Gold Cup draw postponed until March


photo by John Todd/


If you've been anxiously awaiting to see who the U.S. national team will face in the 2011 Gold Cup and at what stadiums, you'll have to wait a little longer.

The Gold Cup draw has been pushed back until early March after initially being scheduled for early February, a CONCACAF spokesman told SBI on Wednesday. No specific date was given.

The 12 nations participating in the tournament are the United States, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Cuba, Grenada, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The Gold Cup is set to begin on June 5.

What do you think of this development? Completely shocked that the timely CONCACAF pushed back the draw date?

Share your thoughts below.

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35 Responses to Gold Cup draw postponed until March

  1. dman says:

    What’s the main reason?

    I mean heck I could do it in a few minutes and I’ll do it for 1/4 of the pay.

    I just want to determine if I’m going to plan a trip to Detroit

  2. JC says:

    Oh, man. Jack Warner’s bribes from each federation must have been delayed, leading to this….

  3. RLW2020 says:

    US to play in KC, DET and Charlotte.. thats my guess.. who its against don’t really care but a first round game vs. Canada would be cool.

  4. Fred Garvin says:

    What is Frankie up to in that photo?

  5. Brian says:

    Gotta love Frankie

  6. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    So does this mean I have to buy my tickets without knowing which semifinal the US is going to play in? Not cool.

  7. Alex G says:

    I only want us to win this thing,the opposition is not that “great” and it would give us the chance to fare against better teams in the FIFA CONFED CUP. These teams competing in this tourney are not good enough for the US, except for Mexico who can be a good opponent given the right situation.

  8. AdamTheRed says:

    Impossible. Look at the calendar. If they play in KC it would be Detroit. Tampa. KC. Then DC, Houston and Pasadena. USA will be in Group C.

    Besides. looking at each of the groups it is clear MEX will play in Charlotte, Dallas and Chicago. Mexico will play in Group A.

    Group B will be for Caribbean and Central American teams, they play in smaller stadiums in LA and FLA mostly.

  9. John says:

    Anybody have any scouting reports on this year’s crop of Cuban defectors?

  10. RedLine55 says:

    Good question, never too early to brainstorm. There should be a whole separate MLS Defector’s Draft if you ask me.

  11. Mike says:

    Roberto Linares looks like a good bet. 13 goals in 23 appearances, turns 25 in about a week. What better time?

  12. Twigg says:

    Nice. My thoughts exactly…

  13. Brad says:

    I was really looking forward to see where my vacation was going to take me. Oh well, what is a few more weeks?

  14. Colin says:

    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t playing that game (suspension or injury or something) and was running around the field post-game shirtless and with a beer. If I remember correctly…

  15. Myles B says:

    Are you sure? It kinda looks like Bret Hart snook in there!

  16. EA says:

    Semis are the same day in Houston.

    I imagine it’ll be a 2 for 1 ticket.

  17. john says:

    US will definitely NOT play in Charlotte, Mexico has that locked down. Mexico – Iceland meaningless friendly last spring was largest crowd ever to see a Mexico game outside of LA, NY and Chicago. Incredible atmosphere, great tailgating right downtown. Grand Fiesta!

  18. NC soccer says:

    I just want to find out about tickets. Since I live in NC, I’m amped about going to the match in Charlotte, regardless of who’s playing.

  19. mikeandike says:

    Grenada! Guatemala! Guadelope! The 2011 Gold Cup, ladies and gentlemen!

    Can’t we beg our way back into the Copa America?

    Playing 5 scrubs plus Mexico, or at least 3 of these: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia

  20. Chase says:

    <— Eagerly awaiting to see where the US plays so that I can make travel arrangements. Hoping that they give KC a shot.

  21. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    I’m going to have to let you know that I’m pretty sure Mexico had bigger crowds in Dallas, Houston, Glendale/Phoenix for the US games for sure in the Cardinals stadium the University of Phoenix weird looking one, Foxborough and San Diego for sure, I am sure I can look up a few more but that’s the only ones I can think of.

    But you’re probably right about US not playing in Charlotte.

    I forget are SD, Phoenix and Bay area not in the mix for Gold Cup this year?

  22. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    They should really just make that 2 seperate tickets, like at World Cups if a stadium held more than 1 game in a day.

    Mexico for a Gold Cup is sold out for sure on the years the Gold Cup matters really and everyone brings their starters because it earns qualification for the Confederations Cup, the ones after the WC usually.

    I think last time they had 70K+ vs ANGOLA of all teams for their US based WC prep tour and about 47K vs Panama in a group match for the 09 Gold Cup and they didn’t bring all the guys from Europe plus it was pre Chicharito and pre them getting back on track to qualifying, the fans were mad and still put up almost 50K.

    Plus if US plays someone like Honduras or El Salvador they could very well sell a good 40-60K tickets, I’ve seen El Salvador outnumber the Colombians in HOU almost 4 to 1 in a 30K match at Robertson, a friendly too

  23. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    I know, I wish Trinidad was in it instead of Grenada I’m tired of scoring 4 on them with bad C teams.

    Or was it the other caribbean team in our group in 09 we beat 4-0 at Seattle?

    In any case all the strogest teams in Concacaf are in it except for T&T which always seems to sneak in somehow to the Hexagonal which will now be 2 groups of 4. This is important to prepare us for WC 2014, Brazil will be tough at home, what better way to prepare for them then the official Confeds? Plus it will likely be Spain, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Germany/Holland, Ghana/Ivory Coast/Cameroon and most likely the Kiwis.

    The 1st 3 are a lock, the rest are probables, that’s a great field to play potentially at lest 4 of those! Maybe 5 or 6?

  24. Scott A says:

    Boooo I want to plan which US games I go to. I’d much rather go to a meaningful USA game against Guatemala or whatever at Red Bull Arena than some overpriced friendly at the New Meadowlands against Argentina.

  25. Wearingone says:

    Anyone know when and where the tickets will be sold?

  26. Andrew says:

    Anyone know when tickets for the gold cup final will be up for sale?

  27. BrianSLO says:

    What happens if Spain wins Euro 2012 too? Does the Euro 2012 runner up go to Confeds?

  28. Jack says:

    I am disappointed they didn’t hold the draw earlier as planned. I do think there is going to be a lot more interest than in years past due to the recent World Cup.

  29. Jay says:

    Yeah whats the USA thinking playing these countries its almost as if they were a part of CONCACAF. Besides we get nothing out of this playing in the Confed cup a year before the WC against some of the best countries in the world means nothing. Lets just go see how we do in the 2011 Copa America because that the real prize.

  30. First the friendly with Egypt, now this? Everything I had to look forward to in February is being taken away!

  31. Dominick says:

    Thanks Ives for the updates, I really apprecaite it! Like a lot of people here, I’m interested in getting tickets depending on the matchups! Keep us posted!

  32. Woody says:

    Why would that matter? I don’t think there is a punishment for going to two Confederations Cups in a row. The tournament is in Brazil so if anything, the question should be about the Copa Americana.

  33. socmin says:


  34. Gwadaboyz 72 says:

    Grenada, Guatemala, Guadeloupe and then? Some must stop being too arrogant because nowadays there are fewer and fewer small teams!

  35. chino says:

    I agree… usa and mexico need’s to play en la copa america and qualify in the COMEBOL…jajjaa that would be funny they will never make it to the world cup finals….