Galaxy, TFC and RSL score good values in Supplemental Draft

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The MLS Supplemental Draft doesn't have the hype or get the attention of the MLS "Super" Draft but there were still good values to be had during Tuesday's draft.

The Vancouver Whitecaps began proceedings by taking UCSB centerback Michael Boxall with the first pick to get the draft going. The Los Angeles Galaxy did well on Tuesday, grabbing a pair of central midfielders in highly-regarded Daniel Keat and North Carolina's Dustin McCarty, brother of U.S. national team midfielder Dax McCarty.

McCarty wasn't the only brother of a U.S. national team player to be selected. Vancouver also drafted Northeastern midfielder Santiago Bedoya, younger brother of Alejandro Bedoya.

Toronto FC picked up what was arguably the strongest collection of talent from Tuesday's draft, selecting midfielders J.C. Banks and Steven Beattie as well as Michigan State forward Spencer Thompson. Real Salt Lake took a goalkeeper regarded as one of the best in this year's draft class in South Florida's Jeff Attinella.

Chivas USA followed up a solid draft last week by grabbing a pair of good values in Ernesto Carranza, midfielder from Sacramento State, and UAB central defender Curtis Ushedo.

Here is a rundown of all the picks made in Tuesday's Supplemental Draft.

What did you think of the draft? What picks did you think were good ones? Who were you surprised to see taken or not taken?

Share your thoughts below.

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60 Responses to Galaxy, TFC and RSL score good values in Supplemental Draft

  1. Colin says:

    Keat and McCarty are the beginnings of the Ginger Revolution in LA.

  2. sushant says:

    Can someone explain the supplemental draft? Do they get paid less than those picked in the regular draft? Is this just a continuation of last week’s draft? I don’t get why it exists and it’s purpose.

  3. JM says:

    Doesn’t Keat immediately count on the senior roster, since he signed a contract with MLS pre-SuperDraft?

  4. soccerroo says:

    looks like FC Dallas picked up a group of players in the first round and then Shellas had to give a couple of SMU players a chance. Hopefully a couple of these guys can develope with the reserves.

  5. doug says:

    i’m surprised more people didn’t pass. i guess they have reserve rosters to populate?

  6. Matt says:

    I thought DCU got LA’s first pick in this draft for Cristman? Did DC actually get their first pick in next year’s draft?

  7. Ossington Mental YOuth says:

    not expecting much, if something happens ill be quite pleased. i dont expect any of our starting squad to have any of these dudes on it, most likely 1 or two will make our reserves. regardless curious and glad to hear we might have decent players

  8. zaggy says:

    How is Santiago the younger brother, and already graduated…isn’t Alejandro just 23?

    (SBI-He just turned 21.)

  9. Upstate Jason says:

    DC did get that pick (#16) in the Cristman deal but then traded it back to LA along with supplemental pick #3 for the #50 pick in last week’s SuperDraft. DC drafted a keeper with the #50 pick.

  10. strider says:

    So, out of both ignorance and curiousity, what happens for these kids now? Do they sign some type of temporary contract for their time at the club that drafted them and get paid for essentially trying to make a club’s roster or are they on their own to move to wherever and attend training camp once it opens?

  11. Lost in Space says:

    Thought Santiago was a higher prospect than being in the suplemental draft. Heard he showed promise as a Left Back. Spent some time training with Alejandro’s team in Sweden between 2009 & 2010 College seasons.

    Also thought that McCarty was projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Any insight as to why they fell…Or is my memory failing me?

  12. Thor says:

    OT but Jozy in starting line up

  13. adub says:

    jozy in the starting line up for villareal!!!!!!!!!

    along side rossi up top!!!

  14. zaggy says:

    Santiago? Graduated college at 21?..well that takes some balls. Good on the kid.

  15. Richard, UK says:

    Nobody took the highly rated Ashley McInnes either. Odd that someone would rather pass than invite a reasonably well rated player in to camp to get a closer look.

  16. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    just got on here to say jozy’s starting, but was beaten to it

  17. Spencer says:

    “Galaxy, TFC and RSL score good values in Supplemental Draft”

    You’d think in such an article you would discuss anything RSL did, wouldn’t you?

    (SBI-RSL drafted Jeff Attinella, which is noted in the post.)

  18. fischy says:

    By shifting rounds from the Superdraft to the supplemental draft (which is done by a conference call), MLS doesn’t have to rent the hall for so many hours for the Superdraft, and doesn’t have to provide food for the team reps and media.

    That’s my take…..

  19. Josh D says:

    Tear, tear

  20. fischy says:

    The article does note they did pick Attinela, On the other hand, the article seems to focus on the Whitecaps, even though they’re not even mentioned in the headline.

    (SBI-Vancouver had the first pick, which is mentioned, and drafted Alejandro Bedoya’s brother. Not sure every team written about in the post has to be mentioned in the headline.)

  21. adub says:

    anybody know where the copa del ray game between villareal vs sevilla is being played? at the moment sevilla has a 4-3 lead but i dont know who has more away goals????

  22. gigi says:

    i find new york picks interesting…teddy schneider is a small dude but i think he just might surprise some ppl. Hes gonna be competing with cortes and probably another rb signing for a roster spot. i mean hes bassically the size of a steve cherundolo but a lil less bulky…hes a pacy player though. Dont know much bout maurer either than a short video i saw but in hans we trust. if any of these picks do good its just a huge bonus cause no one really has high expecations.

  23. adub says:

    its all good josh, yes rossi is a great player but hes not as big as altidore… rossi to me is another donovan so i would rather have a bigger younger altidore up top in the future…. but yea rossi right now is a much better technical player than altidore

  24. gigi says:

    and the odd thing though i think toronto had better supplemental drat picks than superdraft ones, look for spencer thompson to have a good year.

  25. jonk says:

    They’re in Seville. Sevilla got 3 away goals last week.

  26. Oranje says:

    Really? It takes “balls” to graduate at a slightly younger age than everyone else?

  27. adub says:

    shiiiiiiiiiiii, thats no bueno, villareal needs 2 goals … altidore just showed great work rate, defending then racing down the pitch on a break to almost set up a rossi goal.

  28. jonk says:

    Yeah, we need a “your running commentary” post for this game. For those not watching, Jozy played Rossi into the box and his shot went over the bar.

  29. RK says:

    Actually, from a YA article:
    August 16, 2010

    After training the past few weeks in Sweden with Allsvenskan club Orebro, left back Santiago Bedoya is returning to Northeastern University to prepare for his senior season in the NCAA.

  30. RK says:

    He has a girl’s name.

  31. Judging Amy says:

    well thats game. sevilla scores off a corner. kanoute header. boo…

  32. Judging Amy says:

    wow and another header off a corner.

  33. jonk says:

    Come on now. Villareal have 40 minutes to score 3 goals and force extra time.

  34. bryan says:

    how is Jozy doing? Clearly isn’t scoring, but is he playing decent?

  35. Judging Amy says:

    i think he’s looked alright. villareal as a whole haven’t looked too great. rossi’s clearly the most active attacking player but he’s wasted some chances and had some bad touches.

  36. jonk says:

    Ugh, Jozy is off.

  37. Judging Amy says:

    jozy off for marco ruben. not a great showing but tough under the circumstances. we’ll see if ruben looks comparatively better.

  38. Chicago Josh says:

    Jozy looked above average. He created a half-chance in the 1st half that he should have put on frame. Glancing header in the 2nd half forced a save. Spent a lot of time tracking back to his third to defend. He held the ball well and might have had more chances if selfish teammates had passed the ball back. Villareal looked terrible.

  39. Mario in QT says:

    Jozy has been in numerous good positions to take a shot but his teammates have refused to pass him the ball. Are there any problems there? Also Villareal defense is less than awe inspiring. The midfielder (bald) lost more balls than I can count. I hope these are not their starters because they are bad!

  40. Judging Amy says:

    truth. thinking back on the what i saw of the game, he didn’t make too many mistakes, didn’t get a lot of service and had some really nice intelligent plays that showed skill.

  41. Judging Amy says:

    i think its just a matter of him being the young kid without seniority. you can tell watching villareal play that rossi is the big dog who gets most of the service and teammates mostly get out of his way when he’s around the ball.

  42. B. Fitz says:

    I hope Spencer Thompson does have a good year. Especially since he was actually picked by the Timbers and not TFC.

    (SBI-Nice try. There were TWO players named Spencer Thompson drafted today.)

  43. vik says:

    how did greg king not get taken? seemed like one of the better left sided performers at the combine.

  44. WK says:

    Yallop & the Quakes may have grabbed a future gem in local boy Victor Cortez. former Bradenton academy player and also represented the US w/ the U-20’s in Argentina. father played professionally in columbia so he’s got some pedigree- hopefully he sticks and gives some depth at outside back for either Corrales or Leitch, both of whom are on the wrong side of 30…

  45. Match says:

    I don’t really get it, or understand “the draft!” I do because we have it in other American sports, but it doesn’t work for soccer. Soccer is about the TEAM, and a CLUB. Not individuals. Also, why haven’t I head of any of these players?

    writer for

  46. Lorenzo says:

    I don’t think he’s impressed anyone.

    However, kids who have pro fathers seem to do well. (Ramos, Reyna, Meola, Cooper, Kljestan, Bunbury, Gil I believe)

    However However, brothers haven’t really fared well (Jamal Beasley, Gordon Kljestan, Euan Holden, etc)

  47. Kasey says:

    Still no respect for FC Dallas from you Ives. No Draft recap, no mention here..I’m disappointed.

    (SBI-The whole “We don’t get no respect” thing is a bit tired at this point. We did recaps for 10 of 18 teams, most were either teams with high picks or teams who had a player we could get a hold of. As much as we would have loved to do some video for every team on draft day it was an accomplishment to do as many as we did.)

  48. gigi says:

    i meant the one from michigan state, either way best of luck to the both of them.

  49. gigi says:

    probbaly cuz of his international status (hes austrailian), he still might wind up with an mls team though.

  50. gigi says:

    true the only brothers i can think of that did somewhat decent together are julian de guzman and jonathon de guzman.

  51. Matt B. says:

    Crew didnt get a draft recap either

  52. Andrew says:

    How likely are these players to receive MLS contracts?

  53. b says:

    You are a genius.

    Because other American TEAM sports are not about the TEAM, right?

  54. b says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t add even more rounds to the draft given the reserve rosters… at least a handful of decent players are still without teams.

  55. matt in detroit says:

    I’m guessing about half will be on a MLS team by the end of the year. That is partially due to expanded rosters.

  56. Angel FAN of USA says:

    jejejeje thats freaking funny and I pretty much believe it, knowing this league try to save every penny. LMFAO…

  57. B. Fitz says:

    My bad!

  58. Dennis says:

    Glad to see Josh Walburn got picked. Most people watching P.U. only noticed junior Hoppenot’s ability to dribble at people and missed Walburn’s contributions. In reality, he was a key reason P.U. did so well last season; he has good size, has played back, midfield and forward and scored 6 goals and 7 assists. Philly was lucky to get him.

  59. Eurosnob says:

    Don’t forget about Michael and Brian Laudrup, who are both in top 100 Fifa players to ever play the game.

  60. inkedAG says:

    Kolo Toure and YaYa Toure.
    Gary Neville and Phil Neville.
    Fillipo Inzaghi and his brother (who’s name I cannot remember).