Must-See Goal: Jimmy Briand

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22 Responses to Must-See Goal: Jimmy Briand

  1. Max says:

    Impressive skill and concentration, but the keeper really shouldn’t have let that one go in.

  2. cajun says:

    Nice goal, but Rooneys was better. As Max said, the keeper should have done better. Rooneys was unstoppable.

  3. jig says:

    who cares if rooneys was better? its still sick.

  4. #JustSaying says:

    i care

  5. Joe B. NYC says:

    If I’m correct, Jimmy played with Bocanegra when they were at Rennes. I hope he gets a fair shot at the French National Team…

    And I think his goal was just as good as Rooney’s.

  6. offcolorcommentary says:

    keeper should have come out to cut the angle sooner.. he hopped out after Jimmy already shot which prolly screwed up any chance of saving it.

  7. Brent McD says:

    there was another one just like this in the mexican league last week. everybody’s doing ’em now.

  8. Nick says:

    Nah, Rooney hit his off his shin, and it wasn’t as clean of a hit that this goal had; Briand hit that one as well as one could hit a bicycle kick, and moreso, he also scored his goal from a bit further out.

  9. Miguel says:

    Since this isn’t Wayne Overrated Rooney, nobody will care.

  10. Gacm32 says:

    +1, everybody is just on Rooney’s jock. There have been plenty of people who have scored bicycle kicks, but since Wayne Rooney scored it everybody thinks it’s the goal of century.

  11. JMR says:

    Take that Rooney! You’re not the only one that can do this. Both great goals.

  12. fischy says:

    As Chris Berman called it – “Grade A Choice effort by Jimmy “Chateau” Briand.”

  13. This one doesn’t make the highlights reel: poorly marked, mild pace, random targeting. it’s kind of the bicycle/scissors kick we’d all maybe do one time. Rooney’s was notable for its great class (reaction to a deflected cross, pace and timing of shot).

    Seeing the difference between Briand’s goal and Rooney’s goal is what US fans and players need to get good at. That’s the sort of difference between how our best players play soccer, and the very best players in the world.

    [Go USA!]

  14. Matt Snyder says:

    Great goal!

    A much “smoother”, elegant version of the Rooney goal recently. Briand’s looked as if the winger crossed, and he set himself up to the cross to do this. While Rooney’s was impressive simply due to the very sharp angle (not much of a cross) and sheer impromtu decision to shoot as he did. Rooney’s goal == shockingly atheltic; Briand = more elegant and planned.

  15. Aaron in StL says:

    The difference is the importance of Rooney’s… a winner in a derby, that added to Man U’s lead on the rest of the pack.

  16. cajun says:

    LOL, I can’t stand Rooney but am willing to give credit where it’s due. Both goals were fantastic sick and almost identical! I’m just saying that on this one it certainly looked like the keeper could(should) have saved it as it appeared that he was positioned well and just missed it….Rooneys goal couldn’t have been saved by ANY goalkeeper anywhere. If this keeper saves, this conversation is not happening despite the fantastic form…

  17. Tom says:

    The fact that Rooney’s was a deflected cross that sat up in the air for him made it easier, not “classier.”

    If Briand had hit his with his shinpad, and Rooney hit this one in the Manchester Derby, we’d be hearing how this one was the connoisseur’s choice. :)

  18. Travis in Mpls says:

    +1…. but maybe I’m just one of those American soccer fans who can’t tell the difference between a shot off a shin pad by a “superstar” and an actual shot off a boot by a guy playing in a second tier league.

  19. Can'tShoot says:

    All such goals are over-rated. The guy from Crawly almost pulled one off against Man U earlier today. The real sick one would have been Dempsey’s atempt after his poorly taken blocked PK. It’s pure luck.

  20. Gacm32 says:

    I wouldn’t call Ligue 1 a second tier league. Just because it’s not the EPL, doesn’t mean it’s second tier. The French first division is a top 5 league in the world.

  21. roger says:

    yup, Pumas just as good. this was a very good goal. Not a must see.

  22. Travis in Mpls says:

    yeah…just directing a bit of sarcasm towards the original snobbish comment. Although depending on where one draws the line where the top tiers ends one could argue it’s 2nd tier – not that I have any opinion either way.