NE? As an attacking mid with Josephs behind him gobbling up balls he could be effective but he’s never been the kind of player Nicols likes: a guy who plays his role and stays within the system and works hard.

    Seriously, that’s about it in terms of MLS teams that he’d be a serious candidate to start for. And don’t suggest him as a left outside mid: MLS is one of the worst leagues in the world for him at that position. Every outside mid in MLS either is a good defender or is someone who at least has a strong workrate. When he played that role with DCU, on the other side of the field was Josh Gros (possessor of one of the best workrates ever in MLS) who compensated for Freddy’s lack of running and no “D”) and twin backstops of Brian Carroll (who covers an amazing amount of turf) and Ben Olsen. Freddy is a bad fit for MLS given how limited his game is. And that doesn’t even address the salary issue (what team would take him on as a DP?).

  44. MOUF says:

    small players that know how to play the game, arent weak, and have pace can perform…

  45. JoeW says:

    No, he doesn’t have the talent. When Adu was in-shape and in-form, he had superb one-on-one skills, great touch, was a good finisher and very unselfish. But his decision-making has always been terrible, his positioning has always been weak, he has always been easy to ride off the ball and has played “soft”. He doesn’t show for the ball, he doesn’t read play well, and he tends to drift in and out of matches (even in his prime). And that doesn’t address the other holes in his game (no defense, poor ball winner, never had a high work rate, poor in the air). He’s a player with very good potential but also very limited.

    Who wants an A-mid who doesn’t show for the ball and makes poor decisions? Who wants a forward who’s weak in the air, easy to ride off the ball and poor at making runs off the ball (and thus hard to get the ball to against a decent defense)?

    1. He needs PT. This is so he can get in-shape and get in-form.
    2. He needs to improve the skills at the only two positions he can play at this point (A-mid and withdrawn forward). What decent team would want him at A-mid? His decision-making, willingness to show for the ball were always bad. What team would want him at forward (when he doesn’t move off the ball well, isn’t strong in the air and easy to dispossess)? He can change those things but it will take more than playing time.
    3. He needs to become more versatile as a player. Right now, he can only play 2 positions (A-mid and withdrawn forward). If he learned to defend a little bit or had a higher work rate, he could be a decent left outside mid. If he got a bit better in the air and much stronger at holding the ball, he could be a decent striker (ala Tyson Nunez) on a counter-attacking team.

  46. MicahK says:

    Yeah, it is very sad how he has faded. We really could use some forwards,but Adu has just faded away. :(

  47. JoeW says:

    Let’s assume that Adu came over at a salary of $150k (which isn’t happening–he’d be DP wages–but forget that for a second).

    Which MLS teams would Adu be likely to start for at withdrawn forward or attacking mid?

  48. Sean says:

    Uh oh, everybody! Watch out!!!


  49. JoeW says:

    But it’s not about size. There are short players who are good in the air.

    Nah, Freddy’s real issues are much more than size:
    –he’s easily ridden off the ball
    –he drifts in and out of matches
    –he makes mediocre runs off the ball
    –his decision-making is poor
    –plus all of the non-offensive factors (doesn’t win balls, doesn’t tackle, doesn’t track back).

    And now he’s not sharp and not in game shape.

  50. Sean says:

    I think we’re all frustrated about this situation – witness my post below. But, this was a nice post, Jake. Good to keep things in perspective. Freddy Adu is a human being and I think the reason we all care so much and post critical things is that…

    … we actually care about him as a player and most want him to succeed. But, we also want to see a mature player, who takes responsibility for himself and his career.

    I’ll second your sentiment and say ‘Good luck. I hope he plays and fares well, too.”

  51. JFC says:

    EA Sports didn’t include the Greek league this year because they didn’t know what rating to give Adu.

  52. Rex says:

    He needs to come to MLS SOOOO BAD. If he would come to MLS now, be a star in 5 years, then make a move back to Europe if he needs to.

  53. I don’t think that this is sad. I feel that it’s a good move as long as he’s playing. Also… as much as he has traveled and not stayed firmly with one club, there’s also something to say about the fact that his spirit hasn’t completely disappeared. There’s a saying about life experiences that goes… if it doesn’t break you, it’ll make you stronger.

    So being an optimist, let’s hope he gets on the pitch, improves his game, regains his inner confidence and returns to the MLS even stronger.

  54. Tony in Quakleand says:

    Little dude is going to be quite the ploygot when he comes back next summer.

  55. john.q says:

    freddy a-who?

  56. Dave says:

    He was good enough to start and make an impact in MLS at 17 and 18 years old. He played well in USNT friendlies in Europe in 2009. There is no way that Freddy has regressed so much in the last year or two that he cannot at least make the bench for an MLS team at this point. My take is that he doesn’t have to be a star right away in MLS. I’m no expert, but I can’t imagine that Freddy is so bad that he couldn’t contribute something to an MLS team (whether in training, off the bench, or a started). I have no clue what Freddy would be willing to work for in terms of $ but there is no way that any reasonable agent would advise Freddy that he could expect DP money in MLS either.

    MLS is a good league, but should we start listing guys who have made MLS rosters who turned out to be absolutely awful who did not have the experience that Freddy has had over the past six years?

  57. Todd says:

    Yep. He could always get a job with Berlitz.

  58. chris says:

    he would be fine here. he just needs strong foundation and a stable team.

  59. LittleRockAnt says:

    I agree. This actually seems to be a good move. I lack a deep knowledge of the Turkish leagues,but hopefully he can get time on the field. This should give him the opportunity to impress and get promoted with the team possibly. I believe they The Turkish Super League teams play in UEFA Cup.

  60. trollbot says:

    I think this club could be the one for young freddy lol. finally gonna settle down after his ramblin ways.

  61. Brian says:

    Any where is better than his couch

  62. Jeremy says:

    the problem is that he is getting paid a lot of $$$ from Jan to July on his Benfica contract. No MLS team is going to pay that, for what they get. In July maybe we see him come back as the article suggests.

  63. Alexandria says:

    This is hilarious to me. This is that whole you can lead a horse to water thing. He should have made a move earlier when his contract is up, he is going to be in for a rude shock when he joins the list of millions of unemployed Americans.

  64. EA says:

    Ives, if you ever wanted to write a book, “The Freddy Adu Story” I’m sure would be fascinating.

    From how he ended up in America, to his MLS career, and the way players and coaches reacted to him. His trials with overseas clubs that never panned out, the eventual sale to Benfica and the clubs he’s been to since.

    He’s owned by a club that has no interest in him, yet has no interest in selling him. The club doesn’t care if he plays or not, or if he develops.

    It really is interesting.

    I probably shouldn’t even post this. I’m giving somebody a good idea.

  65. ahm says:

    look i know that the site has a responsibility to report about American players abroad and to report things that readers care about, i get all that but at some point all adu coverage should cease and only restart when he’s relevant again. every couple of months i feel like the same story repeats itself just with a different club name. to quote mugatu : “I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS”

  66. Jeff Awesome says:

    Maybe Adu is uncomfortable in Europe. Landon Donovan struggled with playing abroad too. I’d like to see him try MLS again where he still has lots of fans, but hope he does well in Turkey.

  67. DK says:

    thanks Joe for the thoughtful analysis. I agree with you.

  68. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I believe his agent, Richard Motzkin, is also Donovan’s agent. How can the agent who has helped manage Donovan to such success, manage Adu’s career into the ground?

    (SBI-Motzkin hasn’t always been Adu’s agent. As far as I know he got on board last spring.)

  69. Byron says:

    Good point, but I can’t see any manager investing money in him, even if it’s reasonably low. I wouldn’t want him.

  70. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Can anyone tell me why Ives has devoted an entire post to the one whose name we dare not utter?

  71. Shmenge says:

    What can Motzkin do?

    He got Freddy signed to Benfica in the first place. Pretty damn good. That’s the victory right there.

    Benfica still owns the contract and still has to get as much money as possible for Adu on a loan.

    If Rizespor gave them 150 bucks for him, then that’s the highest bidder and good luck.

    What’s clear is that there won’t be another Benfica-like payday for Freddy. That’s done.

    Now that Freddy’s been “found out” in Europe, he might as well come back to MLS and play for $150K or whatever.

  72. Khill says:

    Feel bad for the kid. He has always had very good technical ability but the other aspects of his game have not developed consistently enough. Hope he comes home over the summer and finds his form. Nose to the grind stone Freddy, Nose to the grindstone.

  73. Jamie Z. says:


  74. Hood Rich says:

    Why does everybody assume he wasn’t good to go anywhere else but the Turkish 2nd division? Maybe they were the only team that were willing to pay the highest loan fee? Maybe Ingostadt weren’t willing to pay what Aris were, and Rizespor were willing to take the risk in hopes of more $ upon promotion to the Turkish 1st div.

    He’s probably making more than 99% of the readers out there so if you were in his shoes you would do the same thing. Take the money since soccer career has a limited span.

  75. b says:

    Hah, Greece followed by wandering around Europe without a club followed by the Turkish second division… I seem to remember some people were bashing Bob Bradley last year for not calling Adu into the pre-WC camp, where are they now?

  76. JFC says:

    people lets all start a rumor.

    did you hear freddy adu is gonna play for the Cosmos on a pay as you play contract. eh? spread the word

  77. ga-gone says:

    Yeah, he’ll be playing in the Uzbekistan 5th division soon as long as he “GETS PAID!!!!!”

    Come home to MLS and play some f***in soccer Freddy.

  78. polly says:

    Call him up Bob! 😉

  79. Jeremy says:

    It’s not Motzkin’s fault that one client has talent and the other is over hyped and bouncing from club to club. Who knows, maybe next fall Freddy can get a tryout with Hollywood United.

  80. Huricano says:

    Good luck Freddy! Turkey is a really good league, despite the fact that its not really on the radar here.

  81. CrispyST3 says:

    cuuuuz its HIS site and he can do watever the hell he wants to do with it. Create your own if u dnt want Adu postings on it then don’t put any on yours, simple as that

  82. nicole says:


    Landon is really, really good and his head on straight. He has always taken direction from others well and is very coachable.

    Freddy, not so much.

    I wouldn’t be blaming the agent here.

  83. Jao says:

    I love players like Adu, Preston Zimmerman, Lee Nguyen, etc who refuse to accept the fact that they won’t “make” it abroad and don’t just go back home and get back to basics. Just swallow your pride.

  84. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Thanks for the reply, Ives. I always hope for the best for Adu. It’s just so hard to comprehend this “european adventure”.

  85. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Good points all around guys, thanks. To Ives’ point, if Motzkin came on recently, you can’t blame him so much. But I still believe ANY agent has a role to play.

  86. guwinster says:

    Rizespor is a solid team that was in the Super League (D1) for most of the last decade. They are more of a defensive/solid organization style team and don’t have a lot of attacking flair which is probably why they want Adu.

    The top eight teams in the league (including Rizespor) are roughly equal at this point and there are no clear favorites for promotion at this point.

  87. Bruce says:


  88. b says:

    In two more years we will be getting updates on how Adu for his softball team Eric Byrnes.

    (that will make sense to baseball fans)

  89. b says:

    Turkey is a decent league, it’s true, but notice this says “second division”.

  90. Hush says:

    The same old Adu hate on this Those of you who keep ranting over Adu, do yourself a favor, don’t post and makes this a 100 page discussion,.. it just proves you DO CARE.:)

    I’m sorry for all you Adu haters, but to this day, I will still take Adu over half of the bums we have been taking to the bench recently. I find it funny when folks argue that he completely sucks, yet every game I watched him play in Europe, he was better than just ok. Pure fact. The only time he didn’t do so well, was in Bele… and that was do to playing time. So where are the facts about how much he sucks?

    Someone said he sucked at the Gold cup and in Greece, yet he scored in the little time he was there. I would like to see what none sucky Adu is capable of then.

    Good move for Adu. The important thing is to get playing time. MLS should be the next move.

  91. ThaDeuce says:

    hmmm, he is an american abroad who is transferring. Even Mike Grella would get this article, so shut up your face. Don’t read if you want to claim bull snuff, it ain’t ives, its you.

  92. Nick says:

    I got to agree with Matt. Stop with the Adu coverage.

    I didn’t think he was a good player when at United, but given his age I thought he might develop. He hasn’t. He is one of those players that peaked at 17 and that was it, done, end of story. Its only his name that continues to get him these ridiculous tryouts with low level Euro team.

    I also question why anyone would really think he would have any impact in MLS. The League has moved on. SBI needs to also. Enough already with Freddy.

  93. DC Josh says:

    At this point, I am not sure how much leverage Adu has against Benfica on his destination. But I hope the best for him. He was our most promising young player 4 years ago and now he is nearly washed up. I’m not giving up on him, not until he is almost 30. However, he really needs to improve. If he doesn’t make it here, it’s certainly time to come home.

  94. Warren says:

    Ok I can’t help myself from posting on a Freddy thread we should all be embarrassed – I know I am.

    If Freddy finds his inner fear of end of the Benfica contract and helps Rizespor get promoted, good for him.

    But reality is yeah Freddy is a Turkish 2nd division-quality player, not in contention for USMNT.

    And re MLS, Freddy is paid better in Turkey than he would be in MLS, so of course he stays overseas.

  95. Hood Rich says:

    If you were guaranteed 700-800k Euros (1+ M USD) for the next two years (remaining duration on Benfica contract), would you turn it down so you could earn 100-200k? How long would it take the average nimrod to make 1+ M USD ??? 10 – 15 years?

    How’s that for common sense folks? You are targeting Adu because he did not meet your expectations of a US Soccer savior? What about Landycakes? Landycakes is playing MLS ball because he’s doing whats best for his interests, not yours. Same applies to Freddy; he’s doing whats best for him.

    So economically, if you were in his shoes, you would not make the same decision?

  96. jeff says:

    Hood Rich is right… we wont be posting about Freddy’s missed mortgage payments in 20 years…because he’ll likely not have any.

    I imagine he’s tasted the flavor of humble pie, but it hasn’t kept him from making the best financial decisions for his future.

  97. joboo says:

    I don’t know. With all that money he’s made he probably has a really nice couch.

  98. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Okay Birthers…

  99. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I laugh at most of you who have only had a passing interest in Freddy and never kept up and spout how much he sucks etc… The fact is Freddy does not suck, he is a pretty decent player, the issue has been and always will be 2 things… The amount of money he earns from Benefica on a weekly basis and his attitude towards training and being responsible… He was plenty good enough to see playing time with Aris this year but he fell out with Cuper (who is now gone) by being late all the time and being unprofessional… Also anyone that things that Rizespor is a poor team knows very little about European football… They were in the Turkish first division for 25+ years until 2007-2008 and currently sit 3rd in their league and eager to earn promotion to the same league Michael Bradley was so close to joining…

    Yet through all this… Jozy Altidore continues to rot on the Villareal bench and little to no impact in his loan stints as well… At least Freddy scored some goals and created some goals last Spring…

  100. tbkh says:

    I’m tired of this cocky bastard. I don’t want him in MLS.

  101. carone says:

    There is a second division in Turkey?!! Where? In empty parking lots???

  102. Dennis says:


    Also, I don’t know anything about any of the guys in question, but I can’t help wondering about drugs or alcohol being a problem. Two of the HS aged players on my youth teams developed serious drinking problems and they were only 17. They even turned up at practice pretty much well into the evening’s binge. One spent 6 weeks in a treatment facility and missed his senior year soccer season.

    I was clueless! It is hard to know even if you are there!

  103. Goalscorer24 says:

    Hope he gets playing time, that is key!

  104. serenseven says:

    the players are looking out for their business interests. why should anyone accept below-market pay for their work? MLS offers pennies to young talent and treats those why try to return from Europe with hostility. why bother ever coming back?