Edu helps Rangers reach League Cup final with splendid strike

Maurice Edu 9 (Reuters)

Maurice Edu closed out January with arguably his best outing since recovering from a knee injury, playing 90 minutes and scoring a beautiful goal as Rangers reached the Co-operative Insurance Cup final.

Edu opened the scoring in Rangers' 2-1 victory over Motherwell in the Scottish League Cup semifinal by blasting a left-footed shot from distance in the 20th minute. The goal was Edu's third this season across all competitions and second this month. The U.S. national team midfielder's 90-minute performance in the victory was his first since November.

The win sets up an Old Firm final as Rangers will play Celtic on March 20.

Here's the goal:


What did you think of Edu's goal? Expecting Rangers to win the Co-operative Insurance Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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71 Responses to Edu helps Rangers reach League Cup final with splendid strike

  1. Matt says:

    WOW! What a strike!

  2. radi0head says:

    fantastic strike! good to see him doing well

  3. ronniet says:

    Edu is showing me more and more that he deserves a shot at a starting spot in the US’ midfield! He’s having arguably just as good a season as any of his other compatriots who ply their trade in midfield and in europe non the less! Just think if he hadn’t got injured…..oh my!

  4. Zach says:

    Yet, some people still want Edu at CB for USMNT, even after many examples of how good he is going forward!! He should definitely be in the midfield, not playing CB which isn’t even a position he’s comfortable (or very good) in!

    He and Jones should be the holding mids with Landon, Holden, and Dempsey playing in front of Edu and Jones, and Altidore the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1

  5. Dan says:

    Is it just me, or out of all of our central midfielders, Mo scores the most, and especially from longer range?

  6. ko'd says:

    Bradley scores quite a bit. Not from long range, but every player has their own strengths.

    BTW, I think Edu has matured a lot over the last year or so. He is really becoming a soccer player.

  7. Thorpinski says:

    Is that the right footage. BS has a goal posted where he scored offa throw in. Also with his left foot.

  8. Tom G says:

    Sublime strike. To be fair, Zach. The talk about Mo at CB derives more from the dearth of quality CBs rather than any perceived deficit on Mo’s part. It’s a tough call. MB, Bradley, and Jones are all excellent, box to box CMs. It’s also Holden’s best position as well.

  9. Miguel says:

    So many good center-mids now… I’m not even sure Claudio Reyna at his peak would be guaranteed a spot in our national team.

  10. Villain-from-Texas says:

    With his left foot, no less. Wow. Top-class strike.

  11. Chewp says:

    Bradley hasn’t scored “quite a bit” in a long while and he NEVER has scored in the fashion Maurice Edu has since coming back from injury, I swear some people that come on here are actually MB posting for himself. Edu Holden deserve to start with Jermaine and thats it.

  12. fontana califas represent!!!! Hometown hero doing very well out there for gers.

  13. Thorpinski says:

    Not going to happen. Mikey is not in your line up. I could see Edu in front of Jones and Bradley, but that would leave Holden out. Hell if he’s so good with his left foot try him at LB.

  14. Zach says:

    Haha woops, you’re right. My brain isn’t firing on all cylinders this morning. Forgot about Lil’ Mike!

    It really is a tough call with 6 excellent midfielders all trying to earn 2-3 spots. I can see why people would want to move Mo to CB for this reason, but just because a player is good at one position, doesn’t mean he;ll be good at another. I don’t think Mo is an international-level CB

  15. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I think that qualifies as a “Holy Crap!” goal.

    Note to Edu: Must move to better league. Thanks

  16. ko'd says:

    First, as to your tone, give it a rest. Second, the facts don’t lie:

    Michael Bradley: 2010/2011: 5 goals (international and club)
    2009/2010: 4 goals
    2008/2009: 9 goals
    2007/2008: 17 goals

    Maurice Edu: 2010/2011: 3 goals
    2009/2010: 2 goals
    2008/2009: 4 goals
    2007/2008: 4 goals

    “Some people on here” actually use facts to support their positions. You might argue the Edu has been injured and he scores more per game, but my comment was that (in the context of U.S. central midfielders) Bradley scores quite a bit.

    And I didn’t say that Bradley had “scored in the same manner” and I don’t even know what that means. But if you are talking long range, here is just one off the top of my head (U.S. v. Mexico, second goal at 6:20)

    link to

    I won’t argue about Bradley’s effectiveness compared to Edu and Jones–that’s a conversation we could all have. But your conclusions are just that–conclusions (without support).

  17. GW says:

    ” I don’t think Mo is an international-level CB”

    It’s not as if you are asking a wide receiver to play quarterback. Mo is not an idiot. He has everything he needs to be an international level CB. How will you ever know unless you try him out there?

    International football is short tournament football which means versatility is vital.

  18. GW says:

    It’s just you.

    Besides this was Motherwell, a crap team. I doubt Man U or Chelsea would have left him untouched so near the box.

  19. Jonathan says:

    I don’t think MB should have a gauranteed spot… In whatever type of lineup in the middle we have, in my opinion only jones has a spot gauranteed. Bob needs to start evaluating Holden, Edu, and Bradley with a clean slate, if we are going to truly get our best out there. This is what makes it hard when your the dad, when the aformentioned players are really that close how can you evaluate them impartially?

  20. Thorpinski says:

    never mind they changed it

  21. GW says:

    NEVER is pretty strong. I don’t know about MB but Rico Clark scored a similar goal against T&T.

  22. GW says:

    Did you ever see Reyna playing at his peak? He would start.

  23. Thorpinski says:

    What makes it worse is when he tries to work all of them in the line up together. If Holden, Edu, Jones or Bradley need to sit then they need to sit.

  24. Judging Amy says:


    Reyna is an American hero.

  25. Chewp says:

    Edu has been in and out of injury for the last few years so your stats mean nothing. Just look at the quality, bradley usually scores empty net and edu strikes from range (like a GOOD cent mid does). Listen Michael DVR yourself and watch how uncomfortable you look on the ball, then watch Edu. That difference you see is called class. No tone, just facts.

  26. Judging Amy says:

    Maybe the competition is closer right now. But in the past (WC and qualifying) I think Mikey’s lock start in midfield was pretty justified.

    In the WC, at least, starting Rico was a way less defensible move by BB.

  27. RedLine55 says:

    Sounds like Ives will make another appearance on on Super Sunday+ on FSC again today, talking about the transfer window. Not sure if it’s video or not, but they said they’d be talking to him on the air.

  28. ko'd says:

    Read my post again. I already noted your argument that Edu may score more goals per game. And, as I said, that was not part of my first point.

    You still haven’t set out any facts. Zero.

    The idea that Michael Bradley isn’t comfortable on the ball is ridiculous. You don’t play for Heerenveen, BM, and soon-to-be Aston Villa and not be comfortable on the ball.

    And as to the goals, most people don’t care about how a goal is scored if it is scored. Ask Jozy.

    Finally, “striking from range” is a desirable quality from a central midfielder, but it is not the be-all-end-all. But let’s assume that it is…how many goals has Jermaine Jones (your other central midfielder) scored from long range?

  29. Standard_Deviance says:

    If you want to play all six of these mids, why not leave out Altidore? Something like:




    ———–Back Four———–

    I’m not a huge fan of playing Holden on the wing, would be intrigued by this line-up.

  30. b says:

    According to some people around here, the problem with our other midfielders is the competition they face on a weekly basis isn’t crappy enough!

  31. b says:

    Chewp just got owned by the numbers.

  32. joel says:

    great goal!

  33. alf says:

    Not bad for a center back … (Sigh)

  34. Chris says:


  35. kackac says:

    We have also seen Jones used out wide- perhaps Edu and Bradley could be the holding two with Holden in front and Jones on the right?

  36. Chewp says:

    Judging from your posts i will assume you dont watch them play because either you are reading their commentary or you might just be plain blind. Edu> Bradley on his worst day and I think the majority of US fans disagree with your Bradley love. Good day!

  37. Chewp says:

    ^Ko posting as “b”

  38. B1879 says:

    Too bad no one saw it in person.

  39. Standard_Deviance says:

    I haven’t seen Jones play enough to know for sure, but from what I’ve heard of him it doesn’t seem like a natural position for him. He’s also left-footed, iirc, and I don’t know if Bradley would want to play two inverted wingers.

    Really, though, I’d imagine you can shuffle these six around in a number of different ways. My main point is that if they’re all in-form for the Gold Cup, and if you can find a line-up that maximizes everyone’s strengths, maybe you can leave Altidore out of the starting XI and play Dempsey or Donovan up top. (And I like Altidore).

  40. Brit says:

    Ives, has there ever been a more exciting time for Americans playing in Europe? I can’t help but feel that in the last 6 months guys are breaking out like they never have before

  41. papa l says:

    Yeah, aha after the world cup yanks abroad are kicking butt!!

  42. GW says:

    Whether he is a hero or not, at his peak he was still better than anyone playing for the US today. He excelled as an attacking midfielder, a holding midfielder, and a right back.

    People should think about that when they get all wacked out because BB is trying to see how versatile Edu can be.

  43. Chewp says:

    Altidore to Bursaspor?

  44. GW says:

    He’s left footed. Or, if he is very two footed and has been doing that sort of thing since his Maryland days.

  45. Ben says:

    Chewp, congratulations on making a fool of yourself. As b said, you got owned.

  46. Jack says:

    Is it possible to have a conversation about the USMNT CMs that does NOT include some allusion to nepotism? Michael Bradley deserved the playing time that he had in the WC.

    Also, Jones has played a grand total of two games with the NT. He has really great skills, but he also has to be able to mesh well with the team’s playing style, so if you’re going to be scrutinizing everyone’s abilities, I wouldn’t say that his spot is guaranteed at all.

  47. Jack says:

    Edu has had an awesome season and that’s a beautiful goal, but it’s worth noting that he plays in the Scottish Premier League. The level of competition in the league just isn’t as high.

  48. Pete says:

    I don’t think anyone got owned here but I do agree with Chewp. Edu has been superior to Bradley since coming back from injury.

  49. Warren says:

    Ok, except this positioning better suits their skillsets imho:

    ———–Back Four———–

    I’ve been lobbying dad to try son as a CB, to no avail : ) Still, this is my lineup assuming a 4-2-2:

    —Dempsey–Bunbury or Agudelo or Altidore—

    Ream or Gonzalez aren’t quite ready for primetime and this way the max number of 1st team caliber USMNT players have a spot that suits their strengths…in my always humble opinion : )

  50. jonf says:

    couple of points:

    1. at current form, both edu and bradly need to play defensive mid with each of them taking turns streaking up middle

    2. never really thought stuart holden was as good as he is (always thought he was the best central mid) but from watching boltin, he has to be US mens central mid and the team most be organized through him

    3. US mens should start using that brazilian aspect of anyone making runs from any position and switching positions to save legs for instance with spectors ability to play center mid he could start at left back then for a strech swith center left mid and push edu from right def mid to right center mid and have stuart holden slide behind center mids and then in front as an attaching mid

  51. Paul says:

    What’s with the MB haters? The kid plays in the Bundesliga and before that Holland, scoring bags of goals, and yet the nepotism idiots never change their minds. If hid dad was a postman Bradley would start for the USMT. It really is a very strange obsession, impervious to all empirical evidence.

  52. Warren says:

    Reyna, Dempsey, Donovan are pretty close imho, but yeah no question Reyna would start.

  53. DC Josh says:

    Is he left footed?

    I love how people immediately throw Edu into the starting lineup for the national team after scoring one 30 yard goal.

  54. Paul says:

    Um, 30,000 Scots and the odd tourist?

  55. Rob says:

    The problem isn’t if he did well in the world cup, it’s that he never seems to be taken out when he is playing horribly. The US is very fortunate to have the “problem” of too many good DMF’s. I would just like to see a Jones Edu tandem, but I don’t think it will happen.

  56. Rob says:

    He has been great on Gers all year, including Champions league.

  57. GW says:

    All three are great but Reyna did a couple of things the others did not:

    He won league championships in Europe

    (2 with Rangers when they were a very good team and teh SPL wasn’t as bad as it is now)

    He captained Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga (he was only 24)

    He was was named to the 2002 FIFA World Cup all star team ( though I think Freidel should have been there as well)

    The other two, while invaluable, are not central players. The US needs someone who can take charge from the middle of the field. Jones would be my pick.

  58. GW says:

    The highlight showed a pretty empty stadium.

    Attendance was given at 23,432 (probably optimistic)

    And my guess would be not all of them were Scottish.

  59. GW says:

    They mostly really hate BB and see the nepotism issue as a vulnerable point which they can attack.

    I find it amusing that the biggest negative is MB’s omnipresence, as if always being ready, willing and able to play were a bad thing.

  60. Danny says:

    Great Goal. But all those throw Edu in and leave Bradley out people, remember, Maurice is on the best team in his league and Bradley is on the worst team in his league. I expect Bradley to be much better now that he is on a quality team. In the summer, I think it will be clear who should start. Again, Great Goal

  61. lolo says:

    He has deserved it since his days at TFC. Rico Clarck??

  62. Ben says:

    How long has he been back? MB has been our best and most consistent center mid since at least the confed cup. Wherever he goes, he becomes an automatic first choice. People get far to dazzled by the occasional brilliant strike, Feilhaber anyhow?, and miss the strong play of MB. He got plaudits at the Cup, scored an important goal, starts at BMG, and continues to improve, but people just hate on him.

  63. Judging Amy says:

    Reyna’s vision was also exceptional. Just a very, very smart soccer player.

    His 2002 WC game against Mexico was a masterpiece.

  64. chewp says:

    Edu regularly scores highlight reel goals go check out youtube. Bradley is hated on because there are better midfielders on the national team which dont get a fair shake for obvious reasons.

  65. chewp says:

    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    all within the past few months. Is this occasional or just you dont follow Edu?

  66. Rob says:

    Edu’s been top shelf ever since he was playing a couple age groups up on his youth club team (Cal Heat). Same Alta Loma based club Landon played for as a youngster (different age groups). The IE has plenty of reprensentation on the nats. Bocanegra’s another (Alta Loma high), and I’m sure there are more

  67. Rob says:

    Last I checked the Villians werent exactly in top four form these days. But here’s to hoping Bradley is able to give them that edge they need to start winning some games.

    As for the argument between Bradley or Mo, imo, those two proved during the WC they are our best options in the center. With Jones and Holden now playing their way into the conversation, we have plenty of depth in the center and I’m not too worried which 2 or 3 we start.

    Now we just need more quality elsewhere on the field to fill in the ?s up top and in the back!

  68. chris says:

    go the EPL or Bundesliga

  69. chris says:

    go to the EPL or Bundesliga

  70. Jim says:

    Donovan is from Redlands

  71. Alan says:


    Great goal vs. Poland but what did he do at the WCup? the only 2 things he did was head the ball for Bradley’s goal and completely miss an open net goal opportunity… Let’s find another striker yea?