Transfer Deadline Day: Live Commentary

FernandoTorres (GettyImages)

The European transfer season comes to a close today, making today one of the craziest days of the year.

Leading the transfer news is Spanish striker Fernando Torres, who has a move to Chelsea looming. It looks as if Liverpool has already found a replacement in Newcastle striker Andy Carroll.

American fans will want to know about American payers and today we should find out where Jozy Altidore will go on loan. Today should also give us the formal announcement of Michael Bradley's loan move to Aston Villa.

I will look to  keep people updated on today's transfer proceedings throughout the day so stay tuned here for steady updates.

Let's get started (and please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and updates in the comments section below):


7:05pm– Okay folks. Still no word on any other Americans making moves. If anything develops I will post on those moves seperately.

That's all for me today on what was a crazy day, the craziest transfer deadline day I can remember.

Fernando Torres to Chelsea

Andy Carroll to Liverpool

David Luiz to Chelsea

Michael Bradley to Aston Villa

Jozy Altidore to Bursaspor

Eddie Johnson to Preston North End

Those are the bigger moves of the day, both internationally and for American fans.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on today in the comments section below. Thanks to all of you for following along today.


6:24pm– Jozy Altidore is heading to defending Turkish League champions Burzaspor on a six-month loan. Good team in Turkey, a chance for regular playing time in a title race.


6:20pm– Still no word. Getting the feeling that a handful of Americans failed in their bids to make winter moves. Still think we'll hear of at least one or two moves.


6:11pm– So the deadline has passed, but that doesn't mean there aren't deals that still haven't been announced.


5:35pm– Eidur Gudjohnsen is heading from Stoke City to Fulham. 


5:30pm– An erroneous Associated Press report had Jozy Altidore going to Levante, but that is false. AP cited an unverified La Liga Twitter account, which tweeted the deal, but has since retracted it.


5:05pm– I'm now hearing that Charlie Davies will definitely be moving on loan. No details yet, but working on it.


4:38pm– Altidore is NOT going to Levante, which shouldn't be a surprise given the Montero loan.


4:30pm– Mexican star (and Tottenham benchwarmer) Giovani Dos Santos is heading to Racing Santander according to new reports. 


4:17pm– The Jozy Altidore to Levante rumor is back, waiting for confirmation. Earlier today it was Jefferson Montero heading for Levante. Could Villarreal be sending both to the same club? Seems unlikely, but I'll do some digging.


4:15pm– Daniel Sturridge has just joined Bolton on loan. Trotters need something. They're in tailspin mode.


4:13pm– Making the rounds via phone/BBM/text, still looking for some updates on Americans. Stay tuned.


3:57pm– Another American has made a move, former St. John's University player Eric Opsahl has signed with Reading, along with Canadian Under-20 captain Ethan Gage.


3:32pm– Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I'm chasing some stories and waiting for updates like everyone else is. As soon as the confirmations and updates roll in I'll throw them up here.


3:19pm– Still waiting on official word for Gale Agbossoumonde, Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies and Eric Lichaj. Nothing new on their potential moves. 


3:08pm– We (SBI) are reporting that Eddie Johnson is heading to Preston North End on a loan through the end of the season.


2:15pm– Michael Bradley's loan move to Aston Villa is now official, complete with Bradley posing with the Villa jersey on the club's website.


2:12pm– Royston Drenthe, who is currently on loan at Hercules from Real Madrid, is reportedly set for a move to Juventus. 


1:57pm– Now reports suggest that Rossi isn't going anywhere. Does seem a bit late for such a huge move. Looks like Tottenham was a bit late to the party. 


1:55pm– The proposed Giuseppe Rossi move to Tottenham is picking up steam and I can't help but wonder if that's holding up a potential Jozy Altidore loan. Can Villarreal really loan out Altidore AND Montero if Rossi leaves? Might depend on if Tottenham gives Villarreal back a striker in the deal. 


1:40pm– The David Luiz transfer from Benfica to Chelsea is done. 20 million euros and Nemanja Matic. No word on whether Benfica will use some of that money to buy out Freddy Adu's contract.

All joking aside, Luiz is a top young centerback who should definitely help Chelsea's back-line immediately. Brazilian national team centerback who wasn't having the best year in Portugal, but probably because he's been eyeing a big move.


1:31pm– Still nothing official on Altidore, Feilhaber or Lichaj. Reports continue to emerge from Turkey about Altidore heading to Bursaspor, but nothing new or all that enlightening.


1:28pm– David Luiz to Chelsea for a reported $40 million. That's $120 million on two players. WOW. 


1:24pm– Torres to Chelsea for $80.1 million. Nice bit of business by Liverpool. And Chelsea? Blues back to spending big, with Torres coming and their David Luiz bid back on.


1:12pm– A source tells me Agbossoumonde's move to Swedish club Djurgarden is still in the works. It isn't dead.


1pm– Breaking up the EPL/Americans Abroad string of updates, Inter Milan is closing in on Japanese left back Yuto Nagamoto from Cesena. 


12:58pm– Reports out of Sweden suggest Gale Agbossoumonde's move to Djurgarden is in jeopardy because Traffic Sports, which is Gale's third-party rights holder, has upped the asking price. I'm looking to confirm.


12:45pm– Andy Carroll to Liverpool for $56 million. Yes, that deserves a WOW.

Tottenham is clearly still trying to land a top striker and is in full panic mode as the deadline approaches.


12:40pm– Not transfer window related, but an update on the USA-Egypt friendly is coming soon. Safe to say the match won't be played in Egypt, if it's played at all.


12:37pm– Now reports have Charlie Adam heading to Liverpool. The Reds are not playing around.


12:26pm– Sky Sports reporting that Newcastle has accepted an offer from Liverpool from Andy Carroll. Price? One BILLION dollars. Just kidding. It's a lot of money. I'll find the exact amount shortly. 


12:02pm– Robbie Findley's move to Nottingham Forest has finally cleared all its hurdles so he is free to play for his new club on a 2.5-year contract.


11:57am– Freddy Adu's move to Turkish second division club Rizespor is official. For those wondering, Adu's Benfica contract runs through the summer of 2012.


11:52am– Just as I say Adam to Manchester United seems unlikely, the rumors keep growing. So maybe it isn't dead. 


11:45am– Daniel Taylor of the UK Guardian just shot down the Charlie Adam to Manchester United rumor. He's pretty plugged in so I'd believe him.


11:44am– New rumor has Tottenham going after Diego Forlan.


11:42am– According to fresh reports, Newcastle has rejected Liverpool's latest transfer offer.


11:30am–  Newest rumor has Blackpool's Charlie Adam heading to Manchester United. Nothing official yet, but if a serious report emerges, I'll pass it on.


11:25am– Stephen Ireland's loan move to Newcastle has hit a snag after he reportedly failed his medical. Aston Villa has long been ready to part ways with him. Not sure what's next for the former Manchester City midfielder.


11:19am– Villarreal just loaned out a striker, but it was Jefferson Montero, who is heading to Levante. Still no confirmation on a Jozy Altidore move. Bursaspor and Sporting Gijon have been reported as destinations. 


11:12am– No major updates yet, but then again we've got plenty of time between now and the official close of the window. I will update as soon as something emerges on either big names like Torres or Americans like Altidore and Lichaj. 


11am– Anderlecht's Jan Polak is another player heading to Wolfsburg, according to reports in Germany. That move would free up more playing time for American midfielder Sacha Kljestan.


10:50am– German club Wolfsburg has gotten around to spending some of that Edin Dzeko money, signing Korean midfielder Koo Ja-Cheol of Korea Republic (he was the leading scorer at the Asian Cup) and Venezuelan Yohandry Orozco, as well as German Patrick Helmes.


10:48am– Hoping for some news on Eric Lichaj and a potential loan move, but as of now nothing has surfaced. If he stays put he could wind up spending four months on the bench rather than getting games in a lower division. 


10:44am– American striker Mike Grella looks to be heading out on loan again, with Leeds working on a move for him after his loan to Scottish side Motherwell fell through. No word yet on where he'll wind up. 

For those asking about why he'd be able to go on loan after not being able to go to Motherwell, there seems to be a belief that Grella would be allowed a third club in England since his Carlisle United loan move was a short one.


10:42am– Feel free to send some transfer-related questions my way in the comments section below. I'll answer some as we hit some lulls in the action.


10:40am– For those who didn't notice this morning, Jozy Altidore seemed to confirm that he's heading out on a loan deal when he wrote "See you in July" to Giuseppe Rossi on Twitter. We've seen players throw misdirection tweets out there before, so we can't assume that's confirmation, but multiple reports out of Spain have Altidore heading out on loan.


10:33am– Gerard Houllier has revealed what has been known for a few days now, that Michael Bradley is heading to Aston Villa on a loan for the rest of the season.


10:28am- Nicola Legrottaglie has moved to AC MIlan from Juventus for you Serie A fans. As for Torres, reports suggest Nicolas Anelka could very well be heading to Liverpool as part of the transfer.


10:16am– Those asking about Altidore to Bursaspor, they are in second place in Turkey and boast striker Kenny Miller up top to potentially partner with Altidore. Also, Bursaspor is NOT that close to where Freddy Adu's new club is located.


10:12am– Still no official word of Fernando Torres' move to Chelsea being completed. Helicopter on the way?


10:07am– Still no word on Benny Feilhaber, who seems destined to stay at AGF Aarhus until the summer. 


10:05am– Reports have Jozy Altidore heading to Turkish club Bursaspor, while fresh reports in Spain claim he's heading to Sporting Gijon. I'm trying to track down a solid confirmation on where Altidore is heading so stay tuned.


10am– The Times of London has just reported Liverpool buying Andy Carroll for 35 million pounds. No, you're not the only one amazed at that price.



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217 Responses to Transfer Deadline Day: Live Commentary

  1. Grammar Police says:

    Wow! 35 mill for Carroll. Hes good but not THAT good.

  2. Grammar Police says:

    BBC is now reporting that the Liverpool “large bid” for Carroll has been rejected.

  3. STX81 says:

    Transfer fees for domestic talent is crazy inflated in England.

  4. patrick says:

    theres an article on Sky about Michael Bradley that refers to Bob as the former US coach, hahaha

  5. Thomas says:

    Just how in the hell is he worth that much when Torres is only 50m?

  6. A.S. says:

    Freddy Adu to Ouagadougu Warriors, in the Burkino Faso Second Division! WOW!

  7. OmarVizquel says:

    What’s crazier: that Liverpool would offer that much, or that Newcastle would initially reject (!) that much?

    Gives me shudders.

    The whole Torres affair is sad (obviously it’s sad to an LFC fan such as myself, but in soccer terms I mean…). What a great player. Magical even, and I despise when people talk about soccer is such over-the-top, dramatic language. But he really was a lot of fun to watch, and seemed like a good guy.

    But it is all about the Champions League to him. That’s why he left Atletico to go to LFC — a team that had just been in 2 CL finals. His first season they went to the CL semifinal (and he scored against Arsenal and Chelsea in the knock-outs); the next season LFC bowed out to Chelsea (again) even earlier. The next season….well, even earlier than that. This season, obviously not even in the CL.

    The point is, no matter how intensely it seemed like Torres bled red, his entire psyche seems predicated on CL soccer, not LFC. So, I wish him well, since I still really like watching the guy play, but it still seems a bit depressing that a guy making that much money could be so obsessed with playing CL soccer that he’d abandon a fanbase that adored him, and a club that seems on the upswing.

  8. frank from sf says:

    i hear ya. BUT if “it still seems a bit depressing that a guy making that much money could be so obsessed with playing CL soccer that he’d abandon a fanbase that adored him, and a club that seems on the upswing.” Then he never would of left At. Madrid in the 1st place. He was all that and more in madrid.

  9. Paul says:

    Jefferson Montero out on loan from Villareal…does this mean Jozy may stay?

  10. NateinSF says:

    LFC on the upswing? Not meant to be a dig but I would argue they have a long road ahead before they reach CL level again. They signed Suarez and I rate Mierles but they still have a ton of holes. The backline is a mess, Gerard is in decline. Not only do they have their own issues but the big 4 is now the big 6, so who knows when they will be in the CL again. On the other hand, I really don’t care for Chelsea sad to see Torres end up there. Makes me think Drogba will be off to Madrid in the summer.

  11. OmarVizquel says:

    True, true — although LFC fresh off of 2 CL finals must have seemed more enticing than Atletico.

    I guess you tend not to think of a guy as a mercenary once he plays for your team, even if he left another club to go to yours…Easy to forget that he broke fans’ hearts to go to England in the first place.

  12. OmarVizquel says:

    Yes, on the upswing, albeit not like Manchester City. Buying Suarez is a positive. He’s a great player. Compared to bringing in Hodgson and Konchesky last summer, signing Suarez feels like signing Pele himself.

  13. Jack says:

    I’m pretty sure that “upswing” refers to “winning the league” or anything. It was just a comment that, for the past few games, Liverpool has been looking a bit more like its old self.

  14. dman says:

    Any possible eric lichaj news?

  15. RK says:

    I don’t think that will have an impact, but it does leave them thin.

    FWIW Jozy’s twitter indicates he is being loaned, but unsure as to where…I would think it would be out of Spain, since he told Rossi “see you in July”.

  16. Matt B. says:

    Any chance that Beasley moves to get playing time?

  17. Erik says:

    Just goes to show that contracts mean NOTHING in sport anymore, especially soccer. He just signed a new deal last year and when things are bad, he bails.

    Why do you think Gerrard is such a legend at Anfield?

  18. Justin O says:

    Mubarak to Saudi Arabia. Are you hearing that too?

  19. Erik says:

    He should have thought about that BEFORE he went to Germany.

  20. RK says:

    I thought Grella couldn’t play for a 3rd team? And that’s why Motherwell fell through?

  21. Erik says:

    Carrol to Liverpool would be top class. Young striker with power and strength who can head the ball and shoot from range paired with Suarez…

    Add a midfielder and a left back and Liverpool will look pretty solid.

  22. EA says:

    Anything on Charlie Davies securing a loan deal?

  23. OmarVizquel says:

    Geez, I’d forgotten about DMB.

  24. Jack says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan, and this whole Torres affair is just making me sad. Maybe I idealize soccer a bit too much, but I’ve spent the past few months defending the guy, saying that he’ll come back into his past form and start scoring again (and I’m not the only one who has), and then he announces that he wants to leave Liverpool–and not just leave, but leave for CHELSEA. Talk about stabbing the fans with a knife and twisting it to make it hurt as much as possible. My rational self has known it all along, but it’s still a bit of a blow to see that this “loyal to one club” stuff is actually “loyal to one club until this other one looks better.” Yeah, he did it to Atletico, but he’s spent the past few years going on about how much he loves the club, the fans, and even how he wants to raise his daughter to be a Scouser. He got our hopes up. Goes to show how deep club loyalty goes for players.

    Unless you’re Steven Gerrard. Or Landon Donovan, for that matter.

    On the other hand, I hope that Altidore gets a loan deal. And Feilhaber is making me a bit nervous–whatever happened to those potential transfer deals? He has an uphill battle ahead of him for playing time in the US midfield this cycle, and he needs to be at the best club possible so that he’s being challenged every day to get better.

  25. JD says:

    What rumor takes the prize for most outrageous rumor? I still laugh at last year’s rumor of Bornstein going to Nottingham Forest because a guy claims to have spotted him getting out of a cab.

  26. sandraAs hard as it is to accept that fact torres is leaving . It only is the best thing for him and liverpool says:

    I think torres realizes that liverpool needs signings to succeed. In order to sign players they need money. In order to get money they need to sell top players. On liverpool right now, only torres, reina and gerrard can be sold for a lot of money. At least one needs to leave in order to give liverpool a chance to rebuild. And honestly of those three torres is the most replaceable. Without reina liverpool would be in the relegation battle still. And gerrard is there captain.

  27. Igor says:

    Did Jan Polak of Anderlecht move yet? That would open up PT for Sacha.

  28. William the Terror says:

    Hah!! He’ll be sitting on the bench. Transfers in the Dictator’s League rarely work out.

  29. David says:

    I wish Hodgson had gotten the financial support it seems Dalglish is getting. Granted it is different owners but I still think his sacking was premature. If they go on a tear now with Suarez and Carroll, Dalglish will get all the plaudits but the reality is it was the money.

  30. Erik says:

    Andy Carrol is going to Liverpool – don’t know about you but that’s a heck of a signing. 22 years old, in the mold of Andy Shearer. Suarez and Carrol together are much better than Torres on his own.

    Come on ‘Pool, get a left back in there!

  31. Jack says:

    Agree it could be good, it’s just the price tag that’s crazy. They must be banking on getting the money for Torres, because last time I checked, LFC finances weren’t looking so hot.

  32. sandra says:

    Oops definitely meant to put some of what is in the name in the message

    Ugh for replying from my phone

  33. Erik says:

    That’s what happens to Americans at Hannover except Cherundolo who has a german name and may as well be german by how long he’s been there.

  34. away goals says:

    Contracts are bargaining chips. Which is all they should be, really. The idea that players owe a club any sort of loyalty is naive.

    Clubs and players benefit each other in a mutual fashion, both financially and on the field. And either party will turn its back on the other if it serves its own interest.

  35. Ryan says:


    Any info on why Feilhaber isn’t moving? Outside of his wages being too high, which seems unlikely, I don’t understand why a move hasn’t materialized.

  36. OmarVizquel says:

    Personally I hope you’re right. But I’m surprised by so many people talking themselves into such an unproven player with off-the-field issues! Talk about the antithesis of Torres…..ugh.

  37. Jack says:

    I think that Hodgson’s issues ran deeper than not getting the financial support. He had the team playing a rigid defensive style that just didn’t mesh with their abilities, and when that wasn’t working, he didn’t change. He was great at getting every bit of talent out of Fulham, but seemed a bit lost when looking at a team like the Reds with so much attacking potential.

    I do think that this managerial merry-go-round has gotten a bit ridiculous, but I would question the decision to hire Hodgson to Liverpool in the first place. Liverpool has been looking better under Dalglish (although yes, we only have a small sample size) even before their new purchases.

  38. David says:

    It is true the players never seemed to take to Roy’s style and the team should have known what they were getting when them hired him but what is the point of hiring a manager and then firing him in less than 6 months after the team was sold in the interim. It was all just a big mess and it is sad that King Kenny is going to receive all the spoils of the new ownerships while Hodgson got the boot after struggling through the transistion.

  39. OmarVizquel says:

    True — it should be in sports like it is in any profession. If you get a better job offer, you are free to leave.

    I guess sometimes I find it hard to reconcile my love of US sports (with their totally different contract scheme) with my love of soccer around the world. In soccer it’s annoying how anyone can go anywhere at anytime, contracts notwithstanding.

  40. Erik says:

    Torres is always hurt and looks very lazy these days. If you have to pay 35 million for Carrol, you are basically breaking even with the original purchase of Torres (22 mil?) and the price possibly paid for Chelsea of 50 million. So in the end you really only paid 7 million for Carrol.

    I think the shocker is Torres being worth 50 million… he’s good, but not that good.

  41. Spectra says:

    My sources say Dubai

  42. OmarVizquel says:

    I don’t get the math. And I think that when Torres is motivated he’s proven to be one of the very best strikers in the world. His goal-rate in England when he’s been healthy has been almost unmatched since 2008.

  43. ManicMessiah says:

    Carroll 19 games 11 goals.
    Torres 23 games 9 goals.

  44. patrick says:

    torres has done it consistently over a long period of time. I’m not down on Carroll, but he hasn’t shown he can do it year after year, which i need to see for 35million pounds

  45. jimmy says:

    Something that’s always bothered me… These teams can pony up 30, 40, 50 million pounds for all these players, and yet, 7.5 million ($12,000,000) for Landon is outrageous? I don’t get it.

  46. Geoff says:

    Torres, when motivated, is perhaps the single best striker in the world. He showed that during his first season at Liverpool. It’s unfortunate it turned out this way. Carroll may be good but he’s not in Torres’ class.

  47. Josh says:

    Anything MLS-related? Davies to DC on loan?

  48. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Ives, any idea if Bradley’s potential move would come with an option to buy?

    (SBI-I’ve heard that it does but ultimately Bradley will still have the freedom to move where he wants come the summer since he would have to agree to stay.)

  49. David says:

    Landon is older than both Suarez and Carroll plus who says he really wants to go to Europe. I am not convinced he does. Seems to like MLS and Cali just fine from what I can tell.

  50. Geoff says:

    As a Spurs fan, I wish the rumored move of Sergio Aguero to Tottenham had had truth to it.

  51. RK says:

    What time is the deadline?

  52. Dave says:

    35 million pounds is a hefty fee, but the vast majority of Newcastle fans would be thrilled if we turned down Liverpool’s offer. He’s a local Newcastle guy and he’s been a thrill to watch this year. Even in games when he doesn’t score, he terrorizes defenders.

  53. Lorenzo says:

    Nilmar is back, they’re out of Copa del Rey, probably don’t need all the depth

  54. Sam says:

    carroll for £35 million and rumors saying it could up to £40 million…that’s really goin out on a limb…David Villa was £40 million just doesn’t add up to me

  55. Carlo says:

    Ives where do you follow to get all this information that is going on?

  56. kellybirda says:

    is eddie johnson leaving fulham

  57. Rory says:

    How many English players are there good enough to start at Forward for a club in a European competition? With the new rules about playing a certain number of domestics in European matches the prices of English players has been driven sky high.

  58. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Thanks, Ives. The fact that you get so many questions and that you answer these is what makes you and your site the best. Thanks!

  59. William the Terror says:

    Original purchase of Torres (22M) plus current purchase of Carroll (35M) = 57M minus sale of Torres (50M) = net loss of 7M, plus you still have Carroll left to sell (assuming he is not having a “Flash in the Pan) season.

  60. Erik says:

    Thank you William.

  61. Second City says:

    With players like Cesc counting as a domestic player for Arsenal, the price Carroll just went for can’t be justified simply because he’s English.

    That said, the price tag for Carroll is borderline ridiculous.

    Maybe Liverpool fans will shut their pie-holes about American owners, once and for all, now that they’ll see an actual owner of quality from the States.

  62. Nick says:

    What about the keepers? Friedel, Guzan, and Hannehmann all have unsettled situations.

  63. Erik says:

    That’s nice away goals but the contract on my car says I pay it off each month for 48 months or they come get it from me. I can’t just go to the dealer and say I want a transfer to a new care dealership because I’m tired of the current contract I am on.

  64. PurpleGold says:

    the kid is only 22

  65. Annelid Gustator says:

    Jesus, Andy Carroll isn’t worth 35M pounds! Not unless that includes real estate.

  66. DC Josh says:


  67. Kosh says:

    Of the beachfront variety. This thing started out at a ridiculous level but is now simply getting out of hand.

  68. DC Josh says:

    For those of you not at work, or the alcoholics at work.

    Drinking game: drink every time Ives says “WOW”, “Jozy”, or “rumor”.

    (SBI-Still waiting on your “I should have trusted you when you said Michael Bradley would wind up in the Premier League” comment.)

  69. Lorenzo says:

    Lyle Yorks said he’s working on “both guys right now” as related to Davies and Altidore

  70. DC Josh says:

    Or it includes his ex girlfriend.

  71. Ken says:

    But thinking about it if Bent is worth 24 million then in this crazy market Carroll for 35 million is fair enough for me but still crazy

  72. Rory says:

    Nope, they are Liverpool fans so logic and reason hold no meaning. Don’t forget the “horrible” American owners let Rafa spend more money than any other team on transfers until the last two years when they rightfully had some questions about his ability. The problem is that instead of buying a great player for $25 Million he’d buy five $5 Million dollar projects that wouldn’t pan out and would later be sold for $3 million.

  73. Dave says:

    The first car dealership would be happy to let you pay a different dealership, if that second dealership paid them 30 million Euros up front.

  74. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Ives, what about Sunderland as a possible Jozy loan? They need strikers.

  75. DC Josh says:

    Speaking of Andy Carroll. I see justification in his price tag. He is young, and the best English striker in the country. He is a white Drogba. Him and Bale will eventually be the best UK players. Book it.

  76. patrick says:

    and? Liverpool is paying an awful lot for potential. Other players that were bought for that much had already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were worth the money. Can you say that about Carroll?

  77. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    This made me laugh way more than it should have. Touché.

  78. Jack says:

    Anything about a Lichaj loan? I’d hate to see the kid stuck in the Villa reserves for the rest of the season.

  79. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Go look at videos of Cherundolo speaking german in his interviews. The youtube comments from zee Germans are pretty funny. You have to use google translate of course, but they all are amazed at how well he speaks the language, and even say that he sounds like a regular German.

  80. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Let me know when Carroll scores 24 in a season.

  81. Gabe says:

    Even the geordies don’t think Carroll is worth 35m. However, they should sell him for sure if that’s the case.

  82. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I’m pretty sure if they had more beaches and In-n-Out Burgers in Europe that Landon would go.

  83. DC Josh says:

    If Liverpool land Carroll and ship Torres to Chelsea with Anelka coming to Anfield, then HEYOOOOO. That is one hell of a deal. Plus Suarez. They just might make a push for Europe.

  84. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Guzan seems to be settling into Hull quite nicely since his loan was just extended.

  85. DC Josh says:

    Haha! Yeah, touche. That’s why you have this website and I have this dead-end job…

  86. Igor says:

    Sounds like Jozy to bursaspor on loan is imminent.

  87. Zach says:

    Per Chris Murphy on Soccernet: “The Bradley to Aston Villa deal is very close to being done.”

  88. Annelid Gustator says:

    Sure, Andy Carroll will probably be the star striker of the English Penal System within a few years.

  89. Nick says:

    FIFA International transfer deadline day is far more amazing than NBA, MLB, and NFL trade deadline days combined.

  90. Ericrace1 says:

    BBC’s David Ornstein reporting that Houllier told him Bradley is a “done deal”. Just now reported…so not the “Clear the medical” kind of done deal…

  91. haha says:

    Oh Snaps! you just got burned by Ives!

  92. japan says:

    His armband said he was a red, He lied, He lied

    You’ll Never Walk Alone it said, We tried, We tried

    He said his contract he’d honor too,

    But now he’s gone & turned a blue

    Fernando Torres

    Never Liverpool’s 9!

  93. PurpleGold says:

    All im saying is that he’s young, so Liverpool would be getting a potentially pretty good player, and yeah there would be a risk, but this is soccer, any time you transfer ANYONE, no matter how proven they are, there is a risk that theyll flop.

    Plus everyone knows how overpriced English players in England are, and they didn’t even buy him so this is all for nothing haha

  94. Erik says:

    Charlie Adam to Liverpool…

    now get that left back!

  95. inkedAG says:


  96. Erik says:


    Nice one Dave.

  97. Zach says:

    Don’t do it Scotsman :( Stay at Blackpool so I can continue to think you’re a cool young player!

  98. ahm says:

    ives im confused by the whole bradley transfer scenario. an option to buy would make more sense but my initial impression was that BMG was looking to SELL him due to his contract being up in 18 months. a loan offer doesn’t really seem to solve their problem and as you said the “option” is far from a sure thing

    (SBI-The loan puts Bradley in the shop window, which can help lead to a better transfer offer come the summer. It’s not all about what BMG wants. The player does have some say in all this. Ultimately, more options for a transfer in the summer window than winter window.)

  99. PurpleGold says:

    “and they didn’t even buy him so this is all for nothing haha”

    I seem to have spoke too soon.

  100. inkedAG says:

    Why can’t Arsenal buy anyone??

  101. Czo13 says:

    NOOOO. Come back Andy!!!!

  102. Nick says:

    11:00GMT, which is eight hours ahead of the Pacific time zone, for those of you asking when the window closes.

  103. beckster says:

    BBC saying that Houlier said Bradley is a “done deal”

  104. Zach says:

    See there’s this guy. His name is Arson Vein-gur or something.

    Apparently, he’s pretty stubborn when it comes to buying new players for that Cannon Factory FC team he coaches 😉

    Just kidding…I’m trying to make myself laugh cuz I’m also an Arsenal supporter and reaaaally wish we’d buy someone…anyone, even a new ball boy. Hazard would really help alleviate the Nasri injury…just saying.

  105. Rory says:

    I’m hearing Anelka is going to Liverpool as part of the Torres deal. I wonder if they could then pass him on to Newcastle? Seems Newcastle will be looking for a forward this afternoon.

  106. Nick says:

    Liverpool would have 9 points to make it up in fourteen matches to get into the CL. Does anyone think that’s their goal (kind of like Major League)?

  107. Rory says:

    Anyone else think it’s really weird that an agent has a twitter account? I get that its a way to drive up interest (like the NFL agent who pretended to be talking on his phone during the draft when the camera’s showed his client so that teams would worry he was going soon and would make a jump to get him), but man, it’s a weird world.

  108. Thor says:

    Ives..What’s going on with the Gale? I heard that Traffic is again asking too much and may prevent the Sweedish club from buying.

  109. alex says:

    Hate traffic sports with a passion. They’re killing Gale’s career. UGH. I hate slimy mofos like them.

  110. alex says:

    and how many players do inter need? i feel like they already have a big, quality ridden squad and they’re buying up a lot of players this window.

  111. Jack says:

    I have to think that if Liverpool is shelling out that kind of money for a striker, Torres is almost definitely out.

  112. DC Josh says:

    Agree. They are looking to make more money at the detriment of a player’s development. Safe to say young players will stray away from signing with them.

  113. Sean says:

    According to Soccernet, Tottenham is preparing a 30 million pound offer at Villareal for Guiseppe Rossi. Good for Altidore if that goes through.

  114. ACS says:

    Traffic Sports is epitome of everything gone wrong in Professional Sports

  115. bob says:

    Traffic sports = modern day slave traders

  116. RK says:

    Looks like Jozy to Bursaspor is happening…

  117. Andy in Atlanta says:

    30 million GBP for Rossi is so laughable…

  118. WK says:

    Re: Boss, someone needs to smash some windows of Trafficsports’ offices. I hope young Americans (and their parents) learn to stay clear of these shady a-holes.

  119. cudevil says:

    Screw Traffic Sports. When did indentured servitude come back en vogue?

  120. Erik says:

    They could do it. If you’ve watched them lately they are back to passing the ball around and working it through the midfield to set up goals.

  121. Brad says:

    says who?

  122. Indentured Servituded says:

    Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.

  123. adub says:

    what ever happend to Benny Feilhaber to Rangers?

  124. RK says:

    Turkish sources…

  125. Brad says:

    Is Anelka and/or Kalou on their ways out then?

  126. Mike Caramba says:


    Was Anelka included in that 45M-pound transfer, or was he left out since ‘pool already got Carroll?

  127. kimo says:

    120 MM on 2 players. FIFA needs to institute (or in this case the EPL perhaps) some sort of spending tax that redistributes some of the ridiculous spending to the smaller clubs. A 10% tax on 120MM that gets redistributed to the other clubs on revenue basis (smaller clubs get a larger portion). Not sure this makes total sense but I think you get my drift.

  128. Nick says:

    +1, I laughed at that out loud.

  129. RK says:

    So take it with a grain of salt, of course, until something is official.

  130. RK says:

    I wonder if any Jozy deal is held up by this Rossi rumor…

  131. David says:

    More proof that the most perfect free market occurs in the sports labor market? The most skilled laborers command the highest wages/prices in relation to the demand for them and the current supply . . . I don’t blame Liverpool for ‘overpaying’, Darren Bent just went for 24 mill, Carroll is younger and has more immediate and long term upside . . . scary though, considering the gentleman’s sniper, David Villa, went for a mere 34 mill this summer.

    Who is coming out a winner in this period? Who comes out a loser?

    Newcastle are playing with fire here – they are only 8 points clear of the drop zone, and everyone at the poker table knows they have a big kitty burning a hole with only hours to spare!

  132. RK says:

    There are some new financial rules beginning next year…

  133. Judging Amy says:

    “white drogba” ftw

  134. Brad says:

    I read somewhere that Anelka vetoed moving to Anfield…

  135. RK says:

    Actually, Villarreal just signed Mubarak:

    link to

  136. Illmatic74 says:

    Why? Andy Caroll just went for 35 million

  137. Illmatic74 says:

    He just got arrested for a bar fight which I am pretty sure is a rite of passage for English national team members. Even Wilshere got into one last year.

  138. DC Josh says:

    I would have to say Liverpool are big winners with Suarez/Carroll in and Torres out. For the sake of the beautiful game, I hope Torres recaptures his form. He is one of the best when he is 100% healthy and dedicated. Nothing like watching him curl a shot around the keeper into the back post.

  139. Ryan says:

    “white drogba”


    But I do agree with most of the other comments about the doubt about his consistency over time. Torres has been a world class player for several years, Carroll hasn’t.

    Then again, Drogba developed late as well. Lol

  140. Annelid Gustator says:

    He’s also had at least two fisticuffs with teammates, one of which left *his teammate with a broken jaw*. Not to mention other peccadilloes which have managed to go uncharged. Dude’s not stable.

  141. TimN says:

    Let’s hope Altidore can get somewhere that he’ll see the pitch more often. Contrary to many here, I’ve never really been all that high on him. He’s had a few flashes of brilliance (Spain, Poland), but his first touch his heavy, and his on-the-ball skills need improvement. Until those things get better, which comes from game experience, he’ll never be the kind of guy that creates opportunities on his own.

    I’m also hoping that Turkey will be the place that Adu gets his game back on target. The Turks are very quick and skilled on the ball, and perhaps playing there, even in the 2nd division, will get him back on the MNT radar.

    I’m kind of thinking Lichaj should stay at AV. Yes, he had a poor performance that put him in the doghouse with Houllier, but the fact remains that since leaving North Carolina early, AV has been the place that has developed his game to the level of getting MNT nods. He should stick it out and show some resolve.

  142. Lawrence says:

    Poland was not in his flashes of brilliance.

    I’d more so include his game v T&T, Guatemala he set up both goals, he had a decent world cup, i mean his break away run and shot had a better chance of beating Robert Green than Dempsey’s, had things been different people would probably whistle a different tune.

    He does have some flaws though so hopefuly the kid makes the right decision on club level, whatever that may be.

  143. Leventcos21 says:

    According to Turkish sport site Fanatik, They are saying that Altidore is going to Bursa. However, I wouldn’t call them the most reliable source.
    link to

  144. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Which is not even laughable it actually marks the supreme downfall of English football… Carroll will not live up to 1/4 of the expectations…

  145. Thorpinski says:

    MLB and FIFA are close …NFL and NBA are not in the same converstion

  146. David says:

    SBI –

    At a quick glance, who do you see as winners/the savviest movers in the window, and then the losers?

  147. DC Josh says:

    In the most shocking news of the day, Michael Bradley was seen smiling, yes, SMILING, in Aston Villa claret and blue.

    link to,,10265~2280998,00.html

  148. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I will only be find if Jozy moves to Bursaspor if he’s a regular started for Bursaspor. Bursaspor is probably the best team in Turkey which means they get to play in CL matches in which Altidore can play against competetive teams in Europe.

  149. jeff says:

    my guess is oil out of Russia is going up in price this next year or so… Chelsea’s payroll will require it!

  150. Kem says:

    As an Everton fan, I hate the transfer window. Damn you Kenwright. ><

  151. RK says:

    He should be cup-tied.

  152. b says:

    “Gale Agbossoumonde’s move to Djurgarden is in jeopardy because Traffic Sports, which is Gale’s third-party rights holder, has upped the asking price.”

    If confirmed, it is time for US fans to do something about Traffic Sports. Somebody at least create a boycott website to get them some negative publicity.

  153. sandra says:

    Liverpool and chelsea agree on a fee for torres. Torres now in talks with chelsea

  154. AME says:

    Will Bradley be in the 18 against Manchester United tomorrow?

  155. David says:

    The prospect of Torres and Drogba running at you is enough to give any back/keeper fits of extreme paranoia and insomnia . . . will be a joy to watch I hope as a fan of the game coming down the home stretch in the EPL this winter/spring

  156. philmatt24 says:

    Is it broken? I’m not seeing anything past 2:15…

  157. jake says:

    The huge premium is because he’s young and he’s English. If he’s ever as good as Villa, he’s worth a lot more to an English team.

  158. Fritz says:

    Any updates on Gale’s move?

  159. Ed says:

    I agree Traffic Sports is a dispicable organization, but at the end of the day, Gale and his handlers ultimately signed the agreement. This should serve as a cautionary tale for up and coming US youngsters

  160. Greg says:

    Sounds for real…

    RT @ligabbva_ENG: Official Announcement: Jozy Altidore on loan to UD Levante #levante #villarreal

  161. HoboMike says:

    Holy hell. $80M for Torres? How can Chelsea afford him and be within the Financial Fair Play rules for the CL, especially since they said they lost $113M last year? I know you can fudge numbers anyway you want…but come on.

    From a soccer standpoint, Liverpool essentially traded Torres for Carroll, Suarez, and about $20M (or Carroll, Suarez, Adam, and $10M). Too bad they don’t have width; however, this is a great piece of business for them.

  162. OmarVizquel says:

    He MUST be on drugs. That’s just weird….

  163. Annelid Gustator says:

    To which Jozy replied via twitter: “really?”


  164. Ericrace1 says:

    Ives – BBC just reported that Reading have signed US player, Erik Opsahl…looks like he was at St. John’s this past year?

    Any insight?

  165. RSLfan says:

    Do you know anything about Erik Opsahl? I’m not super locked into collegiate soccer but I was reading that he is an 18 year old who went to St. John’s and just signed with Reading today.

  166. RSLfan says:

    Of course the second I post it updates to show not only you posting it but also someone else. Me and my patience…

  167. Landis says:

    Ives- any idea what the 10am tomorrow MLS press conference is for?

  168. john in fl says:

    AD-WHO???????Playing where???

  169. john in fl says:

    not too many young injury prone players available in the market this winter transfer season…..that’s the reason!!!

  170. JS says:

    Seems like Altidore might be on his way to Turkey according to this article. link to

    I used google translator.

    (SBI-There have been Altidore to Turkey stories since the morning. Nothing confirmed yet. Bursaspor is the popular link.)

  171. fischy says:

    Eric Opsahi???? Who dat?

  172. DC Josh says:

    How cool would it be if the entire January transfer window was compressed into 24 hours? If anyone would do it, it is Sepp Blatter. Maybe I’ll write him a letter…but, oh yeah, he can’t read. :-/

  173. fischy says:

    I guess I got that wrong — Erik Opsahl. I should know something about him — he’s almost from my backyard in Montgomery County. Must be a decent player if he landed at Reading. So, why haven’t I heard about him before?

  174. fischy says:

    His youth club practices at Walter Johnson High School — I could walk there. Why haven’t I heard of this kid before?

  175. fischy says:

    Here’s what I could find out — intrigued because it seems he’s from my backyard. According to the Reading site, he’s from Silver Spring, Md., and went to Montgomery Blair High School there. Played with a travel team called Pachuca Internationals, based in Bethesda. Was a freshman at St. John’s. Must be a smart, literate kid, if he was there. No clue why I have no recollection of reading about him earlier — and no idea how Reading found him. Continuing proof that foreign scouts probably know our kids better than even MLS.

  176. fischy says:

    If Traffic continues to sabotage young players, it will crash and burn under the weight of its bad rep. Who in their right mind would sign with them now?

  177. chewp says:


  178. RK says:

    Still nothing.

  179. Jblaunius says:

    Jozy-to-Levante story reminds me of Bradley-to-Galatasaray story.

  180. fiscy says:

    Except wire services are reporting that La Liga had the news on their Twitter. I can’t find it so I can’t confirm or deny.

  181. ACS says:

    Look at @Liga BBVA English, says official announcement Jozy Altidore to Levante and Jozy wrote back @Liga_BBVA_English I was just about to type that.

  182. ACS says:

    sorry its ligabbva_ENG

  183. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    FYI Ives, this is the coolest feature story format yet on SBI. I’m checking in all day…keep it up…

  184. DavefromNewcastle says:

    I love the fact the Mad Russian will spend all of his rubles on Torres and he still will not beat United…

  185. fischy says:

    RIght, I did find it finally — but nothing from the clubs. It does sound as if he’s headed to Levante, but methinks we should wait for something more substantial.

  186. fischy says:

    Twitter is dangerous, especially because the times that appear below aren’t entirely accurate. It seems that Jozy tweeted twice @Liga_BBVA. The first tweet was “Really?”. That was in response to the “Official Announcement”. Jozy’s later tweet that he “was just about type that” — appears to be in response to a clarification that there is no official announcement, sent in reply to Ives. So, it appears Ives is spot on about that.

  187. ACS says:

    Yeah, twitter isn’t updating very fast for me. It’s there only like 30 minutes left in the transfer window?

  188. NK says:

    This may already have been answered, but do the non-English transfer windows (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, etc) have a different closing time than England’s?

  189. RK says:

    Some do, like Scandinavia, but those all close at the same time.

  190. john.q says:

    side note: ives and crew thanks for staying on top of this all day and letting us know of the news as soon as it happens. much appreciated!

  191. DavefromNewcastle says:

    Adu to Rizespor hmmm..

  192. Dave says:

    As I remember, this is like baseball. The paper work has to be filed by a certain time, but it takes hours for everything to get processed.

  193. tbecker says:

    Jozy should go to New Castle right now!

  194. Nick says:

    And we are closed right?

  195. fischy says:

    Teams always find ways to fudge the deadlines. We’ll be hearing about moves into the a.m.

  196. DC Josh says:

    The anticipation is killing me. Where are Jozy and Charlie going?

  197. RK says:

    JozyAltidore17 Jozy Altidore
    Bursaspor on a six month loan. Thanks for all you continued support.

  198. Aaron in StL says:

    Jozy to Bursaspor. Just saw he posted on his Twitter account.

  199. JS says:

    Check altidore’s twitter…

  200. fischy says:

    …And Jozy confirms all the Bursaspor reports…

    Hopefully, he’ll get first-team PT there. Good place for him to refine his techniques. Turks have always seemed to me to have great technique. Feel free to disagree.

  201. SwerveZ says:

    Ok, so Liverpool got less than $80 mil or whatever that was…is Liverpool going to get another player in this deal???

  202. fischy says:

    Nothing from Davies except huzzahs for Jozy. Guess Charlie’s going to have to be satisfied with reserve games for a while.

  203. chris says:

    they are out of the CL and its only a LOAN! you people are retarded he is not playing in the Champions League.

  204. Joamiq says:

    Benny Feilhaber must have the worst agent on the planet.

  205. Turgid Jacobian says:

    apparently they’re going to start him with their U18s

  206. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Eidur Gudjohnsen could be a solid signing.

  207. ThaDeuce says:

    I’m guessing that Jozy’s news is the last news. No moves for Lichaj or Charlie. Still overall pretty exciting moves for the yanks, looking forward to the 2nd half of the season.

  208. Lawrence says:

    like the two kids to everton who turned to be….. ?

  209. Lawrence says:

    Everyone thought Charlie was for sure going on loan and now silence…

    and now there is a 10 am press conference from MLS tomorrow….

  210. bottlcaps says:

    One interesting observation. Of all the transfers in and out of the FA and even worldwide, only four (4) transfers from the Bundesliga to the EPL. Half of those transfers were American!

  211. Drew says:

    Not happening

  212. Warren says:

    Qatar 2nd Division

  213. Warren says:

    The last time you looked was before NESV bought Liverpool and NESV and the banks forced the prior owners to take a financial bath to get out of town?

    The new owners – maybe you noticed by now – aren;t afraid to spend $; prudently.

  214. Warren says:

    If you are 3rd leading goal scoer in La Liga – after Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – that’s kind of a hint you’re a good player.

    Ok he’s from Jersey so you can laugh all you want. But anyone prizing Rossi away from Villareal will have to offer serious $ or euros.