Must-See Goal: Giuseppe Rossi

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54 Responses to Must-See Goal: Giuseppe Rossi

  1. patrick says:

    donovan’s was better

  2. RK says:

    Audacious…he’s is on fire…

  3. Max says:

    No I don’t think it was. Donovan’s momentum wasn’t carrying him away from the goal. and didn’t have a defender closing him down with speed

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Yes. But this was a pretty good one. Seems like Rossi was more of just taking a chance at it, Donovan’s was more “I’m in on goal, I gotta finish this thing somehow”.

  5. tnnelson says:

    i hate that a player with his talent is a product of America, and we can’t have him. it’d be one thing if we had central midfielders switching nationalities, cause that’s our deepest position, but why oh why does our thinnest position next to left back finally produce a world class looking player and he feels more Italian than American? we are cursed i tell you, cursed

  6. Annelid Gustator says:

    Ha! Sweet!

  7. wow says:

    I could care less about this kid. Good riddance.

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Fair. It was a pretty amazing goal. I guess to me it all comes down to intention, how much of it was Rossi purposely trying to do that, or was he running full speed and just tried to rip one on frame and that’s what happened.

    Either way sick highlight.

  9. Jamie Z. says:

    We could have used that twerp.

  10. Lorenzo says:

    Well, if we get Najar, and he turns out great, we could break even.

  11. SoccerInAtl says:

    If I was Liverpool and about to sell Torres I would be all over a nice 30 million offer for this guy.

  12. Oog says:

    Agreed. Hard to cheer for him now that he isn’t on our side.

  13. Brian S says:

    You mean “couldn’t” care less.

  14. BCC says:

    He misses that 99 out of 100 times. Nice goal, but lucky.

    I know, I know . . . but he’s a world class blah blah blah. How many times have I seen top players miss these shots by five yards, ruining a good build-up.

  15. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Great Goal by an ‘American” (Just not a US International)…too bad his Dad didn’t get to see that goal, that was one for the ages.

  16. Thor says:

    What was the goalie waiting on? Not the best defending.

  17. Kevin_Amold says:

    _____ is without doubt a fine player and this was a great goal (with poor keeping as well).

  18. RLW2020 says:

    was thinking the same thing

  19. wally says:

    Touch, speed and finishing ability, all on display here. Three things we’ve not had in one striker to play for us.

  20. John says:

    Must see goal?? Gimme a break. He got to the endline and had nowhere to go so he just wailed it as hard as he could and hoped for the best. TRAITOR!! haha. Now if he was wearing the red, white, and blue, that’s an awesome goal!

  21. Bryan says:

    But the thing is he isn’t a product of America.

    He went back to Italy when he was around 12? So by all means he is an Italian product…America played little to no role in his development.

  22. scott chang says:

    Amazing goal. I wish he could be playing for USMNT, but I consider him to to a data point showing that US can and should be producing more world class players. Someone needs to let American parents know that soccer’s one of the few sports left where you can be world class (and make gazillions) and be only 5’8″ (like Rossi).

  23. fischy says:

    With today’s scuttlebutt, that’s looking like a questionable “if”. Najar is expected tp accept Honduras U20 call-up

  24. Jack says:

    Great goal.

    I also (naturally) wish that he had chosen to play for the USMNT, but I don’t necessarily think that he is a traitor. He’s said that he played for Italy because that’s something that his father, who passed away within the past couple of years, always wanted him to do. He never led anyone on about it. The US, as a nation that’s full of immigrants, is always going to have that sticky situation of where some of their soccer players are going to end up.

  25. b says:

    No, he could care less. For example, by not bothering to write a comment about it.

  26. b says:

    This video jinxed us, now Honduras are saying Andy Najar will play for them. :-/

  27. Brian S says:

    Fair point

  28. Paula says:

    Good for him.

  29. JFC says:

    i heard every time Giuseppe Rossi scores a goal an Italian-American changes his citizenship

  30. Ian says:

    I’d be excited if he were American.

  31. Pete says:

    They can have all of the Jersey Shore kids.

  32. Annelid Gustator says:

    He’s worth a lot of money, is Rossi.

  33. Jamie Z. says:


  34. Carlos says:

    Come on not all is lost. Findley would have gotten to that ball a split second earlier…& then touched it right out of bounds…so sad.

  35. Knowles says:


  36. johnnyquick says:

    no chance donovan’s was better. he was closer to the near post and had a better angle. and he was moving straight toward the goal, not toward the endline.

    the angle here is tighter and is an equally good strike.

  37. wahoo says:

    he went to maryland?

  38. TimN says:

    What was the goalie waiting on??? Really??? Rossi had NO ANGLE and got lucky. As BCC said, he misses that 99 times out of 100. On any given day, a keeper does not need to, nor should they, commit to a shot like that. He commits, then all Rossi has to do is slip it across the mouth of the goal so somebody else can tap it in, in which case the keeper looks really stupid.

  39. Sven says:

    I laughed…. and then I cried. So true

  40. Blake says:

    That’s a great Goal. But some people who post here are too bitter to acknowlege that.

  41. Gaucholic says:

    As soon as he started winding up, the goalie should have come out to cut the angle.. might have been able to get a slight touch on it.

    The goalie could have even got to the inital pass if he had been at the top of the box…

  42. adam says:

    Who says this anymore?

  43. TD says:

    Nice goal, but Rossi’s goal was just a close your eyes, close your nose and hit it like a rocket. The goalie did not definitively seal off the near post and paid a price for fractionally bad positioning. Some debate over Donovan v Rossi’s goals. Sorry, but perennial bottom feeder Espanyol in their mostly empty stadium is not the same pressure as a WC game. Donovan’s team was effectively eliminated unless they got back in the game so there was that pressure. And, the goalie had Donovan played very well. Donovan said the only place he could hit it was at his head as hard as he could and it almost blew the roof off the net. So it was well executed at big big moment. Big time players come through when it counts. They change big games and their goals are going to be regarded as better, greater, grander goals.

  44. Daniel says:

    The guy didn’t want to play for the US, so what? He is good but he wouldn’t have changed soccer in America. Same story with Hernandez in Mexico and Hugo Sanchez.

    I prefer to have a player that is proud to be American. Players that love the country and want to win. I hate it when people start speculating about good prospects becoming citizens. To be American you must want to be American.

  45. Brent McD says:


  46. TommyOC says:

    But not a callup to the senior squad…

    Which is important because he can still switch to the US side.

    I recall reading an article the other day regarding an Irish-American player. He’s played U-20 for the USA but says he won’t make his final decision until he’s had a chance to get a U-20 for Ireland as well.

    Najar could be in the same boat and just testing the waters. He could also be using the Honduran callup to simultaneously get international experience and let US Soccer know he’s playing hardball – give him an invite or risk losing him.

    On the other hand, Najar could also be keenly aware of the midfield talent we’ve got on hand for 2014. I’m sure he could crack into the American lineup by then, but unless he’s the second-coming, he won’t get any significant big-match time for us. And he might be too impatient to wait heading up a 2018 squad.

    Decisions, decisions. I’d think it’d be a natural one considering his background and which team can take him further, but I’m not a pro soccer player, so what do I know?

  47. TommyOC says:

    And Italy rewarded his loyalty with a starting spot on the WC2010 squad.

    Wait… what? They didn’t?

    Well… he played his part as an integral sub, right?

    Wait… what? He wasn’t even invited?

    One country’s eternal treasure is another country’s frequent trash. Rossi should’ve thought about that a little bit before making his decision…

  48. TommyOC says:

    A better angle? Are you kidding me?

    The Slovenian goalkeeper had to the near post locked. The far post was off-limits *precisely* due to Donovan’s closing in on the goalkeeper and that near post.

    Going around the goalkeeper was a no-go. Donovan had to raise a ball 6feet up (and no more than 8) in under 6 yards of distance to have a chance of going past the keeper. And he did precisely that. Anything else would’ve produced nothing for the US.

    Rossi, meanwhile, fired off a sharp cross/far post shot that got caught beneath the crossbar and found its way in. I’m not going to call it luck, but I’m going to say there’s a high probably that it wasn’t wholly intentional.

    Donovan’s shot, on the other hand, did exactly what he intended it to.

  49. bottlcaps says:

    Well, whenever you are that close to the goal, even if is at an angle, the goalkeeper has barely a split second to react. In this case Rossi had a defender to partially obscure the shot. Donovan was pure speed and force. The goalkeeper simply could not make a stop fast enough from that short of a distance.

    Both were great goals, but Rossi gets the edge as he was further out.

  50. Chris says:

    First I laughed, then I cried, then I laughed again, then I took a nap, then chuckled a little bit, then I ate an apple.

  51. Anderton says:

    Please. Rossi was crossing? Partly crossing? At the far post? HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry but watch it again please. I think Donovan’s shot was special, this one too. But they were both trying to take the head off of the GK and score a goal.

    And BTW, the Slovenian GK made a positioning mistake. He had 3 seconds to step out on LD, but cowered inside and behind the post instead. Rossi had about a second to shoot from first touch, was moving faster, similar angle. He was farther out, but it doesn’t really matter.

  52. Tommy says:

    Actually the phrase “I could care less” is an American idiom. That has been used in Britain in the 1950’s and has been used in America since the 1960s. We are the only English speaking country that I am aware of, that uses it.
    Like it or not, English and especially American English is an ever evolving language. Of course you can ‘Refudiate’ that if you wish.