CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals: Your Running Commentary


One of two Major League Soccer teams is guaranteed a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals, and the first step to finding out which team that will be takes place tonight in Columbus when the Crew hosts Real Salt Lake (8 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel/Galavision) in the first leg of their quarterfinal matchup.

The Crew hardly resembles the team that got through the group stage, with a bevy of key players from its 2010 squad no longer on the roster. Real Salt Lake, on the other hand, will try to steal a result on the road with a veteran, cohesive group that has had plenty of success over the last two seasons.

In the night's other quarterfinal first leg, Cruz Azul hosts Santos Laguna, which just fired its coach this week, in one of two all-Mexican quarterfinals (10 p.m., Telefutura).

If you will be watching either match — or both — please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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93 Responses to CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals: Your Running Commentary

  1. Rob says:

    Don’t like either team too much, but I am happy to see Two MLS teams play again in a meaningful game….. I guess I am pulling for RSL, as I think they can get further in the tourney.

  2. Scott A says:

    Renteria and Mendoza up top for the Crew.

  3. Hopper says:

    Looks like there’s 30 people in the whole stadium, including the players.

  4. DL says:

    Wind Chill of 15 will do that.

  5. CACuzcatlan says:

    It’s too bad the Mexican national team will never again experience this wonderful weather now that qualification changed.

  6. jonk says:

    What minute are we into right now? My FSC feed either isn’t showing it or it’s covered by a streaming advertisement thingy.

  7. Rob says:

    Game started 8 min.s ago

  8. westhampton says:

    – – salvadorian

  9. Rob says:

    Columbus look like the better team by a mile in the first 15. Did not think I would see that.

  10. JGIB says:

    What happened to cbus sponsor?

  11. Hopper says:

    Christopher Sullivan loves saying “Barros ‘E’ Schelotto” … even when he no longer plays in MLS.

  12. Dylan B T says:

    Haha you can take the GBS out of MLS but you cant take the freakish obsession with Guije Eskelotto out of Christopher Sullivan.

  13. K-Town says:

    concacaftv website. CONCACAF shows the feed on their own site for free. just register. No credit card needed.

  14. Rob says:

    Glidden dropped Columbus…. I think they are looking for a new shirt sponsor, but nothing has been announced.

  15. Kyle says:

    There’s also a Buckeye and Blue Jackets game in Columbus tonight.

  16. JJJ says:

    Why isn’t this game in HD? This is 2011 right?

  17. Jose Romero says:

    So true! That always tripped me out with Sullivan. But I don’t have to watch him. Watching in Arizona on Galavision. Props to the Nordecke who showed up on a cold, cold night in C-Bus.

  18. Hopper says:

    What’s up Jose?! I was a devoted reader of yours when you covered the Sounders for the Seattle Times (season-ticket holder).

    At this point I’m convinced that Christian Miles and Christopher Sullivan are the worst commentating tandem in American sports. I just can’t take them, and I feel like I’ve given them a fair shot.

  19. Idaho Brian says:

    RSL is lucky to have a nil nil scoreline at half. Columbus was the better team in the first 45. I’m hoping we see better possession from RSL in the second half…too many poor passes.

  20. ShaggyReAL says:

    Look at the stands? that right there ets you know why it’s not HD yet.

    Crew looks the better them by far.

  21. ShaggyReAL says:

    them = team.

  22. AD says:

    I know it is cold outside and preseason, but this is terrible soccer.

  23. Drew says:

    Nothing to do with the game, but I just want to say props to Avi and the rest of the writers I’m not familiar with for yet another great week of Soccer By Ives while the boss was on vacation. I think I speak for all of the readers in saying that.

    That said, welcome back Ives, Hope the much needed vacation went well.

  24. Dan says:

    Thank God neither of them are playing in Mexico tonight.

    Obvious they are both in preseason form.

    That said, some encouraging signs from the Crew.

  25. ShaggyReAL says:

    horrible 2nd yellow.

  26. AD says:

    The tackle was a diving tackle into the side of Gaven’s ankles.

    No problem with him getting a yellow for that. Being on a yellow already, he obviously did not take heed of the official’s warning, and at the start of the second half none the less.

  27. mike says:

    who is captain for the crew tonight?

  28. AD says:

    These FSC commentators are insufferable.

  29. Marcus says:

    Wow…this is really some terrible soccer.

  30. Scott A says:

    How long will the suspensions for the sent-off players last? Just the return leg I think?

  31. hercules3076 says:

    What caused those Red(s)?

  32. jonk says:

    I stepped away and didn’t see how Borchers and Renteria got sent off. And of course FSC hasn’t shown a replay of anything. What happened?

  33. AD says:


    As you’re watching this, continually remind yourself that one of these teams actually won the MLS Cup.

  34. garydinho says:

    Cunningham will get one.

  35. tilt215 says:

    After watching this game tonight, I am reminded why I hate FSC’s coverage and announcers. Im dissappointed that MLS will return to FSC this yeas.

  36. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m a die hard MLS fan…but this is borderline unbearable

  37. ciscokid says:

    Becuase there is no replay. FSC was busy showing out of focus images of the grass when all the stuff was going on. Terrible camerawork and direction from the producer’s truck

  38. ciscokid says:

    Because there is no replay. FSC was busy showing out of focus images of the grass when all the stuff was going on. Terrible camerawork and direction from the producer’s truck

  39. AD says:

    I’ve been to dozens of college games that were of a higher quality than this.

    These teams cannot string together 5 passes without a turnover.

  40. Rob says:

    +1 Chris Sulivan knows his stuff, but he is sooo boring.

  41. ciscokid says:

    Pathetic time wasting by RSL gk. Game is pretty bad but it is early preseason, freakin’ cold and icy. Not sure you could expect too much under the circumstances

  42. AD says:

    There was almost no contact against Mirando. That looked like bad acting.

  43. ericJ says:

    What a waste of time.

  44. tilt215 says:

    Shouldnt that have been a goal? Romando rolled past the line with the ball in hand…. Im confused. It couldnt have been a foul cause it was his own teammate who hit him.

  45. jonk says:

    Yep, this is why none of the preseason games are being televised…despite the diehard fans that would love to get the season started.

  46. Rob says:

    FSC is not in control tonight, blame Concacaf as this is their feed.

  47. AD says:

    Dyslexic much? Rimando*

  48. jonk says:

    It was Cunningham.

  49. AD says:

    Oddly enough, the Crew were the attacking team there.

    But he didn’t even touch him, and yes, he rolled over the line with the ball.

    This game is disgusting.

  50. jonk says:

    It was Cunningham who “hit” him (if you want to call it that)

  51. ericJ says:

    Players are literally throwing the ball into the other team. Jesus

  52. StevenG says:

    It was offsides.

  53. A-Lott says:

    This is awful. Awful play. Awful refereeing. Awful play-calling. Awful television production and direction.

    The only positive I see is that Nick Rimando’s uniform makes him look like he stepped off the set of Tron: Legacy.

    I was hoping that an MLS side could win the CONCACAF Champions League this year, but that doesn’t look likely after this game.

  54. jonk says:

    If it wasn’t the middle of preseason I would agree with you.

  55. ericJ says:

    Just imagine one of these teams playing an in-season Mexican team. Ugly.

  56. AD says:

    It absolutely is.

    It is embarrassing to watch.

  57. AD says:

    Even during the preseason, these teams should not be this bad. Some of these players cannot even complete a 20 yard pass, or they are passing to nobody at all.

  58. glaing says:

    He’s too long winded and he lacks emotion. FSC should hire Andy Grey, won’t understand what he says but he has passion.

  59. AD says:

    Only 3 minutes of stoppage time with 3 red cards and like 4 injuries?

  60. AD says:

    I am actually offended that either commentator would even think of suggesting that either team was alright, let alone outright stating that the teams overall played well.

  61. Rob says:

    Then turn it off. Bitching about it won’t change anything. This is preseason, even Man City looked awful during their preseason in NYC and that team is full of World Class players.

  62. adr says:

    man!! spanish commenters make this game more exciting than fox soccer.

  63. under her u know what says:

    santos vs cruz azul comming up

  64. AD says:

    Of course not.

    You suggest we watch the entire game and not comment because the play was trash?

    Would you prefer people only comment when it suits your liking? The reality is that the play on that field was trash.

  65. Rob says:

    And for that matter 90% of teams in the EPL looked very rusty for a few weeks into the season.

    This is why Russia is moving to the traditional season, as their teams are usually bad in knock-out of Champions League.

  66. RSLfan says:

    Edgar Renteria got an elbow up high on Borchers who then stuck a leg out and brought him down, and they both got sent off, maybe a little harsh on Borchers who didn’t really kick out just stuck his foot in Renteria’s way, and I couldn’t really even tell if Edgar’s elbow really connected when I was replaying it, so they could have both been harsh.

  67. Rob says:

    No but you whine like a baby every post about it. Pretty sure the entire Internet knows how you feel.

  68. heel says:

    let get this straight soccer player lose their physical yes!!! but one thing they cant lose is the skills if they have any. the preseason is no excuse ok. a soccer player should still be able to play good.

  69. AD says:

    Guess what?

    Don’t read my posts. Or don’t read the dozens of other commentators expressing the exact same sentiment.

    So quit whining about my comments, and get off me.

  70. Rob says:

    Not whining, just pointing out a fact, no one spams like you.

  71. AD says:

    Ironic that you are complaining on the replies of a long post, not made by me, saying the same thing.

    And guess what? I was just pointing out “facts” as well.

  72. Grant says:

    BOTH of them did within the last 3 years

  73. Rob says:

    Lol subjectivity is not fact. Keep trying though.

    As we are being subjective, I actually agree they didn’t play well. Now should I copy and paste that to every post on thes boards?

  74. Rob says:

    And btw AD you are way too thin skinned, I am just having fun with you. No need to take offense.

  75. Rob says:

    Yeah I agree about Sullivan… As for Andy Grey, it would be something.

  76. Willardo DuPont says:

    That game made my eyes bleed! Stop the pain!

  77. zzzdiff says:

    It’s insane to be playing soccer in February in Ohio. Too cold and windy to be playing on a frozen field. Who could play good soccer under those conditions?

  78. Doq says:

    USA against Mexico?

  79. MASSIVE says:

    Yes, RSLfan, that was Edgar Renteria, the 2010 World Series MVP, playing for the Crew tonight. Not Emilio. I promise.

  80. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Both teams really looked uninspired. It certainly wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen though. Typical game from Jair Marrufo, the field conditions weren’t conducive for RSL’s game, Columbus looked the more likely to score but they didn’t do enough. Both teams were horrendous in the attacking third, especially RSL…. all two times they got there. Overall, a very forgettable game

  81. Zach says:

    All of Europe? Cold weather in winter is not exclusive to Columbus or America lol.

  82. Rolf the Dog says:

    On behalf of dogs everywhere


    What an awful game (and I’m an RSL fan)

  83. Matt says:

    Word, i’m glad it’s level going into RIOT, but good god, what the hell was that? I started to attribute the poor play to the frozen field, but that wasn’t the cause, haha.

  84. Rolf the Dog says:

    Our midfield got licked, like I lick myself.

  85. scot47a says:


    Bad soccer. Columbus needs to find someone who can link up between the defenders and forwards real quick.

    RSL looked to be mailing it in from the get-go. Espindola was an off-sides machine in the first half. Lazy couldn’t get back onside.

  86. RSLfan says:

    haha, my bad…

  87. bandeeto says:

    … awkword…

  88. GBS says:

    What happened to their fans? Pathetic. Move them to Canada

  89. olo says:

    He’s right though…They have nobody to replace him. One of the best ever players in the US and Argentina.

  90. Larry says:

    He’s much more excited when there are actually some fans in the seats. Columbus should have done better considering this is the 1st real match of the year.

  91. Inyo says:

    FSC still rolling with the 1990’s graphics this year…