MLS Draft Team Recap: New England Revolution


The New England Revolution found itself on the outside of the playoff picture looking in last season. In an effort to avoid a repeat of that scenario, the Revs looked to shore up its defense by landing one of the top centerback prospects in the MLS SuperDraft, taking California's A.J. Soares with the sixth overall pick.

Steve Nicol went to the Atlantic Coast Conference well in the second round, selecting North Carolina's 6-foot-4 defensive midfielder Stephen McCarthy. With its three third-round picks the Revolution added attackers in Notre Dame's Steven Perry, Monmouth's Ryan Kinne and William & Mary's Alan Koger.

The crown jewel of the Revolution's class, though, is Soares, who enjoyed a standout career at Cal and should be able to step in aside budding defenders Kevin Alston and Darrius Barnes to contribute immediately.

SBI's Mike Nastri caught up with Soares after the Revolution selected him in the draft. Video is after the jump:

AJ Soares Draft from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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13 Responses to MLS Draft Team Recap: New England Revolution

  1. RevsFan says:

    Pretty good picks both for needs and long term. Hopefully Soares can contribute early and McCarthy can establish himself next to Joseph in the middle.

  2. MarkVA says:

    yes plz. ANYONE other than phelan. dude is agonizingly slow

  3. jonf says:

    I cant understand the haters for p-phelan. kid get better evey year toronto were fools to let him go.

  4. Drew says:

    Koger is a headsy player. Glad he got drafted.

  5. Jimbo Fisher says:

    I like Phelan: I think he’s smart and he plays hard. I would always have room on my team for a player like Pat Phelan, but he’s not really the future in the midfield. Like Mark said, speed and athleticism aren’t his strong suits.

  6. Chuck says:

    They need 2 DPs to compete

  7. Gooner says:

    Kinne sticks with the team out on the wing, pushes Nyassi and eventually takes his spot halfway through the season. Triple stamp it, anti quitsies, no startsies.

  8. Eric K says:

    If Schilawski can be a starter with Stolica, that allows Perovic to move to the left wing. Or they can put Tierney on the left (good crosser) and have Perovic play in a Steve Ralston role. I still think they need to get better than Nyassi on the right. Defense looks a lot stronger (on paper) with Domi and Soares teaming with Alston and Barnes. Keep your fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy for once. McCarthy will at least be good depth in the center, who knows maybe he’ll push Phelan for playing time. I’m curious to see who is this year’s Tierney/Barnes/Dorman – the late round/supplemental round/rookie free agent find who ends up being a good contributor. Let’s see what they can do besides Domi with some of that cap space that opened up with Jankauskas and Twellman off the roster.

  9. Eric K says:

    And for Chuck’s comment up there – what team has won it all with Designated Players? Half of them were more trouble than they were worth. Some are a great influence though, but frankly the Galaxy were at their best before Beckham came back. Landin was an overweight nothing. Denilson was a joke. Nery Castillo did nothing. Seattle was better without Ljungberg, who spent half his time whining to refs. Mista did NOTHING at TFC, and de Guzman is a useless pylon. I’d like to find some good talent too – a killer striker mostly – but it better be worth it. They talked to Figo, Fowler, and Pauleta before (at least we’ve heard), but can you say that any of them would’ve been better than, say, Perovic? Or just be an overpaid, washed-up diva. What if, say we could sign Robbie Keane – great player to watch, scores wherever he plays, but changes teams disturbingly often. There’s a guy who obviously does not mesh in with a team very well. See also: Craig Bellamy. Many of these possible DP’s are obviously talented, but are the teams actually better off without them? Based on what we’ve seen, unless you can get a guy like Angel who really buys into the team and the plan, and actually produces, from what I’ve seen give me Stolica and Perovic any day.

  10. Leo says:

    NO MORE OSEI!!!!!!!!! YEA!!

  11. Sean says:

    You can add passing and handling the ball to his list of weaknesses.

  12. Paul says:

    You need some known players to bring fans in. They dont have to be DP-money, but quality names to generate some excitement. Then you can spend to fill out the team. Keane would be great.

  13. Eric K says:

    Ok, how much of a name? How many will show up because of a good player who isn’t as much as, say Beckham/Ronaldo/some other over-the-hill guy. The fans will show up for a winner. No one knew who Twellman or Joseph were before they got going here but they became Revs legends. Look at the Dead Bulls – of all their signings, probably the best new players they had were Lindpere and Ream. Some of these guys can play if we give them a chance to show they can. Unless this is a publicity circus, like Blackburn’s new owners seem to think it is. Go sign some washed up has-beens who’ll suck down half the cap space. How many fans know players beyond the very top names? And the fans who do, should know enough about the game to care that they win, not what names are on the roster. Aaaaand that’s why the Fire haven’t won in a while.