Everton 1, Chelsea 1: The Highlights

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4 Responses to Everton 1, Chelsea 1: The Highlights

  1. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    watched the game and gotta say everton blew this one. no finishers on that team and tim needs to make that save in a big game.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Tim had no chance on that goal… He’s got to play near post, not even taking into a account that he’s being screened by two of his own guys… I’m not the biggest Howard fan after the Ghana game, but this time that was pure skill and poor defending

  3. Matt says:


    Two off topic questions, but I needed to get these thoughts out before I forgot to ask.

    1.) How is Agbossmounde’s trial going? Has he been signed to a deal yet?

    2.) Excuse my French, but sh*t is hitting the fan in Egypt. Any word on if the Feb. 9th friendly will get canceled or postponed?

    Thanks and props to you and the staff as always on a wonderful job.

  4. Münster says:

    Rather off topic but being in Germany, I can view this video but not the Manch-Southampton match.