Edu scores late goal, puts Rangers through to UEFA Europa League final 16

Edu (Reuters Pictures)

With time ticking down in Rangers' UEFA Europa League campaign, United States international midfielder Maurice Edu delivered.

In second-half stoppage time, Edu ran onto a cross from the right, slid and tapped home the goal that sent Rangers past Sporting Lisbon and into the Europa League final 16. Sporting had gone ahead 2-1 (3-2 on aggregate) just minutes earlier with an 83rd-minute tally, but Edu's goal leveled the score and gave Rangers the edge on away goals. 

Rangers will face PSV Eindhoven in the next knockout stage.

Video of the match highlights and Edu's clutch goal is after the jump:


What do you think about Edu's goal? Like Rangers' Atletico Madrid tribute jerseys?

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74 Responses to Edu scores late goal, puts Rangers through to UEFA Europa League final 16

  1. Indigo Montoya says:


  2. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I just want a Yank on Celtic so I don’t have to root for $#@&ing Ranger!

  3. TheWashDipsSince88 says:

    I was wondering why EDU was photoshopped onto a Athletico Madrid kit.

  4. CACuzcatlan says:

    I never root for rival teams, even if there is an American on them. There is a difference between wanting a Yank Abroad to do well and cheering for his team.

  5. Andrew says:

    Cap him.

  6. RK says:

    Rossi scored, too, to help Villarreal advance :)

  7. emanuel says:

    It’s their away kit

  8. CR says:

    Yeah but he makes me sad inside, whereas Edu makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

  9. Conventional Wisdom says:

    Yet another big goal by Edu and yet another reason to, apparently, move him to CB…???

    No question, the best midfielder in the American pool not named Jones or Holden.

    Anyone else disputing so has rose colored blinders on and may be stuck in 2009 or a previous year.

  10. MikeGrosse says:

    They had four guys open back post.

    Horrible marking.

  11. Aalok says:

    agreed, but I’ll take it!

  12. LittleMaradona says:

    Does this mean Edu won’t have his car blown up this week?

  13. Rob says:

    I sort of agree, if I truly like a team and my teams rival has an American on it, I truly could care less if he does well. Just how it is.

  14. Vince says:

    Before this devolves into the inevitably irrational USMNT center mid debate, I just want to take a moment to congratulate Edu on a big-time, super clutch goal for his club. Great job.

    It’s great to see American players making big plays in big matches.

    The Nat team stuff, particularly since several center mids are prone to injury, will sort itself out at a later date.

    But nice job Mo Edu! Keep it up!

  15. K-Town says:

    I thought that was their way of saying thank you?

  16. LittleMaradona says:

    I believe it was because they were running the offsides trap. What does that have to do with marking?

  17. Tony in Quakeland says:

    True. I don’t root for Ranger, despite EDU/BEASLEY/REYNA. I should have said, “I hate having to be pleased that Ranger won a game.” Subtle difference…

  18. tnnelson says:

    well the way i feel in that case is i want the whole team to do terrible expect for the American, that way he looks even better

  19. Chris says:

    was that for real? there are literally 3 players in the box that will score that goal without even trying. wow. (but thankfully it went to edu :) )

  20. Artie says:

    I always root for Edu to score nine goals and Ranger to give up ten…

  21. Joel says:

    Lol, nice goal, but wasn’t he offside there along with 2 of his teammates??? But hey, the ref didn’t call it! Nice goal Edu!

  22. MOUF says:

    I cant believe that the other team copied KCs name…

  23. MOUF says:

    Donovan is a midfielder. Micheal Bradley is beast as well

  24. dcpohl says:

    They were all totally onside.

  25. MOUF says:

    r u trolling? when they were offside the ball wasnt played to them

  26. tnnelson says:

    clearly a joke dude.

    that being said, they really need to make a sarcasm font for the internet, especially for this site

  27. MOUF says:

    what do you ahve against protestants?

  28. PetedeLA says:


    I know it’s a bit drastic, but if I were the Sporting coach I’d sack every one of those guys in green putting their hand up claiming offside.

    Collective brain fart.

    But yes, very happy that Edu gets the goal.

    Not one of his best as far as technical merit, but probably his most important.

  29. mypurpleundercracker says:

    Did Edu really screw up in the old firm derby last weekend? Everything I’ve read on Rangers website has been saying how Edu should have silenced the critics from the Celtic match with this performance. Can anyone elaborate?

  30. patrick says:

    either you’re a troll, or you really can’t judge talent. Bradley, Donovan and Dempsey are all midfielders and rated higher than Edu.

  31. Dank says:

    Use tags

  32. Dank says:

    Ahaha, the comment form erased my sarcasm tag! Nevermind then.

  33. go usa says:

    It’s the passive offside rule where players can be offside as long as they are not actively involved in the play. Once the Ranger player dribbled past their line, then everyone was brought onside again.

  34. b says:

    Dominic Cervi.

    But hopefully he moves elsewhere else so I don’t have to root for $#@&ing Celtic!

  35. b says:

    I assume you suffer from severe mental disabilities so I won’t bother arguing.

  36. b says:

    I don’t know the specifics but I know Rangers fans say he has been quite bad recently.

  37. emanuel says:

    I think it’s their first season wearing those kits so I wasn’t sure if he was joking

  38. The Dream says:

    No joke! Stealing KC’s super original name! Shame, Lisbon, shame.

  39. Slyboy says:

    And that is the problem with Sporting (Dad family team), immense amounts of talent,but they suffer from collective brain farts alllll the time.
    To be fair, had the sporting player not slid in it would have been offside.

  40. Dave says:

    Yes heard the same thing from several Rangers fans today. NOthing like a goal to change people’s opinions.

  41. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Why I have nothing against Protestants! Some of my best friends are Protestants…inlcuding my wife and children, But even they root for Celtic!

  42. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Not much of a fan of either but Rangers has had US nats for a while, so in good sport depite you guys beating Rangers twice in SPL play this season, here’s to you guys losing a game if 1 remains and hopefully tying at least 2 times, although 3 would be great, and Rangers winning their 2 games on hand. So they can go ahead 2 or 4 points aside from the remaining game between them if indeed there still is one left? I’m hoping Rangers win the SPL have CL play in case Edu doesn’t leave to an EPL or Bundesliga team like Everton, Fulham, or who knows Spurs? lol or someone like Leverkusen or Shalke, hey they might be willing to try Mo now that Jones might be on his way?

  43. Tony in Quakeland says:

    No. It’s not an Old Firm Derby

  44. PetedeLA says:

    The way I see it, all those retards in green thought that because the guys they were marking would have been offside on the first pass, that (by some skewed form of logic) would make them offside for the second pass.

    Granted, in some leagues, particularly the Bundesliga (can’t speak for the Portuguese league), a lot of refs would have blown the whistle to stop the passive offsides.

    But they should certainly know better than to hope for a whistle on a play like that. I think one guy just had a brain fart and the others followed like lemmings.

  45. McNulty says:

    As someone who has only recently become a fan of soccer, it makes me very happy when teams are punished for appealing for an offside call rather than actually playing defense. Glad the ref was on top of things.

  46. Way to go, Mo! To be fair, if he missed, three of his teammates would have been there to finish…but still clutch. Terrible breakdown for Sporting Libson on that play.

  47. Isaac says:

    I love fans who act like everything is just so cut and dry.

    Edu is being considered for center back because of his versatility, our lack of quality center back options, and because there are quality options in the midfield.

    Moreover, Bradley scores goals like these all the time.

  48. GW says:

    Everything is cut and dried.

    Edu is the best US midfielder who ever lived, Clark is the worst midfielder who ever lived. Torres is the best ball handler who ever lived. Findley is the worst forward who ever lived.

    These things will never change no matter how long these payers play, no matter what they do or where they go. Oh and Bob Bradley will never understand tactics no matter how long he lives.

  49. Indigo Montoya says:


  50. Rob says:

    How can you be a true Celtic fan, if you want anyone on Rangers to do well? Its like a Knicks fan cheering for Michael Jordan, because he will help get the US gold. It like a Red Sox fan rooting for Jeter to do amazing, because he may help the US in the world baseball classic.

    To this point I am a Red Bull fan. I go all in, and in turn I could care less how Davies does as long as he is on DC. I understand we are a young soccer supporting nation, but come on.

  51. Isaac says:

    …..I’m gonna get laughed at but I almost took this seriously. Very funny sir hahaha.

  52. Brett says:

    Headline should read “Lisbon gives up goal” not “Edu scores goal”… Offside trap fail, and then the defenders just turned off. You cant be offside on a back pass.

  53. AshortDeparture says:

    Couldn’t have been offside, he was behind the ball when it was played. In fact any of the three or four guys waiting to poach the tap in were onside. Not sure what the Lisbon defense was doing there.

  54. away goals says:

    “Hi, I’m brett, I suck the joy out of everything. People love talking to me at parties because of my genial nature.”

    Eh, probably too much. I just get tired of people on here criticizing every goal that gets highlighted.

    “That was all luck. The defense was terrible. What was the keeper doing?” etc etc.

  55. Joamiq says:

    … that is the most poorly executed offside trap I’ve ever seen. 4 guys wide open in front of the goal = ur doin it wrong

  56. nbox says:

    Hi, I’m brett, I suck the joy out of everything. People love talking to me at parties because of my genial nature.”

  57. DB says:

    Rangers in general have had a bad stretch and Edu, who admittedly hasnt played well, got a fair bit of the blame.

    Hopefully the win (and goal) will be a big boost in confidence for him. Its nice to see.

  58. seo says:

    good1!!i l ike it

  59. Josh says:

    In the Old Firm (last weekend) he struggled, but hey keep scoring big goals and they have will have to love you.

  60. jim b says:

    Lisbon’s goal was a thing of beauty! Nice to see Mo come up big again

  61. Eric B says:

    +1 for the sarcasm font!

    And practically the whole team was waiting there to score on Edu’s goal, great defense!

  62. Mike Caramba says:

    Rob – good point, but I don’t think you can really compare international soccer to international baseball or basketball.

  63. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    He was not good in the Old Firm game. He was also struggling in the first half of this one, count the number of passes he had to the wrong color jersey…or on one occassion to booted out of bounds when his teamate was uncovered. In the first when he is asked to play back he struggled.

    The 2nd half was a different story. Especially when Laffertyu was inserted and Fleck taken out. Rangers went to a 4-4-2 and Edu all of a sudden was a revelation. Then when Diof was pulled Edu moved into the hole and things clicked.

    But last week…he looked a lot the whole game like he looked in the first half of this. Bad. I half thought he was going to be pulled at half with the yellow card, and am really glad he was not. Great game in the end, I’d guess a 7 or so on the Sky ratings.

  64. Erik says:


    Edu started on the bench in the WC. Findley always started.

    Good sarcasm has truth in it. :)

  65. Rob says:

    Why not? Is the Basketball Olympic team regard as a lower tier team. Fact is we as Americans regard the Basketball gold, as many countries regard a World Cup trophy. That’s just how it is. Will it change maybe, but Basketball is a more popular sport right now (in the US). I think a lot has to do with the media’s attitude towards the two sports, but in the US a basketball player is much more famous then a soccer player. Labron, Kobe, shaq are all bigger stars then Donovan.

    As for baseball, yes the World Baseball Classic means nothing, but the analogy still stands.

  66. Spectra says:

    offside trap means you move up behind the forwads not laterally away from them I thought that to be hilarious.

    Besides it makes me laugh whenever someone thinks there might have been offside and holds their hand up instead of trying to get back and mark.

  67. Rob says:

    And since our northern brothers feel the same way about Hockey, you think a Montreal fan will ever hope Crosby does well on Pittsburg? I don’t think so.

    All these sports are sadly ahead of Soccer, and we treat them like the rest of the world treats Soccer. We are just not true fans of a team (like Celtic), until we can get past the nationality of the players that make up that team and Rival teams.

  68. Judging Amy says:

    And your post makes sense because they played the same position.

  69. Seriously says:

    None of you are true fans of any team in another country anyway. Their true fans are the people that are from the same area as the team. Get over yourselves. The only true fans of soccer teams in America are people who pull for their local club teams and the USMNT.

  70. Seriously says:

    Are there some Italians frequenting this blog that might give a $#!%?

  71. inkedAG says:

    Great goal by Maurice Edu!

  72. Fobar says:

    I didnt know Edu plays for Chivas now…