SBI U.S. Under-20 Spotlight: Thomas Rongen

Thomas Rongen INT from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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31 Responses to SBI U.S. Under-20 Spotlight: Thomas Rongen

  1. bob says:

    You know the guys that don’t make the cut will end up being the Senior side stars.

    Not making the team will make them work harder thus making them better.

  2. JC says:

    Is this the same guy who ran into a problem with N Subotic, and partially responsible for in Subotic’s decision to choose Serbia over USMNT?

  3. bryan says:

    Please, get over it


  4. Vince says:

    Selective story. Subotic never talked about any “problems” with Rongen or the US until he finally got invited to the Serbian team.

    He’s never said on record, but I suspect he was waiting on Serbia all along — and it wasn’t a horrible choice for him either. It was well within his right.

    Subotic’s “snubbing” by Rongen and US Soccer has been overplayed and trumped up ad nauseum for years.

  5. Vince says:

    We’ll see. Rongen is right. There will be some really good players that don’t make the U20s this cycle. Strong pool to choose from this year.

  6. DC Josh says:

    That was a bangin’ interview.

    Seems like Rongen is very high on Gatt and Huerzeler. I can’t wait to see this squad.

  7. DC Josh says:

    And how far did Serbia get in South Africa? Who cares about Subotic. It’s old news.

  8. jon says:

    wow, great stuff ives. rongen seems to really be turning this squad around. can’t wait to see the fruit of is labor at the Olympics and 2014, 2018 World Cups.

  9. anon says:

    Well, considering he’s a top level performer on a dominant Bundesliga team rumored to be going to Chelsea, Man U, Madrid, etc., I’d say it’s well worth ruing.

    Fortunately, the USSF seems to be chastened by that experience and now are recruiting dual nationals well.

  10. SeaOtter says:

    I was gonna say that it sounded more like a rap video than an interview as many times as TR mentioned “Gatt”. Something tells me that 2 goal, 3 assist game got TR more than a little excited.

    Will go out on a limb and say that if he’s available, young Mr. Gatt will be in Guatemala come April (that right?).

  11. WhyHim says:

    What has Wrongen accomplished to be in this position for so long?

  12. bob says:

    what have you accomplished to hate him so much?

  13. otergod says:

    LOL, you are assuming that things would have panned out differently if he went to the U20’s. My guess is he probably still would have opted to await the german opportunity, and when that failed him, then what? If his only determining factor for playing with Serbia was b/c Rongen didnt call him up to the World Cup, then he’s an idiot.

  14. otergod says:

    >.< He’s done well enough. Not to mention the players love playing for him. My question would be what has he done to suggest he should exit??

  15. adub says:

    wow way to go out on a limb sea otter… i think josh gatt is a lock to make the team

  16. jonk says:

    It’s funny to see him acknowledging the existence of “Wrongen” as a nickname.

    (SBI-I thought that was the highlight of the video. He acknowledges his critics and shows that he’s not thin-skinned about it. Very telling moment.)

  17. anon says:

    I’m not arguing about who deserves what blame. I’m just saying the loss of Subotic is a really big one and it’s no use pretending it’s not. In fact, I’d rather have Subotic than Rossi, to be honest. Fortunately the USSF has responded positively, but unless youth development ramps quickly up, the Subotic loss is a huge one.

  18. Todd says:

    I don’t really think Serbia was the best choice for him. If you compare Serbia to the USMNT, Serbia has better defenders but is weaker in the other positions. By choosing Serbia, Subotic chose a team where it would be much harder for him to become a starter, but despite that the team is probably a little weaker than the US overall.

  19. WhyHim says:

    Not a question of love or hate “bob”. As a coach with the Federation’s youth squads, he has accomplished nothing. The US coaches, and players for that matter, have to live up to the scrutiny of the ever more demanding soccer nation. Deliver or get out.

  20. b says:

    Watching that video I find it hard to believe that some people still think Rongen doesn’t know what he’s doing. I guess it’s just easy to criticize any coach’s decisions with the benefit of hindsight…

  21. b says:

    Just recently he has helped the US get dual nationals like Salgado, Hurzeler, and Zahavi…

  22. Thorpinski says:

    People often over look that when Rongen did not call him in he was called up by the NT the following week and declined.

  23. Thorpinski says:

    He was very careful to not say that this group was comprised of Better Players, when compared to former groups, he only conceded that it was deeper and good players would be omited.

  24. DCU Fan in Socal says:

    Too bad WRongen is not suited to lead this talented pool 4th time and what has he accomplished…not a dang thing! This is where wee need solid leadership and experienced coaching from abroad if we ever want to compete with top soccer nations! and dont get me started on the leadership of the U-17 Cabrera WHO? what a joke…

  25. sean says:

    great interview. He was actually willing to talk and give out some real information

  26. DCU Fan in Socal says:

    Now Wrongen is the new ambassador of US soccer, forget about what he has accomplish for the U-20 what has he accomplished at any level and do not tell me a Championship with DCU, because the system was already in place he just went for the ride!

  27. DCU Fan in Socal says:

    What U-20 player would not love the coach in charge in order to move up the ladder… please! provide some factuals on your views…

  28. SayervilleFC says:

    Good interview, “Eyeves.” 😉

  29. SuperChivo says:

    “WRongen” is a stud. Isn’t he a Dutchie? He sounded like a Yank but flubbed one time on his English. I love it that he is really reaching out to different players and at least giving them a look. At least he is bringing them into the fold and giving them the opportunity. He is right about the MLS and the lack of reserves or really the lack of any player development until recently. The train is back on track now and I think US soccer has a great future over the next decade.

  30. screw traffic says:

    Who cares about Subotic even if given the chance he would still prefer germany or serbia. I would rather have someone who gives it all for the red and white

  31. sonas says:

    how can you expect Rongen to accomplish anything with the MLS dismantling the reserve league?