Report: Chivas USA to hire Fraser


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With the Major League Soccer Combine and SuperDraft just days away and the start of the 2011 preseason following shortly, it appears as if another team has filled its coaching vacancy.

According to ESPN Deportes, Chivas USA will hire Real Salt Lake assistant coach Robin Fraser to be its next head coach.

Fraser, 44, has been an assistant at RSL since 2007, and the head coaching job will be his first. He was a stout defender in his playing days and passed his knowledge onto an RSL defense that was the stingiest in the league in 2010. Fraser has been widely regarded as one of the top assistants in the league with a definite future as a head coach, and all signs point to that future being with Chivas USA.

Chivas USA had been interested in former New York and Chicago head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, but Osorio ultimately decided to stay with Colombian champion Once Caldas, choosing to lead the club in Copa Libertadores.

With the pending hirings of Fraser at Chivas and Aron Winter at Toronto FC, there are no more head coaching vacancies among the 18 teams in MLS.


Do you think Fraser is the right choice for Chivas?

Share your thoughts below.

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27 Responses to Report: Chivas USA to hire Fraser

  1. Idaho Brian says:

    It was inevitable that Fraser would be getting a head coaching job sooner or later, (I’m suprised it didn’t happen last year). I’m sure his influence will be missed at RSL…

  2. Bandeeto says:

    If true so sad to see Fraser leave while also wishing him the best.

  3. Ne-Dub says:

    This is a much smarter move than Osorio if true.

  4. DINO1ER says:

    i much rather have Fraser at my goats than Osorio. I know he has no head coach experience but i have heard nothing but good things.

  5. Rainstpub says:

    This is good news for Chivas. He is one of the good guys. You guys will love him. Knows the game and has the respect of players and coaches. Fans are soon to follow.

  6. chupacabra says:

    Niles would have been a better choice. Or Eddie.

  7. Hincha Tim says:

    A well deserved promotion for Robin, but we’ll miss him here in Salt Lake. It will be interesting to see who Jason K. replaces Frasier with.

  8. geoffiethekid says:

    Is it just me, or does Robin Fraser look like Mariano Rivera?

  9. three11stu says:

    Good luck Robin. You will be missed here at RSL.

  10. Second City says:

    Good day to be a Fraser or Frazier…both became or becoming Head Coaches.

  11. RSLnPortland says:

    Well, it couldn’t all be roses this off season for RSL. This is a big loss. Best of luck to him, when he’s not playing Portland and RSL!

  12. Mattmatumbo says:

    Hate to see him go…

  13. ELAC the Fraser Fan says:

    So, when does the “Chivas USA is racist” posts begin?

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to having Fraser take this young squad beyond 8 wins.


  14. Jesse says:

    Sad to see him go, but it was bound to happen. He is a class act and I wish him all the best (unless he’s playing RSL.)

  15. Wish MLS had “special” rules for Chivas USA to be able to bring in more Mexican players. It would really play up to the USA vs Mexico rivalry, esp when Chivas USA plays away from home.

  16. Chris says:

    Sounds good, but after all the rumors I’ll believe it when I see it.

  17. Mark says:

    Definitely a loss for RSL but a great promotion for Fraser. Good luck coach.

  18. ELAC says:


    We’re already hated for being brown-skinned MLS fans in LA not supporting the Galaxy.

    We just want to win the MLS Cup under the same rules as everyone else.

    We don’t need no “stinkeen” special rules.

  19. DINO1ER says:

    LAME….no matter what the FO markets as…..

    we BLACK ARMY 1850 (Chivas USA supporters) are PRO MLS & PRO US Soccer.

  20. Brian says:

    I understand what you’re saying but I think the Guadalajara connection is something you guys should take advantage of more. I’m a Galaxy fan and I don’t really see a problem with it. It’s something that could benefit both Chivas USA and CD Guadalajara. They could give you (young) players on loan for the MLS season who are having trouble working their way into the 18 man squad.

    RBNY should do the same with the FC RB Salzburg. They could probably even exploit the connection more because hypothetically Salzburg could sign a player that RBNY couldn’t afford due to MLS’s salary cap and Salzburg could loan him out for cheap to NY.

  21. Good point with RBNY. Other MLS teams have a “partnership” with European teams like Colorado and Arsenal(?) … Real Salt Lake and Real Madrid (?) … and maybe the even the often rumored Barcelona MLS team / partnership. Allow them to have a certain number of players be loaned out from the parent or partnership club.

  22. Smith says:

    What happened???? I thought they were going to hire Juan Carlos Osorio!!!!!!

  23. Brian says:

    Just a question (I’m curious): Are most Chivas USA fans, USMNT supporters?

    And do most Chivas USA fans support CD Guadalajara as well? Or do not they support any Mexican teams? I can’t imagine too many Chivas USA supporters being fans of other Mexican teams given the general hatred toward CD Guadalajara among fans of other Mexican league teams

  24. ELAC says:

    It’s not us. Chivas de Guadalajara consistenly poaches our academy players and takes them to Mexico. They are NEVER willing to reciprocate. We even ask for their aging superstars and they always balk.

    It’s a very one-sided business plan. We’re the ones being taken advantage of. Since 2005, all we got from Guad was Francisco Mendoza, Jesus Padilla, and now Sergio Arias.

    Many of you guys call us disfuntional but never put the effort to see how freaking complicated things are with the mothership.

    Vergara owns 45% of Chivas USA so he’s just happy to spread the Chivas name to the States.

    The true fans just want to win the MLS Cup.

    This type of anti-Chivas Mexico sentiment has spawned The Black Army movement.

  25. ELAC says:

    Most Chivas USA fans are Mexico/Chivas de Guad fans. 60/40?

    However, this is starting to shift. Regardless of our horrific 2009 season, many fans began to come out of the USMNT closet and wear their USMNT gear to the games.

    Think about it Chivas USA (for better or worse) spawned Bob Bradley, Brad Guzan, Sacha Kjelstan, and Jonathan Bornstein.

  26. sciroccer says:

    I’m happy he got a head coaching job, hedeserves it! It’s just to bad it’s Chivas.

  27. georg says:

    Good news for Chivas and Fraser not so good for RSL.