Mid-Day Ticker: Onyewu finalizes Twente loan, Union find sponsor and more


Photo by Perry McIntyre/ISIPhotos.com


Oguchi Onyewu is returning to the Low Countries.

The United States national team defender is joining Dutch club, FC Twente on loan until the end of the season from AC Milan. At Twente, Onyewu will be reunited with his former Standard Liege head coach Michel Preud'homme. The pair helped Standard win the Belgian title in 2008 before Preud'homme departed Standard for fellow Belgian side Gent. 

Onyewu will be expected to provide needed defensive cover and challenge for a spot on the first team immediately. Twente is currently second in the Eredivisie, just a point off of leaders PSV Eindhoven. Twente is also involved in the UEFA Europa League Round of 32, where it will face off against Russian club Rubin Kazan. 


The Philadelphia Union announced the first shirt sponsor in team history on Tuesday, Mexican baking company Bimbo. The Union's deal with Bimbo is for a total of four years and $12 million, adding needed funds for a club that did not have a jersey sponsor last season. The Mexican bakery has close ties to Pennsylvania, as its American headquarters are based in Horsham, Pa.

Per the agreement, Bimbo becomes a sponsor for Major League Soccer, which could lead to future advertisements and promotions at all MLS stadiums.


As Edson Buddle departs for Germany, the Galaxy acquired D.C. United forward Adam Cristman. Los Angeles dealt their first-round pick in the 2011 Supplemental Draft for Cristman, who scored two goals and had one assist in 17 appearances for United last season. 

Cristman is a four-year veteran of MLS, scoring 12 goals and six assists while playing for the New England Revolution, Kansas City Wizards now known as Sporting KC, and D.C. United. Cristman has made a scant 68 appearances, having missed most the of 2008 and 2009 seasons due to injury.


The Chicago Fire added a couple of new additions on Tuesday, signing Daniel Pladini, a 26-year-old midfielder from USSF D-2 side Carolina Railhawks, and Croatian defender Josip Mikulic. Pladini comes to the Fire after a successful career with the Railhawks, having twice been named to the league's Best XI. Mikulic has spent the last five seasons for NK Zagreb in the Croatian first division.


Happy that Onyewu is finally out of Milan? Ready for loads of jokes due to the Union's new jersey sponsor? Will a Cristman/Magee forward pairing have success for the Galaxy?

Share your comments below.

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96 Responses to Mid-Day Ticker: Onyewu finalizes Twente loan, Union find sponsor and more

  1. EDB says:

    i know they lost 3 CMs but they still have 3 to rotate would really be nice for the Fire to sign a forward where they only have 2 listed Carr and Castillo..

  2. honest says:

    …Philly got Bimbo! BAHAHAHA

  3. Neruda says:

    Finally! Now Gooch can see the field on game day, in uniform!

    I was hoping Philly would have landed a sponsorship deal with Urban Outfitters. I hate to see grown men running around with the word BIMBO on their shirt.

  4. CILII_blog says:

    I am so happy for Gooch, he will do well.

    I think Bimbo is only fitting for Philly.

  5. Brad says:

    it should be Tasty Kake but they are having hard times now…

  6. Brad says:

    The perfect sponsor for the Union would have been Yuengling (beer)…

  7. inkedAG says:

    Finally, Onyewu will get a better chance of playing time!

  8. Clayton says:

    Somehow I don’t think Cristmas ever played for “Sporting”…

  9. Clayton says:


  10. ex- Penn Stater says:

    Very true. And in Eastern PA that’s just Lager to you.

  11. john.q says:

    first the away jersey is diarrhea colored, next BIMBO is your scrawled across the jersey? sorry philly but have BIMBO emblazoned across your chest is hilarious.

  12. DC Josh says:

    When was the last time Gooch played in a club match? Champions League in September 2009? Just curious. Great deal for him. Dutch league suits him well and he will get European cup action.

  13. john.q says:

    good for Gooch. not too much of a step down from Milan but still above Standard Liege. good luck!

  14. Jeremy says:

    Perfect move for Gooch. Reunites with former manager and gets some much needed playing time. I wonder if the loan deal gives Twente the option to buy at the end of season. I think that the Dutch league could be a good fit for him.
    Any word on CD9 going out on loan? I know that his club pretty much came out and said that it would be the best move for him.

  15. Brian D says:

    It’s too bad they don’t have the advertising budget for that. A Yuengling Union jersey would sell better than the Cliff Lee Phillies one.

  16. Nigel De Jong says:

    I guess you don’t like watching Mexican soccer then…

  17. RLW2020 says:

    i believe that MLS does not allow beer co. to sponsor jerseys. something about only having one national sponsor.. just one of the reasons of why MLS is holding itself back!

  18. Josh D says:

    Just glad we got rid of him. Hope our FO can now pick up a striker who can actually strike the ball…

  19. RLW2020 says:

    huge deal for Gooch … all year too .. can’t wait to see him back in action and how this will benefit his play this summer!

  20. Jack says:

    Awesome move for Gooch. This will hopefully get him fit and ready for the Gold Cup.

  21. KungFuSoccer says:

    Does anyone have any insights into Cristman? Is he just a warm body, or does he have any unique talents or unique way he will fit into the galaxy?

  22. CILII_blog says:

    I think Gooch was playing free for AC Milan, so since he is on loan now, will he get paid?

  23. Jeremy says:

    his free year was an extension on the end of his contract..so he is getting paid now

  24. Jorge says:

    Good news for Gooch. ESPN Deportes broadcasts games from the Dutch League.

  25. Lorenzo says:

    This is huge for USA Gold Cup 2011. Absolutely huge. Gooch will have some form going into it.

    Plus, you want to see him finish up his career prime playing, not sitting at Milan.

  26. away goals says:

    Is he eligible for twente’s europa matches? I have no idea how a player becomes cup tied.

    Would he be affected if milan had him registered for champion’s league?

  27. Waterlewd says:

    Bimbo foods are all over in Texas (I imagine the same is true for southern CA and the southwest in general). I had no idea they own Mrs. Baird’s bread. It’s a positve sign they are interested in MLS and hope they can bring in more viewers south of the Rio Grande. Our league will benefit and improve if children all over North and Central America dream about playing in MLS, and that will only happen if MLS is spanish-language accessible. So far, the amount of info available in Spanish on MLS’ website is fairly substantial. The FMF may be looking at the back of MLS here soon.

  28. CrispyST3 says:

    He’s been in the league 4 years it says, and Galaxy will be his 4th team….

  29. Robogreen says:

    a cristman/magee pairing up front for the galaxy is just pathetic. two fifth rate players with moderate skills who can’t score.

    i will NOT be renewing my season tix.

  30. jonk says:

    A player becomes cup tied by playing in a cup game. Milan never had him on their CL roster and wanna say it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since Europa is not CL.

  31. Dave says:

    Except that the stadium has a beer deal already with AB … Budweiser signage everywhere.

  32. ThaDeuce says:

    “I think the Dutch league could be a good fit for him.”

    Understatement of the Year

  33. jonk says:

    Your reasoning is flawless. I always forget that signing a player means he will play 30+ games for the team. Nevermind the fact that Cristman and Magee would likely never lead a frontline together.

  34. Robogreen says:

    cristman is like alan gordon without skill. e.g. he is like alan gordon. magee just sucks.

    bowen is gone, buddle is gone, so do you know something i don’t? because i’m getting calls every day from the galaxy asking me to spend several thousand dollars and based on their current roster that ain’t gonna happen.

  35. Jeremy says:

    Good thing it’s only Jan. 11th

  36. tbecker says:

    Negative…. Gooch will smoke so much diggety dank in the Netherlands and get fat.

  37. Waterlewd says:


  38. jlm says:

    juan pablo angel? fresh donovan. healthy beckham. is juninho out after his loan? more attacking options than the two you mention

  39. Timber Dan says:


    Since this loan is only until the end of the season are you saying this is the last year of Gooch in his “prime”?

  40. DCUNITED'S FP says:


  41. Josh D says:

    It’s “fans” like this who leave a team because they won’t have the best frontline or the best defense or have a DP that still forces MLS to be a niche market.

    My DC haven’t been a force for far too long but I’ll still continue to drag myself and friends to each match.

  42. KungFuSoccer says:

    Losing Buddle was a true loss. He was a real talent who could make his own goals and finish other’s work.

    As it stands, I think the Galaxy are strong enough in the middle that Donovan can play up front. If JPA signs, I presume the Galaxy are solid. Very solid.

    I think I’m one of the few who date hate upon Magee. He is a solid MLSer and can fill in as needed. Just don’t make him shoot with his left foot. Anyway, look how well the galaxy did, with Alan “almost” Gordon playing regular minutes. All hope is not lost. Renew your tickets. Enjoy the ride, not the destination. ie sit in the supporter section and have a beer.

  43. duder says:

    I’m guessing the Union don’t have any women in their front office b/c this is a huge slap in the face to their female fans who are going to have to deal with the sexist jokes that accompany this word in our society for the next few years.


  44. KungFuSoccer says:

    typo “don’t hate”

  45. duder says:

    Yes but you DC fans are a different breed than the plastic fans from LA. Different gene structures, etc.

  46. Benny Dargle says:

    They effectively got Cristman for a reserve player. That’s what a pick in the Supplemental Draft is designed to do. Populate the reserve team. This guy is better right now than most guys they would get for the reserves. It may have been timed to look like he is replacing Buddle, but it is really just another depth move.

  47. Second City says:

    Quick! Quick! Let’s all jump on the faux-hysteria train!

  48. strider says:

    Gang, acutally Bimbo sells all over the U.S., but they typicallay use pre-existing name brands. I see Bimbo trucks here in Indianapolis all the time. However, this is a name (like Nova, which means “won’t go” in spanish) that don’t work across cultural lines. My wife died laughing the first time she saw (is it Club America in the Mexican league that has Bimbo as their sponsor?) Bimob on someone’s shirts. I think during that mini-tourney pre-season last year.

  49. Brad says:

    ah, so that will never happen. for those not familiar with yuengling, it challenges bud and miller for dominance in PA and on the east coast (I’m in delaware)…

  50. Second City says:

    If you spell Adam Cristman in Scrabble, 72 % of the time, you win everytime.

  51. Jorge says:

    I think it is Chivas de Guadalajara but may be mistaken.

  52. jeff says:

    Guess the union cheerleading squad will make a sportscenter highlight if they wear the uni for a calendar photo shoot!

  53. Travis in the Minne-Apple says:

    Re Gooch’s loan: Am i over reacting by saying Hallelujah!?

  54. PCFC says:

    Mexican company based in Pennsylvania?

    Philadelphia Union seems like a great target for said company…regardless of name. (which I don’t mind.)

  55. otergod says:

    well, seeing as we’ll be playing with 2 CM, having a 4th lined up going into the draft certainly shows exactly what we will be aiming for. A CB and ST. But anyhow, with a 30 man roster, picking up a CM from Carolina is not breaking the bank. We still have something like 10 spots to fill.

    Plenty of promising strikers in the combine. Eager to see who we pick.

  56. rick says:

    I never liked the idea of gooch at acc milan because I knew he wasn’t good enough to start for them. It was strange in that the car I am in passed a bimbo truck 15 seconds before I opened up this article.

  57. meyers7 says:

    Bimbo is huge. Revenue almost $9 billion annually. Right up there with Kraft Foods, Nestle. They own all kinds of stuff in the USA. Friehofers, Entenmanns, Thomas (as in English muffins)

  58. Glaing says:

    Yuengling is the beer of choice of my friends and I in upstate NY.

  59. Chicago - Scott says:

    Nyarko will probably be playing Forward with Ristic and Pappa on the sides

  60. MidWest Ref says:

    France has an advertising ban for alcohol. As a result teams like Liverpool, when sponsored by Carlsburg, had to remove the sponsor’s name from their playing jersey.

    Doesn’t NASCAR have the same issue? They can advertise booze on the cars – or tobacco for that matter, which is why it is no longer the Winston Cup.

  61. Jeremy says:

    Can anyone say bandwagon?

  62. otergod says:

    hopefully he practices shooting during the offseason 😛

  63. Nordy says:

    eg means “for example”

    ie means “in other words”

    Adam Cristman is one of many slow-footed strikers to grace the MLS (eg, Alan Gordon, Pat Noonan, etc) who is probably not worth a first round pick in the MLS Draft (ie, the Galaxy got hosed).

    — sorry to be the annoying guy

  64. nam says:

    Let’s hope no one picks up Siemens as their sponsor or you might die of over exaggeration.

  65. away goals says:

    Excellent. Then everything is falling into place.

  66. nam says:

    You may be an annoying guy, but you’re a wrong annoying guy. ‘i.e.’ translates to id est from the Latin language, which literally means ‘that is’.

  67. Zach says:

    Nope, I don’t.

  68. Paul says:

    Easy there. “In other words” is close enough for i.e. (id est), which does mean “that is” but which dictionaries will also define as “in other words.” Similarly, e.g. (exempli gratia) is understood to mean “for example” even though its literal translation means “for the sake of example.”

    On a less annoying note: this is easily the best news about Gooch since his injury.

  69. It’s a formidable word.

  70. wow says:

    That is NOT the reason that the Winston Cup name doesn’t exist anymore. The reason is because Nextel outbid J.R. Reynolds for the name.

  71. Brian says:

    Supplemental Draft. Not MLS SuperDraft. Galaxy aren’t that retarded.

  72. Alex G says:

    Johnny Spector assisted on both West Ham goals!!!! go!!!

  73. mad maz says:

    They gave up a supplemental first rounder. Equivalent to a 4th round pick in the real draft.

  74. Brian says:

    Bimbo’s “American headquarters” are in PA. Which means they must have a headquarters in Mexico as well.

  75. Dan says:

    The Union jersey now looks horrible, the colors don’t go together at all. And the name is ridiculous. Seems like this was just about who was the highest bidder, that’s all.

  76. Raymon says:

    Definitely, there are lots of bimbos in Texas.

  77. 20 says:

    He was a below average player on DC United.. the worst team in the league

  78. 20 says:

    go follow Manchester United or Barcelona then you loser

  79. SP says:

    liverpool isnt in france. the premier league still allows beer sponsorships (such as everton and chang)

  80. ... says:

    Multiple teams have the Bimbo logo on their shirts, including America and Chivas.

    I’ve seen Bimbo bread in my local grocery store and all over the packaging it says “Say Beeeembo!” I guess thinking if they get people to pronounce it a little differently they’ll avoid the negative English associations of the word.

  81. Dudeinho says:

    12 million for 4 years is an epic fail?

  82. Lorenzo says:

    No, but it is part of him finishing his prime is it not? Say he has 1-2 seasons left in his prime. Not good… but prime. Then yes it is finishing up even if it finishes next season.

  83. Scott A says:

    Yay Gooch

  84. duder says:

    Go read some of Philly’s female fan comments on their facebook page, it’s not such a laughing matter to them.

    This would not happen if MLS didn’t have all-male front offices. Pretty clear Philly has a gender and sexism problem.

  85. Warren says:

    Don’t kid yourself, Twente is several steps down from AC Milan.

    Still, it’s above Belgian league and more than respectable.

  86. Warren says:

    What negative association? : )

    Seriously, it’s all good including the bread.

  87. JJ's shin says:

    Apparently a lot of you have never seen a Mexican league game, which is shocking. Bimbo is a big corporate supporter of football–especially in Central America. Good for the Union and MLS. The more our league mirrors the Mexican Primera, the better off it will be.

    Also…good move for Gooch. Twente have strong Central D’s already, especially Douglas, but he has a better chance of fighting his way into the starting XI there than in Milan.

  88. frankie boy says:

    nothing like a set of 42DD’s in a tight-fitting soccer jersey with the word “Bimbo” right across the ta-tas! :)

    Seriously-the next thing Bimbo should do is hire Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan (maybe Jessica Simpson) as spokesperson? Hire a bimbo to sell Bimbo-and give us our fun…what do you think?

  89. MiamiFCduros says:

    Bimbo is sold everywhere here in SOUTH FLA.Most people here know its a company that sells bread and so forth. guess it has to do with our large hispanic community.

  90. Duh. says:

    Exactly… which is why WHEN they play in France (a la Europa League, or *snicker* Champions League) they have to take the sponsor off. Which is exactly what he said.

  91. Duh. says:

    I’ve seen many Mexican league games, and still think the Bimbo logo looks ludicrous on Philly’s shirt. At least CA and Chivas have elements of reds and blues in their kit design that helps the logo compliment, not contrast, the shirt overall look. Is the money good for the team/league? Absolutely. Is it at the expense of ruining what I thought was a fairly decent looking strip? Absolutely.

    And as for mirroring the Mexican Primera, no thank you. I’ve always thought having an Apertura and Clausura was a stupid idea.

  92. Duh. says:

    I think you are an idiot and exactly the reason why female Philly fans are upset about this deal.

  93. the river end says:


  94. Name games... says:

    All this talk about “BIMBO” is great press for the Union. Soon, fans will associate the name with bread and a reputable foreign company making a 12m investment in the club and PA.

    Be Grateful!!!

    Plus, in Spanish it is pronounced BEEMBO!

  95. Zach says:

    Nope, they’ll still associate it with dirty whores, a distinction Philly doesn’t need any more help with IMO.

    I associate Nature’s Own with bread. I associate Bimbo with my ex girlfriend.