USMNT announces March friendlies with Argentina, Paraguay

U.S. Soccer Federation

The United States men's national team is going to be taking on two of South America's top squads this spring.

The United States Soccer Federation officially confirmed the U.S. men's national team's March 26 friendly against Argentina in New Jersey, but it also announced a friendly with Paraguay three days later in Nashville, Tenn. The matches fall on FIFA international fixture dates.

The match against Argentina will be played at the New Meadowlands Stadium, the same site of the United States' friendly against Brazil over the summer. The last time the two countries met, Tim Howard starred at Giants Stadium in a 0-0 draw in 2008.

Paraguay defeated the United States in their last meeting at the 2007 Copa America. The World Cup quarterfinalists will meet Mexico in Oakland, Calif., three days prior to meeting the United States on March 29 at LP Field.

Excited about the friendlies? Think the games will be useful preparation ahead of the Gold Cup? Will you go to the matches?

Share your thoughts below.

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55 Responses to USMNT announces March friendlies with Argentina, Paraguay

  1. helpful says:

    Yes, Yes, No

  2. Brit says:

    Why can’t Houston get more friendlies? As long as we’re not playing Mexico or another Central American team we’d be fine and it would be a lot more fun than Nashville.

  3. RLW2020 says:

    good games! so far this year Chile, Egypt, Argentina, Paraguay.. should all be great set-ups for the Gold Cup. can’t wait to see the first team back in action.

  4. Petaluman says:

    Been a while since USMNT played in the Bay Area. Good to see a bone thrown our way.

  5. BenH says:

    Great matches! I like.

    Unfortunately, I will not be going. The team needs to play in Dallas more.

  6. Petaluman says:

    Oh check that I mis read that the US game is in Nashville. Good for them bad for us.

  7. Klaus says:

    I’m definitely going to make the trip down to Nashville in March. Haven’t seen the fellas since their last qualifier in D.C. Can’t wait to see the USMNT in action with my own two eyes again.

  8. maka says:

    show up in force USMNT…

    and if your friends dare to wear their crappy Argentina jerseys, punch them and remind them where they come from.

  9. Second City says:

    Better yet, punch them and send them to that country to live permanently.

  10. A.S. says:

    Great matches. However, I read somewhere that Nigeria may be coming to the US to play Guatamala. I would much rather play Nigeria than either of these teams. After all, we need to practice against a sub-Saharan African team, so that when we play Ghana in World Cup 2014 they don’t knock us out again.

  11. mikeandike says:

    why Nashville?

    The US seems to play there a decent amount… can’t be because of weather, since they’ll be in NJ just 3 days prior…

    Why not Chicago, or Dallas, or Houston- large city, larger fanbase, int’l airports for players to catch non-stps back to Europe…

  12. agnigrin says:

    Probably because it would add another 3 hours to return flight for the Euro based players!

  13. DomiNate says:

    Argentina in New Jersey instead of Seattle. I’d be a lot less pissed right now if there weren’t previous posts saying Seattle would get the game.

    Just like MLS did until 2009, the USMNT is overlooking a deserving soccer audience. Sure, give us the crappiest of Gold Cup games because you’ll get ticket sales, but a game that people would actually want to watch will always be on the East Coast, Chicago, or LA.

    Oh and up yours again US organizers for blowing the World Cup bid.

  14. Ian says:

    heaven forbid!

  15. Warren says:

    And the WAGs get to do touristy things at Graceland and Grand Ole Opry etc.

  16. jts says:

    Probably not a bad question, but I am happy with it just the same (moved to Nashville last year from Austin)

    I’ll probably buy in the range of 50 to 200 tickets.

  17. Warren says:

    It’s not USMNT saying east coast, I’m guessing it’s probably pressure from Barcleona etc on the Argentinean squad to keep the travel/time zone shift down as much as much as possible.

    So USSF caved…again…that’s a shock?

    And really I see no problem: for a New Yorker, Jersey is close enough ; )

  18. MemRook says:

    Nashville!!! Yes!!!!! Last US game I attended was the T&T qualifier in Nashville; which was awesome cuz Jozy scored a hat trick. Living in Memphis there aren’t a lot of convenient locations to go see our Nats. So this is truly awesome.

  19. J Scott says:

    Far worse places to be exiled to. Argentina is a cool country; I had a great time when I was there.

  20. Aaron in StL says:

    No offense to Houston… but Nashville is a much better city to visit. I went to the WC qualifier v T&T a few years back… it’s a fun city to go out in. Lot of bars down town, stadium is right over a pedestrian bridge from the main streets.

  21. Aaron in StL says:

    Wish it was on the weekend… no extra vacation time this year. Good warm up matches for sure, glad we’re avoiding powder puffs. Anybody that goes I’d recommend Paradise Park downtown, great bar.

  22. MemRook says:

    Well it might have something to do with everyone in the USSF being extremely happy with Nashville as a host; from the field surface to the largest audience for soccer in Tennessee history. Plus it’s a great central area for fans from all over the midsouth to see a USA game.

  23. martin says:

    when is LA going to get a REAL friendly?

  24. b says:

    LA is getting the Gold Cup final, please don’t complain when so many other regions get almost nothing.

  25. StevenG says:

    I wonder what the odds are for a US win over Argentina? 15/1? It be nice to beat’em

  26. Shane says:

    Good call. T&T qualifier in Nashville was great! I love it when the USMNT play closer to me than any MLS team!

  27. dan c says:

    graceland is in Memphis, on the other side of the state……

  28. Jeff Awesome says:

    I read that there is a Barack Obama tournament in Dallas next month with 8 international teams including Nigeria, Poland and Egypt. But I can hardly find much about it online. Does anyone know about this?

  29. Jeff Awesome says:

    I would like to know what the stats are on US games vs top 10 teams in friendlies versus real competitions because I feel like the US does better in a real tournament. Unfortunately in CONCACAF they don’t get to play many big meaningful games..

  30. WileyJ says:

    Travel was Not the issue, Argentina play in L.A. a few days later….weaksauce.

  31. AdamTheRed says:

    Unless you value your savings. The economy is atrocious due to gross mismanagement from the Kirchners, a financial ministers nightmare.

    They actually want to appropriate private pensions to balance the state budget.

  32. Lorenzo says:

    is Egypt game an international fixture date?

  33. Brian says:

    So stoked about that. It’s probably going to be a mini-Azteca there with the amount of Mexico fans (assuming both the US and Mexico make it to the final)

  34. Lorenzo says:

    True. But at the same time I never thought about it, but HDC is kind of like US MNT practice facility with many B-team friendlies. Then again there are a lot more games then anywhere else.

    Jan 2007 Denmark (their b team)
    June 2007 Guatemala
    June 2007 T&T
    Jan 2008 Sweden
    July 2008 Barbados
    Jan 2009 Sweden
    Jan 2010 Honduras
    Jan 2011 Chile (their b-team)

  35. Brian says:

    Seems like New York gets a lot of games, especially the high profile opponents. But hey I’m not gonna complain too much because I’m going to the Chile friendly and hopefully I’ll be going to the Gold Cup Final (assuming it’s USA vs. Mexico). Although, it would be nice to get a friendly in LA that doesn’t feature our C-team, but I’m guessing that never happens because our players don’t want the extra flight time to the West Coast when they’re in the middle of their respective European club seasons.

    I think Nashville is deserving of another game though. LP Field seemed pretty rockin in the WCQ game against T&T, and the USMNT only plays there every so often.

    Sucks for Seattle but maybe if they had grass they wouldn’t have this problem. If anyone has a complaint it’s Texas. I think the last game they got was USA vs. Mexico in Feb. 2008, right? And before that, I don’t even know when the last game in Texas was.

  36. Brian says:

    Except for the possible USA vs. Mexico Gold Cup Final, all LA gets is January camp friendlies and I think there were a couple 2007 Gold Cup Group stage matches for the USMNT played at the HDC.

    I guess it’s better than nothing, or a C-team Gold Cup match against Grenada. Maybe it has something to do with the fake grass?

  37. Brian says:

    Damn. You got a big family or something?

  38. Warren says:

    But do Argentinee WAGs know that? ; )

  39. Fred Garvin says:

    Save your breath Dom.. The TV people are just stuck in EST and Gulati is more interested in filing ARG’s pockets with cash then offering the public a true footy experience.

  40. Seriously Nashville is actually pretty nice in comparison to Houston.

  41. Maybe if more then ten people showed up for FC Dallas games….

  42. Brad says:

    more importantly Argentina is full of Argentine women…

  43. Brad says:

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. I saw PY play two World Cup qualifiers against Ecuador and Brazil. Paraguayans call Argentines “kurepa” which means “pig skin”, has to do with Argentina’s uniforms in the Triple Alliance war, not with their actual skin.

    Will the USMNT be at full-strength? Seems so if the games are warm-ups for the Gold Cup…

    I hope Larissa Riquelme will attend the PY-USA game…

  44. tnnelson says:

    definitely goin to the nashville match. i’ve never been to a usmnt game! so f**ckin pumped!!!!!!

  45. Brad says:

    good for you tnnelson!

    Paraguay is usually very stingy on D. I hope we can break them down….

  46. Alabama futbol says:

    I’m with tnnelson, first usmnt game and I am puuumppedd!! Glad to see a game being brought down our way again.

  47. DC Josh says:

    Never been to Houston, but I have been to Nashville. Nashville is a very nice city. Tons of bars, great weather. Had a great time for the T&T game.

  48. DC Josh says:

    Two questions:

    1. Why is Paraguay playing Mexico in the United States? I know SUM owns the rights to the Mexican national team, but shouldn’t they play their games in their own country to benefit their fans?

    2. Will Larissa Requelme be at the game?

    I’ll be in Jersey to see Messi up close. I still haven’t been to a US game since the Costa Rica match at RFK. Can’t wait.

  49. Vince says:

    US Soccer would love to play an “A” game in Seattle, but the field turf at Qwest is the biggest problem.

    Whether the fear is real or imaginary, many euro players refuse to play on turf. Since the rumors were out there, I’m guessing US Soccer originally proposed Seattle, but then the Argentine Federation balked until they got a different locale.

  50. Vince says:

    The most important question is if the Paraguayan team is bringing Larissa Riquelme along?

    And will she promise to run naked through the streets of Nashville is Paraguay wins? Because even as a die-hard USMNT fan that would really test my loyalty….


  51. jh says:

    Heh, I live in Houston (though not originally from here) and even I agree with the above.

  52. jh says:

    It should be noted that the last time the MNT played in Frisco, against Guatemala, Pizza Hut Park was sold out.

  53. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I’ll be excited if they have an English language broadcast of these games :/

  54. Brad says:

    there are hotter Pyan models than Larissa…

    Look up “Yanina Gonzalez”, “Mirna Pereira”