Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: February Edition

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The CONCACAF Gold Cup is less than four months away now and the clock is ticking on American players hoping to do enough to earn a place on the Gold Cup roster.

There hasn't been much shake-up in the squad we're projecting in February from the roster we named in January, with just two new names on the squad. With MLS still in its off-season, the time is now for European and Mexican-based players to work their way past their MLS brethren.

We also have the inclusion of some new names to the mix, including German-born defender/midfielder Timothy Chandler. The Nuremberg player has yet to play for the United States, but has expressed interest in playing for the USA.

So who is on this month's version of the squad? Here is February's projected U.S. Gold Cup Roster:

PROJECTED 2011 Gold Cup Roster

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Johnson

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream, Zach Loyd

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Alejandro Bedoya 

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Edson Buddle, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury


Here are some thoughts on the picks:

GOALKEEPER- Wondering why Brad Guzan isn't on the squad? Sources tell SBI Guzan will skip the Gold Cup because he's getting married. That leaves Bob Bradley with a serious issue because he'll need a reliable and experienced back-up to Tim Howard. Whether Hahnemann would accept an invite remains to be seen, and if he wouldn't, Bradley could turn to Luis Robles, who is playing regularly in Germany and played in the 2009 Gold Cup. Nick Rimando is another option, though Bradley might be inclined to look for a foreign-based No. 2 goalkeeper rather than pulling a starter off an MLS team.

DEFENDERS– So why is Zach Loyd on the list over Jonathan Bornstein. Aside from an impressive performance against Chile, Loyd will be a regular starter for FC Dallas at right back after the club traded away Heath Pearce. If he continues to develop he should be in the mix.

Jonathan Bornstein's inconsistent playing time, and lack of action at fullback, makes his position tenuous. Pearce is a player who could work his way back into the mix now that he will be playing left back for Chivas USA.

Bobby Convey can't be ignored as a left back either, particularly if he plays as well in 2011 for San Jose as he did in 2010.

Jonathan Spector has enjoyed success at a variety of positions for West Ham and wouldn't be a surprise as a roster inclusion, though the growth of the likes of Eric Lichaj and Timothy Chandler could hurt his chances.

At centerback, Omar Gonzalez is on the fringes, but would miss out behind the aforementioned group. Ike Opara remains an interesting prospect who could definitely play his way onto the radar. George John also merits mentioning.

MIDFIELDERS- Ricardo Clark is replaced by Sacha Kljestan. The injured Clark had been impressing as a centerback for Eintracht, but being sidelined by a fractured cheekbone costs him a bit while Kljestan gives the squad more of an attacking option in midfield.

Timothy Chandler has to be taken seriously as a candidate, and if he does commit to playing. Originally a forward, Chandler has enjoyed success as an attacking right back/midfielder. Benny Feilhaber is someone who can't be forgotten either, and once he's back in action next month he could definitely play his way into the squad.

Mikkel Diskerud is an exciting prospect, but should probably be considered a longshot.

FORWARDS- Danny Mwanga is a player who could move past a Bunbury or Agudelo if he is able to secure American citizenship between now and this summer (and you can't help but wonder if Bob Bradley would rather leave Agudelo behind rather than giving him two tournaments to play this summer). Chandler has played more as a right-sided player for Nuremberg lately, but given the need for forwards you have to think he could get a look from Bradley up top.

Chris Wondolowski should merit another look, but there are several young and exciting prospects who look more likely to establish roles with the national team. Herculez Gomez is starting to see more playing time for Pachuca, and while the goals haven't come yet, he's someone to keep an eye on.


What do you think of the squad? Which players do you think should be on the squad? Which players do you NOT want to see make the team?

Share your thoughts below.

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219 Responses to Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: February Edition

  1. Ryan says:

    No Omar Gonzalez? Por Que?

  2. Brian says:

    Benny Feilhaber > Sacha Kljestan

  3. Matt L. says:

    Sasha would play all of 0 minutes

  4. Erik says:

    1. Chandler plays more of a RM/RB role for his club.

    2. Juan Agudelo will almost assuredly be with the U20s during the Gold Cup.

    I’d drop Lichaj, Lloyd, and Agudelo for Chandler, Diskerud, and Feilhaber. Move Dempsey up top, where he’s seen plenty of time with Fulham.

    (SBI-1. Yes, he’s there now, but it is a relatively new move, so playing forward shouldn’t be completely written off. 2. U-20 World Cup takes place after the Gold Cup, and Agudelo could take part in the early stages and miss none of the U-20 training camp.)

  5. CD9- Wolverine says:

    Timothy Chandler isn’t a forward. The game I saw he played right back and I think he’s also played a little bit of right wing for Nurnberg. Definitely not forward though.

  6. C John says:

    edson buddle? seriously? he is not an international caliber least in my opinion. i’d love it if herculez got another look.

  7. Brian says:

    The tall centerback quota has been filled. No need for him.

  8. Brian says:

    I’m not really sure how you can say Edson Buddle isn’t a international caliber player, but Gomez is.

  9. CupOfJoe says:

    I think Chandler makes the team.. but as a right back or right mid.. not a forward. He’s very much in the plans of a Nurnberg team that is playing exceptionally well. As a right back, he’s also playing better than Lichaj or Spector (who is now a mid.

    David Yelldell has to be considered for a spot as a keeper.

    I am just not sold on Bedoya right now. I think Chandler takes his spot.

    I also have Feilhaber over Kljestan.

    If Agudelo plays with the U20s at the World Cup, he won’t go to the Gold Cup. If that’s the case, Dempsey goes to the forward spot and Diskerud takes his spot.

  10. Brian says:

    And Ives I think you’re kidding yourself if you think Bob isn’t going to bring a left footed outside back (besides Bocanegra). Bornstein or Pearce will be there.

    (SBI-It’ll be one of those three, but I also don’t think it’s impossible that we’ll see Loyd there.)

  11. Dave says:

    I just hate all the political moves. Not bringing Agudelo because of a youth tournament when he’s clearly someone who should be in the mix up top, if not starting. Looking for a keeper overseas instead of one domestically because you’re worried about the MLS? It’s the Gold Cup and there’s huge ramifications if we don’t win it. Bring your A squad, forget everything else.

  12. nate says:

    Gomez had been nothing but positive when wearing a USA jersey, including winning the huge 50/50 on the equalizer against Slovenia.

    Buddle has been nothing but….nothing.

  13. Brian says:

    I know he’s playing in the 2nd division of Denmark, but I feel as long as he’s playing and hit fitness is up then Bob should bring him. We really only need Benny to be a 30 to 40 minute super sub. He won’t be starting. Sacha doesn’t bring what Benny can, and I don’t think Sacha would work in the super sub role.

  14. ACS says:

    Gold Cup runs until June 25th, the U20 World Cup starts July 29th. He could play both, but that might be a little much

  15. Thorpinski says:

    Drop Teal,Sacha and Spector . Bring in Mix, Chandler and Opara.

    Opara > then Ream and Omar.

    Agudelo stays with USMNT if BB thinks he can contribute.

  16. Paul says:

    Klejstan over Feilhaber and Diskerud? Oy.

  17. Mark says:

    I’d drop Kljestan and Buddle for Mix and Feilhaber, otherwise I totally agree.

  18. ACS says:

    Chandler gives a more versatile option being able to play RB and RM, should be interesting what he decides to do, if his stock keeps increasing might have to beat off Germany for him.

  19. ACS says:

    Need to rethink my word choices from now on.

  20. Brian says:

    I understand why Guzan would get married during the summer, but why not plan it like after the Gold Cup? I mean it’s not like you don’t know it’s coming

  21. Findley is the American Bofo says:

    I’m really worried about this projected lineup. We have no one who can fill the critical role of “guy can run REALLY fast.” How can we possibly compete without a black hole forward on the field?

  22. DirtyLeeds says:

    Chanlder isn’t in the projection but is discussed in the detail?

    (SBI-What’s your point exactly? He’s someone new on the radar who deserves talking about. Everybody already on the radar has been discussed to death, so why not talk about a new face?)

  23. anon says:

    I’d take Feilhaber and Diskeruud over Kljestan and Bedoya. Bedoya hasn’t shown that much, and I like Feilhaber and Diskeruud better as attacking options off the bench.

    On defense, I like Pearce over Lloyd as back-up left-back. Pearce is a tough competitor with a lot of experience. I also would take Convey over Lloyd.

    At centerback, Zac Whitbread over Tim Ream. No question.

  24. Goalscorer24 says:

    What has Sacha Kljestan done to deserve a callup?

    (SBI-Playing regularly for the top team in Belgium.)

  25. EA says:

    The team has no choice but to release him if called, but if US Soccer tells RBNY “your star forward will be gone from the middle of May through the middle of August,” don’t be at all surprised if he gets a “calf strain” on May 15th.

  26. Indigo Montoya says:

    No Feilhaber? Ives, that’s just wrong. Regardless of his league, he’s a creative option that has loads of experience.

    Also, regardless of my personal feelings, Bornstein will be in the squad.

  27. EA says:

    So he should plan on missing the beginning of his club preseason (you know, the people who give him money with which to live) instead, just so he can sit on the bench and watch Tim Howard play.

    I don’t see a flaw in that plan AT ALL.

  28. r.benjamin says:

    This is the most undecided and difficult 23 to project since I’ve been watching closely (02 – 06).

    It’s exciting. And I’m glad it’s this early in the cycle. A team chosen for this 11′ tourney i’d guess will be fairly different than the team chosen at the start of qualifying.

  29. Colin says:

    Wait, where’s Henry going?

  30. hello mrs. lady says:

    accept for a two goal game against australia…but ya ur right

  31. StevenG says:

    Agudelo should be starting? The kid hasn’t even established himself as a starter for the Redbulls. Show a little patience with the kid.

  32. EA says:

    Ives, mostly spot on.

    I will disagree with Johnson as a third goalkeeper. I seriously doubt Bradley will pull an MLS starter for a month, just to observe.

    Dominic Cervi will be in the offseason, and can certainly do as good of a job of being a practice target.

    (SBI-In the past the third Gold Cup goalkeeper has been allowed to stay with his club so there’s no reason Johnson can’t be the No. 3.)

  33. Attenborough says:

    Kljestan? Ha…….ha. Actually, that’s not really very funny. Ives, I think you’re high.

  34. Roboatse says:


  35. EA says:

    Good point, Colin.

  36. Brian S says:

    Brian you obviously aren’t married or dating anyone at this time…the decision on when you get married ain’t up to the guy!

  37. Dominick says:

    Any word on when this mysterious Gold Cup draw will occur?

  38. anon says:

    what about Beasley, if he’s not injured? Got to be ahead of Bedoya and Kljestan.

    (SBI-Why is that exactly? He hasn’t seen a whiff of playing time in ages. Until he’s playing with any sort of regularity he’s out of the picture.)

  39. Micah King says:

    Man he has been scoring and assisting in Bundesliga 2 that is better then nothing.

  40. Jacob ATL says:

    “Bobby Convey can’t be ignored as a left back either, particularly if he plays as well in 2011 for San Jose as he did in 2010.”

    Well, he can, if the person making the decisions is Bob Bradley.

    (I kid. I doubt their beef is that big.)

  41. Alexandria says:

    No sascha no feilhaber but yes to McCarty and yes to bedoya who I think is better with better players.

  42. Lost in Space says:

    The only issues I have with your projections are:

    1) As stated by others Chandler is a RB/RW and not a forward. Still not sure if he gets called in for the Gold Cup having never been to a US Camp before. If he doesn’t get called in during the March Friendlies I don’t see him making the Gold Cup. His best chance may be the U-23 Olympics squad this year.

    2) To me Benny should be taken over Sacha. He plays the supper-sub role perfictly. And Sacha hasn’t been getting much in the way of minutes lately.

    3) I agree Heath Pearce or Bobby Convey should be making a push as the backup to Boca at LB. I don’t see Bornstein being there since he plays Holding Mid for his club, and I think Loyd (while great protential) is still a bit too green. Expecially if he’s playing RB for his club this year.

    4) Clark wouldn’t have made it as a Mid even before his injury. He had an outside chance at CB…but not as a Mid. Spector is more versitile (CDM, RB, LB, CB) than Clark…and has been seeing good minutes for club…while Clark will be struggling to brake back into the line-up once he recovers.

    5) Striker is still an area where there is a lot of unknowns. Juan being at U-20 WC will really play into who’s picked and who isn’t. Besides Jozy these slots are totally open for anyone to impress.

    (SBI-I addressed Chandler a while ago, as for Kljestan, he’s gotten more than just “super sub” minutes for Anderlecht. Not a locked in, every game starter, but he’s gotten good minutes. It could be him or Feilhaber, a pretty wide open spot, the last midfield spot to be honest.)

  43. Will says:

    I would love if Danny Mwanga could somehow make his way onto this team. I worked for the Union last year and he is a standup guy and is just starting to figure out what he can do on the field. I think he would be ahead of Teal, but maybe not Agudelo. Either way it is excited to have forward prospects like these guys.

  44. Tielor2d says:

    Do you intend Loyd as a RB or LB option???

    (SBI-Left back.)

  45. Gilby says:

    My dark horse is Davies if he gets regular playing time at DC I guessing Bradley would love to see a return of the Davies/Altidore tandem up front.

  46. Micah King says:

    He is not even playing for his club are you serious ?

  47. Micah King says:

    Bedoya and McCarty will make us concede goals and slow down play every game if they play.

    (SBI-Can’t say I agree with you in anyway, particularly regarding Bedoya.)

  48. babbalicious says:

    let’s hope bornstein keeps getting limited minutes in the midfield and no time at lb for his club so BB cant consider him for our lb. also, i’d like to see mix instead of sacha. He seems to give us something different in our attack where sacha hasnt done anything for the us since the sweden game 2 years ago.i cant quite understand how some people dont think buddle should be in serious consideration. He’s looked pretty impressive over the last 1-1/2 years.

  49. Stryker1sf says:

    Ives: Gold Cup matches officially cap-tie players, correct? Right now, Bunbury can still submit paperwork to FIFA and transfer back to Canada like Jermaine Jones did from Germany to the USA because it was only a friendly, but if Bunbury is capped in the Gold Cup, he’s forever with the USA. True?

  50. BB Hater says:

    Beasley isn’t even dressing for his Club. Bedoya is a club starter/mainstay and Kljestan is an every-other-match contributor. I’d take either over someone rusting away on the bench.

  51. Micah King says:

    Also, only put Bedoya in against the weak Caribbean teams we play if we get drawn a lot of them. He cannot hang with Mexico. He will get burned down the wing every time, and make stupid passes.

    (SBI-Nope, you’re off base.)

  52. Robinswood says:

    Wow, no Torres? Has he slipped that far off the radar?

  53. Brad says:

    Omar over Ream. Benny over Sacha. No to Juan. We might see an extra mid in place of him.

    And now for my outside pick:

    Charlie Davies.

    (SBI-Omar over Ream won’t happen. If both are healthy, Ream will get the call. I’ll take that bet all day.)

  54. Lost in Space says:

    There was an article about Bunbury submitting his official transfer request. Once he approved he’d be locked to the US regardless of being cap-tied. the transfer is a 1 time only deal.

  55. Aaron in StL says:

    Man we really need some options at LB…

    I understand the importance of qualifying for the Confed Cup… but I lean towards the young guys in “pick ’em” situation (e.g. Pearce/Bornstein vs Loyd). Have to find out if these kids are ready, and for the ones that look like they’re on track, it’s good to have them battle tested now before WCQ’s begin.

  56. Tielor2d says:

    That’s what I thought and most your phrasing backed that except where you say FCD plans playing him at RB.

  57. Brad says:

    You keep wanting to bet me! Omar gets the call, because Bob likes his CBs tall and strong in the air. Demerit will get a call before Ream. You are blinded by the NYRB connection.

    Any opinion on CD9?

    (SBI-Brad, here’s a question. Who got pulled at halftime of the Chile game? Gonzalez or Ream? Gonzalez is solid but Ream’s distribution and position makes him a better international centerback.)

  58. dman says:

    I don’t want to be that guy…but is it possible we could see charlie davies?

    (SBI-Not impossible, but let’s see him play in MLS and score some goals before we throw him back into the mix.)

  59. Big D says:

    Pretty sure Schellas Hyndman has stated that Loyd isnt the best RB option on FC Dallas and he has been playing at CB during the preseason. Be interesting to see what happens over the season tho and see if Loyd can cement a position on the outside

  60. Comrade says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen Bedoya in the mix enough with the other A-team players to pass judgments yet. The Chile game (amongst the few others others) haven’t given him much ability to show how well he plays with a good team. There was a reason Bradley had him in the final 30 WC roster spots.

  61. Tickle my Pickle says:

    I am wondering the same thing. With the options we have at midfield, I wonder why we look to players who are clearly weaker options that our potential starters. We likely see Donovan-Bradley-Jones-Dempsey as our four against any decent opponent; Edu might get the call for Jones, and if Dempsey gets pushed up top, an in-form Holden or a width guy Bedoya get the nod. In fact, if BB brings in Spector, there is someone who can – if needed – step in a play a central role. So if I’m picking my “last” central midfielder, I want someone who brings something different – not just a lesser option that what I have (which, unfortunately, is what I consider both Feilhaber and Kljestan). Consider that, Jose Torres has composure on the ball unlike anyone else in the pool. He would, at minimum, offer something different, making him more valuable than either of the other two.

    Alternatively, I would much prefer Feilhaber to Kljestan. I would agree that he has been a much better impact sub, and I’ve never really been that impressed with Sacha. But considering Holden and Edu (and possibly even Bedoya) have jumped ahead of both Benny and Sacha on the depth chart, I’d rather see JFT in the mix.

  62. Spectra says:

    Why not Jay Demerit? He was a rock for a long time and really never has down streaks if he’s playing well in MLS wouldn’t Bob rather have him there than Edu at centerback?

  63. BellusLudas says:

    I think Ives has made a good case for the selections. My only difference would be to HOPE that CD9 is ready for inclusion.

  64. dman says:

    Also wouldn’t be surprised at a Robbie Findley call up


  65. Joe says:

    I will unequivocally state that McCarty is not International level material. Sometimes you just know it when you see it, the same with Eddie Johnson. The international pace and skill level is beyond their God given talent and ability.

  66. away goals says:

    Now that jones and holden are fit, there aren’t many scenarios that would call for torres.

    Sign of progress when a player with torres’ quality is surplus to requirement.

  67. John says:

    Since when is Henry eligible to play for the US?

  68. Kol says:

    Being Bob Bradleys adopted son.

  69. John says:

    Is it me or is Ives constantly trying to ram Bedoya down our throats? Guy is average at best and gets more ink then he should because he plays in “Europe”.

    (SBI- How do I ram someone down your throats? I happen to think he’s better than some think he is. We’ll see over the long haul but I’d gladly take bets on his development and place on the team against some here who think he’s awful and doesn’t belong on the team.)

  70. Chad says:

    Sorry but I’d take Torres over Kjlestan, Bedoya, and Edu any day of the week. Composure and vision is what we need to be going for this cycle.

  71. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Jeeze do we really need another right back? Dolo > Lichaj > Spector > Chandler

  72. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Please explain how Opara is a better USMNT candidate right now than Ream.

  73. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:


  74. John says:

    And a reason he didn’t make it.

  75. Tickle My Pickle says:

    That’s kind of my point – if there is barely a scenario where JFT would get playing time, in what world would we ever need Kljestan?

  76. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Along with every other USMNT fan.

  77. Joe says:

    Ream over Omar? Why? You’re all RB homers. Ream’s good but Omar has proven himself for longer in MLS and had a much better match against Chile than Ream. Omar’s one hell of a threat going forward which Ream isn’t as well.

    I’d say if anything, Omar and Ream get called while either Gooch and/or Goodson get left off.

  78. anon says:

    No, actually: Dolo> Lichaj, Chandler >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Spector.

  79. FAmos1 says:

    Bob has proven in the past that the position you play on your club team is not necessarily the position you will see for the nats. At least recently he has tried to get the best team on the field that matches up against the opposition. Is it possible to see Chandler at forward, absolutely. Could we see Edu at CB again, absolutely. And going away from the old 4-4-2 with tucked in wings to the 4-5-1 of new, there is the possibility that Bob goes away from the speedy striker. Hooray! But, we still need a proven, stable and consistent #9!!!

  80. DoubleEntendre says:

    I’m sure Jogi wouldn’t mind…

  81. Joe says:

    I think he likes him a lot as a player, he may even know him personally. From what I have seen from Bedoya, he is an unpolished player with some potential, I don’t think he is anything near Agudelo potential but the guy can play.

    Ives does like him as much as Bob Bradley does though, I would agree with you on that point. After all, Ives is one man, with one opinion. People weigh his opinion too heavily because he is the creator of this blog. I value his opinion as a writer and respect his love of the game. What I believe irritates the common person is that there are times that he gives his opinion as a fact. He has an opinion just the same as you and I. Saying one is off base for expressing an opinion is an attempt to say that one knows better than another. People become too defensive in these comments sections and behave in manners that are both overly aggressive and dramatic solely on the basis of the impersonal manner of this blog’s communication. People would be half as dramatic in a real conversation and state things in a more conservative tone to avoid coming off too ridiculous. There is a strange dynamic to the written word, where sarcasm goes undetected, and confrontation escalates at alarming levels.

  82. Kevin_amold says:

    Yes. Thank you.

  83. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I agree. Sometimes the team dynamic totally changed when Benny came on in the WC. We looked much more dangerous at times. He’s a good option off the bench.

  84. John says:

    Lord of the Flies syndrome and Internet tough guys

  85. CrispyST3 says:

    and also explain why you would drop Teal?

  86. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I know right? Thanks for going out on a limb Gilby. I jest Gilby. That story would be awesome.

  87. Kevin_Amold says:

    Agreed on just about everything you said.

  88. Clayton says:

    He hasn’t played in so long… Who knows how he’ll look with Vancouver?

  89. Be Serious says:

    LOL! When did a guy who doesn’t even start for RBNY become their “star forward”. You are joking, right?

  90. Be Serious says:

    Sascha is better than both of them.

  91. USSFdon'tthread says:

    What foreign based American GK (that’s not too old/retired) would be available for the Gold Cup?

    Here’s who I have off the top of my head:

    1. Luis Robles

    2. David Yeldell

    3. Diego Restrepo

    4. Dom Cervi

  92. Clayton says:

    I already miss Jose Torres

  93. fischy says:

    I agree. If there’s gonna be an MLSer, DeMerit is a better choice.

    On the other hand, I wonder if Bradley’s gonna be inclined to skip MLSers rather than pull them out of their team. The player who makes the least sense is Donovan, but I guess he wants in badly?

  94. Be Serious says:

    Not me. I would want him ONLY if he is scoring goals. Just getting PT is not enough.

  95. Hokie_Futbol says:

    I will also take action on that bet Brad. Ream starts counter-attacks and actually adds to the offense. Omar is raw and has potential, but I’d love to see a healthy Onyewu and Ream tandem. Also I will give you crazy odds that Ream moves to a bigger club outside of the US faster than Gonzo and still would feel confident in taking your money…Ives make it happen

    SoccerByIves does not support or partake in any gambling action through it website or intermediaries…haha

  96. CrispyST3 says:

    That could be true, but i think Teal didn’t have to make a “switch” he had to “decide” and he decided on USA. So he can still make the switch, but that said i highly doubt Teal will make the switch just like that.

    (SBI-He had played for Canada’s youth set-up, so he had to Switch.)

  97. Matt C in Tampa says:


  98. Be Serious says:

    Wait a second. Seriously? You want Omar “I turn the ball over for a living” Gonzalez and Tim Ream over Gooch? Your opinion is officially rendered meaningless now. You don’t have a clue.

  99. away goals says:

    Well I’m glad that’s settled then.

  100. Be Serious says:

    First of all, scratch Yelldell. He is NOT international quality. That’s why he is nearly 30 and neither the U.S. or Germany has ever called him into international duty.

    Cervi hasn’t playedd a first team match in what, five years? He doesn’t belong anywhere near a USMNT jersey.

    And including Restrepo in this list is flat-out hilarious.

  101. chris says:

    i feel we are rushing Agudelo, let him get minutes at NY and play with the U-20’s first.

    Feilhaber over Sacha all day, he should have played so much more at the world cup.

    Plus i dont want Mwanga, Chandler or any other person born in another country that havent lived her for long. I hate poaching players and isnt the point of having a national team to showcase players that have been brought up through the American soccer landscape?

    (SBI-Chandler’s father was in the U.S. Army, which gives Chandler the right to be an American citizen. It’s automatic. Are you saying that you don’t care that his father made the sacrifice of being an American soldier and that his son shouldn’t have the right to wear the American uniform? I’d say you’re off the mark on that on.)

  102. away goals says:

    My bad, i left things a little vague. I don’t think sascha has any future with the full first team either.

    Guys like bedoya, benny and mix can play wide, so they might have a spot ahead of torres even though they lack his quality on the ball.

    As for composure and vision, I predict holden and jones will emerge as our best central mid tandem in both categories. And both can defend as well.

  103. Jeff Awesome says:

    Starting backline is Bocanegra – Gooch – Goodson – Cherundolo?

  104. stime says:

    the last midfield spot should go to: Spector>Clark>Feilhaber>Adu>Klestjan

  105. clevelandfc says:

    I do like the idea of the younger forwards getting some time with the Natl to help build for the next world cup. Maybe one of these guys will pan out and provide a finisher up top. Probably do need to cap Chandler just incase his stock does rise.

  106. rahm says:

    he is clearly better at tidy passes to the other team, long passes out of bounds and stupid, rash challenges- so yes, he’s better than both in those regards

  107. boosted335 says:

    true indeed

  108. scott simon says:

    Please put Jozy Altidore on the bench!

    I think we will be much more effective with Dempsey and Donovan up top, rather than Jozy Altidore and whoever. As Donovan begins to get older he has proven he possess a great ability to provide excellent service in the box. He won the Silver Boot in MLS for good reason.

    Also, we now have some world class midfielders: Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones and Michael Bradley. We don’t need Donovan there anymore.

    Dempsey, is in excellent form, as one of the most effective strikers in the EPL! He should be, without a doubt our star striker.

    Ives – why the love affair with Jozy Altidore? He has done nothing in months! Why would we consider him our star striker when Dempsey is so in form? Jozy doesn’t even get 90 minutes consistently with his new club. There is a reason he plays in Turkey and Dempsey starts in the EPL.

  109. Royalsin208 says:

    The only change I’d make: Tim Chandler for Kljestan. Cap him Bob!

  110. clevelandfc says:

    + 1

    I don’t get it either. I don’t mind having him on the squad, but he his not part of our best 11.

  111. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Let’s see Chandler play for the Nats before we make that gross assumption. Spector played brilliantly during the Confed Cup and is now getting his form back.

  112. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I think that would have to happen for him to get a cap anyway. Just sayin’.

  113. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I may not have agreed with this statement a few months ago, but with a dearth of quality strikers and a stable of midfielders, it would be interesting to trot out a 4-4-2 with Dempsey and Donovan up top with a midfield along the lines of Mix/Feilhaber/Bedoya-Bradley-Jones-Holden. I would worry about depth on the wings, though, if we move Landon and Clint up top.

    (SBI-Do that and you leave yourself with very thin wing options. There just aren’t starter ready wing options just yet. You could potentially see Dempsey move up, but not him AND Donovan. It isn’t just what they bring to the attack on the wings, but also the work they do going both ways. Their work rates are tough to replace. Bradley has done the right thing by shifting to a 4-2-3-1 and there are players in place to make that system work.)

  114. Ed says:

    Yet another post thats way too combative and nasty. Its a soccer blog people. relax

  115. b says:

    Most of us don’t give a **** about RB yet we can evaluate talent well enough to place Ream above Omar.

  116. b says:

    Chandler should be a lock to make it.

  117. funerd says:

    With Freddy Adu lighting up Turkey with assists, and special diets, surely he will be on the national team picture soon right?

  118. b says:

    Chandler is playing great for a Bundesliga team that is doing well, we can judge him based on his performance even before he plays for the Nats. I really like Lichaj but Chandler is #2 behind Cherundolo right now, and Spector is a VERY distant fourth at RB.

  119. scott simon says:

    Please put Jozy Altidore on the bench!

    I think we will be much more effective with Dempsey and Donovan up top, rather than Jozy Altidore and whoever. As Donovan begins to get older he has proven he possess a great ability to provide excellent service in the box. He won the Silver Boot in MLS for good reason.

    Also, we now have some world class midfielders: Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones and Michael Bradley. We don’t need Donovan there anymore.

    Dempsey, is in excellent form, as one of the most effective strikers in the EPL! He should be, without a doubt our star striker.

    Ives – why the love affair with Jozy Altidore? He has done nothing in months! Why would we consider him our star striker when Dempsey is so in form? Jozy doesn’t even get 90 minutes consistently with his new club. There is a reason he plays in Turkey and Dempsey starts in the EPL.

  120. Thorpinski says:

    By default..Ream is not international quality, too slow. Opara has a much better all around game. nuff said

  121. Funny Guy says:

    Um, are we not going to even consider Chuck Norris as a backup for Tim Howard??

  122. Matthaios says:

    No Torres???? Huh…Sacha over Paco….If you take Sacha, you must consider Torres. Here’s how I see it: We were at our best when we had a John Obrien spraying balls in a way no other midfielder could do it, and add Reyna to that as well(did the same thing)…Torres is the only guy that is in our pool that can replicate that type of distribution and calm on the ball. It can’t be taught past age 16, and Paco Torres has it in his DNA..why Bob Bradley does not pair him with one of our 10 “destroyer” type midfielders(ie. clark, jones, Bradley, stu holden, etc..) Please SBI, tell me why Torres isn’t considered?? Add his free kick ability(did you see his near miss last game against Chivas?)..and Torres should without a doubt be on the Gold Cup roster. Give him the opportunity that has been given to Bradley Jr.(playing every game regardless of reckless tackling and poor play) and I guarantee Paco will work out “jitters” and bring a calm to our midfield that will bring back warm memories of John O’brien, and Claudia Reyna, minus all the injuries;)

  123. Thorpinski says:

    To make room for the 3 additions.

  124. scott simon says:

    I agree with you about Herc, but about Buddle….Nothing but nothing??? I think you are talking about Jozy Altidore.

    Buddle scored two goals against Australia on the last warm up game before the world cup.

  125. Ed says:

    As people on this blog have said many times to people who cry out for Torres, he is NOT an attacking midfielder, he plays a holding midfield role right in front of the back four. It is perfectly logical for him to not be included in this roster since he is 1) not playing all that much at his club, and 2) is behind Bradley, Edu, Jones, Holden and probably even Spector for that spot.

  126. Royalsin208 says:

    Honestly, I think Torres isn’t good enough for the Nats. Just my opinion.


    I couldn’t agree more!

    As I have mentioned on this site several times in the past 2 years… Jozy does not deserve to be a starter on this team.

    He always underachieves with his clumsy touches, poor passing, off target shots, terrible decision making, etc.

    Ives, I respect your knowledge and opinion very much, but I still don’t know why you like him so much.

    Why do you support him all the time, when he hasn’t played up to par at the international level?

    I didn’t want him on the WC team but I seem to remember that you did.


  128. bottlcaps says:

    Agreed. Unless Altidore starts, plays and scores some goals in the Turkish League, he should make way for some “younger” or less-looked at targets.

  129. Ed says:

    Jozy was our leading goal scorer in WC qualifying. He scored against Spain. He’s played in the EPL and La Liga.

  130. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry, but are we acting like we have depth at the forward position? Really? Have we not learned? We don’t have any better options than the four mentioned, that’s why Agudelo and Bunbury have risen so quickly. Apart from that Jozy has looked good for Bursaspor and is still a talented player. I mean, how many of our other forwards could really make it on the field consistently when they have guys like Rossi and Neymar in front of them? None. Meanwhile, Jozy still gets meaningful practice time with these guys.

  131. Dennis says:

    I’m glad Rooney is not a US citizen, many here would be saying what a terrible player he is, he hasn’t scored in ages, hasn’t showed any improvement, how he is past his prime, looks slow and out of shape, and should never be called up again.

    At least Jozy did score some goals in important games even if he did not have the best W.C. and hasn’t exactly lit up the scoreboard lately.

  132. *sigh* says:

    I believe the word you are looking for is AGREEMENT.

  133. bottlcaps says:

    Semi-Regularly, maybe!

  134. I agree with most of that. I like Zack Lloyd and would like for him to get another look. I would like to see Wondolowski get some time in camp with the first team. And if Bobey Convey can start off well this season, I think he deserves a look at left back. I wish Opara could show enough at the start of the MLS season to get a look. I don’t know about calling in Kljestan.

  135. This kid is young. I’m sure he can play in both.

  136. MiamiAl says:

    I think by June, Charlie Davies will be fit and scoring goals!

  137. Maybe Charlie can show enough with DC to get a call into camp.

  138. Evan says:

    I would also put Paco ahead of Sacha. He has looked pretty good these past few weeks.

  139. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Gomez has only scored in friendlies and Buddle scored more than Gomez did in friendlies, Gomez got a start in SA, didn’t do much, Buddle came close as a sub. He should of been getting starts and Gomez should of battled to keep Findley out of the line up for the Super Sub role. Buddle has scored and assisted in Germany already, Gomez is just now getting minutes with Pachuca and I believe had an assist but more important, where do you get off saying Gomez won the 50-50 ball in the game vs Slovenia? That was Jozy fool, a lot of people, especially the ones super critical of Jozy, forget that while Jozy didn’t score in SA, he did have the assists leading up to Bradley’s goal and Donovan’s Magical goal against Algeria. Demspey should of converted that chance but the fact remains Donovan and Jozy set it up and Landon kept his run to score the historic goal and the rest if History.

    Sacha can’t even get time with Anderlecht, not in Belgian play or Europa which they just got eliminated from.

  140. Disagreed (with b). Regardless of how well Chandler is playing in the Bundesliga right now, it would be foolish to bring him to a tournament of high importance like the Gold Cup without seeing if he can perform with the national team first. A proven player like Spector, who has experience playing with the USA, is a better choice, even if Chandler is playing better at the moment (which I’m not convinced is true). I’d bet BB feels the same and would rank as follows:

    Dolo > Spector > Lichaj > Chandler

  141. Hans Backe says:

    He’s got other things he needs to do this summer.

  142. Agreed – Gonzo’s role as a center back (big, strong physical presence) is taken by Gooch, if he’s healthy. Ream adds great vision and passing ability out the back, and gets taken over Gonzalez.

  143. No way two young MLS players with limited international experience get taken over two veterans that played in the last World Cup.

  144. Brian says:

    50/50? Pretty sure that was Jozy. Gomez did drag his defender with him though, giving Bradley room to knock it in.

  145. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Why do people keep saying Kljestan is playing when he’s not? Yeah He’s made the bench a few times in the past month but unless it’s in Cup play the guy is not getting minutes since he 1st got there and started the season and played in some Europa playoff games or some early Belgian league games. He started getting consistent starts and minutes in December but towards the end of the year he started getting less and less.

    Since Jan 1st he’s payed a total of 52 minutes in 3 games, played the 1st half last week, 1 minute before that and a 6 minute sub appearance before that.
    If he’s in Belgium he should be STARTING and a main crucial part of his team, no assists or goal, Gooch was at Standard Liege, he was undeniably important, Sacha can’t even solidify himself, with so many BETTER options sorry He needs to keep fighting to see if he gets a Camp Cup cake call up or TRY to get in the 2013 Cup that’s not so important and with guys like Cameron, Torres, Mix in the pool I doubt he’ll even be up to par for that.

    He only has 3 games left in the season BTW, so is not like he’ll have the ability to say he’s in form, but I’m sure Bob will find a way to justify taking him AND playing vs Argentina & Paraguay?

    Enough with the Sacha experiment, it’s done and failed with!

  146. Good selections overall. Zach Lloyd looked great against Chile and should be in the mix to be brought as a sub if he gets serious time with FCD. As much as I’d like to see that happen, however, I disagree that Bob Bradley will leave Bornstein off the roster, and would swap him in for Lloyd.

    I’d hope that Feilhaber replaces Sacha as a midfield sub. Otherwise, perfect – and it feels awesome to look at our midfield depth chart. We’ve built up quite a classy midfield in recent years, in my opinion.

    The forwards are the wild card for the tournament. I’d agree that Agudelo might not make the cut, unless he gets significant minutes starting for RBNY (unlikely). Altidore’s a lock (sorry, Jozy haters), but other than that it looks wide open to me. Personally, I’d like to see Buddle (as a sub for Jozy), Gomez, and Wondolowski.

  147. boosted335 says:

    ..yet not well enough to place George John over both 😉

  148. Warren says:

    Benny + Sacha = > 1

    Leave them both behind and blood new talent Mix or whomever.

    Since neither Benny or Sacha is really USMNT caliber.

  149. Warren says:

    sorry I meant:

    Benny + Sacha = < 1

  150. Warren says:

    So you put a championship guy and a utility EPL guy on a relegation fodder squad (Spector) over a Bundesliga player?

    Based on current form: Dolo>Chandler; Spector = Lichaj =toss-up.

    Yeah Chandler hasn’t suited up for USMNT yet; please get him into next friendly then.

  151. Paul C says:

    I just can’t wait to see CD9 play, so all of us on here can stop speculating about how well he’s recovered.

  152. Louis Z says:

    i don’t think our next game is the gold cup already, I would like to see what chandler can do with the NATS in our next friendly, too early to tell. As for Lloyd, I’m very high on the kid, I think he can be our answer although one game is not enough to seal the deal. if chandler can be a starter at right mid. that will give us the ability to put Duce on top and move Landon at left.

  153. Miguel says:

    WHERE IS ADU????

  154. Warren says:

    Agree with Ives on Bedoya.

    And: both Feilhaber and Sacha I think are past their USMNT e;xpiration date.

    Face it, if you can’t get regular time in Belgium, and/or you’re playing 2nd divisin in Denmark – you really are not that good.

    Let other newbies have a shot, like Bedoya who at least has upside potential still. Also Mix.

  155. Jeff Awesome says:

    Hahnemann hasn’t even been playing. Not having Guzan makes me nervous. It probably won’t matter, but I would like Guzan or Rimando to be on the roster.

  156. b says:

    Well, you are just wrong. The early part of the Gold Cup would be fine to bring ANYONE in. You realize we’re in CONCACAF, right? Aside from Mexico, what is the toughest team Chandler is going to face? He can handle Bundesliga but not Guadalupe?

  157. Jeff Awesome says:

    I don’t know what the problem is with Feilhaber’s club situation, but he has been an important part of some of the biggest wins for the national team the last five years. I still believe in him.

  158. majormajormajormajor says:

    Altidore is a player who was overhyped for so long that now he is grossly underrated by American fans. He doesn’t underachieve, you only expect too much.

    No, Jozy is not good enough to start for Villareal ahead of Rossi and Nilmar. Dempsey would not start at striker on a team with Rossi and Nilmar either. Nor would Donovan.

    In fact, Jozy is not good enough to dominate in the Turkish league either. But quite frankly, he is the best striker we have right now, and is miles ahead of Bunbury and Agudelo. We don’t have the luxury of saying, “Oh, Fernando Torres can’t score? Lets put in David Villa.”

    We have to face the fact that, despite vast improvements over the past decade, we are not at the point where we can expect our national team players to be stars overseas. Our fans need to get over their infatuation with the idea that a player will come along and be the “savior” for US Soccer, like Adu, then Altidore, next Agudelo.

    I’m not the biggest Altidore fan, but I am tired of this attitude. If another player proves that he deserves to start, then by all means, Jozy should see the bench. But people need to get of the Jozy hating bandwagon and realize that we don’t have that luxury yet.

    Basically, he is not a bad player. He does have some poor touches, but for a player of his size, his touch is deceptively smooth and and he has very quick feet. His decisions on the field may not be the best, but that can be improved over time. And for people who claim we should take a look at younger players… remember that Jozy is only 21.

  159. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    He wasn’t playing back in January but he’s been starting for like 4 straight games now?

    Torres over Sacha any day, Torres is a bit a rare commodity, yes he is a bit of a holding mid, but in actuality he’s more of a box to box mid but with a creative side guys like Edu & Bradley don’t have, I think Jones ironically have that. Holden is the closest thing to him, but in reality neither Bolton or Bob Bradley has actually used him in that way.

    Torres can play on the wing, and he can keep up with the international speed in Concacaf and can show work rate like others, see the WCQ game vs Costa Rica in Oct 09, right before Bornstein’s goal, he ran the length of the field to save what would of been a sure game winner since it was 2-1 and that would of made it 3-1 with just stoppage left.

    Benny I’m not sure why people are down on? He was crucial in the World Cup and was our perfect super sub, you could say Edu was too, but that was mostly Bob having to adapt to his bad choices of starting line up with Clark, thus wasting a sub for maybe Gomez or Buddle or even Holden & Torres.

    Bedoya had a good game vs Honduras last year only guy who did really, then he had some okay games after that. He’s a winger starting in Sweeden, and he hasn’t really gotten time with all the starters other than vs Brazil I think. Sacha has had plenty of chances.

  160. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    I would love to hear why? And who is?

    Game in El Salvador doesn’t tell you he deserves to be there?

  161. Steve says:

    What about Steve Zakuani? I read somewhere he was not happy when he played with his country of birth, and for some reason he could still choose to play for the USA?

  162. RangerSG says:

    Because he scores goals for the USMNT. End of story. Only guy who scores more often is Landon, and he does it better from a withdrawn and wide position.

  163. dan says:

    Jose Torres is back to starting, going 90, and playing well (from what I’ve read) for Pachuca. He should at least be considered.

  164. Mexican DC Fan! says:

    DC United 2011 Cup champions! Guadalajara has 11 playoff cup titles DC can do it, hopefully before I die!

  165. Turgid Jacobian says:

    So the U-17’s are playing okay, much better than Jamaica. The individual Jamaicans (especially Holness) players are pretty impressive athletically.

  166. cajun says:


  167. Artie says:

    Landon Donovan, best player for a World Cup group-winning team, wouldn’t play over Rossi, who couldn’t make a team that couldn’t get out of its group in the World Cup? Look, I know American soccer sucks and Europe is the best and we are terrible and they are great, but…

  168. Brad says:

    I seem to remember Ream getting caught in space ALOT, against a poor Chile side.

    And Gooch and Ream could never work as a tandem. The lack of pace would be our undoing.

    Yes, Ream can connect with the mid-field, but will come up short against top end strikers.

    I think Omar did a FAR better job against Brazil, than Ream did against Chile.

  169. Phil says:

    you are on crack

  170. Warren says:

    + 1 for Bedoya, -1 for Buddle.

  171. Warren says:

    Yeah because players like Bornstein and Findley were clearly so much better. And gooch was in prime form too.

    OK they play different positions, but point is Bedoya could have made it on to suad and some deadwood left at home and we would have been better off. No offense to gooch but no way was he ready to go last summer…

  172. GW says:

    Have you actually seen Chandler play or are you going off of internet articles?

  173. EA says:

    Forgot about that.

    I guess they’d look at where the US and the MLS teams are playing and who will be “most” available.

    Could be anybody.

    Perkins, Rimando, Johnson, Busch, even Thornton, if they go the MLS route.

  174. Warren says:

    Holden is ahead of Bradley and Jones both in a 4-4-2 formation; pick one of those 2 to play alongside Holden.

    Right now that’s Jones with MB off the bench about 70th minute when Jones is gassed.

    In a different formation MB is on from start, but Holden assuming healthy has to be on field for 90.

  175. Warren says:

    Amongst those 4 it’s Edu, then toss-up of Bedoya amd Torres (who was deer in headlights when last with USMNT); then Sacha hopefully surplus.

  176. GW says:

    I think Ream is a little raw but what has Whitbread ever done to deserve a place on the USMNT, especially at this late date?

  177. Warren says:

    Nobody believes me – except Twente and their opponents – but Gooch is the new LB. get used to it! ; )

  178. StevenG says:

    lol come on. Rooney has actually done some great things during his club career that Jozy can only dream of doing.

  179. Warren says:

    Almost: Gooch-Boca-Goodson-Dolo.

    Just ask twente!

  180. GW says:

    Convey was a fairly anonymous left back for the US. He usually played left midfield or wing, where he is far more comfortable and productive.

    If Dempsey is moved up and Donovan slides over to the right, I can see a case being made for Convey on the left side of midfield, if he is doing really well for the Quakes.

    I don’t seeing him playing left back for the US unless he plays there for the Quakes for an extended period and does well.

  181. GW says:

    I’d like to see what the US has in Bedoya and Mix (though I suspect he is ticketed more for the Olympic team than the Gold Cup team)in a serious competition like the Gold Cup.

    However,I wouldn’t have a problem with Benny as long as he is playing regularly, even if it is second division Denmark. Their first division is ranked 12th in Europe ahead of Norway (25? or so) Belgium(14) and Scotland (15).

    How that relates to the second division is unclear but if Benny is fit he should be good for his usual 30-40 minute spark plug job.

  182. GW says:

    Bornstein played well in the World Cup.

    No world beater but he was far from deadwood.

  183. Retro says:

    You are wrong about Jozy being miles ahead of the wonder twins. Jaun has flare and Teal has burst, Jozy has neither.

  184. GW says:

    Torres is indeed very composed on the ball. Maybe more so than most USMNT guys.

    But that alone is not enough to justify a place. What else does he do?

    Does he make dangerous passes in the final third? Does he beat opposing players two or three at a time in the penalty box causing havoc in their defense? Does he make defense splitting passes from midfield that guys like Landon can run onto and then slot into goal?

    I’ve watched him a fair amount with Pachuca and I rarely see threateing offensive play from him. He seems to be more of a linkup player in midfield, more of a defensive midfielder, in the style of Claude Makalele. I love JFT but unless you can make a case for him sweeping up in front of the back four I see no role for him on the US team, as presently constituted. Maybe he should try left back.

  185. GW says:

    That’s not a half bad lineup for certain situations.

    It seems Gooch has been playing regularly for Twente at LB. I’m not familiar with the rest of the Twente back four so I don’t know exactly how they deal with Gooch’s comparative lack of pace but if he can do that in Holland I see no reason why he can’t do it for the US.

  186. GW says:

    “Game in El Salvador doesn’t tell you he deserves to be there”

    No. Not if you are referring to the 2009 game in Rio Tinto. He played for 5 minutes.

    Torres is a fine player but you make it sound like Bradley is missing out on the next Iniesta and that’s just not true.

  187. GW says:

    Bradley never explains to outsiders why he leaves people out ( except for Davies).

    So how will you know he won’t consider Torres?

  188. alex says:

    ……… love the catch 22 reference.

  189. Ben says:

    Sebastian Le Toux has a green card and no ties to the French national team right? I wonder if he will ever be considered. For being on a team that finished 14th he was 4th overall in goals and assists. I am surprised we don’t see him given a chance.

  190. Dlewis says:

    Donavan would in no way play over Rossi. I love Donavan and his game but Rossi is pure class and will probably move to Manchester United or some other big club this year.

  191. Louis Z says:

    is Loyd a true lefty? he looked very confortable in the left side.

  192. Louis Z says:

    green card is not good enough, he needs a USA passport to be selected.

  193. sir coble says:

    + a whole lot. well said.

  194. mike says:

    Do some of these people even watch jozy play because I’m pretty sure last week he showed he had burst and some flare. And I agree with majormajormajormajor people over hyped him now they are underrating him. He may never be world class or maybe not even great as long as he is good enough then USA should be fine until someone great or world class comes along. No Teal and Juan aren’t even close jozy at there age looked like he had more potential then both of them, that’s why villareal were willing to fork up 10mil for him and at this point probably still have more potential then both its not like he’s 30+ years old and at the end of his career.

  195. Micah King says:

    So Bedoya will do something against Mexico ? He has done nothing for the nats in the SA game nothing, Chile game nothing, Brazil game nothing. He is bad. He cannot even cross to assist someone.

    (SBI-Chile game nothing? You mean besides working the give-and-go that set up Agudelo’s run that led to the PK? And I happen to think he did well against South Africa. There’s no denying he struggled against Brazil, but the way you keep killing him is overboard.)

  196. Micah King says:

    Bradley Junior is ahead of Holden and Jones remember who the coach is young grasshopper. 😉

  197. Micah King says:

    Come on Ives he did one little through pass to Agudelo when he was right by him any pro can do that if he could not make that then he needs to retire from pro soccer, or never would have went pro. That is not skill that was common sense. He then was invisible the rest of the game. I think Rogers is way better than Bedoya.

    (SBI-Haha, must be some good stuff your smoking Micah. Not sure what your beef is with Bedoya but we’ll see this year who is better.)

  198. dabes2 says:

    Still only 26 yrs old. Not too old to play in the 2014 world cup as a center back.

    IMO Whitbread has been very very unlucky with the timing of his injuries for both club and country.

    With a bit more luck, I think he’s a EPL defender.

    If Bradley wants to get younger, I get not bringing in Whitbread, but I think he belongs there on present ability.

  199. Ryan says:

    Preach it, brother.

  200. Micah King says:

    -___- I do not smoke. Come on in the SA game he was not good. He missed a point blank header that Rogers perfectly crossed to him and stayed invisible. He over headed the ball and cannot do anything right. I have no beef with him I am tired of him getting looks when people like Convey, Daniel Williams, Chandler,Doyle (before Ireland snatches him up), and Hurzeler. We have seen what Bedoya can do flop around like a fish outta water.

  201. DirtyLeeds says:

    Erm, you misunderstood, my point was that the article is written as though he’s included in your projection but yet I don’t see him in the list:

    PROJECTED 2011 Gold Cup Roster

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Johnson

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream, Zach Loyd

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Alejandro Bedoya

    FORWARDS- Jozy Altidore, Edson Buddle, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury

  202. USSFdon'tthread says:

    Then who would you suggest then? Any other foreign based American GK’s out there that you would like to suggest? Ives stated that he would think BB would bring in a foreign based GK to not disrupt MLS teams, so I was posting the ones that come to mind that fit that paramter.

    And yes, Restrepo is waaaaaayyyyyy too green to be considered in the USNT pool, however Bradley has been known to bring in young guys to give them a look. It wouldn’t be a terrible thing to have him in camp and evaluate him since I still believe he is eligible to play for Colombia and Venezuela as well. The whole “cap-tie him” concept.

  203. Scott says:

    As a Canada supporter I would d like thank the USSF for renewing Bradley for another term. The US now has far more talent and depth then the rest of CONCACAF. Based talent the US should be dominating every game against the mid level CONCACAF nations like Canada, Hondorus, Costa Rica etc. Not saying you won’t beat us, but really you should kill us.

    Canada gave you scare at the last GC and that shouldn’t have happened. A few years later and your player pool is even more talented and deep but I bet Bradley won’t get the most his players again. Whether it be player selections, or formations he just doesn’t seem to get the best out of his teams.

  204. Hoel says:

    Nice to see JPA contributing to USA…

  205. pops K says:

    Out-the-door is a bust…not as bad as Adu though

  206. New England Beatle says:

    You mean that he’s TRIED to play the EPL and La Liga.

    Hey, but I respect your opinion.

  207. New England Beatle says:

    As a faithful USMNT fan, I only want what is best for my team.

    I would rather try as many new faces as I could to find a replacement for Jozy, than to keep giving him the “keys to the Car”

    He is not the answer and he hasn’t come close to earning the spot that he now has, after all the opportunities he’s been given.

    I have nothing personal against Jozy,

    but I just think that he’s been given his chance and it hasn’t worked.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel.

    GO USMNT!!!!!!

    I do respect your opinion, though.

  208. Joe says:

    This is who I would take into battle.






  209. Gacm32 says:

    I like it, I think Lichaj can play LB effectively. I’d love to see a Chandler/Lichaj combo for the back spots as well. Chandler isn’t ready for the international game defensively yet, but he looks great going forward. With 2 D-mids we can afford 2 attacking outside backs.

  210. Brian says:

    What I meant by the “tall centerback quota has been filled” is we already have Gooch and Goodson. There really is no need for Gonzalez. He’s not ready for the big time yet.

    I don’t consider Jay DeMerit to be a tall centerback. I think he’s only 5’11″? Anyways I think there’s a good chance that Jay DeMerit can play himself onto the Gold Cup roster, but we’ll see. Can he scrape off 9 months of rust in only 3 months?

  211. Brian says:

    Benny isn’t USMNT caliber? Did you not watch the Confederations Cup or the World Cup? Please. Mix isn’t even close to being on Benny’s level.

  212. Brian says:

    He did look comfortable on the left. But he’s right footed. I’d love it if Bob left Johnny B and The Mustache at home, but I just don’t see it happening.

  213. Brian says:

    I dig it. But if Bradley starts playing again, then he starts over Edu. No brainer.

  214. GW says:

    I would think as a US “fan” you’d want JB to do as well as possible and give the team as many options as possible. I gues not.

    Many people don’t give Buddle serious consideration because as well as he plays for the Galaxy, he doesn’t look nearly as good for the US.

  215. Murph says:

    I’m afraid Jose is the new Freddie… he’s gotta prove his worth, reputation and potential are just words. Show me Goals.