Who should the USMNT start vs. Chile?

USASouthAfricaLineup (ISIPhotos.com)

The first U.S. national team match of the year won't feature many familiar faces. In fact, there are no players who could be considered first-choice national team options. No, Saturday's friendly against Chile is instead about new faces and Bob Bradley's chance to see how a new crop of MLS players can measure up in what will be a first or second appearance for many of them.

So who will Bob Bradley start against Chile? Will MLS veterans like Jeff Larentowicz and Chris Wondolowski get the nod, or will Bradley turn to new faces like Juan Agudelo and Teal Bunbury to lead the charge?

Perhaps an even more intriguing question is just what formation Bob Bradley will trot out. Will he continue his recent fascination with a variation of a 4-2-3-1, or will he try a two-forward formation?

Here is the lineup we can see Bob Bradley trotting out against Chile on Saturday:







Some thoughts on this squad:

Agudelo gets the nod over Brek Shea. Agudelo isn't a pure winger, but he has played wide for the Red Bulls and plays wide for the U.S. Under-20s in their 4-3-3. Sliding Bedoya centrally and putting Shea on the wing is another option, but we'll give Diskerud the nod here.

Now, if it's a 4-4-2, we could see this lineup:






Dax McCarty gets the nod over Diskerud, though a good camp could push Diskerud into the lineup.

In both lineups, left back is a question mark. Anthony Wallace is the lone natural left back in the camp so we give him the nod, but it's a safe bet Bob Bradley will have a look at one of his many right back options on the left to see which of them can slot in and be comfortable on that side of the field.

What do you think of the lineups above? Which of them would you prefer to see? What lineup would you like to see Bob Bradley use?

Share your thoughts below.

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120 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Chile?

  1. AJ says:

    Any word on who has looked good in the camp thus far? I’m interested to see Starikov get some playing time, but that’s more of a curiosity than any knowledge of what he can do.

  2. MRicci says:

    I hope they go with the 4-4-2… Mainly because I have a man crush on Brek Shea’s hair…. <3

  3. Angel FAN of USA says:

    well look like both formation will be great if we have the man power to execute it. I believe in this new kids most of them have skilled and ball movement and very fast. But Ives, Bob Bradley hasn’t even give the list of players who will be playing against Chile so where you come out with this list. How about the Eugene? where is he going to be playing?

  4. CILII_blog says:

    but why Rimando at goal?

    No one younger that can be tested?

  5. Erik says:

    We have a game?

  6. Murphy says:

    I like these lineups but put johnson in goal instead of rimando…

  7. Denver Andrew in D.C. says:

    Should be interesting to see how Big Red Larentowicz and Dax play in the middle together after their epic fight (not to mention all the pushing and shoving among themselves and teammates) in the MLS final. They’re pros, I know, but it’s still gotta be tough to leave it all at the door, I imagine.

  8. RapidChamps says:

    No Wynne at Right Back?

  9. Chris says:

    Ives, why not start Wondo over Agudelo in a 4-4-2?

  10. Jay says:

    Anyone know if this game is going to be televised?

  11. wow says:

    Not in English.

  12. Fitz says:

    TeleFutura en espanol and ESPN3 (online) in English – the combination of college basketball season and a C-team lineup understandably kills TV ratings.

  13. RLW2020 says:

    cuz Bunbury and Agudelo are better prospects.. i imagine wondo could be a late sub if a goal is needed.

  14. MtMike says:

    Can’t wait to watch this g… oh, wait, that’s right, I can’t. Don’t have ESPN3. Not that’s I’m freaking bitter or anything.

  15. Slim Fast says:


  16. Andy says:

    The game will be on ESPN3.com but not sure it will be on TV.

  17. Maser says:

    As a Fire fan, I agree!

  18. tnnelson says:

    atdhe.net or atdhe.fm has just about every game you can imagine. i love that site, it haven’t missed any game that i want to watch since i discovered this site

  19. Lorenzo says:

    I watched inside the lines so far this camp.

    Starikov looks like he could be good but hard to say if he would be beyond a Cooper type of forward (in the hard working, some good ideas in offense, decent finisher).

    Agudelo BTW looks pretty amazing. His touch is something special, and his legs/body is built for explosion and speed. There is a clip of Bunbury running with the ball and Agudelo just comes out of nowhere and strips him of it. Agudelo actually picked off a few passes in the videos.

  20. Dlewis says:

    It will be on Telefutura.

  21. Erik says:

    Again, we have a game?

    A bunch of small time folks getting another shot. Nick Rimando? Are you sure? Why waste our time? Even ESPN think’s it’s a waste of time.

  22. loko says:

    Lol the hype machine for young usa strikers is nuts. Kid scores one goal in a usmnt game against the50th best team in the world and people are convinced he’s the next mcbride and he should start over the MLS golden boot winner.

  23. Josh D says:

    I think it comes down to: Going for the win v. going for the experience for younger players.

    If you’re going for the win you play McCarty in the central of that 4-4-2, if you’re looking for younger players with a future on the national set-up, you go with Mix there.

    But there would be unrest for Bob if the team does poorly. There are still a lot (and I am included here) who feel he has overstayed his welcome. I’m not judging on a meaningless friendly but I’d like to see some youth given a proper chance – none of that 15 minute business at the end of a scrappy game.

  24. rob says:

    Pride for country first!

  25. Spectra says:

    You wouldn’t know it by ESPN. Ives what’s their deal over there at ESPN do they just really not think there’s much money in soccer outside the WC? They really can’t make room for a soccer game late on a saturday night in January? At that hour ESPN has sportscenter and NBA Tonight SAD

  26. Jolivernyc says:

    I kinda wanna see Brek Shea at left back. Any chance that could work? I really don’t think Anthony Wallace should be anywhere near a USMNT starting 11 at this point in his career.

  27. Raymon says:

    To me, Dax McCarty is the “Rudy” of MLS. His work rate is amazing. He proved a playoff hero for FCD last season, and I hope he shows up for this game and in future USMNT games. A great player with heart!

  28. Primoone says:


    Not Wynne—-Gonzalez–Ream—-DLG




    Second half roll out a 4-4-2 and include Romando/Storikov/wondo/Dax

  29. Edwin says:

    Who’s Miller? And I am legitimately asking this because I don’t know and can’t remember anybody with the last name Miller that got called up? Ryan Miller? Is he from a Scandinavian league or from KC?

  30. Justin O says:

    I’m a bit surprised the US doesn’t have more problems getting these matches classified as “A” matches given the line ups. Not that the “A” designation means much, apart from counting towards British work permits and FIFA-recognized caps.

  31. SecretSquirrel says:

    He only said that they are better prospects. How is that over hyping?

  32. Aaron in StL says:

    I think it’s more of a case of wanting a little bit of a veteran presence more than anything. Need to mix in a few guys who have an idea.

  33. Erik says:

    I’ll disagree with this comment as ESPN over the past few years have hyped and promoted soccer on a massive level.

    I started watching La Liga in the US when it was shown on ESPN2 at 2 am in the morning. I would VCR the game and watch it the next day. Then came midweek Champions League matches (I’ll never forget Rivaldo scoring two free kick goals – one under the wall and one over the wall when playing for Barcelona)

    ESPN has added plenty of soccer and coverage (top 10’s anyone?) to their lineup and am very thankful for it.

    My comment was based on the fact that we get yet another friendly with C list players. It’s just not worth tuning into with this team anymore.

  34. Aaron in StL says:

    That’s one more than Wondo has scored in his USNMNT career… not like people are calling for Agudelo over Jozy just yet.

    Bunbury and Agudelo seemed to play well together in SA, why not give them another run out

  35. Aaron in StL says:

    Wonder why FSC can’t show this match? They showed the one a few years back where Kljestan had a hat trick.

  36. Josh D says:

    Think ESPN owns the rights to international US games now…

  37. Lost in Space says:

    I think Ives has it right depending on the formation. However I’d bet Shea gets the nod over Agudelo as the LM in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

    Looking forward to seeing some of these players and hoping they all have a good showing.

  38. Lost in Space says:

    Ryan Miller is a 26 yr old Fullback who plays in Sweden. He’s played on both the Left and Right for his club this past season.

  39. drew says:

    I confess to not knowing too much about McCarthy and Larentowics, but it seems like that would be a pairing of two very similar players in the middle. They both seem to be holding/defensive midfielders. At some point, we are going to have to favor a flash of creativity over two defensive midfielders.

    Does the continuation of this type of formation mean that BB has little faith in our central defenders?

  40. DC Josh says:






    Wet panties. I love this formation! This team has a ton of speed up top with Bunbury, Agudelo, and Bedoya. I am concerned about the lack of leadership in the back. Bradley is really putting a load of faith in these youngsters as Bedoya is the veteran with 6 CAPS. We’ll see how it plays out. I just want to see them maintain possession with movement off the ball and pressure the ball when they lose it. That’s really all I care about.

  41. Isaac says:

    I’d actually go with the 4-2-2-2 formation we’re comfortable with. Agudelo and Wondolowski as the forwards, Diskerud(left) and Bedoya(right) the attacking midfielders, McCarty and Larentowicz as the central midfielders, and Ives’ backline.

  42. Isaac says:

    Well…yeah….I mean, he hasn’t been given much reason to rejoice about the state of his central defense recently, has he?

  43. jim in Atlanta says:

    you do realize ESPN3 is online and not a television station, right? If not that would be hilarious lol!!

  44. jim in Atlanta says:

    there is no LM in a 4-2-3-1, that are attacking mids…just saying.

  45. Thor says:

    would like to see Wynn get the start at CB.

  46. jim in Atlanta says:



  47. metrostar 4 life says:

    I’m sorry, are we trying to win this game???

  48. ben says:

    Yes, there is a game, and I have tickets because I love the side and the nation it represents, because international friendlies are interesting, and because HDC is a fun venue (except for the parking).

    Also, this game will let me see new faces, hope for the day when the US reaches the WC semi-finals, and daydream of a glorious moment when we win the thing.

    I know that my last dream is a reach, and based on actuary tables and my family history, the US only has about 10-12 more chances, but hey, a boy can dream.

  49. vik says:

    I wonder if Cronin is above McCarty in the central midfield pecking order. He’s been called in b4, and it always seemed like the coaches were happy with him.

    Also, while Gonzalez and Ream will give a good glimpse into the future, I think against Chile a Ream/Wynne combo would probably be a little more athletic and match up with Chile’s small and dynamic players better. You could probably use the same reasoning to argue a McCarty/Cronin midfield behind Mix.

  50. Garyson says:

    Just sign up for a free email account with att.net, and log-in to espn3 via remote access with that email account. That is how I get espn3 :)

  51. chip says:

    what channel # for directv

  52. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:


    whats with the “yet another friendly with C list Players” comment? Clearly, you understand that this is not an ‘international date’ friendly. Bob, thinking long term, brought in the core of what will be the Olympic qualifying team, plus a few MLS veterns who are in their off season, and thus avaialable.

    Will the game draw big ratings? doubt it. I’m going to guess they’re are less than 10,000 in the stands as well….clearly this is not “big game” but it still has some interesting features that will make the hard-core fans tune in. “not worth tuning into”? depends on your point of view, me, I want to see how the U-23’s fare against good competition.

  53. jim in Atlanta says:

    Ok I think I’m missing something. Why can’t you just go directly on to ESPN3.COM? I have never ever had trouble going to this website. Do some ISP not carry ESPN3 for free or something? If so, that’s news to me.

  54. Dan says:

    Homer. Wynne is a good MLS player but we already have found out he’s not a national team player. Give Franklin a shot.

  55. wally says:

    I beg Bob not to start Aguedelo. As I said on another thread, the hype is just silly at this point, and Bob’s fueling the fire. I question the wisdom of having him shuttle between the sr. and u20’s camps like some chosen one, when the guy has started just a handful a games in MLS. Not saying he’s not good enough to contribute to the nats, just saying I’d rather have Bob give him some space to consistently perform at a club and succeed with the u20’s before throwing him to the wolves.

  56. RapidsChamps says:

    Unabashed homer. Franklin should have a shot, not doubting that. But in neither lineup do we see changes to right or left back. Wynne is viable as RB.

  57. Andy from LA says:

    Question: What type of lineup is Chile fielding? Are they also experimenting with new players?

  58. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Yes it is a C player but if we never give a chance to this Youth we never going to find out who are the next best player for the 2014, 2018 n 2022. Chile also coming with a mixed of Veteran and Youth more youth knowing how Bielsa works. Remember is a long time until the World Cup of 2014 and is better now to start playing the younger generation than later. Plus there are two more game coming up that will be on Fifa Calendar and will see the A team a mixed of New and Old.

  59. Jack says:

    Oh, and you think that all of the members of our first string team just fell out of the sky and onto the field in South Africa? A few of them were “small time folks” who got national playing time in games like this.

    This isn’t on an international FIFA friendly date. It’s game designed to see what the NT can possibly pick out of MLS for the next cycle. If you think that that is a waste of time, picking talent out of our own national league, well then I hope that you don’t honestly call yourself a US Soccer fan. Ditto if you judge what’s important in soccer by what ESPN decides is worth their while.

  60. jim in Atlanta says:

    so it’s ok to start brek shea but not Aguedelo?

    Question, does clown music play in your head when you type your comments or are you void of the ability to sustain any form of thought in your mind, even if it’s stupid thought?

    stupid question, I already have the answer to that.

  61. Thor says:

    You have to admit his play at CB was pretty good this past season. He provides a lot more quickness than either Ream or Omar and is a better 1 v 1 defender. Give the brother a chance.

  62. Jack says:

    But a lot of times in soccer, players learn their best lessons when they’re thrown to the wolves. This is a great chance for Aguedelo to get some good experience. I agree that hyping him is silly after seeing him in just one NT game–and one that he didn’t even start. But I disagree that a start wouldn’t be good for him.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shea gets picked over him. He didn’t have a good game last time, and I think that a lot of people are curious about what he can do when a bit of the first-cap jitters have had a chance to go away.

  63. CrispyST3 says:

    it would be like if USA brought, Landon, Clint, Timmy, and Bradley and then the rest were youngsters

  64. 20 says:


    Are you expecting the starting 11 from South Africa? This is a game for people who care about young USMNT prospects. If you don’t care about that and only want to see our “A team” then go somewhere else and stop annoying everyone.

  65. 20 says:

    Your lineup makes no sense

  66. EA says:

    “But there would be unrest for Bob if the team does poorly. There are still a lot (and I am included here) who feel he has overstayed his welcome. I’m not judging on a meaningless friendly but I’d like to see some youth given a proper chance – none of that 15 minute business at the end of a scrappy game.”

    So, which is it?

    It seems like YOU want the team to play poorly, so you can dislike Bob Bradley a little more. Or you want him to play all of the “youth” all the time, which is a recipe for disaster. Or it’s just a meaningless friendly.

    Because, chances are, if you play a bunch of guys who have never played international soccer all at one time….. It’s going to look like a bunch of guys who have never played international soccer. (Brek Shea vs. Colombia…. we’re looking at YOU.)

    So, whatever happens Saturday, you’ll be one of the vocal group that isn’t happy with the results.

    Enjoy the game and your hatred of Not Jurgen Klinsmann.

  67. EA says:

    I’m assuming that ESPN outbid FSC to broadcast this game, even it IS only on ESPN3.

  68. Barry U says:

    I think someone compared Starikov to Cooper. Well not even close. Eugene is 5’9 and a scrappy kinda of guy while Kenny is 6’3 and tries to play with finesse (not sure why). Starikov started nine games (last nine of a relegation battle) in the Russian league scoring once and getting at least 2 penalties for his club. I think his quality should get him some PT.

  69. 20 says:

    would rather have it on Telefutura in HD than on Fox Soccer Channel in SD.

  70. bottlcaps says:

    IMHO, the most important positions that BB should be looking at in this match are; 1.) the defensive back line, 2.) Strikers.

    The USMNT are blessed with more good midfielders than you can shake a stick at. The new midfielders from this camp who perform well against Chile may hope to be be put into 3rd or 4th position on the depth chart.

    BB need to audition more players at the left back, a position sometimes filled by the overwhelmed Bornstein and often filled by Bocanegra who does better in central defense. In fact the whole defensive back line needs more depth, as was shown in the WC when BB had to use injures or unfit players on the back line.

    We all learn from mistakes and the well functioning backline setup that defeated Spain in the Confed Cup, when filled with injuries was only average.

    I think Altidore has been given enough time to produce for the US and now is the time to see some of the younger talent get a chance.

  71. Timchapman says:

    Someone plays too much FIFA

  72. Tom says:

    Agudelo, Bunbury, Bedoya, and Mix are locks to start in my opinion, but also talking to friends who have watched practices.

    Supposably Mix looks a league above everyone else in training.

  73. Nick says:

    You were good until the end. Altidore is 21 and is playing at a top 3 club in La Liga. A strike partner needs to be found for him; not casting him to the side. He will be starting in 2014, 2018 and probably 2022.

  74. Gacm32 says:

    Are you even a USMNT fan? You just sound like a Eurosnob who thinks he’s better than everyone else. The reason we ‘waste our time’ is because we love the USMNT no matter who is playing for it. We ‘waste our time’ because we love this nation, and we ‘waste our time’ because we love the beautiful game. If that’s too difficult for you to understand then maybe I just wasted my time writing this comment.

  75. Omar Little says:

    Has anyone seen or read anything about how guys are looking in camp so far? Specifically, Agudelo?

  76. Gacm32 says:

    NEVER AGAIN!! I know he’s never played CB for the Nats but he is atrocious no matter where he plays.

  77. Juan from L.A. says:

    I thought Bradley used the empty box formation of a 4-4-2….either way I like your line-up selection Ives…I would like to see Starikov get some minutes though…

  78. Rob says:

    Have any links for these videos? I’d love to see the guys at camp etc.

  79. Chris says:

    What USMNT career? I’m just saying I think he deserves the start to see what he can do from the get go. Golden boot winner > than future talent which is going to start on the bench in the near future anyway. At least that’s my take.

    (SBI-“Deserves” has nothing to do with it. They’ve been in camp two weeks. Either Wondolowski has stood out ahead of the other forwards or he hasn’t. Don’t think he’s running around the field with the MLS Golden Boot hanging around his neck as if that somehow guarantees him a start. I would like to see Wondolowski play as well, but Agudelo is the more intriguing prospect, and arguably the more dangerous player right now on the international level.)

  80. Paul C says:


  81. JBP says:

    I’ll +1 that 😛

  82. Richard says:

    FSC HD is truly beautiful (besides the Fox Soccer Report).. Keep pushing your TV provider to pick it up!

  83. wally says:

    um, to my point, Shea is almost three years older that Agudelo and had begun to make a significant impact in MLS before his first call up.

    And, thanks for the thoughtful question about clown music. yes, and it’s awesome.

    To someone else’s point, by thrown to the “wolves” I don’t mean the chilean national teamers. i mean the media/blog posters who are going to scrutinize every split-second of his play for the nats and will draw conclusions that are way too positive or negative.

    Even if this kid has had a monster camp, Bob shouldn’t start him. Sends the wrong signal, particularly when you have an mls golden boot winner on hand.

  84. Richard says:

    Cablevision in NJ/NY has a d*ck owner and won’t allow it… $$$$$$$$$

  85. Grainy Screen FTL says:

    All I gotta say is, at least it’s actually in HD.

    Not some Faux-HD icon annoys 98 % of it’s viewers that aren’t seeing it in HD.

  86. Yentel Yamen Noodles says:

    That’s not the responsibility of the consumer.

    If the company wants to advertise itself as “being in HD” than it should formulate an agreement with cable providers.

    Unless I’m on the payroll for FSC, my job isn’t to do it’s lobbying.

    From everything I’ve read, it appears FSC is unwilling to fork over the cash for the HD conversion with the cable providers.

    No, I won’t keep pushing my provider. I’ll continue to enjoy other channels until FSC is ready to step out of the stone-age.

    FSC winning Champions League right was one of the worst things to happen to American viewers.

  87. Cervi isn't Serviceable says:

    Cervi at GK is a freaking joke.

    The kid cant even get minutes on a lower tier SPL team. I’m all for development but at least make the prospect worthy of said national team development.

    I stopped reading your post immediately after that.

    Were you just throwing out names?

  88. Wynne Aint Golden says:

    The only time Wynne should be representing our country is in a track meet for the Olympics.

    Anything else is just absurd.

  89. Primoone says:

    What don’t you like about it?

  90. Primoone says:

    Thats right Guy…now really tell me how you feel about Cervi. And dont hold back!

    That said, it’s your time…read what you want.

  91. Primoone says:

    I hope he doesnt get the nod out wide over Juan…only because I would rather see him play in the defense.

  92. Primoone says:

    I’ll co-sign that…

  93. gerald says:

    Have to disagree if we don’t keep pushing our providers then it will never happen (not that I have been sucessful with FIOS)

  94. b says:


    He’s referring to a video segment called Inside the Lines.

  95. b says:

    Considering the outcome of the match does not matter one bit, I hope we see the promising young guys instead of B-C teamers who have little hope of breaking into the starting team. Diskerud over McCarty, Sean Johnson or Cervi over Rimando, etc.

  96. jig says:


  97. Jack says:

    That was the formation that the US typically played last cycle, but Bradley has been switching it up a bit in the last friendlies. Formation choice depends a lot on the type of players you have and/or who you’re playing.

  98. Brian says:

    I stopped reading after Franklin and Miller at D-Mid

  99. Andrew H. says:

    I kinda wanna see Brek Shea at left out–he stinks.

  100. Brian says:

    Not even that. It’d be like if the USMNT brought Edson Buddle and the rest were youngsters and average domestic league players. Chile has one guy on their squad (a striker) for this friendly that was a sub in the World Cup

  101. Brian says:

    Kenny Cooper might as well be 5’9″

  102. Primoone says:

    darn…and I really wanted you to like it Brian.

  103. kk says:

    totally agree with what Loko said about hype for USA young players – Wondo finds the goal (object of the game right! ) you guys have never played the game at a high level (right ?), so your understanding of who is good or bad sometimes sounds so weird

  104. Lil' Zeke says:

    yeah man, round that s**t up

  105. Lil' Zeke says:

    Wa-ha ha ha, Jim took the bait! If MtMike were a venus flytrap, Jim would be bathing in digestive enzymes right about now.

  106. Lil' Zeke says:

    digestive enzymes

  107. Brian says:

    FWIW I’m fine with the backline and the 4 attackers. But again, Franklin and Miller at Defensive mid? Both of them are primarily right sided players (right back and right mid). Franklin has played centerback and I believe Ryan Miller has played some left back.

  108. Missoula says:

    ESPN3 doesn’t work on some providers, such as Bresnan. And they refuse to provide ESPN3, no matter how many angry emails I send.

  109. MicahK says:

    Chile has a C squad too they did not bring none of the good players either all of the players they have are home based. Chile’s top players play in Europe if you can see on the roster no European based players.

  110. StevenG says:

    lol, big Red Larentowicz? Been watching MLS on telefutura?

  111. bandeeto says:

    Starting whoever plays best in practice is the correct policy, regardless of age, experience, or past performance. Bradley doesn’t get to spend and entire season developing a cohesive team. Show up or go home. Do the job or or watch from the bench as someone else does it for you. Nothing else should matter… ever.

  112. Erik says:


    We all saw how how well bringing in C level players worked for us in 2010. We got plenty of Beckerman and Findley and 100 other players who never saw the field for us again. I’m intrigued about Agudulo but he’s still young.

    I may have changed personally, but after the WC I just can’t get up to watching these pointless games anymore. Trust me, I used to watch everything I could concerning the US but when fans on a blog site like this one can pick a lineup better than the actual organization running the show, there are deep problems.

  113. Erik says:

    Angel FAN,

    I agree with you in a way. The problem we have is we are calling in C players and players who don’t play a normal calendar year. The rest of the world (blanket statement I know) has their players performing in some sort of league 8-10 months out of the year. We have college kids who have unlimited substitutions and MLS players who only play half the year.

    Of course there are exceptions to the rule you can find, but those exceptions typically have gone straight to Europe from college or skipped college all together to become better players. Putting Nick Rimando on a team again is just a waste of time…

  114. Erik says:

    Jack, above I defended ESPN and it’s soccer coverage. I just don’t care if this game is on TV. I want to watch high level games, not middling also rans or hope to be’s knock the ball around and flub scoring chances and try to string 3 passes together.

  115. Erik says:

    Gacm32 said in reply to Erik …


    A Eurosnob? Nice judgment considering you know nothing about me. I want to watch good soccer, period. That doesn’t mean it has to be from Europe or from anywhere for that matter. MLS has good games, just not many of them. I think watching England play is like watching paint dry, same goes for Chelsea. I watch Uefa Cup games over Champions League games because they are more intriguing.

    Using C teams in the National arena is usually a recipe for a bad/boring game.

  116. Primoone says:

    I’ve been watching Franklin play for a few years now and he has actually performed well when inserted into the midfield with the Galaxy. He wasn’t used specifically as a defensive MF however, he is a solid ball winner with tackling capabilities. Same thing goes for Miller however Miller is a natural MF with defensive experience as well as being a better ball distributer than Franklin. Miller’s game would compliment Franklin’s. Those assignments should not require Franklin or Miller to play outside of their capabilities. Just two names I’d like to see play together. If I want to see a win then yeah…I’m certain we can find a better pairing however I’m more excited about seeing new faces on the field…win or lose.

  117. Wondolowski says:

    Just wait and we’ll see who starts up top.