Buddle set to sign with FC Ingolstadt

  Edson Buddle (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIPhotos.com 

U.S. World Cup striker Edson Buddle has been in Europe for most of the winter, in search of a big payday after finishing out his MLS contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He has found that payday, and it has taken him to Germany.

Buddle is set to sign with German second division side FC Ingolstadt, sources told SBI on Saturday evening. Buddle was en route to Germany to finalize the contract with a club currently battling relegation in Bundesliga 2.

This development puts pressure on the Los Angeles Galaxy, who must now sign a striker after losing Buddle and trading away young forward Tristan Bowen. The Galaxy has the rights to Juan Pablo Angel, but the club's latest offer to sign Angel was turned down. With Buddle departing, there will be even more pressure on the Galaxy to make a deal with the Colombian goal scorer.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed to see Buddle moving to Bundesliga 2? Hoping the Galaxy can land Angel?

Share your thoughts below.

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92 Responses to Buddle set to sign with FC Ingolstadt

  1. maka says:

    MLS salaries must suck if they can’t compete with a team at the bottom of 2.Bundesliga, soon to be 3 Liga.

  2. Geoff says:

    I guess he’s getting paid more but I don’t see how this is much of a step up for Buddle if not an actual step down. Ingolstadt is newly promoted to 2. Bundesliga and is in 17th and the relegation zone.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m happy for him that he’s found a payday given it’s likely his last chance. But it’s hard to be happy that he’s signing for Ingolstadt. Bundesliga 2 is hard to accept alone, but a relegation-threatened Bundesliga 2 side is really hard to accept. I would be much happier if it were a Bundesliga 2 side that stood to be promoted, not relegated. But hopefully he scores alot of goals and secures a better club in the summer.

  4. Thorpinski says:

    Thought Buddle would be good enough to land in a 1st division in the EPL or Bundesliga.

  5. Dave says:

    It’s a shame that is all he could manage. Bottom tier Premier League or Bundesliga team seems to be where he should’ve landed.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda though I’m glad he’s getting paid and has a chance to make his mark in Europe.

  6. jamesey says:

    I actually saw a match in Inglostadt last month as I joined some travelling 1860 Munich supporters for a day.

    link to jamesdemastus.com

    It’s sad that a helpless second division side in Bundesliga 2 can outbid MLS for the best forward in the league. The city itself has nothing to offer, the team averages less than 10,000 fans per match, and the team’s management according to the fans is in shambles. They are owned by Audi who pumps in some money, but soccer wise, it’s a sad place.

    MLS needs to focus it’s efforts on developing, keeping, and importing talent. Players like Buddle shouldn’t be choosing bottom feeding lower division sides over MLS.

  7. Daniel says:

    I actually think it would have been a better idea for Buddle to stay in the MLS, getting service from Donovan and Beckham is definitely a step up than any 2nd division Budesliga club. I know he may just be doing this to get out of the US but Im not sure its the best idea.

  8. John says:

    He must be desperate to try his hand in Europe and looks at this team as his only shot at the moment. I doubt he will be making much more than he would make with the Galaxy, it at all. If he performs well there he will be picked up by another team. I would imagine that he will have an out in his contract that he can leave the club if they are relegated at the end of the season.

  9. mgrich says:

    Let’s him go get his money for a couple of years in Germany. I’m sure he’ll find his way back to the US before he’s called it a career.

  10. footyna says:

    Wish he could’ve gone to Rangers. Might have been the best move for him, considering Kenny Miller is leaving.

  11. honest says:

    …Meh. Really, this is just disappointing.

  12. Glaing says:

    Whats this say for Freddy Adu? Isn’t he on trial with this same team?

  13. BSU SC says:

    Wasn’t FC Ingolstadt the club interested in Freddy Adu?

  14. afc says:

    He wouldn’t have gotten a work permit for England.

  15. Wicked_1 says:

    This is good for Buddle, but bad for my LA Galaxy. I wish Buddle would have landed in England, Championship or something, if not the EPL. I hope he will play regularly. The bonehead move the Galaxy made, in trading Tristan to Chivas, for money we don’t need, looks even worse now. This leaves our forward pickings to Magee, Kirovski, and Jordan,if we don’t sign JPA. Only good news is we have plenty of money and salary space to use. We need to find a young, good striker, like Freddy Montero. I don’t know how good our scouting is, though.

  16. Madaoua05 says:

    This is quite a damning statement for the MLS. Buddle would rather try his hand in Europe with a mediocre team in a 2nd rate division? Not good.

    Its not a good sign that the Galaxy is willing to pay good money for a over-the-hill player like Angel rather than keep a legitimate star on the team. A 29 year old who can score goals at a fantastic rate versus a player who’s production has declined each year? This isn’t a hard choice.

    Moreover, you can’t argue that this is just Buddle’s interest in proving his worth in Europe because the 2nd tier of the Bundesliga isn’t a great league.

    This is basically an indictment of the inability of the MLS to pay players.

  17. Lorenzo says:

    Adu had .01% chance before this and now 0% chance.

    Los Angeles should sign Adu now.

  18. Lorenzo says:

    Estupindola or whatever the kid at the combine is. Or try to get Charlie Davies.

  19. Wicked_1 says:

    You have to remember Buddle is 30, he’s no spring chicken, he’s payed his dues to MLS. If he can get more money, and the possibility of getting picked up by a better team, then more power to him. The low Salary cap is what is holding MLS back. We don’t need to do away with it, but it needs to be raised, to like 5 million, for right now.

  20. KCB says:

    Ohhh-kayyy Edson. Say Hi to Freddy for us.

  21. jig says:

    Love how no one has any idea what he’s going to be paid, yet people are still judging this move as a negative one.

    The guy clearly got a better offer, and at 29, I’m sure he could give a s**t less what league he’s playing in.

    Who cares?

  22. Wicked_1 says:

    The Galaxy did want to keep Buddle, but he was out of contract and wants to take his last chance in Europe, can’t blame him. He was the highest paid player, behind Becks and Lando. But I agree, we need to get some young players, too many old bones.

  23. alf says:

    This is essentially a paid half season long audition for Buddle in real game environments to try to attract a better suitor. Since playing in MLS has obviously not done that for him, it is time to try something new, to shake things up if you will. If he does well, someone will grab him. This is less an indication of money differences between MLS and Europe, and more about how US talent continues to have a hard time overcoming perceptions and breaking into that market …

  24. Warren says:

    Ingolstadt is bringing him in to save them from relegation, I assume – and yeah that’s worth something.

    If folks want to know the reality of how poorly MLS pays non-DP players is widely known – just google it.

    So yes truth is 2nd Bundesliga division teams pay better than LOTS of MLSers earnings.

    But yeah for Buddle if he scores in bunches and keeps Ingolstadt from going down a tier, higher-level teams will pick him up, and THEN he’d earn some real $.

  25. Warren says:

    Lorenzo, I assume last line was a joke…

  26. Timber Dan says:

    I don’t think so alf. This has to do with two things: $$$ and work permits. He doesn’t have an issue with either in Germany. That’s why he’s there, but no one else in Germany wants him/knows about him. That’s why he’s there. Ingolstadt must get out of the drop zone and they need a goal scorer to do it. Buddle is proven, and on a free. A free transfer means they have more money to offer him on his contract.

    I think this had everything to do with $$$ (and the fact that there is no need for a work permit).

  27. PetedeLA says:

    He is probably getting paid a bit more, but I have to think a player like Buddle must be curious to get a taste of what European soccer is all about.

    Of course, Ingolstadt is the boonies, but they will play against big clubs like Bochum, 1860 Munich, and Hertha Berlin.

    Also, he probably realizes that if he is able to somehow score at least 8 goals by the end of the season (not impossible), he will certainly (unless he has a really crappy contract) be picked up by a bigger and better club.

  28. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Maybe he will be the first Yank striker to succeed in Germany since Eric Wyanlda. Speaking of which, Wynalda started in the 2.BL. There is nothing wrong at all with the 2.BL. Quality football, and still better than MLS…PERIOD.

    Best of luck Edson! Go forth and do great things and make us Yanks proud!

  29. Wicked_1 says:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about the work permit issue in England. Damn you, Bob Bradley for paying Findley so much! He sure got his England move. Yeah, that probably is the reason Buddle will not be in England, couldn’t get a work permit.

  30. Chris says:

    What about Findley?

  31. Chris says:

    He’s 29.

  32. Chris says:

    Yeah, and they have the same agent.

  33. jonny r says:

    MLS doesnt pay! end of story

  34. Chris says:

    I think I would pee myself with excitement if Davies played with the Galaxy, at least for now, to get his career back on track.

  35. evan moores says:

    He will do well in Europe and get picked up by another European team making him the big bux. Thats why he is going. Salary cap in MLS is awful. Its about time he is playing in europe even if its only a league 2 team. He will have more opportunities there

  36. duder says:

    It makes sense given the prejudice that Europe has against American players. The upper division clubs must want to see him prove himself in a Euro league before signing him. Whatever, their loss. If Billy Beane were over there he would see the market inefficiency and exploit it.

  37. afc says:

    Findley can get one easily. He played in 10/14 (71%) games in 2010 plus he can argue he played in the World Cup if he needs to. He should win on on an appeal if he isn’t granted one automatically. He’s pretty close to 75% already so I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets one automatically.

  38. ripsaa says:

    blame MLS….Garber take off the training wheels, double or triple the salary cap

  39. StevenG says:

    Better than MLS? How so?

  40. azrjr says:

    How much is he making?

    I’m sure MLS wouldn’t have offered him more than $300,000.

    I would guess had he signed for Birmingham he could be pulling like $1 million a year easily. Now average teams in the Bundesliga, maybe $800,000. I doubt this club would be paying him more than half a million bucks. But I have read they offered him a big payday and a chance to start.

  41. StevenG says:

    Lol, do you really think Garber has that kind of power? He answers to the owners at the end of the day

  42. Brian Decker says:

    Ain’t buying it. Not until it’s confirmed by the Galaxy club or ESPN—and at 10am neither is saying anything about it. This would be a step down for him.

  43. Jack says:

    They do. I remember that Stu Holden was making $35,000 at the Dynamo before Bolton signed him. MLS needs to start paying up or promising players like Buddle are just going to keep on crossing the Atlantic, even if it’s for a second tier squad.

  44. BSU SC says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know if there was a connection or if it was just one hell of a coincidence.

  45. Holden was making much more than $35k when Bolton signed him.

  46. jamesey says:

    Yeah, I totally understand Buddle’s motivation’s for leaving. No one can blame him for that. Just wish MLS could compete with Bundesliga 2

  47. JoeW says:

    It’s actually a reasonably smart move by Buddle. As a few posts have indicated, it’s basically a half-season tryout for Buddle. Forget who he’s playing for: this guarantees that he’ll get PT (unless he stinks in which case he’ll be back to MLS in August). No, he plays a half a season with these guys and if he shows anything at all, commands a much bigger pay day with a Bundesliga club. For a guy soon to be 30, this is probably his last chance for a big pay day in Europe.

    As for Adu, I don’t know what this means for him. Buddle comes on a free and is only half a season. They may conclude Adu is excess to requirements. I’d think Freddy would still have a shot–they’re two different players with different roles.

    This puts a HUGE priority on the LAG now signing Angel. People got confused with the re-entry draft figuring you draft a player, you get him when all you really get are his rights. It’s actually quite likely that half of the guys chosen in the re-entry draft don’t sign with the clubs they were picked by but go elsewhere overseas. I’m sure LAG will add another forward or two but a proven finisher in MLS…that’s Angel and with Buddle leaving that frees up cap room.

  48. MicahK says:

    Buddle deserves better then this club.

  49. gstommylee says:

    LA can’t sign Adu. They are #15 in the allocation order and would have to trade up to get the top allocation spot.

  50. BlueWhiteLion says:

    PetedeLA, my thoughts exactly. In some ways, I would say–while a bit risky–its a good move: he will likely get playing time rather than riding pine, he gets to taste Euro soccer, and he has the chance either to move up with the team, or get noticed by a better team–far more likely there.

    Viel Gl├╝ck, Edson!

  51. jonk says:

    Holden was on the MLS minimum which was in the 30 or 40 range. However, it was reported that MLS offered him something much much higher (just below DP) and he passed to go to the EPL.

  52. Leon Knights car radio says:

    The reason he didn’t come to Sheffield Wednesday is because they let the North Stand, and Kop people sit in the South Stand. Very understandable in my opinion.

    It’s all about standards.

  53. Jack says:

    According to the info released by MLS in September 2009, Holden was making $35,000. When they were trying to keep him after the end of his contract, they offered to raise it.

  54. BlueWhiteLion says:

    it’s all part of a plan, Micah. :)

  55. Smits says:

    man that’s a serious blow for MLS, can’t hang with the bottom of Bundesliga 2 OUCH!

  56. zenabi says:

    why is this such a global mls v b2 issue? get over it. a 29 year old, who has lived in the us his entire life, gets to go to a new country and have a new adventure. plus he missed the whole study abroad thing. look $$$ matter (how else to attract talent to some of the dour towns i.e. blackburn) but for most in mls or b2 it’s just not a life-changing amount. not to mention the taxes paid by expats, which are quite punitive. quit over-analyzing the thing and give the guy credit for taking a leap. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  57. Warren says:

    It’s not a cigar, it’s a USMNT striker/one of top MLS goalkeepers landing at bottom of Bundesliga 2.

    Which as Der Amerikanisher Kaiser notes, is comparable to…MLS.

  58. Steven says:

    Ingolstadtamerica just doesn’t have the same ring as Fulhamerica.

  59. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    are you saying that there are 14 MLS teams interested in signing Adu?
    I can’t imagine that would be the case…

  60. Free says:

    hew was making about 185k

  61. Ward says:

    Overcoming perceptions??? Eurosnobbery at its finest

  62. The Dude says:

    Absolutely disgusted with Buddle. He’s getting paid to play in a league that is much inferior to MLS. We’re losing one of our best strikers to a team that’s about to be relegated to the 3rd div. Stop selling yourselves short, Americans! It just goes to show that MLSers think that Europe is one undifferentiated mass, in which all leagues are made the same. There’s absolutely NOTHING impressive about playing in the 2nd or 3rd division overseas. Leaving for EPL is one thing, but any second division in Europe is inferior to MLS. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Plus, most of these Americans who go to these lower divisions either end up getting lost, or end up right back in MLS. I’m looking at you, Cooper.

  63. SD says:

    in terms of level of play i’m disappointed but he will get playing time since they need scorers now…in terms of salary there could be some incentives that he is being offered in addition to the base salary and with the strength of euro vs $, he could be making lots more…..what this means for freddy, i think no chance cuz the club obviously is in no position to invest in a ‘prospect’, which is how they probably view freddy….

  64. Tony in Quakeland says:

    At the risk of sounding incredibly obvious, anyone think maybe he just wanted to play in Europe before the end of his career?

    Maybe, just maybe, money had less to do with than acheiving a personal goal? I know it is crazy, but maybe this doesn’t need to be read as a statement about anything other than whatEdson Buddle wants to do?

    I knw…crazy talk.

  65. dhawk says:

    Smartest comment on the entire page. Thank you.

  66. dhawk says:

    Go back and read it again. He said it’s a higher level than MLS. And it is!

  67. Paul says:

    With Buddle gone, Beckham on the way out, and Angel unsigned, Bruce Arena’s master plan is in a bit of a mess, eh?

  68. John says:

    I’m pretty sure that Wynalda’s first season in Germany was in the Bundesliga (although is team was relegated after the season – Saarbruken).

  69. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    What are you smoking? I think you need a urinalysis test?

  70. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Wynalda was transferred to fellow Second Division club VfL Bochum at the end of the season for $850,000….that was in the early 90s.

  71. Tony W says:

    What will be really sad is if the MLS top ‘der bomber’ doesn’t hit net at Ingolstadt. Now that would be depressing. Seems here many people think Buddle will step on the pitch and the goals will spill forth. D2 in Germany is still a very high level of play, and quicker than the MLS. If he does well, he’ll get some looks from better teams, but nothing is guaranteed least of all how he will perform….

  72. Sandra says:

    bet LA regrets trading away bowen!
    haha it sucks for them

  73. Jack says:

    You’re assuming a lot here. The standard of play in the second tier in Germany isn’t exactly Bayern Munich, but it’s still a decent league. Moreover, they tend to pay significantly more than MLS. The guy has been playing soccer his entire life–I’m pretty sure that he (and his agent) know that different leagues are at different levels in Europe. I’m thinking that he’s planning on using this as a springboard to other leagues in Europe, but that’s just a guess. If rumors are true, he isn’t going for the EPL because he wouldn’t be able to get a work permit in England.

    I agree that this is a shame that such a good player is arguably taking a step down in league status, but I think that this says more about MLS than it does about Buddle. If they want to be taken seriously as a league, they need to start compensating their players accordingly.

  74. Tim says:

    Holden had gotten that contract when he didn’t merit anything more and then never renegotiated so he could go to Europe on a free.

  75. Tim says:

    I think people are forgetting that Buddle probably has ambitions to play in Europe and understand that this is probably is last shot. People are factoring money into the equation a little too much. Yes, if MLS salary cap wasn’t what it is the Galaxy probably would’ve been able to offer him enough money to stay, but there are plenty of pluses for MLS’s financial restrictions as well.

  76. Yevgeniy says:

    The news about Buddle absolutely disgusts me as an MLS fan and RBNY is my team. No matter what anyone says, he is moving from one of elite teams in MLS to bottom of 2nd division in Germany. I actually doubt that performing well for that team will be more meaningful to bigger teams that 17 goals for the Galaxy.

    On a separate note, does anyone have any idea how much LA offered to JPA before he declined? It’s an interestin thought that they are probably offering him a multiple of what they were willing to pay Buddle who is 6 years younger and already had a much better season last year.

  77. CSD says:

    Amaechi Igwe plays for them already so it probably made him comfortable going to a team with a fellow Yank.

  78. gstommylee says:

    Doesn’t matter if there are 14 teams that want adu or not. They can’t sign adu or any USMNT player until they are at top of the allocation order. Meaning they wait until they get there or they trade for it.

  79. inkedAG says:

    I think Birmingham City would have been a sexier move for Buddle. I’m no fan of his but I’d say he’s better than 2nd division German Bundesliga.

  80. John says:

    Again, his first season with Saerbruken was in the Bundesliga. They were relegated to the second division the next season. After that he was transferred to Bochum for the $850,000 you mentioned. Read the Wikipedia link again to confirm this (since I believe you got your info from that, but just misread it.

  81. wakeup says:

    buddle isnt that great. if he wants to try europe then great for him. but he isnt a big lost to MLS. the same siutation applies to findley.

  82. Buddle says:

    He had a lot of interest in the UK (BPL, SPL and Championship), but he couldn’t qualify for a work permit in the United Kingdom.

  83. h says:

    MLS has a lot of rules that leave me scratching my head

  84. strider says:

    According to this site: link to lagalaxy.theoffside.com

    Buddle was making $179,500 with the Galaxy. I would be curious to know if he was making significantly more for FC Ingolstadt, but doubt that is the issue here. My guess is he just wants a shot at Europe and is using FCI as a starting point hoping to prove himself and move to a better team, e.g. THE Bundesliga. Good luck to him.

  85. strider says:

    While Buddle did not burn things up for the USMNT, I’m not sure he really got a good chance. For MLS he was 2nd highest scorer this past year and top scorer for the top regular season team. Those ARE pretty decent credentials. I mean, I wish the Fire had someone who scored 17 goals last year!So, saying he “isn’t that great” is pretty bogus. No, he’s not the next Messi, but he is a pretty solid forward and MLS could do with more like him.

  86. Brian says:

    Sexiness doesn’t help you get a UK work permit

  87. Felix says:

    I’m disappointed he’s signing with a second division German side in the middle of the relegation fight.
    Hopefully he plays though.

  88. Brian says:

    You act as if Garber controls everything. At the end of the day, Garber answers to the owners

  89. Brian says:

    UK work permit issues

  90. Brian says:

    As a Galaxy fan I’m really bummed about this. It’s only January and I feel like our season has already gone to sh*t. Buddle is good as gone, Bruce traded Bowen away and JPA hasn’t signed yet. Hello Jovan Kirovski! And Beckham has shown once again that really doesn’t want to be here and I’m sure Donovan probably regrets not going to Everton because now he has play with this mess of a team and I’m sure he realizes that it’s all on him now.

    I’m not going to fault Edson for getting his money though. The guy has been a MLS lifer and he deserves to get a pay day. Hopefully he scores a bunch of goals for Ingolstadt in the 2nd half of the season and gets picked up by a bigger and better club. I hope he plays well enough to keep himself in consideration for the Gold Cup.

  91. And Buddle makes the front page of Kicker magazine.

  92. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says: