Former ‘El Tri’ striker Kikin Fonseca eyes MLS move

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The list of foreign players expressing interest in signing with Major League Soccer is growing by the way, and now you can add another familiar name to the list.

Former Mexican international Francisco "Kikin" Fonseca is seeking an MLS contract, sources close to Fonseca told SBI on Tuesday.

The 31-year old forward/midfielder made 43 appearances with the Mexican national team, but his star faded after an inconsistent three-year stint with Tigres.

Fonseca is currently a free agent, with a lawsuit filed against Tigres for unpaid wages blocking him from signing with Mexican clubs. Fonseca had a deal with Mexican club Atlante held up by his lawsuit.

Fonseca is prepared to play in MLS and isn't seeking Designated Player money, but the question now is whether a team will take a chance on a striker who hasn't really been a major impact player since leaving Cruz Azul for Europe five years ago.

What do you think of Fonseca? Would you want your team to sign him? Think he could help an MLS team?

Share your thoughts below.

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49 Responses to Former ‘El Tri’ striker Kikin Fonseca eyes MLS move

  1. fenel says:

    Chivas USA anyone? I think he can still play; he just needs a fresh start. With fame among the mexican fans, he would bring a few people to the HDC.

  2. deron says:

    Rapids have discussed him in the past, suggesting talks occurred. As a non-DP they might consider it.

  3. bryan says:

    i’m sure he could help out DCU. no DP money, might be worth a shot.

  4. Chicago - Scott says:

    We seem to give Mexicans ago here in Chicago… wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. CSD says:

    Chivas USA needs to get him with some of that new Corona money.

  6. sandtrout says:

    I always admired/feared him when he played for Mexico.

  7. Saulo says:

    The list of interested foreign “players” is growing hahahahaha. Can we call these guys players any more????? Oh Ives, you are an eternal optimist. Sounds like you are trying to oversell MLS. Good for you bud!!!

  8. maka says:

    eh… 31 and doesn’t want DP money…

    when I read the headline, I was ready to go “NOT A RETIREMENT LEAGUE”

    but hey, he is realistic

  9. therick says:

    Saulo the Magnificent Not Funny One: If you are truly interested in MLS..wonderful..if you are just here to espouse inferiority language…move on.

  10. Colin says:

    Since he can’t play in Mexico due to the lawsuit, I think he’s realized that it’s better to play in the MLS, close to home, than not at all.

  11. luis.. says:

    the galaxy needs another forward to partner with JPA

  12. frontrow says:

    MLS:The country for old men

  13. Saulo says:

    Of course I’m interested in MLS!!! That doesn’t mean I can’t critique the league, or what I perceive as the faults associated with the current setup. I am a realist, and understand that OUR league is still a developmental league, unable to compete with some of it’s American (the continent :) ) counterparts. That, will surely change in the near future but for now…realist. Thus, I will NOT move on.

  14. Stephen says:

    he’d fit in well with the Dynamo. Mexican-american market, need more forwards than we have. As long as he doesn’t get fat like Landen! (stay away from panda express is what we’ve learned

  15. fromage says:

    I don’t have a problem with age. It’s the commitment and willingness to work that I value.

  16. Clayton says:


  17. Rob says:

    Kid is a troll, just ignore him.

  18. Seeing Red says:

    Like Tim Ream and Juan Agudelo. Right.

  19. Shmenge says:

    He hasn’t been an effective striker for a few years now.

    He’s not too old–he’s just not good enough anymore. Even for MLS.

    He never had speed or size to begin with, but was a decent poacher.

    When his quick first step and anticipation in the box got slower, that was it–all done.

  20. Idaho Brian says:

    If he truly is in the market for non-DP money, I think he would be a great addition to MLS. I could see him as a great fit in Houston, Chivas USA, or Chicago. Additionally, Vancouver and Toronto are in desperate need of a forward or two.

  21. Edwin says:

    Anybody looking to sign a player from Mexico should read up on the article that ESPNDeportes had with Mariano Trujillo, he gave an excellent detailed explanation as to why is it that Mexican players don’t do well in MLS most of the time.

    He talked about some harsh but real factors about how players from Mexico don’t get used to living in the US and how things like the language alone is something that some find too much of a con? He also said that in MLS training the intensity with which teams practice is pretty much equal to game efforts and how in Mexico they are much more laid back.

    Could Kikin score and work in MLS? Maybe, at least he doesn’t want DP money but he does take an international spot, I guess a trial would be prudent. He hasn’t done much with Tigres for 3 years?

  22. JJ says:

    Speaking of Mexico, I can’t wait for copa libertadores starts this week. What it is, Ives?

  23. Juan from L.A. says:

    MLS needs to move out of the perception that its a retirement league and this is a guy who gives fire to that flame. I read yesterday that Ze Roberto and Roberto Carlos might be coming. Come on MLS, be serious! Even if he doesn’t get DP Money, this guy will be asking for a 6 digit figure. That’s why Tigres got rid of him and NOBODY in Mexican league wanted him other than desperate Atlante. A bottom-feeder.

  24. Saulo says:

    Kid?? Then you must be really old!! Actually, I’m just glad that you were able to write a sentence without grammatical errors.

  25. CUSA says:

    No thanks.
    We don’t need over priced useless players on our team.

  26. JCC says:

    This guy has been absolutely terrible the last few years. Even if there weren’t a lawsuit I doubt many teams in Mexico would want Kikin.

  27. Ricky B. Free says:

    If you guys dont wnat the MLS to be seen as a joke you wouldnt want this guy in the league he is a running joke in Mexico.

    Not even mexican fans want him because he is that bad of a player, some stones are better left unturned.

  28. Ricky B. Free says:

    His nickname is el Tronquin Fonseca, Tronquin realted to tronco which is a tree, and he is called that because the balls just bounce off him.

  29. BellusLudas says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him land in MLS, but not for DP dollars.

  30. Edwin says:

    You mean like Rodolfo Espinoza and Giancarlo Maldonado or Alan Gordon?

  31. RK says:

    Fonseca did as well for Benfica as Adu…

  32. Rob says:

    Really, never even thought that there would be such a disparity between how the two leagues train. I see how language can be a barrier; however in certain markets of the US you can get by with Spanish alone. I personally would not take a risk on him, but there are a few teams in need of a striker. Good luck to those teams.

  33. Starks In Tampa says:

    cmon on now, what Ives said is correct. MLS is growing deal with it!

  34. Mito says:

    Ha! its spelled Tronkin, because of his nick name kikin.

  35. Lawrence says:

    Actually… The country for Mexicans.

    Mexicans are warming up to having a decent league with nice stadiums and communities of their common heritage pretty much “next door”.

    I think there are lots of mexicans who would rather go to MLS (a home away from home) than europe. Doesn’t really seem most Mexicans take to europe very well.

  36. therick says:

    Saulo….thanks for the comments. I would suggest that if you are interested in the MLS that you act less troll-like so others don’t instantly eschew you and your words. Personally, I believe Fonseca could be very effective in MLS and many other similar leagues. Just because you are not ready to play for Milan or the like doesn’t mean you are not a “player”. Your comment simply lacks validity.

  37. Lawrence says:

    My father-in-law has lived in the USA for almost 40 years and his english is a step above non-existent. Loves the country I may add.

    But he has gotten by on Portuguese and his version of spanish.

    I think Mexicans are actually embracing the idea, at least as opposed to going to europe. At least here there are spanish speaking and mexican communities in every city. and at least English is something they’ve probably heard more of (in music and media) than dutch, german, swiss, etc.

    I don’t think most mexicans have done well here because we get some of the wrong ones (like Castillo, Bravo).

  38. Lawrence says:

    Ze Roberto is in great shape. Some players are worth more at 34 than others at 27.

  39. Adam M. says:

    Ze Roberto and Roberto Carlos are bad examples. They are older, true, but they are both in incredibly good shape and are playing at high levels for good teams. We shouldn’t care about age when it comes to “name” internationals as long as the fitness and committment are there.

  40. C'mon Galaxy says:

    or the Galaxy? It would be a way to attract more mexican fans to the club. I mean I am really surprised that the Galaxy do not have one mexican born player on thier roster. I would prefer Pardo though.

  41. bottlcaps says:

    I don’t think Alan Gordon is overpriced. Chivas seldom played to his strengths, which is a hold-up striker fed from the wings. When Buddle emerged to take that role for the Galaxy, Gordon remained a stand-in for years under him. Chivas used him as a lone forward on several occasions, but he was always lacking good service. (although he could have done better with the Galaxy, in getting service from Donovan and Beckham)

  42. bottlcaps says:

    I certainly hope that doesn’t refer to the Mexican Players at Chivas not performing to par. Heck most of them lived in East L.A., Bell Garden or many of the Hispanic town and neighborhood all over L.A. No, the real reason is that they do not have the same reason to play here as they do in Mexico. In Mexico, they play for the fans and family, the club, or the flag. Here they play for the paycheck!

  43. Goalscorer24 says:

    No more oldies, we don’t want him! MLS should not be the bail out league for players that are not cutting it anymore.

  44. ELAC says:


    Espinoza = gone

    Maldonado = gone

    Gordon = over priced?

  45. ELAC says:

    Regardless of where Kikin winds up, I do beleive he’s washed up. He’s lost his legs.

  46. Daniel says:

    This guy will contribute as much as Landin did. Good Luck to whoever gets him!

  47. Brett says:

    He’s horrible. Mexicans will laugh at us for signing him.

  48. Rick T says:

    Sounds like a better fir for LA. Would be a nice scoring partner for Angel. LA cant be serious about Alan Gordon…I mean Chad Barrett.

  49. Mija says:

    I think El Kikin would be great for the MLS. He really does just need a fresh start.