Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

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You don't usually get the chance to see much soccer on Tuesdays, but the English Premier League has a few games for us to enjoy today.

Manchester United takes on Stoke City today (3pm, Fox Soccer Chanel) looking to extend its lead atop the Premier League standings. Meanwhile, Fulham will try to climb out of the relegation with a win today against West Bromwich Albion (3pm, Birmingham is also taking on Blackpool (3pm, Fox Soccer Plus).

If you are watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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37 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Matt says:

    Anyone got a good feed of Fulham-WBA? ESPN3’s blocked by my office, and the channelsurfing feed is really choppy.

  2. Matt C in tampa says:

    Blocked as well. Matt, i assume you’re die-hard FFC follower, but just in case you don’t know about it, if you can’t find video feed, Gentleman Jim’s audio from the Cottage is the next best thing:

    link to,,10415,00.html

  3. adub says:

    lets go Fulham!!! WBA are a weak in the air, so im keeping my fingers crossed Dempsey or Hangeland get a header to find the back of the net….. Dempsey almost had a goal but was blocked inside the penalty box

  4. Matt says:

    Yes, I’ve had to resort to that, but I was hoping for audio and video. Oh well…

  5. Luke from CBus says:

    Is EJ in the squad today? If not, which strikers are on the field & bench?

  6. Saulo says:

    Goal Chicharo!!!!!!

  7. adub says:

    wow how did hangeland miss that???? guess its been that kinda year for fulham…

  8. adub says:

    and what a goal it was…. probably the best young striker in England right now…. his goals are always moments of billiance

  9. BenH says:

    Chicharito is one sick sick man.

  10. adub says:

    see this is what happens when fulham ATTACKS… they always seem so reserved and content to pass the ball around… great goal of a legit fulham attack forward

  11. ericJ says:

    Davies puts Fulham up.

  12. Dinho says:

    yes, he’s on the bench. Kamara and Dempsey starting up top.

  13. adub says:

    thats gotta be the most used last name in english football

  14. owheezyo says:

    Kamara is so bad that EJ might actually get some time

  15. ericJ says:

    Dempsey scores from a header!!!

  16. ericJ says:

    At first I thought it was hangeland

  17. jonk says:

    So did the cameraman.

  18. adub says:


    i was going to say Damien Duff was looking alot better than Dempsey so far, but then he goes and scores and thats all that really matters

  19. ericJ says:

    Yeah, his touch has been a bit heavy today, but that probably helped his header.

  20. ericJ says:

    Here I was thinking the Blackpool game was going to be the high scoring one…

  21. jonk says:

    Fulham dominant in the air today.

  22. MidWest Ref says:

    With a win, Fulham are only 13 points out of a Europa League spot!

  23. Jamie Z. says:

    Well predicted. They might have a job for you somewhere.

  24. adub says:

    wow my words are prophetic….and i quote

    “lets go Fulham!!! WBA are a weak in the air”

    2 goals of corners in the air so far

  25. adub says:

    thanks man… i just figured Fulham was due

  26. jonk says:

    Dempsey just tried to repeat his magical Juventus goal…didn’t quite come off as well, though.

  27. ericJ says:

    GAM sighting. in for Clint.

  28. jonk says:

    EJ on for Clint…and he even gets an “Eddie, Eddie…” chant.

  29. adub says:

    wow did i just hear the crowd yelling “eddie eddie eddie” for eddie johnson as he came on?

  30. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I was saying Boo-urns

  31. Matt says:

    Fulham needed a win today, and they got it big time. Hopefully more of a spark than a flash.

  32. zechoski says:

    chicharito 2 goals one on saturday and another today. wow what a player!

  33. Yusef says:


  34. Frank says:

    Has 6 goals in the EPL and 9 total for the season in limited minutes. One of the top 3 EPL newcomers along with Chamak and Rafael VDV and probably the best young striker in the EPL.

  35. 20 says:

    8 points, 6th place is always good enough for Europa league because a club in the Champions league will win FA or Carling

  36. 20 says:

    that’s exactly what he was thinking, same spot in the field running the same direction. Didn’t quite work this time

  37. rob says:

    Them Brits like their irony…