Fulham 4, Tottenham 0: The Highlights

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17 Responses to Fulham 4, Tottenham 0: The Highlights

  1. patrick says:

    dempsey is in every one of those goal highlights. He really is the engine for fulham. So nice to see an american really leading a team like that, keepers excluded.

  2. Alex says:

    did you watch the game? okay, he drew a pen, but moussa dembele OWNED that game.

  3. Eric says:

    I thought in general the Fulham attack was extremely impressive. Tottenham looked so disinterested though. Fulham have some London bragging rights for a long time with that performance.

  4. Waterlewd says:

    I couldn’t tell who was Dembele or Dempsey while watching most of the match, like the commentators I was perplexed half the time. Until the player shifted it onto their preferred foot, then it was easy.

  5. jig says:

    What? besides the pen he drew, he literally played no part in the other 3 goals.

  6. DingDong says:


    Not sure if it’s just me, but it seems like you’ve been using a new type of embedded video player and it never works on my computer (tried multiple browsers etc).

    (SBI-I haven’t heard too many complaints so I’m not sure what the problem could be. The videos I’m running now are direct from Fox Soccer and use their player. Maybe their player isn’t compatible with your computer.)

  7. DingDong says:

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe it’s just me (but it’s the same on work computer too, which is odd). They play for three seconds, then stop.

    (SBI-One thing I have noticed is that if I ever have multiple video clips on the site one of them won’t load. Not sure if there’s a block of some sort, but that’s something I’ve noticed.)

  8. WonsanUnited says:

    Did you see the 4th goal they scored? Dembele totally owned Spurs on that one.

  9. Justin O says:

    I should preface this by conceding that I am in the land of very bad Internet, but I can’t get past 5 seconds on these new videos, while previously, though it sometimes took some time, I could always view them.

  10. Warren says:

    Aside from drawing early penalty which unsettles Tottenham’s d, Dempsey’s strike off the crossbar and miss on a header off a corner kept pressure on high. Dembele looked great too.

    Impressive win on a CL team, ok minus Bale but still they had a lot of quality on their side – minus 1 player by 15 minutes. : )

  11. Warren says:

    And Ives re the video – played fine on my standard Dell across coffee shop wifi…

  12. Annelid Gustator says:

    Deuce did well. Fulham really wanted the points, Spurs are just not getting it done this year. Granted they’re only fifth in the league table, but all other competitions, not so much.

  13. jts says:

    Any idea why Murphy does what looks like a Nazi salute after he scores the first goal (about 1:02).

    PS. Videos playing fine on my laptop

  14. Ericrace1 says:

    Anyone besides me feel like that was kind of a soft red on Dawson? Guessing maybe it was a cumulative reward for causing the original PK and general crappiness in giving the ball away twice in his own end?

  15. ThaDeuce says:

    In the final goal he drew the defender away from Dembele.
    Both Dembele and Dempsey had good games, but a teammate like Dempsey always plays a part, even if you can’t see it. He does work.

  16. ThaDeuce says:

    Anyone else shocked at the speed of Dempsey for that first penalty? I’ve never seen him run so fast, thought my eyes were playing tricks on me again.

  17. john says:

    Yea, but Patrick said he was in the goal highlights, and I distinctly remember seeing Clint coming in to congratulate Dembemble after the 4th goal.