Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: January Edition

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It might seem like the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup is still far away, but it is less than five months away, meaning it isn't too early to start thinking about the squad Bob Bradley will put together to try and regain the Gold Cup title.

The United States has won the past three Gold Cup titles where the first-choice squad was available and this year's tournament will feature America's best. It will be up to Bradley to determine which 23 players  are worthy of being selected.

You could argue that Bradley has much tougher roster decisions looming than he saw in 2007 or 2009, the other two Gold Cup tournaments Bradley coached in and won.

Will this year's team have some new blood? Of course, though it won't have as many new faces as some may be hoping for. The reality is that, for this year at least, there are some very good veterans who are up there in age, but still clearly the top options at their respective positions.

So who will make the USA Gold Cup roster? Here is our projection of the 23 players Bob Bradley will select:

PROJECTED 2011 Gold Cup Roster

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream, Jonathan Bornstein

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Ricardo Clark, Alejandro Bedoya 

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Edson Buddle, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury


Here are some thoughts on the picks:

GOALKEEPER– Sean Johnson could make way for a veteran, but it's not likely the third goalkeeper will be needed. That said, Johnson impressed enough to get 45 minutes on Saturday. Bradley could easily go with Nick Rimando instead, or perhaps bring in Marcus Hahnemann.

DEFENDERS– Jay DeMerit, Omar Gonzalez, Heath Pearce, Zach Loyd and Sean Franklin are all in the conversation, but they'll have to work hard over the next five months to break into the squad. DeMerit hasn't played since the World Cup and isn't getting any younger, while Gonzalez still needs to work on his passing. Heath Pearce could definitely break into the mix, as could Loyd, if Bornstein's run in Mexico is an unsuccessful one. So why Bornstein again? He's been called on before, and if he's playing regularly for Tigres, even if it isn't at left back, Bradley will likely turn to him. Now, if he isn't playing, and someone like Pearce or Loyd can find a nice run of form, Bornstein could be pushed aside.

MIDFIELDERS– Very tough decisions for Bradley. Sacha Kljestan, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Torres and Mixx Diskerud are all on the outside looking in. Bradley could leave behind a forward and bring another midfielder, but with five central midfielders already on the roster he would more likely add a winger. Feilhaber can play on the wing, as can Kljestan. Right now Clark is in, especially if he keeps playing regularly for Eintracht Frankfurt, but I could definitely see Kljestan getting the call because of his attacking qualities.

FORWARDS– Right now it doesn't seem like the race here is all that tough. Altidore and Agudelo should be locks, while Buddle will have to be considered if he can keep scoring goals. Bunbury is not a lock, but we'll include him here. If Bradley brings an extra midfielder, Bunbury would likely be left off. It will be VERY interesting to see what happens if Danny Mwanga secures his citizenship. If he does, he'll have to be considered a good candidate for this group. There are others on the radar, like Chris Wondolowski and Herculez Gomez, but they'll need strong showings over the next five months to make up ground.


What do you think of the squad? Which players do you think should be on the squad? Which players do you NOT want to see make the team?

Share your thoughts below.

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257 Responses to Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: January Edition

  1. babica says:

    I too would like to forget the Massacre at the Meadowlands, but Bradley did not win the 09 Gold Cup.

  2. Judging Amy says:

    I’m not really the biggest Wondo fan and I’m a big fan of Agudelo as a prospect, but I gotta think the second leading goal scorer in the league is better right now than a kid who wasn’t even a starter for his team.

    That might not be Bob’s line of thought for the Gold Cup though. He might want Juan to get the experience.

    On a side note, a healthy lineup like this looks much different and I’d say better than what we could field at the World Cup. Oh what could have been. C’est la vie.

  3. Adam says:

    Don’t know why R. Clark is in the squad just because “playing regularly for Eintracht Frankfurt”. If Edu, Bradley and Jones are in the squad, I would leave out Clark. IMO.

    (SBI-That’s a very fair point, but as you said, that’s what YOU would do. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the same, but the projection is based on what I think Bob Bradley will do, and if Clark is playing well for a good German club, he makes the team.)

  4. Murphy says:

    Good roster choices I think. I’d hope they could replace Clark with someone else though.

    Also, I don’t know how long this tournament is, but I would think it might be better to just bring in Hahnemann as the 3rd keeper so Johnson can keep playing for Chicago. I do like Johnson though–if it was a World Cup or the Confederations Cup I think he would definitely have a shot at the 3rd string job.

  5. Bryan says:

    Anyone know whats been going on with CD9? Haven’t heard any news about him in a while.

  6. twhite1221 says:

    +1…that match was brutal to watch

  7. Ryan says:

    Why is Clark in? Playing or not playing, he isn’t as good an option as Jones, Edu, or Bradley. Do you think Bradley will look at having four defensive midfielders and only one creative center mid in the bunch? I’d say Feilhaber gets the nod, especially if he can find a move to a better club.

    (SBI-Very fair points about having too many defensive midfielders, but if Clark can also play centerback that versatility is pretty valuable. And as I’ve stated earlier, this is the squad I think Bob Bradley takes. You can argue all you want but I don’t think you can argue that Bradley would bring Clark if he’s playing well in the Bundesliga.)

  8. Brad says:

    Could Mwanga get his citizenship that fast? The danger with Bornstein playing in Mexico is that the Mexican players are now learning he’s the Achilles Heel of the USA defense!! (half joking)

  9. Jesse says:

    It’s unfortunate that Feilhaber is on the outside looking in, because the boost he provided off the bench in the World Cup was noticeable even for the untrained soccer eye. And you see flashes from Torres sometimes, like in the second half of the Turkey game…

    I could see Bradley rolling with only three attackers and adding another midfielder, like you said a guy like Kljestan who can push the ball forwards.

  10. Judging Amy says:

    Playing for reserves. Reports say he’s not back to previous form (obviously). Sochaux’s current starting forwards are playing very well.

    I don’t think he’s anywhere near being back to pre-accident Charlie. Jury’s still out on whether he ever will be.

  11. kimo says:


    Looks like a solid prediction.

    1) Since we are stacked at midfield, any chance Jones could be moved to LB?

    2) Clark has been starting as a CB. I think his days of playing MF for the Nats are going to be few and far between. How has he looked as a CB? Could he slot in if needed?

  12. Union Guy says:

    “first choice squad” wasn’t there for that tournament. Mexico beat up on our “B” team (if it was even that).

  13. GSScasual says:


  14. Brad says:

    Jones is out best defensive midfielder, leave him there I say…

  15. Judging Amy says:

    True Ives. And I think its a very defensible move by Bob considering most of the other options aren’t getting regular PT or are in leagues that aren’t near the quality of Bundesliga.

  16. WK says:

    I like it- need to bring all or most of the big guns to insure success.

  17. adub says:

    hey anybody got a good english link for the Chelsea vs Bolton game ????

  18. McBreezy20 says:

    Clark? ahahahah. And Agudelo wont be able to handle the pressure

  19. Brad says: says it’s on…

  20. Drew says:

    Bunbury and Agudelo looked GREAT last night. Hopefully they are both around a lot more in the future. I LIKE THAT BOONBOOREE!

  21. GSScasual says:

    handle the pressure??? we’ve got an RB hater here… Obviously you havent seen his composure in the last 2 nats matches or the playoff games…. Educate yourself

  22. anon says:

    Defenders: What about Zak Whitbread? A centerback playing regularly at the top of the English Championship should not be ignored. He’s got to be better than Ream at this point in time, and should be quickly brought into the picture. Ream should develop with the Red Bulls, and see where he stands a year from now.

    I also would bring Pearce over Bornstein, just my preference.

    Midfielders: Please no Clark and Bedoya. We already have 3 DM’s, we don’t need any more. Bedoya hasn’t really impressed me yet, I’m not sure he’s the explosive attacking player we all thought he would be. I’d prefer Diskeruud and Kljestan at the moment, with Torres and Feilhaber waiting in the wings.

    I also don’t think we should cast Beasley to the trash-heap so casually. If he gets healthy and continues to get significant sub minutes for Hannover, he deserves a spot on the Gold Cup squad, especially over Bedoya.

  23. Brad says:

    Ives, love you to death bro, but this is a swing and a miss. Bob will not go with Bedoya over Benny. Rico is not going. And i bet only Teal makes it. Ream is not ready, esp considering that Edu will see some CB time. Boccanegra is way safer at CB. We will drop strikers for outside mids. I just dont see Bob going w/ so much youth in a gold cup that really means something.

    (SBI-We shall see. Writing off Clark and Ream five months before the tournament? Come on now. And Ream is as ready as most of the other CBs available. I’m definitely up for a friendly wager on Ream making the team if you’re up for it. I’d also bet you on Agudelo making it before Bunbury. Any time you want. Ha ha)

  24. wilyboy says:

    I’d definitely take Mix over Clark. We already have Edu, Bradley, and Jones, his days should be over. Mix seems like the kind of player you throw on at the end to strike a little fear into tired defenders.

  25. RLW2020 says:

    is there any consideration for the MLS team who might need Johnson/Rimando as a starting GK more than the US using him as a third string keeper? take Hahnmann for this one instead of messing up a MLS playoff run for a player who won’t make an impact on the team.

    of course this would not apply to a player like Bunbury, Ream or Agudelo who are much more likely to find playing time.

  26. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Didn’t start for his team, true, but he was behind two guys named Thierry Henry and Juan Pablo Angel in the depth chart. I think he would have gotten more minutes playing for just about any other team.

    Also, when a guy is that young he can progress very quickly as a player – he may not be the same player now as he was even six months ago. It feels like Agudelo is on a sharp upwards trajectory at the moment. He brings an aggressive confident quality that USMNT has lacked since Donovan played up top. We can’t get ahead of ourselves, but I’ve got a good feeling about this kid.

  27. babica says:

    That doesn’t change the fact that Ives’ third paragraph is incorrect.

    Or that it was an ugly brutal game that I would rather forget.

  28. USA says:

    The Chile friendly was fun but we gotta see more of what these forwards can do in March, April, and May before we get a clearer picture of who should be on the roster for this June tournament.

    At this point, I would disagree with you putting Agudelo over Gomez/Wondo/Bunbury… I think those 3 are ahead of him. A lot can change for a 17 year old prospect in 6 months though so we will see.

    (SBI-A roster isn’t just a collection of who are the best players at each position, a coach also has to build a team. Agudelo brings a unique skill set that no other current American striker brings. For that reason I’d put him on ahead of any of the forwards mentioned above.)

  29. luis.. says:

    what are the chances davies makes it back on time?

  30. mikeandike says:

    could this be the best and deepest US roster in at least 8 years?

    Howard in goal, WC vet, 7+years in EPL…

    on Defense everyone but Lichaj is getting consistent playing time right now…6 WC vets and 2 promising youngsters

    a central midfield stuffed with Premiership and Bendesliga starters… flanked by Dempsey (top 15 EPL scorer) and Donovan

    and at forward…. well… at least they’re “young” and “full of promise”

    too bad WC wasn’t in 2011 :-)

  31. kimo says:


    No doubt. I was just thinking if we want to get our best 11 on the field … is moving Jones to LB a viable option?

  32. RLW2020 says:

    can’t wait to see (hopefully vs. Egypt, Paraguay and Argentina) how Bunbury and/or Agudelo works with Altidore and Dempsey. I have a feeling that Bunbury will be the better short term option.

  33. I think Rimando will easily be picked over Johnson. Clark? Don’t think so. And Altidore shouldn’t be called up due to his scoring drought.

  34. Jose says:

    Ives, any thought on whether Charlie Davies will go in the Gold Cup?

  35. Kol says:

    I think Holden is going to have to play winger even though he’s better than Bradley and Jones currently…

    with a formation of


    Or we can just play


    which would most likely work better than having Altidore on the pitch(I’ve defended Altidore numerous times but he has to turn into a finisher)

  36. Brad says:

    what’s more viable I think is that we change to a 4-2-3-1, with Jones and Bradley as defensive mids and attackers in front of them, Donovan, Holden, Dempsey, Altidore…

  37. Jack says:

    Looks solid. I wonder, though, what Spector is going to look like at R or LB. He hasn’t been playing either position really at all this season. Particularly with Lichaj now in the mix, I’m not sure what Spector’s place with the NT will now be.

  38. Matt says:

    I don’t ever want to see Ricardo Clark on the team again after what happened at the World Cup. It is not just holding a grudge either, hes below average and has had momentary flashes of skill. There is no need for him with Edu, Jones, and Bradley all playing in quality leagues

  39. Captain Obvious says:

    I do not think that is even close to a viable option. He is NOT a left back. Why would you want to play him there?

  40. Rory says:

    Don’t forget, one appearance for one minute by a Mwanga, Diskerud, or a Bunbery means they’re tied to the US forever (as this is a FIFA Sanctioned Tournament).

  41. Captain Obvious says:

    At this point, if he is even at 100 percent he needs to PROVE he belongs with the group at all.

  42. Micah King says:

    No way he will take Bedoya over Benny you are crazy. Bedoya is horrible I was the first to say he was everyone thought he was so good and the future of US soccer and is a explosive player. After the Chili game everyone saw what I was talking about. He is horrible I am tired of seeing him flop around on the field he is lost in play he cannot hold the ball to save his life. No BEDOYA!!!!! Benny all day.

  43. Captain Obvious says:

    Stu Holden is not better than Jones or Bradley in ANY universe. Be serious.

  44. Adam M. says:

    The big question isn’t who makes the back of the bench. Its who starts when you have LD, Clint, Edu, Holden, Jones and Bradley all making good cases. Its the 4-4-2 vs. the 4-2-3-1. Its Altidore alone v. Teal/Juan (Juanbury?) Can Bob Bradley press the right buttons? We have the players.

  45. Artie says:

    If Ricardo Clark makes the team, I’m moving to Canada.

  46. Rory says:

    The standard of defending in the Mexican league has never impressed me, so maybe he will fit right in!

  47. bob says:

    What no Eddie Johnson!!!!

    I kid, I kid.

    But really if Eddie Johnson had never played on the MNT everyone would be give him a shot he plays for Fulham.

  48. adub says:

    Drogba with an amazing strike…. he would be crazy if he goes to REal Madrid

  49. one_2_eight_5_two says:

    No Bedoya, no Bornstein, no Clark. Absolutely not. We’ve got depth. Who needs those stiffs? Zach Loyd has a pulse and at least one foot, so he’s already a better LB option than Bornstein. WC 2010 is done. We’re not getting anywhere with these guys. It’s time to clean house. And no Benny either. Doesn’t the guy play in the Danish minor league? How is that better than MLS? How is that better than NASL?

  50. BSU SC says:

    Beasley has not been playing at all for Hannover 96. He’s completely off the radar.

  51. Edwin says:

    I hadn’t thought about it like that with respects to Sean Johnson, but he does need to be brought on for the future, he could have an opportunity to fight for the #1 Spot after 2014 full time basis with Guzan.

    Maybe we can bring along someone like Zac McMath? He will be a back up for Philly?
    I’m not sure Rimando would be such a problem for RSL? But Johnson might be crucial for Chicago, but hey is one of those little disadvantages of all the pros and cons of having the MLS schedule the way we have it?

  52. Second City says:

    You lost me on “Jones” & “moved to LB”.

  53. Royals in 208 says:

    After the Chile friendly, I’m hoping Loyd earns a spot. No more Clark please.

  54. Second City says:

    If the “ahahahah” didn’t give it away, this cool guy is liking just trolling.

  55. Drew says:

    There isn’t.

  56. Kol says:

    the ball went both ways and dipped

    pretty sick

  57. Peter says:

    This is the Gold Cup not the Copa American so for pressure I don’t think that will be a problem. The only big game is vs Mexico and maybe Costa Rica, and I doubt Juan gets in either of those games.

  58. Edwin says:

    Look I had no problem with bringing Herculez to the WC, he got hot at the right time with Puebla, like Buddle did with LA but he’s not starting at Pachuca, lets see how he does because he’s not scoring the way he was as a super sub for Puebla! So no a back up in Mexico getting 20 minutes at BEST on average if that is not better than Agudelo right now who scored in SA, did great in playoffs hit the post a few times in a “Pressure situationg you are worried about” and now drew the PK.
    Bunburry I could see how it would worry you, but you saw what he AND Agudelo bring? He also has pace, if he keeps improving with better service in KC, he’s in.
    Buddle has remained at same level, lets see if he keeps scoring in Germany. But Gomez is out right now, Wondo showed some good efforts and I guess it would only be fair to see him with better talent like we want to seee the kids but I have a feeling he’s not going to be scoring like before now that he’s known for it

  59. Second City says:

    Country over club, for my money.

    Considering how turbulent this upcoming season may be for my club, I’d still happily utilize Jon Conway in place of an absent & developing GK for our country, in Johnson, so he can retain some valuable experience.

  60. Mattmatumbo says:

    Borchers doesn’t have a shot then, eh?

  61. ThaDeuce says:

    Ives, you made a mistake listing Spector as a defender. He is clearly a central midfielder now : )

  62. Dinho says:

    Who else would you take in Altidore’s spot? Casey? EJ? Come on, it’s slim pickins buddy.

  63. Dinho says:

    I think Holden is better than Michael Bradley. And, I am serious.

  64. Second City says:

    I hear they have an awesome national team to support, once you move.

  65. Edwin says:

    More like top 10? He’s tied with a bunch of people 7th I think at 8th, the 6th spot is also a bunch of guys tied at 9, then there’s some 10, and 11 Andrew Caroll, Tevez 14 and Berbatov at 17

    I think you’re right, some great players like Torres, Franklin, DeMeritt, Alston could be left out or good promising ones like AJ de La Garza, Loyd, Shea, Cameron, Mwanga, etc etc

  66. GSScasual says:

    LOL good one… voted best premier league player a few weeks ago on a top 10 team… get real..

  67. Louis Z says:

    you will never see Bunbury/agudelo play with Altidore, it will be them or neither of them starting. if we go with a 4-2-3-1 you won’t see the youngsters anytime soon. Now, if Josie doesn’t start producing, I would like to see Dempsey on top with Agudelo being the left mid :-) I believe that is where he is playing for the NATS U20

  68. Second City says:

    Good ol’ Jozy and his “cantbend-kneeitis” pre-game photos.

    (SBI-Don’t know why but that made me laugh. Thanks. LOL)

  69. Dinho says:

    Good call! I like Bunbury and Mixx for the future. Give them a run and cap-tie them!

    I’m not holding my breath on Mwanga, as I don’t carry much faith in US Soccer’s clout and ability to speed up the process.

  70. dinho says:

    is that a serious comment?

  71. GSScasual says:

    Bon Voyage!

  72. Edwin says:

    Right, because so many other forwards have scored for the US in the last year and a half right?

    I mean before Bunbury vs a Chile B team and Agudelo vs South Africa in the Nelson Mandela Cup friendly Altidore is the only foward that has scored for the US who plays regularly?

    Buddle and Findley got some goals vs Australia and I think Gomez vs Czech Republic but those 3 were newcomers. Before that I don’t think it was a forward who scored on Holland when Holden got his leg broken, Ching is no longer part of the team scored vs El Salvador in Feb 2010 and Goodsen vs Honduras loss a year ago.

    Altidore is it, he is playing for the 3rd best team in La Liga the last 3 seasons and they are STACKD with great FWs, he’s getting Europa, Cup and La Liga minutes, yeah he hasn’t scored but he’s improving his touch which is HUGE for him, he’s a must, remember LD’s big goal or Bradley’s tying goal, go back and look who set up both?

  73. ThaDeuce says:

    Also, “Feilhaber can play on the wing as can Kljestan,” should have read “Feilhaber can play on the wing.”

    : )

  74. anon says:

    Let’s not forget Casey and Cooper – will be interested to see how both start the MLS season. Either could sneak onto the Gold Cup squad.

    As for defenders, there’s always Parkhurst if we need a utility guy (right or centerback).

    Freddy Adu anybody? 😉 He made the last Gold Cup Squad…before he left to “train” with Benfica. Guess that didn’t turn out so well.

  75. adub says:

    IMO we want to win the Gold cup… so while the WC roster may not have won in SA. i think that team is good enough to be champs of NA

  76. jim in Atlanta says:

    he is our only experience forward. You couldn’t possibly be serious with this post!?

  77. ThaDeuce says:

    “On a side note, a healthy lineup like this looks much different and I’d say better than what we could field at the World Cup.” Time makes a huge difference….
    Bedoya > Beasley, we know this now.
    Jones > Torres
    Holden now > Holden then
    Spector now > Spector then
    Agudelo > Findley
    Buddle now > Buddle then
    Lichaj > Bornstein
    Edu > Clark, we now have proof

    The only downside
    Demeritt then > Demeritt or any other replacement now…. This is kind of a biggie…. He was integral to our team.

  78. EMF says:

    The recent Bedoya disdain on here is interesting. He didn’t have a seller game v Chile, but he has attacking skill and verve on the wing and is a rising club commodity. Ives roster is spot-on in my opinion of what Bob would bring at this point. Clark over a more attacking option like Benny is debatable, but he’ll have a shot to earn that place over the next few months. I, for one, am very excited about this group.

  79. jim in Atlanta says:

    Your a clown if you think loyd deserves a spot over bedoya. Bedoya is good, far from a stiff. He didn’t see a lot of the in the first half but in the second with the subs who knew how to pass and move and create triangles you saw his talent. He was good vs. the netherlands how is he all of a sudden a stiff. it’s people like you I can’t stand. always trying to sack players for one or two bad or just sub par performances. Your the reason teams make bad trades in sports and sign the wrong players. when some smart guys decides to make you GM of a team and you listen to fans or try to create your fantasy of what a perfect team is, when you clearly are incapable or determining the potential or talent of players. It’s just who you like and who you don’t. You putting Bedoya in the same sentence with Bornstein and Clark proves this.

  80. For those that are watching Bundesliga, Rico Clark is playing central defense for Eintracht Frankfurt and is doing very well in that position. I’d rather see him than Edu back with Gooch. Talking about Gooch, he’s lost a lot of weight and seems a bit nimbler (he’s playing left back for Twente). NO MO HATIN’ ON GOOCH!!! He’s ballin’, give it up.

    So, my back four would be Boca, Onyewu, Clark, and Dolo. I’d like to see Lichaj, but Houllier’s not even dressing him after last performance. Spector’s been ballin’ recently in midfield. He’s not a natural winger, but I could see him in central defense next to Gooch. Goodson’s a good second/third string option.


  81. ACS says:

    Najar and Mwanga are both elgible this year to get their citizenship.

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    Why bring him when by the end of the World Cup it was deemed a huge and regrettable mistake to start Rico over Edu, which is why Edu subbed in very early. Now with the potential to not even start Edu, then Edu becomes cover for Jones/Bradley/Holden as well as the other guy who doesn’t start out of those 3….Also add the fact that Spector, who is forced to play right back as he is one of our only options, can also cover highly effectively in the center, and we have 5 highly skilled central midfielders without Clark, 4 who are definitely better than he is, and 1 who is debatably better.

    If Bob has to have 5 pure central defenders, some for cover and substitution, then why choose Clark over Feilhaber and Torres, who bring something different off the bench and can provide that creative spark later in the game.

    I think Bob had to have learned his lesson in the WC, and must know it is time to move forward with the position. It would be hardly controversial to move on.

  83. ThaDeuce says:

    central defenders = central midfielders.. ahhhh

    and with our current depth, it would hardly be controversial to move on….

  84. USA says:

    re: Ives “unique skill set”: we brought Findley to WC2010 b/c even though he was weaker than other strikers overall, he had a “unique skill set.” It was by all accounts an abysmal failure. Granted, Agudelo’s skills appear to be way better than Findley’s.

    re: Herculez: I think Herc’s performance in the FMF, which is stronger than MLS, is more impressive than what Agudelo or Bunbury have done so far. Herc also hit the post with a rifled shot in his limited minutes in SA2010.

  85. ThaDeuce says:

    Also, I often just got the feeling that the only reason Bob started Rico was that he had the opinion that Clark paired better with Bradley, who was deemed the player to build around…. Now we can push all that chemistry and type of reasoning out the window… Especially since we have Jones and the emergence of Holden and Spector.

  86. Freegle says:

    Just as another note on the Rico thing… With Spector playing admirably in a central MF role at West Ham right now, it further undermines the need for another “holding/defensive” MF. Sacha (who I dont particularly like ) or Mmix (who I like in 2-3 years)would be better to have another attacking type player coming off the bench.

  87. Jose says:

    Spector Edu and Clark are very similar they can play in the middle or at back, so why no pick 1 or 2.

    I see hard to get Bunbury, dempsey could play as target foward if jozy isnt working.

    What about convey for Lb

    (sry for my english)

  88. ACS says:

    I probably pick Najar over Bedoya, he is also up for citizenship this year but not for sure whether it will be at the beginning of the year or the end. Tim Chandler? A possibility?

  89. Nick says:

    C’mon this is the team we need to take.

    MF – Torres, Clark, Edu, Beasley,
    MF – Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Beckerman, Rogers
    MF – McCarty, Diskerud, Bedoya, Holden, Kljestan, Feilhaber
    MF – Spector, Shea, Gaven,

  90. ACS says:

    Although I think Najar and Mwanga would be excellent for the Olympics in 2012, don’t know if they can both get their citizenship in time for the gold cup or U20’s.

  91. Edwin says:

    I think Ives brought this up because there’s a rumor that Mwanga might be getting his Citizenship this summer! He’s been a US Permanent Resident for about 2 1/2 years for sure but part of the rumor is that is more like 3 1/2.

    If this is true and he gets his Citizenship before the early June tournament start, i can see him being a great possibility, for sure vs the Concacaf teams in WCQ qualifying after the Gold Cup! He would give us pace and strenght up top to deal with some of the Caribbean teams or Honduras & Costa Rica?

  92. Lorenzo says:

    Yes, but Sochaux said they thought a loan for Charlie would be good, I think that is what Bryan is interested to hear about.

  93. StevenG says:

    Edu? Is the SPL really so much better than MLS? Its not like he is playing Celtic every week.

  94. Lorenzo says:

    Mwanga, since when is Najar? I thought his situation was a mystery and that he was probably close (he’ll have it before 20), but not really close (anytime soon)

  95. bob says:

    apples and oranges

    Holden is an attacking minded player MB is a defensive player. Can’t say one is better than the other.

  96. Pat says:

    I wonder if Charlie Davies will ever be able to work his way back into the USMNT picture

  97. JCC says:

    Absolutely agree! It takes a lot of talent to look terrible playing against a bowl of Chilli.

  98. BellusLudas says:

    IMHO…Mixx for Clark and Lloyd for Bornstien.

  99. fischy says:

    Well — if CLark is playing regularly…at centerback,…and playing well, I think he would merit consideration at that position. I would probably take him over Ream at that position. This would open up a midfield slot. If Feilhaber is playing somewhere and playing well, I’d guess he’d be a lock for the slot, but Diskerud or even McCarty might sneak in otherwise.

    As for goalies — I’d be surprised if Johnson went to the tournament. This camp was more an audition for the Olympics side. I’m sure Rimando is much more in Bradley’s plans for the Gold Cup (assuming Hahnemann is retired).

  100. KFree says:

    i think ives is pretty spot on. my only quibble is i believe benny would get the nod over bedoya on the 23 man roster. bedoya would be on the bubble along with diskerud. between benny and bedoya, what has changed since the world cup that would have bedoya get the nod? benny has looked good with senior A team, while bedoya has been sorta inconsistent with the A/B teams. both play regularly, while benny is in the second division, he definitely is a standout, which is what should happen when playing at that tier. lastly, i think he would challenge for starting roll or super-sub minutes, while bedoya would be more like insurance.

  101. Jon says:

    Yes but Edu also provides that versatility to play center back. Seems kinda useless when the roster will most likely have 3-4 center backs. Including a creative mid like Feilhaber makes more sense to me. But hey, the USMNT landscape can change every month so what the heck.

  102. one_2_eight_5_two says:

    Hi Jim, in Atlanta. I can’t stand people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re. You have no business even thinking about replying to my comments, moron.

  103. Mat says:

    I don’t think Bedoya will be there. I’d put Spector in his place in the roster as a midfielder, since he his clearly better there than in the back. I think his recent performances at West Ham prove that he his skills are much better suited as an attacking midfielder, since that’s where his best skill, crossing is best used.

    That opens a spot in defense where I’d add another CB, probably Gonzales.

    Lastly, for the strike force, I think that’s pretty much what we’ll see, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Findley gets in should he score a few in the Coca Cola league.

    (SBI-How would replacing one of the few wingers on the roster with a fifth defensive midfielder make sense? Spector is going as a defender and Bedoya goes because he’s the best young winger in the pool.)

  104. Joe says:





  105. babbalicious says:

    Ives, i assume in this list of bob’s potentials boca is the left back with goodson and gooch in the middle and dolo on the right. That being the case lets hope bob gets rid of clark(edu is more likely to play cb if we have an emergency than rico). that allows him to bring someone with an offensive pulse(mix, benny, maybe even torres) spector can always move in midfield if needed. the fact that we actually have a little bit of flexibility hopefully leads him to bringing a few more attack minded mids instead of clark.

    I like your roster with these exceptions:

    -no borstein(bring any possible young lb and get them in the team. Loyd may not be the answer but I’d like to give him a chance before borstein. he will never be the answer.

    -no clark(mix or benny instead)

    -last and most importantly, NO BORSTEIN! I know i stated it twice but it cant be stated enough.

  106. Mat says:

    Given his current form, you can’t have Holden not starting. He’s arguably our best midfield player when healthy right now (selected for EPL best 11 after the first half is quite a feat).
    I like the lineup, but perhaps I’d tweak it this way:


  107. fischy says:

    Holden is looking silly chasing Anelka around the box. I love Stu on the ball, but his defensive instincts stink. He’s got a lot to learn on that end.

  108. Mat says:

    to SBI – Well that’s just the thing. Spector is NOT a defender in my opinion. His best play in the EPL has been when he has started in the midfield, either at offensive midfield, like the game last weekend when he scored, or as a two-way midfielder, when he scored a brace vs Man U.

    In my book, Spector is a midfielder and because he has EPL experience is a league above Bedoya, who is OK, but we have better options in the midfield.

    (SBI-I really don’t think you read my response. Spector has had some nice games at a new position, but it’s a position that is EXTREMELY deep for the national team. Jones, Bradley, Edu and Holden are ALL better options in central midfield. Bedoya can play as a left or right winger and, in case you haven’t noticed, there just aren’t a bunch of good wingers. Once you get past Donovan, Dempsey and Holden, you really run low on options to play out wide. THAT is why it really isn’t a discussion of Spector over Bedoya. Is that a better explanation?)

  109. SdbransonUSA says:

    That was definitely a nice honor and I like the guy, but I’m pretty sure that resulted from a fan poll that was ballot-stuffed by Bolton supporters. “Get real” if you can’t find at least 1 better MF than Holden on at least 10 different Premier League teams (I can think of another American that plays for Fulham for starters).

  110. Mat says:

    And before I get bashed for not starting Bradley, in my opinion, he and Jones are similar, and I feel Jones > Bradley, so Bradley sits.

  111. Rob says:

    Doing well in champions league is way better then the MLS.

  112. John says:


    Given that about every third post here is expressing varying degrees of outrage over the inclusion of Rico Clark, why not do a full feature on the most hated of Nats? Dig back and remind us how he got into the mix in the first place, and give some reasoning why Bradley sticks with him in the face of some pretty bad mistakes in big games.

  113. Alex G says:

    come on Ives!!! Ricardo Clark???, I totally disagree with your choice for this player, bring Diskerud or someone else with more idea, I like the rest of the roster though…

  114. BK says:

    Assuming Dempsey and Donovan are deployed on the wings, this roster doesn’t provide much cover on the flanks, especially the left. Benny, despite some inconsistencies, has shown he can make an impact at the international level on the wing, as he did at the WC. Not sure Bedoya is there yet. Clark not needed.

  115. ga-gone says:

    Altidore is the only guy left who is viable and can hold up the ball. Unless you’re proposing leaving him off in favor of Brian Ching or Conor Casey.

  116. Dinho says:

    Tell that to BB and MB, both of them think MB is an attacking midfielder.

    And, I disagree. Holden is better, all around.

  117. ga-gone says:

    This is a great idea, actually.

  118. Brian says:

    Ives, I don’t know how you can leave off Benny Feilhaber especially after how he played in the World Cup. No one else in the pool can bring what he brings offensively as a super sub. I understand he’s playing in the 2nd division of Denmark, but what’s the point of bring Bradley, Jones, Edu AND Clark? All of them more or less bring the same qualities (Clark less so than the others).

    If Clark goes then I see him going as a Center back.

    (SBI-The Benny as one of the central midfielders argument is a good one. Valid points, but we shall see. Things can obviously change, and I’ll be tracking it month to month. I just find it tough to imagine Bob Bradley leaving behind Ricardo Clark if he’s playing well in the Bundesliga. Maybe he brings an extra midfielder and brings Benny instead of Bunbury/Findley/Wondolowski, maybe he brings Jones/Edu/Bradley/Clark and gives Edu and Clark looks defensively. It’s a good discussion to have, which is the point of the post.)

  119. Mat says:

    Specs is a little different than Jones Bradley or Edu in the sense that he could play on the wings, or at least in a less axial position, as this takes advantage of his best skill, crossing.
    My feeling is Spector has more to bring to the offense than Bedoya – I know it sounds crazy to read that, but I can’t argue with what Specs has shown when playing in an advanced spot on the field in the EPL (from the clips I saw it seemed he has right winger in his last EPL game).
    I think our disagreement is that you believe we need “pure wingers” such as Bedoya whereas I don’t think we really do (we did pretty well in the Confed Cup and WC with our current lot of midfielders): right now Bedoya seems quite mediocre to me.
    So I’ll have to respectfully disagree.
    If I’m looking for on offensive roster spot, I’d take Mix rather than Bedoya for instance.

  120. Mat says:

    And BTW, I did misread your first reply: didn’t see “defensive midfielder”… Ah that’s what happens when you do this at work between 2 Excel spreadsheets!!!

  121. GSScasual says:

    Bolton dosent have as many fans as Tottenham, and the have Modric. It was voted by critics, and the criteria was match ratings…

  122. ACS says:

    Najar got his green card in 2006 when he was 13, he is eligible this year, his 5th year of having his green card

  123. syght says:

    Bedoya should be on the squad. Promising young talent and we need wingers. I definitely leave Rico Clark home UNLESS he proves to be a solid solid CB option (doubt it). If not, skip Rico and bring in Mixx. I’d like to see Loyd get some more burn in the upcoming friendlies to see if he can supplant Bornstein. Otherwise I’m good with the squad.

    I also like the 4-2-3-1. Start Jozy and then you can sub Bunbury up top, sub for Holden (if necessary), move Dempsey to the CAM behind Bunbury and put Agudelo out on the wing where Dempsey was…Maybe. I agree though, I’d love to see Agudelo (and Bunbury, if possible) with LD/Deuce/Holden. Could be dangerous if they can develop some chemistry.

  124. Lisa NYC says:

    What about the NYRB? We are going to get decimated by the Gold Cup: Rafa Marquez (Mexico), Roy Miller (Costa Rico), Dane Richards (Jamaica), Ream, Agudelo (USA! USA!). It’s not 10, but it’s at least 4 starters and one potential.

  125. Nb5 says:

    I was wondering the same thing about Mwanga. He’s been living in the States for quite a few years, but I remember reading something a few months back that said he was still a few years away.

  126. Brian says:

    I believe Teal Bunbury can’t play for the USMNT in the Gold Cup, until he gets his paperwork with FIFA sorted. He has an official youth cap with Canada, so therefore for him to play in an official match for the USMNT (Gold Cup, World Cup qualifiers, etc.) he has to apply for his one time switch with FIFA.

    If he hasn’t done it already, he needs to get on it because if I remember correctly it takes quite a while. I remember Jones and Castillo had to wait several months.

    Ives, do you have insight on this?

  127. ACS says:






  128. Mat says:

    For all the Rico bashers, though we does conjure some bad memories for US fans for his poor WC, he is seeing playing time in the first Division in Germany, and could be a useful player coming off the bench to preserve a lead for example. The mistake in the WC was to start him, really. But off the bench he can be valuable late in a game.
    Ahh… the worst 2 mistakes in the WC: starting Clark instead of Edu, starting Findley instead of Buddle. Had we done the opposite… ahh… regrets…

  129. A.S. says:

    Has Bedoya done anything at all in a USMNT shirt? Ever?

    I can’t think of one game in which he was even mediocre. He has been bad every time I’ve ever seen him play. Maybe he really is promising, but I’ve seen no evidence of it. I’d leave him out.

  130. martha c says:

    You know Bradley will include Findley out of pure stubbornness. Prob EJ too. I’m surpised more people arent clamoring for CD9.
    I guess maybe people are getting realistic about the fact he’ll never regain his form.

  131. Dainja says:

    Good roster, except I say

    -drop Spector (you only need to bring seven defenders with Edu on the roster, and Spector is really only playing midfield lately for club)

    -drop Clark since he has only been playing center d lately and wasn’t good for us in mid anyway.

    then bring Benny F and Mix in their places (at the very least, to cap tie Mix and give him some experience for the future)

  132. Garrison says:

    Omar Gonzales is better than Tim Ream. Better ball winner, better in the air, better at Man marking! Omar should be in the mix of central defenders.

    Feilhaber is better than Ricardo Clarke.Ricardo Clark is not skilled enough to be a good international player

  133. Kol says:

    I think it was done by the readers but not sure.

    Anyways, Bolton just got beat up 4-0 by Chelsea and Holden got named Sponsor’s MOTM. Guessing it had to be a Bolton player? Not sure.
    Found it from a reporter on his twitter.

    The sponsor’s man of the match is Bolton’s Stuart Holden. Chelsea fans sig: “Man of the match – you’re having a laugh!”

    link to

  134. John says:

    Spector should be tried at forward instead of…anyone playing thay position now. He can score. We seem to have forwards who cannot score. Spector started out as a forward until MU messed him up.

  135. Kevin_amold says:

    Agreed on Feilhaber. I have him in. He was lively in SA.

  136. aristophanes says:

    if bradley played for sunderland, I bet your opinion would change.

  137. The Dude says:

    My thoughts exactly. I doubt Clark and Bornstein get the call. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bedoya gets dropped, too.

  138. Morning Train says:

    your funny

  139. Juan from L.A. says:

    GOALIES: Why insist in Brad Guzan…he is barely playing and there are better goalies right now than him who are regularly playing…I would take Rimando

    DEFENDERS: I agree I was impressed with Zach Loyd and I would take him over Lichaj as a leftback alternative and continue with that experiment.

    MIDFIELDERS: I agree for the most part but instead of Clark I would take Mix

    FORWARDS: I 100% agree.

  140. Kevin_Amnold says:

    Bedoya is still an unknown. He had a decent game against Holland……and that’s about it. He was pretty anonymous against Chile, didn’t look that great in other friendlies, did he?

    I don’t see any benefit to bringing Bedoya over Feilhaber.

  141. Justin says:

    Move Spector to midfield, add Mix and subtract Buddle, and you have what my list.

  142. soccerroo says:

    possibly because we have no left back and people are thinking outside the box to get the best players on the field and see who best fills that weak spot.

    That is not to say that I agree with him there but we need someone better than borstein and as Carlos ages he might not be the best option to push over there.

  143. ACS says:

    Mwanga is on the 4 year track because of political asylum or something like that so he will be able to apply this year.

  144. ACS says:

    Guzan is loaned out to Hull and therefore starting every week.

  145. Brian says:

    Guzan is on loan with Hull City now and starting.

    And I was impressed with Loyd as well, but Lichaj is certainly better

  146. Brian says:

    I thought Mix was pretty good against Chile, but there seems to be too much hype. I’d still take Feilhaber over him, even if he doesn’t find a new team.

  147. ACS says:

    good call

  148. Isaac says:

    I’m really going against the grain on this one, but I actually consider Diskerud better than Bedoya. Bedoya seems to have above average, unhoned technical quality that is really only boosted by somewhat good pace and stamina. Diskerud seems creative, skillful, composed, and comfortable channeling the attack. He was certainly better last night than Bedoya.

    As far as Ricardo Clark’s inclusion, I don’t think there really is a need for three defensive midfielder. I don’t disagree that Clark’s in good form, but I think a third defensive midfielder is very excess. Torres not being there also boosts the need for an attacking midfielder like Feilhaber, who is at least getting minutes and doing well.

  149. bizzy says:

    Jonathan Sector is a midfielder and should be used as such. He’s just not a LB, depth or not. Scoring goals at the EPL level should back that up. Simply remove Ritardo Clark (has Eintracht Frankfurt won a game since he started playing?)

    Sasha Kljestan deserves a call up. He is a regular starter with Anderlecht in Belgium and who knows, he might have improved since the last time we saw him.

    Zak Whitbread deserves a call up. He plays regularly for English Championship side Norwich City.

    At least most people back it up that Bedoya, playing with quality around him can deliver.

    Why are we shoning Frank Simek with Carlisle United?? Simek came on during the CONCACAF Gold Cup final against Mexico when Jonathan Spector collided heads with Andrés Guardado!!!! We won that match by the way…He’s in form and a regular starter

    Tim Ream is a good player for MLS but doesnt have the fast pace skills yet for the USMNT. He’s a prospect and asset for the future world cup team….no the right here and right now.

    We got only the Egypt and Argentina games to find the right fit…I hope are coaching staff are up to it.

  150. nbluck89 says:

    Can anyone verify that Clark is indeed starting at centerback for Frankfurt lately??

  151. Kol says:

    Mix is looking very appealing as a starter/super sub for the next WC

    He’s barely 20 and he has a lot of quality that should shine in the next 3-4years

    I’m betting on him easily making the squad for the 2014 WC.

    So bring Mix on and move Dempsey or Donavon uptop, Holden out wide.

    When it comes to young players, you always have to look for flashes of talent because their confidence is going to be up and down which will affect their mental state and their game accordingly. I’m jumping on that Mix bandwagon right now

  152. Brad says:

    Mwanga we definitely need as a forward, Najar might have a tough decision based on how stacked the USMNT midfield is. Unless Najar is that good, I haven’t seen him play…

  153. Lost in Space says:

    Ives – I think you have the sqad down amost perfictly. The only areas I see potential changes are:
    Clark, Edu, & Spector all provide flexability to slot in at DM/CB, and RB/LB coverage for Spector. For that reason I’d drop Clark for either Benny or Mix.
    Could also see Dempsey deployed as a Striker…if so I’d drop Buddle for Benny, Mix ,or Torres.
    With U-20 WCQ taking place this summer as well there is the possibility that Juan doesn’t make the GC, in order to limit his time away from club responsabilities. However if he continues to progress quickly he may bypass the U-20 WCQ for the 1st team.

  154. bizzy says:










    ——-Juan Agudelo–Teal Bunbury—–

  155. Colo says:

    Does not push the ball forward to create offense…Only OK as a Defensive Midfielder, which is already a crowded spot.

  156. Bornstein is Bush-League!

  157. Felix says:

    But with Clark now seeing some playing time at CB with Eintracht Frankfurt, it only furthers his versatility, which BB loves.

    IF there’s a healthy Jones, Bradley, and Edu I would leave Clark off as well, especially in light on how Spector has looked playing CM for West Ham, but I have to BB would take him just for the sake of depth.

  158. JasonyinTEXAS says:

    Man, IVES knows him USNMT..He’s got the knowledge.

  159. Phil says:

    Ives, I think it’s interesting that you have Tim Ream called up and not another potential fullback a la Parkhurst or Pearce. I get that he’s a rising star and could use the experience of being with the 1st team, but isn’t the need for fullbacks more pressing than CBs, especially considering that Edu, Spector and Boca and even Bornstein could all play that position (and have if I’m not mistaken)?

    Also, what do you think of the suggestion floating in the blogosphere that Jermaine Jones could fill in at LB? Is that in your mind a viable option or as realistic as seeing Gooch out wide?

  160. Phil says:

    Ives, I think it’s interesting that you have Tim Ream called up and not another potential fullback a la Parkhurst or Pearce. I get that he’s a rising star and could use the experience of being with the 1st team, but isn’t the need for fullbacks more pressing than CBs, especially considering that Edu, Spector and Boca and even Bornstein could all play that position (and have if I’m not mistaken)?

    Also, what do you think of the suggestion floating in the blogosphere that Jermaine Jones could fill in at LB? Is that in your mind a viable option or as realistic as seeing Gooch out wide?

    (SBI-Spector, Boca and Bornstein can all play fullback as well, so I don’t see how that’s an argument. Bradley will take four centerbacks and as things stand I see him taking Ream as one of them. People I spoke to were raving about Ream’s passing ability in camp and while some folks don’t rate him as highly, plenty rate him very highly.)

  161. Felix says:

    I don’t know if he did this past week, but two weeks ago in their 3-0 loss, I know he played the full 90 at CB.

  162. Phil says:

    Frankly I would rather see Jonathan Spector get the call as a midfielder and bring another defender.

  163. Phil says:

    plus a bajillion. give him “time to develop his game on the club level” and give some other folks a look.

  164. Phil says:

    was that ever a secret that needed to be learned? I thought that was pretty well established.
    that and:

    2. crash the goal early and
    3. pressure Rico Clark

  165. Doc says:

    He has been based on game reports I’ve seen.

  166. Louis Z says:

    I think that will be the story for the gold cup, the formation. we have such a strong pool of mids that one would think a 4-2-3-1 would be the logical choice but BB’s bread and butter has been the 4-4-2 and our two youngsters at top are hungry. we should get a hint in the next couple of friendliest.

  167. Louis Z says:

    as far as which one is better for the team, it all depends how the team is doing, if we need help scoring, Holden is better, if our two youngesters at forward develop in to top scorers, then MB would be a better mid.

  168. Joe says:

    I agree that Jones > Bradley. But you know who will play come gametime. Who’s daddy’s little boy? Ba-ba-ba-Bwadwey!

  169. drewWat says:

    It was Mexico’s “B” team also, and from that performance it became their “A” team minus Ochoa in SA. It was more like the US “C” team.

  170. Torporindy says:


  171. Chris says:

    I don’t know about Holden being the better choice over Bradley if we need to score. Bradley has scored some pretty big goals for the US, and has scored 29 goals in Europe (in about 140 games).

    Holden’s only scored 17 professional goals (in about 130 games) in his career, and 15 of those were in MLS.

  172. Goalscorer24 says:

    +1, Rico is an average player, not starting for his German team, and now being tried out at a different postion. Sorry Rico stays home!

    (SBI-Clark has been starting lately, and has played both at defensive midfielder and centerback. He’s doing so for a team in the top half of the Bundesliga. Not exactly a lower level league.)

  173. northzax says:

    technically, he is tied with Drogbe, Malouda and Odimwingie for 11th with 8 goals. of course, that’s only two notches from 5th.

  174. northzax says:

    assuming he gets into something resembling match form..he might get a thank you match in say 2015. his odds of ever playing a meaningful match again? i’d say zero. He’s unlikely to play a meaningful match for club before the fall, give him six months to get back into form, and then he’s looking at the young bucks sitting in his spot. Charlie got unlucky professionally, These things happen, sadly, but I think it’s time to move on.

  175. KEvin_Amold says:

    Afraid I disagree, Colo. Feilhaber was brought in at half of the last three games at the Cup, each of which we needed goals in, and we got goals every time. I was particularly impressed with him in the Ghana game. A real spark. He made a brilliant contribution in the USA Spain game. Feilhaber scored goals galore for his club recently (albeit in the second division).

    Hardly a “defensive midfielder,” in my humble opinion.

  176. Dlewis says:

    One of the best announcer calls in a while.

  177. Herm says:

    Honestly….who said Bedoya was the future of the team? I agree that he’s not that tight but come one, I regularly read this board and I’ve never seen anyone claim he’s be an eventual starter let alone the “future”.

  178. Dlewis says:

    He is not getting much PT at Villarreal, but when he does get PT like in cup games he scores.

  179. Dlewis says:

    Sorry that was supposed to go to the comment by Santiago Leon.

  180. Mat says:

    Yes!!! I 100% agree

  181. Union Guy says:

    False. 3rd paragraph has nothing to do with this comment. 2nd paragraph does and he clearly stated that he was only counting those GCs where the full US team was available for selection.

  182. Saulo says:

    It’s THAN dude…THAN!!! (Facepalm!!!!)

  183. Brad says:

    I would take that bet. And we could settle up in Houston or LA this summer, as I will be there with my family. We tailgate for hours before every game.

    Here is my reasoning. CB depth is Gooch, goodson, Edu (esp if we fall behind in a game) and Demerit. Spector could even play there in a pinch.

    Rico would ride the pine and never add to the roster as a solution to a game situation like a benny or mix might. And now that we know Spector can hold in CM he wont get the call.

    Teal can play jozys position in our 4-2-3-1 line up, and might keep us from having to take deuce out of the midfield if jozy cant find the goal.

    Juan would be like a H Gomez call up. However,I would bet Juan is more probable than Ream.

    I realize w/ injuries etc…alot can change but Bob is pretty predictable.

  184. Saulo says:

    Oh…believe me, Rafa isn’t going!!! Chepo doesn’t like this guy and will go with Maza and Moreno or Dueñas (loves this guy!!!). I will bet anything that Rafa is done for the forcible future.

  185. Joey Santi says:

    Mike Parkhurst is the most over-looked player. Why is he not even mentioned is an option???? Your crazy!

  186. Have you been watching any of Holden and Bradley’s games Captain?

    Stu Holden should be taking all right footed set-pieces for the USMNT. He will be the best we have ever had there (sorry Wynalda). Even Landon needs to step aside and let the kid shine. We haven’t ever had a player that curls a ball over the wall like Holden can. And he is proving that he is every bit as good a tackler as Bradley. He has been a flat out nuisance for opposing players. What he hasn’t proven is that he can continue to perform at this high level over the course of time and that he can be durable.

    But we need to find a way to get them both on the pitch.

    Here’s my suggestion…

    Holden – Jones

    Donovan – Bradley – Dempsey


    I’d love to see Bradley more forward where he can be disruptive and finish. Holden takes corners and set-pieces and makes aggessive late runs. This is is my dream line-up, at the moment… and we don’t have to have a back line, because of the dreaming.

  187. ACS says:

    Who leaves the MLS faster Ream or Gonzalez?

  188. RLW2020 says:

    more likely that we play a 3-5-2.. and thats not likely.

    things that work on PS3 but not in real life…

  189. alexalex says:

    Dude, he was marking RvN pretty well in the game against Hamburg as a CB! I have to think the Clark, if he keeps it up, will go to the Gold cup if only because he kills two birds with one stone as a DM/CB. From what I saw, Edu’s stint as a CB wasn’t stellar, and you have to love Clark’s flexibility.

    Thing I don’t understand is the Bedoya call. Maybe I haven’t seen him enough, but he is totally quiet in games. Made some good passes in the Chile game, but he run’s out of gass ~60′.

  190. alexalex says:

    Edu’s single so-so game at CB in a friendly trumps Clark’s multiple starts as a CB in 1.BL? Including a game against van Nistelroij?

  191. Mark from LA says:

    It’s amazing how you can see the blind spots any coach has by his selections. I understand why Clark’s and Bornstein’s hustle and character appeal to Bradley, but it seems that most fans can better sense the potential these players have for massively awful, game losing errors.

    Please, Bob, honor Ricardo for his service and then move on without him.

  192. RLW2020 says:

    Jozy needs another great forward to play off of. remember how good he was playing back when CD9 and him were starting in the 442. I think that we have to play the 4231 because that what we have but if either Augdelo, Bunbury, Davies, Buddle, Doyle or someone becomes that speedy forward to counter Jozy’s holdup power play then i bet we start seeing Jozy score again.

    then again if Clint can be that forward i think we go back to the 442 with:

    Neither Jozy or any of US strikers can play alone up top.

  193. Micah King says:

    A lot of people said that they have in in future WC 2018 and 2022 line-ups many people say he is a future winger for USA I disagree.

  194. chris says:

    I think he will choose Diskerud over Edu or Clark because we will need a creative mid on the bench rather than two defensive mids, i say leave clark out and go with an extra foward like bunbury and i wouldnt count davies out.

  195. RLW2020 says:

    that will be it.

    then after 60 scoreless minutes BB will bring on a second striker or move Dempsey up and we will score.

  196. RLW2020 says:

    or we will get all of our goals via corner kicks.

  197. Micah King says:

    Hey I am not from there so sorry I made a spelling error. Chile*

  198. RLW2020 says:

    +2 lets give him a shot vs. Egypt! (pun)

  199. RLW2020 says:

    just a bunch of gibberish.

  200. jdawg says:

    that’s the best description of the respective teams i’ve read.

    anyone who truly felt that was the US “B” team needs to be edumacated.

  201. J-Dubs says:

    Sorry this question is from left field but whatever happened to Edgar Castillo as a LB option? I’ve been trying to find out why we haven’t seen more of him in the mix for the MNT LB, so if anybody has an idea I would be interested in finding out.

  202. Artie says:

    At least that team won’t get knocked out of the World Cup on a terrible giveaway. It’s much worse to know you could’ve won but you did something stupid than to have never had a chance at all.

  203. Chris says:

    Supposedly he was played there during his first game with Blackburn.

  204. Chris says:

    Is this a play on the Dos Equis commercials?

  205. Brad says:

    Micah, you should re-read my post, bro.

  206. Chris says:

    His defensive instincts suck? Do you watch soccer? The last time I checked he was the leading tackler in the PL.

  207. Chris says:

    He played well against Holland.

  208. Chris says:

    Simek got injured and is just starting to get back to his pre ankle injury form. It pretty much set his career back several years, which is unfortunate. I’m friends with his brother so I get cool updates, but he really likes Carlisle, is playing well, and will hopefully make it back to the Championship either this month or over the Summer.

  209. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    In a 4-4-2 Bradley or especially Jones starts over Edu. No question. I wouldn’t bet on Dolo and Lichaj starting together, but crazier things have happened (see: Robbie Findley).

  210. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Ream. Better passer.

  211. Lil' Zeke says:

    “2007 or 2009, the other two Gold Cup tournaments Bradley coached in and won”

  212. Nutbar says:

    That’s because Bradley did not bring the best goalkeeper in the World, Scott Garlick.HAAAA!

  213. Answer says:

    It is patently ridiculous to think the fans have a better grip on the player pool and their potential than the coach of the team who seems them every day when they are in camp and follows their careers very closely. Don’t kid yourself. You do NOT know the players better than Bob Bradley. It is stupid to even suggest it.

  214. Answer says:

    No. He wasn’t.

  215. Answer says:

    You can’t be serious. Stop it before you sound even more ridiculous.

  216. Answer says:

    Good riddance, Artie.

  217. Answer says:

    U.S. Soccer has no clout at all to speed up the process. No one has ever claimed that it did.

  218. Shaggie96 says:

    I have been advocating for two years now that Feilhaber would flourish (along with the team) in a 4-2-3-1 as the attacking mid. Now Bradley is changing to that system and Feilhaber may not even make the squad? I haven’t seen any of his club play, but I wholeheartedly agree with those who say he provided a spark in the WC. I don’t know if he’d be better than Holden or whoever else will play there, but I’d love to see him get a chance, in one of the warmup games if nothing else.

  219. skinnyj says:

    uhhh, Answer, I disagree with that statement, and I’ll offer but one example- Robbie Findley. RSL fandom watched him excel for a couple years as a 60th minute sub. Tired and worn down defenders had no chance against his pace. Yet, when he started games, he wasn’t nearly as effective- and the numbers back it up (production in starts vs. sub). So why would BB start Findley when he proved to be ineffective as a starter at the club level? Any fan who had watched Findley could have told you how well that was going to end. It’s shocking to think that coaches, lawyers, doctors, politicians and your bosses don’t always have the right answers, but take a closer look.

  220. TommyOC says:

    It’s arguable that had Ricardo Clark NOT started for USMNT in SA, two of our matches would have had drastically better outcomes.

    And for that reason, I think he should sit Gold Cup out and let us test another second/third-stringer (whose name is not Kljestan. )

  221. Jao says:

    Davies is on the reserve roster, yes, but he is hardly playing. He hasn’t played with the reserve team for weeks now because he keeps picking up knocks.

  222. Ian says:

    I would think that someone like Feilhaber would be much more important to have on your bench. It doesn’t make much sense to me to have 2 defensive mids on your bench. I never really see a situation when you would need to bring them in. (Bradley usually goes all 90). Someone like Feilhaber or Sacha would serve much more roles being able to play in the middle if you need offense or on the wings. Also what is the status on CD9. Does he get a look over these next 5 months to show if he can come back and compete.

  223. Neruda says:

    I hate to keep going to this pun but I’d rather see Diskerud in the MIX for GC play over Clark. His partnership with Agudelo and Bunbury make that trio a dangerous option late in matches.

  224. b says:

    Why is Buddle better now?

    He was extremely hot for the Galaxy BEFORE the World Cup…

  225. Matt says:

    Really, Zach Whitbread? He has basically been injured for the past two years and has played 5 games at the most for Norwich this season. I am thrilled to see him starting again and hopefully regaining fitness, but I am unsure how you can state so unequivocally that he is better than Ream right now. I don’t know what quality you think he brings that certain others don’t have. Sounds more like an assumption based on his team, their place in the Championship table, and likely never having seen him play at all.

  226. Brian says:

    Good points Ives. It will certainly get interesting as we get closer to the summer. I think we’ll potentially see some pretty good players get left out of the squad. What really makes it this squad difficult to project is the versatility of some of the players in the US squad.

    With Bocanegra capable of playing CB and LB, and Edu, Clark and Spector also capable of filling in at CB, maybe Bob leaves off a CB?

    Or maybe Bob leaves off a center mid like Rico Clark because Spector could fill in there?

    Does Dempsey’s ability to play up top, lead Bob to only bring 3 pure strikers?

    What would be nice is if in the Egypt, Argentina, or Paraguay friendlies someone like Eric Lichaj proves that he’s able to play left back, and then we don’t have to bring 5 outside backs (Spector, Dolo, Lichaj, Bocanegra, Bornstein/Pearce).

  227. Brian says:


    Tim Howard
    Brad Guzan

    Steve Cherundolo (RB)
    Carlos Bocanegra (CB, LB)
    Oguchi Onyewu (CB)
    Clarence Goodson (CB)

    Landon Donovan (RM/LM)
    Clint Dempsey (RM/LM, also FWD)
    Michael Bradley (CM)
    Jermaine Jones (CM)
    Stuart Holden (RM, CM)
    Maurice Edu (CM, CB?)

    Jozy Altidore


    Nick Rimando – Does Bob go with experience? –
    Sean Johnson – Or youth? –

    Jonathan Spector (RB, CM, CB, LB?) – Guarantee he goes because he is a jack of all trades and can fill in almost anywhere –

    Eric Lichaj (RB, LB?) – Good chance of going, since he’s probably the #2 RB. His chances depend on what his playing time situation is in the next several months. Would be interesting to see him play LB against Egypt, Argentina, or Paraguay. –

    Tim Ream (CB) – Look like the #4 CB after Gooch, Boca and Goodson, but he could lose out if Bob decides to only bring 3 CB’s and use Edu, Clark or Spector as emergency CB –

    Jonathan Bornstein (LB) – Good chance of going since he’s the only left footer other than Boca. Could get beat out by Pearce. Small chance Bob doesn’t take him, if say Lichaj proves he can play LB in the up coming friendlies. –

    Heath Pearce (LB) – Has to beat out Bornstein. –

    Benny Feilhaber (AM, LM/RM) – Decent chance of going. As he showed in South Africa, he’s very valuable as a super sub. Only midfielder in the pool that possesses his skill set. Needs to move out of the 2nd division of Denmark –

    Ricardo Clark (CM, CB) – If he keeps playing for Frankfurt, it will be hard for Bob to leave him off. He’s surplus and not really needed at CM, but injuries can change that, and his new found ability to play CB helps his chances –

    Alejando Bedoya (LM/RM) – Only winger option after Donovan, Dempsey, and Holden. Hasn’t been that great in my opinion. He’s only been average at best in the friendlies after the World Cup. Could lose out to Feilhaber. –

    Edson Buddle – Probably the number 2 striker behind Jozy right now. In my opinion, the best goalscoring forward, we have right now. As long as he keep playing and scoring for Ingolstadt he goes. –

    Teal Bunbury & Juan Agudelo – I could see both of them going, one, or none. Right now, I’d take both of them over any of the other #3 and #4 striker options (Findley, EJ, Gomez, Cooper, Wondo). A lot of it depends on how they perform in MLS. There could only be 3 forward spots available if Bob brings an extra defender or midfielder.


    Luis Robles & David Yelldell – I’m sure Bob would have been brought them in if the Bundesliga Winter Break coincided with the January Camp. Could argue they are better than Rimando and Pickens, and more experienced than Johnson and Hamid. –

    Marcus Hahnemann – Not playing for Wolves. Getting older. Has mentioned international retirement before. May not really care to be the #3 for this one.

    Dom Cervi – As shown from the Chile match, he’s clearly behind Johnson and Rimando. –

    Matt Pickens – Behind Rimando in the “experienced MLS Goalkeeper” category.

    Bill Hamid – Injury ruled him out for this camp. Probably going to miss the early beginning of MLS season. Chances depend on how he plays in MLS. –

    Jay DeMerit (CB) – Hasn’t played a competitive match since the World Cup. Getting older. Depends on how his season with Vancouver goes, and if Bob goes with youth (Ream) or experience (DeMerit). –

    Omar Gonzalez (CB) – Needs to work on footwork and passing. And we’re not really in need of a tall CB given we have Gooch and Goodson. –

    Michael Parkhurst (RB) – Showed well against Colombia. Rise of Tim Ream means his passing skills are not as needed.

    Zach Loyd (LB) – Showed well against Chile, but let’s slow down a little bit. I doubt he’s much better than Bornstein or Pearce. –

    Sacha Kljestan (AM, CM) – Behind a log jam of CM’s (Bradley, Jones, Edu and Holden). Skill set he brings is similar to Diskerud’s and Feilhaber’s. –

    Mikkel Diskerud (AM, CM, LM/RM) – Has look pretty good. But I’m not sure what he brings that a World Cup veteran and more established player like Benny Feilhaber doesn’t. –

    Robbie Findley – Completely depends on if he plays and scores for Forest. Speed of Agudelo and Bunbury, means he’s not as needed. –

    Herculez Gomez – Not playing much for Pachuca, and hasn’t been scoring much either –

    Chris Wondolowski – Looked ok vs. Chile. Could play himself into spot based on his MLS play. –

    Eddie Johnson – Not sure why I’m mentioning him. But he seems to never go away –

  228. Brian says:

    Are people forgetting about Benny Feilhaber? Diskerud was alright, but he’s not THAT good…yet.

  229. Brian says:

    He played well against Colombia. But while he’s a good passer and distributor, Tim Ream is taller and just as good of a passer and distributor (if not better) out of the back

  230. Brian says:

    On Ives roster he already has 5 players capable of playing outside back:

    Cherundolo (RB)
    Lichaj (RB, LB?)
    Spector (RB, LB?)
    Bocanegra (LB)
    Bornstein (LB)

    No way Bob brings Pearce and Bornstein. And Parkhurst loses out because Ream brings the same skill set and he is also taller, and his abilities aren’t needed at RB.

  231. Brian says:

    Good point about Whitbread.

    As for Sacha, he’s doing alright with Anderlect but he’s definitely behind Bradley, Jones, Edu and Holden at CM. And even then he’s still competing with Feilhaber, Diskerud, Spector and Clark. He has good offensive skills but again so do Feilhaber and Diskerud.

  232. Brian says:

    Gonzalez isn’t really needed when we have Goodson and Onyewu. None of our CB’s, other than maybe Parkhurst and Spector, have Ream’s passing skills

  233. Brian says:

    I say Spector for sure goes given that he can play RB, CB and CM. He won’t be starting in the Gold Cup, but he’s a good versatile option to have.

  234. Rob says:

    I think its time to move on for the defense. These guys have never done it in the past and theyre not getting any younger. Forget them all

    Clark??? please. We have so many better options these days

  235. Joey Santi says:

    Who cares if you pass but are a liability is a defender?

    Mike Parkhurst is a much better defender … you are right that watching Ream pass is aesthetically pleasing, but if you really watch him play he is directly responsible for a lot of goals against — either because of poor positioning, poor tackling, or because he really isn’t a good athlete. Being tall is important is a defender, but it is not that important…when Parkhurst played center back in a 3 man defense for the REVS they had one of the top defenses for 3-4 years.

  236. Rob says:

    awesome man, glad your on here to police grammar. What would these boards do without you?

  237. DC Josh says:

    Ives, what happens if Charlie Davies gets a loan and plays the remainder of the season? I wonder how he compares to the best MLS strikers like Wondo, Bunbury and Mwanga (if he is eligible).

    Sadly, I think Mexico will run away with the Gold Cup. I just have a bad gut feeling, and it isn’t from egg rolls.

  238. DC Josh says:

    Oh yeah. I may be a little biased here, but I really feel that Bill Hamid will push Sean Johnson out of the 3rd spot with a very good MLS season.

  239. KFree says:

    not sure if you’re completely serious – if you are the most charitable thing i can say is your unrealistic.

    if the team was getting blown off the field, losing games by 2 and 3 goals per match, you start to have the beginnings of a leg to stand on. given that’s not the case, time to move on from that notion and try again. btw, defense is more than the back line.

  240. Brian says:

    I think you are thinking of Gooch with FC Twente.

  241. Colombia22 says:

    I liked Bedoya’s play. He showed that he can do lots of work both offensively and defensively. Unfortunately, the USA team has yet to make good use of our wingers during our offensive deployment. Our poor passing from the middle and the back line makes it difficult to engage offensively, therefore, we end up chasing the ball too often and our wingers have to spend most of their time defending. So, we need more patience on the ball in the middle and better vision switching the field at times. I would love to see Bedoya play on an “offensive link” type of role, where he can use his dynamic positioning and quick passing and moving to help distribute the ball in the final third of our attack. He plays as a “floating” offensive midfielder for his team in Sweden. He certainly is one of our most promising guys in the middle. He can attack and defend. I am certain that if we improve our offensive passing and ball distribution in the middle, Bedoya will become a strong force building up our attacks

    He stayed because players are not judged by ball posession but tactical, defensive and offensive intelligence. People do NOT realize how many runs Bedoya made looking for passes that never came, therefore making him turn and comeback to defend. That takes lots of power, stamina and tactical commitment. Besides, the times he had the ball, he created good options and was the key 1-2 touch in Agudelo’s drawing the penalty. Wingers cannot produce wonders, if central midfielders and outside backs cannot play the ball to them

  242. colombia22 says:

    Sorry to differ. Bedoya has shown that he can do lots of work both offensively and defensively. Other than Stu Holden, no other outside midfielder can bring that to the table right now. Unfortunately, the USA team has yet to make good use of our wingers during our offensive deployment. Our poor passing from the center mids and our outside backs makes it difficult to engage offensively, therefore, we end up chasing the ball too often and our wingers and attacking mids have to spend most of their time defending. So, we need more patience on the ball in the middle and better vision switching the field at times. I would love to see Bedoya play on an “offensive link” type of role, where he can use his dynamic positioning and quick passing and moving to help distribute the ball in the final third of our attack. He plays as a “floating” offensive midfielder for his team in Sweden. He certainly is one of our most promising guys in the middle. He can attack and defend. I am certain that if we improve our offensive passing and ball distribution in the middle, Bedoya will become a strong force building up our attacks

    Besides, players are not judged by ball posession only, but tactical, defensive and offensive intelligence. People do NOT realize how many runs Bedoya has made on all his caps looking for passes that never came, therefore making him turn and comeback to defend. That takes lots of power, stamina and tactical commitment. Besides, the times he has had the ball, he has created good options in most games, including the key 1-2 touch in Agudelo’s drawing the penalty against Chile. Wingers cannot produce wonders, if central midfielders and outside backs cannot play the ball to them. We just need to wait and see what Bedoya could do if associated with the A team for at least a week of training together. Teams need to adjust via “core team training, day in and day out”. lok at Barcelona and Akron. It takes time to put a cohesive and excellent team together.

  243. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I can verify that R.Clark started at CB for Frankfurt vs Hamburg and was pretty friggen good against Van Nistelroy. He man marked him on corners and was creative out of the back. He had a couple of hiccups, but nothing out of the ordinary for a CB; in short he looked very good at CB.

  244. Warren says:

    Agree with Ives.

    Rico getting regular minutes at Frankfurt joins Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Holden, and Spector playing middie in top leagues.

    BB will give Donovan and Edu as MLS & SPL reps : )

    Which gets us to 8 middies, with 1 wild card slot for newbies and rest to scramble for.

    Assuming 1st 8 stay healthy.

  245. Warren says:

    look again at Wold Cup video, Rico is the goat but it was MB’s imprecise pass to Rico which set up the turnover.

    Yes I was on side of staying Edu was more in form at time of Cup which unfortunately proved correct.

    But Rico has skills and if he’s in mix at Frankfurt then he’s improving those skills.

    (SBI-I agree that Clark shouldn’t be ruled out but your description of the Ghana blunder is a joke. Bradley gave it right to Clark, who could have given it right back. Clark is the one who made the decision to turn into pressure. That’s why he gets most of the flack for that one.)

  246. Warren says:


  247. scott says:

    is anyone else not really excited about seeing Carlos Bocanegra back on the team at D? I am not a Boca fan, but there has got to be somebody better than him. he is really starting to slow down.

    i thought zack loyd impressed with the Chile game, also, what about spector? as D or MF?

  248. Saulo says:

    I’m here to police ignorance and illiteracy. You are welcome!!!

  249. Dennis says:

    The US did win the last 3 Gold Cups when the first choice squad was available. I too would like to forget sitting in the Meadowlands surrounded by so many happy Mexican fans.

    It is kind of odd to see that so many people seem to be unable to grasp that every player is different now than he was a year or two ago. Some are better now, some are worse now. How a player is performing now may be a good indicator of how he will perform tomorrow, but how he performed a few years ago, not so much.

    When it comes to selecting a team, it really is all about predicting who will do well tomorrow; that will be based on who is playing well now (or who is not). What happened last year has less to do with it, I think you need to let both good and memories fade else they will unduly influence decisions about the future.

  250. Micah King says:

    I do not know what game you are watching,but Convey and Rogers are better then Bedoya. People bash Rogers he is way better then Bedoya. Bedoya is invisible in play he acts like when he is caught out of position he panics and does not run back fast enough. His finishing is horrible. He is not good, We have better wingers then him. We have Donovan, Dempsey I know they are old, but still better then Bedoya, Holden, Convey, and Rogers that can play winger. They perform better I do not know how Convey would perform he has not been in a nats uniform in a while the rest and even Convey having not seen him play for the nats would do better then Bedoya. Look at the games Bedoya is not good.

  251. Hush says:

    Where is Dolo in the list? :)

  252. Micah King says:

    why do you both have Cherundlo as a lb ?

  253. matt says:

    when is the draw for the gold cup going to happen?

  254. JR says:

    I think we will see it as soon as the Egypt game. Clark’s position this cycle is central defender. And I think he will prove to be ahead of Ream on the depth chart.

  255. Kirk soccer says:

    Ives – Why is Jozy Altidore a lock? He hasn’t been playing in any league games and he doesn’t score goals.

    I say move Dempsey and Donovan up top. Our midfield is stacked.

    (SBI-If you honestly think Jozy Altidore shouldn’t be on the Gold Cup roster I don’t know what to tell you. I think the notion is pretty ridiculous.)

  256. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    What ever happen to Jose F Torres?

    What ever happen to Edgar Castillo?

    Will Micahel Angel Ponce every give the USMNT a chance?

    Is Charlie Davies career with the USMNT over?

    Carlos Bocanegra is our starting LB there’s no one else out there who can play that position besides (Bornstein, Pearce, and Loyd) but I’m not too impress by their defensive ability. I don’t see if these LB players have any potential that’s why I brought up Castillo and Ponce since they both play LB in the Mexican League.