Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

 ArsenalCelebrates (Reuters)

If Arsenal is going to keep the pressure on Manchester United in the English Premier League title race the Gunners will need to win at the same stadium where Manchester United recently stumbled, St. Andrews.

Arsenal take on Birmingham today in one of the more intriguing match-ups of today's New Year's Day Schedule. Manchester United opened the day's action at West Bromwich Albion, but the Gunners can keep pressure on with a win in Birmingham.

Bolton takes on Liverpool in another must-see clash, though American midfielder Stuart Holden is sidelined by an injury. Clint Dempsey is in action today as Fulham meets Tottenham in another quality tilt.

If you will be watching today's action please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


7:45am- ESPN2- West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester United

8am- Fox Soccer Plus- Leeds United vs. Middlesbrough

10am-Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester City vs. Blackpool

10am-Fox Soccer Plus- Liverpool vs. Bolton

10am- Tottenham vs. Fulham

10am- West Ham vs. Wolverhampton

10am- Stoke City vs. Everton

10am- Sunderland vs. Blackburn

NOON- Fox Soccer Plus- West Ham vs. Wolverhampton (Delayed)

12:30PM- Fox Soccer Channel- Birmingham City vs. Arsenal

2PM- Fox Soccer Plus- Watford vs. Portsmouth

2:30PM- Fox Soccer Channel- Tottenham vs. Fulham (Delayed)

3am- Fox Soccer Channel- Adelaide United vs. Brisbane Roar

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25 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Justin O says:

    United didn’t even deserve a point, and they got all three. West Brom really should have scored about 3 goals.

  2. Beckster says:

    What happened to Holden? Injured?

  3. B 16 says:

    Manu not looking real sharp. WBA penalty take was woefully bad.

  4. Beckster says:

    Spector didn’t make bench. I wonder if that means that he is on his way out?

  5. Citronomics says:

    Yup. add a shot of espresso to your new years coffee and look at Ives’ summary again :-)

  6. Beckster says:

    LOL! Will do! Thanks.

  7. Chris says:

    Well so much for Guzan keeping a clean sheet.

  8. kev says:

    Spector is supposedly hoping for WH to offer him a new contract but they probably will only do so if they are not relegated. And if they are not, he will only get it if he’

    s played a major part in the campaign or if they have not gathered a load of new players.

    He should head to the Bundesliga if you ask me

  9. kev says:

    Dempsey playing up top with AJ. He’s strong but Fulham need Zamora asap. Tottenham up 1-0 in the 42nd due to a header by Bale on a FK by Van der Vaart. I tell ya Dempsey will be gone in 4months.

  10. afc says:

    Doyle is starting for Derby. HT 0-0

  11. Beckster says:

    This Man City/Blackpool game is very entertaining. Tevez and Silva fun to watch. A lot of end to end football.

  12. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Tevez is like cursed this game. Botched a PK, sent a beautiful lonely chance just near the penalty spot wide right, and one time even beat the keeper but tripped on the ball!

  13. Brent McD says:

    Watching the morning highlights. That goal for West Brom was niiiice

  14. Lorenzo says:

    Howard: 90 in 2-0 loss to Stoke
    Hahneman: Dressed/Bench
    Spector: Didn’t Dress
    Holden: Injured
    Dempsey: 90 in 1-0 loss to Tottenham
    E Johnson: Didn’t Dress
    Guzan: 90 in 1-0 loss to Liechester City
    Doyle: 90 in 2-1 win over Preston North End
    Simek: 90 in 2-2 tie
    Grella: 58 mins in 2-2 tie
    Peterlin: Dressed/Bench

    Sounds like Guzan and Doyle had a good day despite not keeping a clean sheet nor Doyle getting a goal. Guzan made some nice saves and Doyle was dangerous. At least that is what it sounds like, didn’t watch the games however.

  15. Big Phil says:

    After seeing Gary Neville’s performance today against West Brom, I believe it’s time for Neville to hang ’em up.

    In the two league games he’s played this season, he’s been awful.

  16. montana matt says:

    cap him.

  17. jts says:

    I think those 2-3 games at DM were used by West Ham to showcase him as they try to sell him.

    It seems like the current coach has decided against him. Now, should Grant leave (likely) perhaps the next guy will favor Spector.

  18. jts says:

    Same for me, mostly.

    I don’t think they are that bad every game. Bham knows they can’t hang skill wise so they are playing very physical (alos due to Arsenal’s soft rep). I think Arsenal is countering the physical with over-reacting to contact.

    Arshavin- one of my favorites but he seems quite inconsistent this season

  19. fischy says:

    MLS looming for him?

  20. montana matt says:

    Nasri!! So good this season.

  21. OmarVizquel says:

    Oops, accidentally deleted my own comment (which was about how I want to love Arsenal — if only as an antidote to United — but just cannot get over the flopping of some of their stars).

  22. SwerveZ says:

    Ref was PATHETIC in the Arsenal game…

  23. Gw says:

    Actually he would be a good replacement for Berhalter next to Gonzales.

  24. Al says:

    Javier Chicharito hernandez saves manchester united again. What a striker pure quality

  25. Frank says:

    Word. 8 goals total and 5 in the EPL so far in his debut season.