Bradley’s club situation in limbo

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After being a regular starter for Borussia Moenchengldbach for the better part of two and a half seasons, U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley days with the relegation-threatened German club appear numbered.

Bradley has come off the bench in Moenchengladbach's past two matches, with rumors swirling about clubs interested in his services. Now his club's manager has come forward with details on the club's plans, which involve selling Bradley if their price for him ($6.8 million) is matched.

Turkish club Galatasaray and Italian club Palermo have been reported as potential destinations, while Sunderland, a club I first reported as being interested in him last week, has moved on and is set to sign Ghanaian midfielder Sully Muntari.

Moenchengladbach has taken a major step toward life after Bradley by signing German midfielder Michael Fink on loan from Beskitas on Thursday. Now it would seem that it's only a matter of time before Bradley is sold.

Where will Bradley wind up?

The Galatasaray link is an old one from the summer so it's unclear how strong the interest in Bradley still is right now. Palermo is one of several Italian clubs that have expressed interest in Bradley through the years so a move to Serie A shouldn't be considered a surprise. Bradley has expressed his respect for Serie A in the past, and Italy and England are likely his preferred destinations.

Bradley may have to stay put if a sale or loan can't be worked out, but if he does stay with Moenchengladbach he could find himself on the bench for the rest of the season. Either way, if Bradley is still with the team come the summer, he would definitely be sold in the summer, with just one year remaining on his contract.

Where would you like to see Bradley move? Hoping he still ends up in England? Like the idea of a move to Serie A?

Share your thoughts below.

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107 Responses to Bradley’s club situation in limbo

  1. Erich says:

    Go to England!

  2. Erich says:

    Though I want him to head to England mostly because it would be easier to watch/follow him.

  3. England will be perfect! But I prefer Palermo over that Turkish club

  4. rambo says:

    Pastore and Bradley would be a good combo

  5. Brian says:

    I can’t really see Bradley in a pink jersey but a US player in Serie A would be a good thing!

  6. rambo says:

    I have watched 2-3 games of Palermo on a mix of streams/espn3.

  7. dena says:

    Palermo would be sweet if he can’t go to England, pink shirts, playing with the likes of Pastore, Illicic, would be a great move.

  8. Joe says:

    England is…where its at…I got two turn tables and a microphone…where its at…I got two turn tables and a microphone.

  9. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am totally shocked that teams with aging central midfield tandems in the Prem are not willing to pay under 4.5 million GBP for a young box to box midfielder who has his best years in front of him…t

  10. Brad says:

    I have always maintained that Bradley should come back and play with the Rapids.

  11. g-loff says:

    Thanks Beck

  12. Idaho Brian says:

    I think Palermo would be a nice step up from M’gladbach. His style of play would best fit England, but Serie A would be good…

  13. Murphy says:

    Hope he goes to Italy before Turkey

  14. Bill says:

    I think his positional knowledge would improve going to Italy. So, from a skill perspective, this would be his best move (let’s be honest, who ever wants to pay him out of that contract – that’s his best choice!)

    England tends to by-pass midfield and he’ll perfect his running more then his game-sense. (outside of a few teams – liverpool, tottenham, arsenal, man u..maybe man city/chelsea – those have italian coaches. All of that’s aiming a bit high, perhaps) (i.e. england is a goalie/fwd league – not a defensive midfielder’s league)

  15. Ne-Dub says:

    I am also surprised that there is not interest in him from other upper-tier German clubs…..

  16. Louis Z says:

    Bill, excellent point. I agree with you, MB needs to improve his court awareness and passing technique…”Parla Italiano?”

  17. Josh D says:

    Agreed: Italy is too finesse of a league for Bradley who is more a of a physical midfielder. England is the only other league I can see him excelling in.

    Can’t comment on the Turkish league.

  18. inkedAG says:

    Totally appreciate the 90’s reference.

  19. Tom says:

    He’s a bit of a tough sell. He doesn’t have top size, speed or skills. His game is all about work rate, grit, and smarts. He’ find of an intangibles guy on a bad team. If he was at least on a good team, he could be sold as a guy who does all the little things necessary to win, but now he has to be sold as the guy whondoes all the little things necessary to not lose as much. Gladbach was a team unanimously picked to be relegated last year and mb deserves a lot of credit for them staying up, but how many foreign teams will see that? No interest elsewhere in the bundesliga?

  20. Isaac says:

    What Bill said is totally right – Bradley is still pretty young and has time to add an other element to his game while improving what he’s good at. This is just my view, but I think a lot of Italian teams tend to be more patient with their build up play, requiring good positional-sense on defense and an ability to read the game and distribute on offense.

    That being said, Bradley going to the EPL wouldn’t be bad either.

  21. JD says:

    Finesse? Gattusso anyone? j/k

  22. Joker says:

    For Michael, Palermo could be the great choice and the next step to a top club! Anyway, Italy or England (Fulham?)!

    A palermitano soccer fan.. ^_^

  23. Stephen says:

    I am a fan of AS Roma and watch Serie A often. I think it would be a disaster for Bradley frankly. Young players have a lot of trouble getting into the first team and it seems like they are locked out of the first team if they ever have a bad stretch of games. Its tough enough for young Italians…but a young foreigner – I don’t like it at all.

    England is where its at for Bradley.

  24. bizzy says:

    Bradley’s skill set doesn’t fit Italy…especially Palermo and the serie A. When something or someone is not a fit it’s dropped or is on the bench till needed.

    He needs to come to the EPL by all means necessary. No turkey, no italy, no spain..

  25. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    And I will maintain that is not a good idea

  26. CJ Brown says:

    Bradley is a deeply dedicated, astute player with a big engine. He even knows when to pop up in the box to score from time to time. In that role as midfield fulcrum, does he sometimes lose possession? Of course. Can he dribble like Landon and pass like Xavi and Iniesta? No, not nearly as well. But he and the much maligned Rico Clark are among the few players who have shown the grit and athleticism to help shut down down the Spanish machine in recent years.

    Ives, I do not understand why you say he would stay on the bench if he stays the rest of the season at BMG. Isn’t he only being benched largely to avoid injury that would scupper a transfer deal? Or is he in the doghouse?

    I would like to see him in Serie A only because it has been so long since a Yanks was in that league. Palermo is a savage place compared to Holland and Germany, a different Europe entirely! But the fans are nuts and they will appreciate his passion and commitment.

  27. Annelid Gustator says:

    Turkey is a top ten (in Europe) league. Galatasary *always* gets in Europa league, at least. It wouldn’t be a *terrible* move at all… it also wouldn’t be a *good* move.

  28. Nick says:

    Why not send him to Spain? His passing would improve tremendously.

  29. KEEP says:

    I don’t know pal…6’2 plus aint tiny and the skills are there.

  30. Micah King says:

    Why do you have to make him sound like a slave ? When will Bradley be sold ? I think he should go to England.

  31. Micah King says:

    Why does he have to sound like a slave ? When will Bradley be sold ? I think he should go to England.

  32. Omar Little says:

    Because he probably wouldn’t play in Spain. Let’s hope some mid-table EPL teams were paying attention during the world cup and see the value in this kid.

  33. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He’s a tough sell because he’s American. I bet if he was British he would be sold by now.

  34. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Why the stars?

  35. zenabi says:

    I know Everton is broke but they just cashed in on Pienaar and MB seems a perfect fit for their manager and system. Not to mention Fulhamerica…

  36. CPinMN says:

    Because that’s the way many of the transfers occur. A technically correct statement would be “When will Bradley’s contract be sold?” However its common to shorten it to just the player’s name.

  37. Micah King says:

    Sorry for posting twice.

  38. DC Josh says:

    I want our best Americans on European Cup-performing clubs. Bradley is one of our best, so I’d prefer to see him get some UEFA competition under his belt. We need our players in as many intense and pressure-filled games as possible if we want to break into the top 10 soccer nations in the world. Currently, Palermo is only 3 points out of a Champions League qualifying spot, but the league is very tight. If he moves to England, either Tottenham, City, United, Arsenal, or Chelsea will get in the Champions League. I don’t see him breaking through any of those teams, so a move to Sunderland (out) or Liverpool (can’t see it) would allow him UEFA exposure. Although the English style of play suits him, I would rather see him at Palermo to help that team push for Champions League or Europa League. Top competition is what our guys need, not a middle-table club.

  39. Brett says:

    Why are people saying Serie A is a bad fit? Bradley is a box-to-box midfielder who can tackle and finish. He may have an acclimation period in Italy, and he may not be good enough to be a creator there, but he can certainly thrive in that league in a different role. Anyone remember his Heerenveen goal record? 16 in the league and 20 in all competitions…and that’s for a Center Mid. And before anyone wants to comment about the level of competition…Eredivisie is no pushover league. That’s a phenomenal goal record in MLS, let alone a good European league. I would like a move to Italy for him. I don’t want too many of our internationals playing in the same country.

  40. Ben says:

    First of all, speed has to be the most overrated quality for athletes in any sport. It is true that it can be unsettling, but only when combined with skill. Adams for Blackpool is having some great years, and hardly has any speed of foot. Skill and speed of thought are much more important, and I think Bradley possesses those qualities. I’m not claiming Bradley is Xavi, but he is a pretty good passer and a very good tackler, which is a skill. Anyhow, I’d love to see him go to Palermo, despite not being the biggest fan of Serie A, as they have some excellent players.

  41. BSU SC says:

    Italy is a perfect destination for him. And I’d love to see him at any team in the Serie A.

    …now I know this sounds crazy, but if a deal can not be worked out with another European team then is it at all possible that NYRB could sign him on a loan deal? With him in the central midfield along with Marquez in the back and Henry up top they would be very formidable.

  42. Ben says:

    as an everton fan i’d love to see MB come to Goodison park. he would be an upgradefrom fellani who has been inconsistent this season. Im not sure they need him with rodwell and fellani still there and playing the holding midfield role. he could be inserted into thelineup and arterta could be moved to the outside left to replace peinar.

  43. jon says:

    Just a thought…..does his Dad’s (Bob Bradley) thoughts affect his choice as to where he goes or if he stays. Ives: If so, is this more as a father or as his coach? Must be very difficult for BB to balance both roles.

  44. Ben says:

    Yeah, apparently Gattuso, having similar qualities to Bradley, hasn’t played in Seria A or anything. I like the Palermo idea, assuming its more than wind and rumour.

  45. Paul says:

    I worry about Serie A and the possibility of getting stuck on the bench. Unless you’re a superstar, it can be tough for a foreigner to prove himself in Italy. The Onyewu example probably isn’t fair, but I think the issue is still there.

  46. Ben says:

    That is crazy, but as a Red Bull fan, I love it. Not to happen, of course, but you have me daydreaming now.

  47. Annelid Gustator says:

    Oh, I do that because this commenting software doesn’t seem to allow tags for emphasis and I prefer not to use all caps.

    Silly, I suppose, but I hear the difference in my head…

  48. Jamie Z. says:

    I would kill to see this kid in a Villa shirt. I think we could use his presence in the center of the park, with Stilyan Petrov the only reliable performer (when he’s fit) since Milner and Barry have gone, but with that Houllier punk running things, I can scarcely imagine it.

  49. Jack says:

    Agreed. Being exceptionally quick would be more important for a forward or even a winger, but not necessarily Bradley’s position (not saying he can be slow…which he isn’t, so that’s not a problem). Moreover, he has stamina, which is important. You can be the fastest player on the field, but if you can’t make it through 90+, you’re not much of a use to anyone, aside from being a sub. Plus, having seen him in real life, the guy is huge–very physically intimidating–which is another plus for someone who is essentially there to break up the other team’s plays.

    Also, managers know the game. They know the situation that BMG is in, they know how Bradley plays for both club and NT. I think that they can see that Bradley deserves a lot of the credit for keeping his team up last year.

    Serie A plays with a bit more finesse than the EPL, but perhaps that would be good for a player who has the determination and guts, but needs a bit of polishing (conversely, it could go the other way–not adapting to the style of play, falling by the wayside). Out of these two teams, I’d rather see him at Palermo. However, I’d really just like to see him go to the EPL. It seems like the style there would suit him better.

  50. LNG says:

    +1, this is my primary concern about the Palermo idea

    He’d seem to get more of an opportunity to play in the EPL, but if the interest isn’t there, Palermo makes sense.

  51. Ben says:

    I think if you’re an American anywhere in Europe there will be a fair amount of grumbling from the locals. The Wu went to AC Milan, which is a bit different than Palermo.

  52. Jack says:

    Because that’s just how transfers in soccer work…

  53. Jack says:

    That would be amazing. Seriously. Bradley in the claret and blue would just be awesome.

    But yeah, with Houllier there, just not happening. He hasn’t exactly proven himself to be a good talent spotter, and I think, to some extent, a manager needs to be able to look at Bradley and see the grit and determination, but also see what could happen with a bit of polishing. Houllier isn’t going to do that.

    But man, that would be great if it happened.

  54. kimo says:

    As a Gunner fan, I’d love to see Bradley in an Arsenal strip. Bradley in / Denilson out. MB would be the perfect complement to the Cesc-Wilshire-Song trio in the middle. He could play the Song role if Alex needs a breather or if the Gunners want to adopt a more defensive posture he could step in for Wilshire. Granted, he would not replace any starter but he’d likely see some quality minutes and give the Gunners some much needed toughness and fitness off the bench.

    Wenger has always rates MB on the high side and during the World Cup applauded his work rate.

    BTW…I realize this is a pipe dream!!!!

  55. kevin says:

    He is a good fit in the league he is in. Would be a good replacement for van Bommel on my Bayern team. Unfortunately management doesn’t respect American players. Like the guy said earlier, the only reason he hasn’t moved yet is because he is an American.

  56. kev says:

    Sooo true plus he’d be “worth” easily 12million dollars

  57. Fireball says:

    Tactical finesse maybe, but Italy is a defensive league full of hardmen. To Gattuso, add Matterazzi, Chiellini, Criscito and dozens others. I prefer England, but think MB90 would be great in Italy.

  58. kev says:

    I don’t get it. He was the best player for BMG all season and suddenly they get reports that a few clubs want him and they bench him for a few games and now they might be pissed that he also wants to leave for fear of relegation.

    I’m hoping Palermo buys him. If not stay strong and fight to continue starting for BMG and leave come May

  59. Brad says:

    Doesn’t Besikas (sp?) usually make it to europa and champion leagues?

  60. FAT RONALDO says:




  61. usa says:

    Dude it’s MB90 the guy has the biggest drive out of anyone. He is a freaking workhorse who never gives up. He will earn a starting spot easily no matter which of these clubs he goes to.

  62. Alex says:

    its not like anyone gets to handpick where he goes. he goes where there’s interest in him, bottom line. most players (if you not messi or ronaldo) don’t “shop” leagues and take their pick of which league will improve them the most; they go where there is interest in them, and from those options, pick the best fit. and not that you did this, but it also drives me nuts when people say “send American A to the team with American B so their chemistry improves!” that’s just not how it works. club managers certainly don’t have that in mind, national team managers don’t have that kind of sway (at least most don’t – maybe mourinho would), and, again, players don’t get to handpick what team they want to join.

  63. Jiffy Jeff says:

    Workhorse prem teams that occasion finish in the top 6, and consistenly top 10, would be the best. I’ve been waiting for him to move the prem for the last few years and am excited by the prospect. Everton, Bolton, Villa, Sunderland would all be great for him

  64. Dinho says:

    okay, bob. at least try to cover up your screenname. “usa” isn’t very original.

  65. Josh D says:

    But Gattusso is in the Keane/Viera mold – our Bradley is not a hardman like that.

    I’d put him in the Fletcher mold – runs around a lot and puts in a good work rate but you wouldn’t build a successful team around him.

  66. Dinho says:

    i’m sorry. In my opinion, there is NO way that MB is an upgrade from Fellaini, I don’t care how inconsistent he has been.

  67. RK says:

    Yeah, Milan has just a bit more depth than a Palermo. -12 to LNG.

  68. A Chicago Fire Fan says:

    Alright, I am going to get flamed intensely for this, but so be it.

    Michael Bradley is not good enough to play on a top team. To the comment above about Bradley being a good replacement for van Bommel on Bayern Munich, come on now.

    It has nothing to do with American players being respected. MB could not hold van Bommel’s jockstrap in terms of futbol IQ or skill.

    I see a lot comments acknowledging, slightly, that Michael Bradley is not the best player in possession. In fact, he’s poor in possession. And that is 1/2 of the center midfielder’s job.

    There are no Rudy stories in professional football, “grit” and “hard work” only get you so far.

  69. sandtrout says:

    If he’s a slave, Liverpool would be the right destination.
    link to

  70. montana matt says:

    Italy finesse? The same country that invented catenaccio?

  71. Jack says:

    I agree that Bradley isn’t ready for a top flight club. If he went to a club like Bayern or a top Serie A/Liga/EPL team, there’s a good chance that he would have a nice view from the bench for awhile.

    I would not, however, go so far as to say that he is downright poor in possession (conversely, I wouldn’t say that he’s good at it either). It’s certainly not the better part of his game, but he’s also been improving at it over the past few years, which is promising.

    Now, as for grit and hard work only getting you so far. Every report and article I’ve ever read about Bradley has commented on the fact that the guy is an absolute workhorse not just during games, but in practice as well. You gain skill by working hard–plain and simple. Maybe he doesn’t have the skills now, but he’s still very young and having a good work ethic is something that’s pretty invaluable. I think that the rate at which he’s been improving over the past few years attests to that.

  72. Ed says:

    Yeah Bradley is crap. Being the best player on a Bundesliga side means nothing. Scoring in the World cup, confed cup, and several times vs. Mexico is irrelevant. 16 goals in 57 appearances as an 18 year old for a major Dutch side? Not impressed? You people who rag on Bradley are unbelieveable. He’s BY MILES the 3rd best player on the USMNT behind LD and Duece, period.

  73. JCC says:

    Who would Bradley be replacing on Palermo if he were to go? They already have a lot of midfielders, and I think Pastore extended his contract with them and Bradley sure as hell isn’t getting playing time over Pastore, who has been spectacular for them this season. Nocerino is also pretty established in the midfield for them. Maybe Liverani?

  74. away goals says:

    Is this really a problem anymore? If it ever was…

    Holden played immediately at bolton. Landon played three days after arriving at everton. Jones started his first game with rovers, buddle did the same for ingstoldt.

  75. jlm says:

    “England tends to bypass the midfield”

    ..what is this, the 90’s?

  76. Dancy says:

    He is also behind Howard, Dolo, and Holden at present. Would possible be behind a few other players if they had been given equal national team chance or the coach played a style that was to their strengths.

  77. RockSteady says:

    Personally, I’ve always thought Blackpool would be a good fit for Bradley. Or a team on the rise, like QPR.

  78. Ed says:

    I disagree. Wouldn’t compare him to howard, that seems an unfair comparison. and while Dolo and Holden are in great form at the moment, i would argue that Bradley is a better overall player. Holden may be a more ‘glamorous’ guy to like since he’s playing well and with the added exposure of playing in the EPL. but theres a reason MB played every game, and scored, in the WC (and its not nepotism, ok?)

    Question: Which american-born player holds the all-time record for most goals scored in a season for a top-flight european club?

    Answer: Michael Bradley

  79. Fire Fan says:

    People like you are impossible to deal with.

    Did I ever say Bradley was crap? No. Don’t put words in my mouth because you cannot handle the fact that he is not as great as you want to believe.

    You can throw out a million statistics. Guess what, Conor Casey scored the two goals that put us into the World Cup. He still isn’t worth a thing outside of the MLS.

    Michael Bradley is behind Dempsey, Holden, Jones, Donovan, Howard, Dolo, Boca, Hannehman, Friedel, Altidore. Personally I would put him below Edu as well.

  80. b says:

    I think there’s more of a bias against American soccer players in Latin / southern European countries. Yes Americans usually tend to get their fair chance in England these days, but culturally we’re very similar so that’s not surprising.

  81. Fire Fan says:

    He would fail miserably in their possession offense.

  82. b says:

    Second best, no worse than third or fourth best even if you’re a hater, but yeah point taken, it is rather odd.

  83. Chewp says:

    Huge usa fan but this dude is 110% right

  84. Ed says:

    You didn’t back up why you think those other players are ahead of Bradley. Also my statistic was relevant since it lays out a specific body of work over one season in a top euro league, the Casey comment doesn’t fit anywhere. I think you and others rate Holden, edu, etc ahead of Bradley because he’s not as glamorous and has less exposure than others. The fact is that Bradley has been by FAR the more reliable player for a few years now. You say, “Michael Bradley isnt ready for a top flight club” depending on how you define a top flight club, that is an outrageous statement

  85. bottlcaps says:

    David Moyes has expressed a big interest in MB. I think he would be a good fit for the club. I do not believe, however, that Everton has the funds to meet BM price of 6m US. Although MB has the age (23) a creds for a yranfer price above 4 million US,

  86. Fire Fan says:

    It has nothing to do with being more glamorous.

    Holden is a better player. He is a better passer, better tackler, and a better support player.

  87. CDniner says:

    you lost all credibility when you put him behind Boca and Josy.

    Why don’t people understamd just how good Bradly is? It is mind boggling

  88. Fire Fan says:

    Let me clue you in to a piece of life.

    If you think you know something that so many other people don’t, chances are you are wrong.

    Face it, if Bradley was as good as people on this board would have you believe, a number of clubs would be trying to sign him.

    Right now, the second biggest signing rumor is from 6 months ago.

  89. MicahK says:

    I know, lol. 😀

  90. Zach says:

    I TOO would love to see Bradley go to Arsenal…since I am an Arsenal fan and all.

    But you’re right, it’s a pipe dream. Wenger loves his 4-3-3 too much; he only deviates from it when he has to because of injury or major player rotation in a cup game. So Bradley would fill in for Song or Wilshere (which would allow Cesc to move up a little more forward because Song and Bradley together could hold down the defensive duties IMO), but Wenger wouldn’t adopt a 4-2-2 system or some variation to get Bradley and Song and Cesc all in there at once.

    I also agree with you that I’d loveeee to see Denilson sold. I don’t think he adds anything to the squad except lack of hustle when tracking back defensively. IF Bradley was sold to Arsenal, he most definitely could hack it there and push for a starting role, but it’s not going to happen.

  91. Fire Fan says:

    The USMNT homerism has hit an all time high.

    Bradley over Wilshere? Are you out of your mind?

  92. bigcatasroma says:

    Italy would be perfect. He could team up with Pastore in Palermo. He would function as a Felipe Melo, Daniele De Rossi type, for all of those saying that Serie A is too finesse – these two, plus Rino and others are the opposite of finesse, but they have on-the-ball skills and drive forward, which is exactly what Bradley does. And if Di Benedetto buys AS Roma, maybe down the line he can head there and team up with De Rossi in the middle of the park. But anyway, Palermo in February is a *lot* better than Wear-side in February . . .

  93. JB says:

    no one said he is crap. this kind of vitriolic attacking of people who don’t share the ‘ives’ perspective really drags this site down

  94. Special1 says:

    Shut up Fire Fan.

  95. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Eh, maybe 67% right, I’d estimate. Fellaini really hasn’t been the same since his injury.

  96. robert daniels says:

    You mean an American getting playing time in Italy would be a good thing

  97. robert daniels says:

    If he was a brit he wouldn’t be playing in Germany

  98. Gacm32 says:

    In a certain situation, not as a player. Please READ before you make a condescending comment like that.

  99. Gacm32 says:

    Oh my God, Fire Fan we get it!! You don’t like Michael Bradley’s game, you don’t have to keep commenting on it. Once is plenty thank you.

  100. grant says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind is that if he’s all that …. an automatic starter for the Nats for years… why would his club let him go?

  101. Kol says:

    I dont care where Bradley goes as long as he has a great coach and isn’t in a situation like Benny.

    He’s still very young by American player standards in my opinion. LD and Dempsey have both gotten exceptionally better over the years…

    Bradley still looks raw to me in some areas and he honestly needs good coaching and a good league. Thats obvious to say I know but look at it like this. Take MB from 2 years ago, how much better is he today in terms of where you expected him to be? In my opinion he hasn’t improved a lot over the last few years. He’s still maturing his game. If you’ve seen him play, he has that extra gear, The problem is, he only goes into that extra gear when he’s forced to…
    He needs a good coach period. Maybe im wrong because I dont really follow him as I do with Dempsey and Holden, but he has a LOT of athletic talent for his size…I didnt realize he was 6’2, i thought he was 5’10, he needs more positional awareness on the field

  102. Kol says:

    I used the google translate on the article and it says that he and his coach had a falling out lately.

    Says that they paid 2.5million pounds for him in 2008 and are only being offered 3 right now from a couple clubs and that the number they are looking for is 5million which they were hoping Sunderland would pay because of their Darren Bent deal.

    You have to think that Dempsey,LD,Holden all make Bradley very appealing in terms of being able to “hack it” in the EPL though.

  103. Yevgeniy says:

    Just read that Spartak Moscow is interested and inquired. Why shouldn’t they? They normally pay a lot more for lesser players. Source (in Russian): link to

  104. Kol says:

    Graeme Bailey:

    US star Michael Bradley again linked with Sunderland in Germany after Borussia Monchengladbach sign Michael Fink.

    that was released like 5mins ago on the sky transfer live update thing, same thing ives uses for his questions.

    stuff is all rumors but it def shows that Bradley is being shopped now and news should be coming very soon

  105. JD says:

    Off to Galatasaray S.K. per rumors this morning…