Real Salt Lake wins Arnoux lottery


Real Salt Lake's luck heading into an important season for the club is certainly looking good.

Despite having awful odds (5.4 percent) of winning the Cody Arnoux lottery, Real Salt Lake won the rights to the former Wake Forest star, Everton reserve and Vancouver Whitecaps Division 2 striker. RSL, which has CONCACAF Champions League and MLS Cup aspirations and already boasts some of the best depth in the league, adds another potentially dangerous piece to its roster.

Out of the six teams that took part in the weighted lottery, the Houston Dynamo had the best chance of winning (48.9 percent), followed by the Seattle Sounders (24.2), the Columbus Crew (19.4), RSL, the Portland Timbers (1.6) and Vancouver Whitecaps (0.5 percent). Eleven teams opted out of the lottery, and San Jose was prohibited from taking part after winning the David Bingham lottery at the end of last month.

San Jose and RSL will not be eligible for next week's lotteries for Chris Agorsor and Korey Veeder and any other potential player lotteries during the 2011 season.

What do you think of RSL winning the lottery? Do you see Arnoux fitting in there? Do you see RSL holding onto Arnoux, or trading him?

Share your thoughts below.

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42 Responses to Real Salt Lake wins Arnoux lottery

  1. matt in detroit says:

    Not a bad addition given that RSL didn’t pick up much of anyone in the offseason.

  2. Willardo DuPont says:

    A little surprised that DC United didn’t even enter the lottery. I guess they’re impressed with the current crop of forwards.

  3. elopingcamel says:

    I am curious why a team like DCU wouldn’t participate in this one? They need help at forward and that is Arnoux’s cup of tea, no?

  4. Shark says:

    As an RSL fan…I like it…:)

  5. ImaGoalMan says:

    Wasn’t LAG supposed to win? 😛

  6. wally says:

    is he any good?

  7. DDay says:


    RSL just keeps getting deeper and deeper without having to work at all! first Alvarez, now Arnoux?


  8. Shawn in DC says:

    Yeah, very curious that DC didn’t participate. Perhaps its money. If they are worried about Davies fitting under the cap, how much would Cody cost?

  9. RSLnPortland says:

    Maybe with Espindola injured this is a good get, but I would be surprised if we didn’t sell him for allocation money. I don’t know anything about Arnoux except he was Div 2 so would be behind Saborio, Espindola, Paula Jr., Alvarez, and Campos.

  10. Jason B says:

    RSL should go buy some Powerball tickets with that luck.

  11. Josh D says:

    I’d say we’re after the RB which is where we need support more… Forget his name at the moment..

  12. Brennan says:

    Yeah I’m really thinking they picked him up just to trade him for some allocation money since they are already pushing the cap.

    However to correct one tiny mistake, there is no way he is behind Campos in depth.

  13. Josh D says:

    Davies (assumed), Pontius, Ngwenya, and Wolff with possibly the Chinese kid, Men, coming on board – we’re not lacking with strikers. What we need is defenders and with the other guy, it is claimed he’s a good prospect at RB so I would favor him over the other two options.

  14. Josh D says:

    RSL are the new LAG?

  15. This Guy says:

    I smell a sale of the Chicago Fire coming soon. It’s been rumored but the fact that they opt out of this lottery to keep the bottom line low makes sense.

  16. jonk says:

    Not really accurate to describe him as D2. If he was actually D2 quality, Vancouver would have been able to sign him straight away. He was a projected top 10 pick a couple years ago, but went to Everton reserves for a year instead of MLS.

  17. LittleMaradona says:

    I think MLS wants them to give them a good chance to win CCL.

  18. Neruda says:

    YESSS! Now we can shop him or around or use him during all the competitions coming up. I’d be surprised if he jumps any of the current forwards RSL has.

  19. Idaho Brian says:

    Very likely that RSL will shop him for allocation dollars. As an RSL fan, I would prefer they keep Arnoux, and shop Campos…however, the market for Campos is probably non-existent, (who knows, maybe we can get a bag of balls and practice jerseys for him!).

  20. The Dude says:

    I’m expecting a disappointing Sal Zizzo-level player. Meh.

  21. Royals in 208 says:

    As an RSL fan, I’m stoked. I had my fingers crossed as soon as I saw Vancouver couldn’t keep him. Even if he’s traded, it’s still a valuable acquisition.

  22. Sandra says:

    i hope the sounders get veeder!! we need a back up right back

  23. Clark says:

    he won’t play.. Doesn’t matter.. Couldn’t stick with an expansion team, how would he play in one of the thickest midfields in the league? Trade bait or waiver wire.

  24. soundersfcfanboy says:

    DCU didn’t enter because they would have to be CD back into the mix as an allocation if they did win this lottery, or something like that… If someone can explain the technical jargon of it all better than I just did, then thank you. :)

    DCU had the greatest chance to win FYI. So if DCU won this lottery, they go to the back of the order at 18th, and some other team would have picked up CD.

    Correct me someone if I’m wrong on this…

  25. Northzax says:

    Ok. You are wrong on this. Davies is subject to the returning/national pool allocation order, in reverse of last year’s finish (Vancouver got Demerit, Portland got Cooper, DCU is next.) Arnoux is subject to new player allocation lotteries, weighted by last year’s finish. Two separate systems. One does not affect the other. A player who would have been draft eligible (so far this year that’s Bingham And Arnoux, plus the two guys next week) enter allocation lotteries. National team pool players entering the league outside of te draft do so through the allocation order.

  26. JSF says:

    DCU should have entered the Arnoux lottery. They should enter the Veeder lottery and pass on Argosor. I was at the game when he blew out his ACL against CCSU.

  27. Morning Train says:

    if thats the story, its gonna be a long year.

  28. Watchmen says:

    As someone who actually watched Arnoux play last year with Vancouver….he was less then impressive at the D2 level. Not upset at all that Vancouver couldn’t keep him, and the Caps don’t even have any strikers. He’s a long term project at best.

  29. robert daniels says:

    The rich keep getting richer

  30. donald says:

    From what I’ve read Vancouver would have liked to keep him, but MLS did not allow. Players like Arnoux are the guys that will take MLS to the next level with an exciting, attacking style of play. Lets hope he gets traded to a team that will fit his style and has the opportunity to shine.

  31. Eurosnob says:

    It’s Korey Veeder.

  32. Eurosnob says:

    They opted out of the lottery. Probably, Bruce Arena read some of the comments on this board and decided to stay put. :-)

  33. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Arnoux’s a striker, non?

  34. Neruda says:

    Yikes. Can 22 yr old players be considered long term projects? As an RSL fan I hope you’re wrong but if you’re correct than it’s really no big deal.

  35. georg says:

    Not so sure how this type of lottery works? but I can only hope that Real Salt Lake entered into it with hopes of securing a quality striker. Campos has been a bust, Findley has moved on so for me as a RSL fan I hope we take a shot at him with a roster spot. I would be a little bummed if RSL took a shot at landing him only because they thought he would be trade bait.

  36. Cliphead says:

    Arena is looking to start Chad Barrettitis

  37. Mr. Beef says:


  38. mgrich says:

    Sounds like he’ll be rehabing for another 6 weeks before he starts full training with the team. With the added games, reserve league, and Open Cup he seems to be good depth for the season.

  39. Spectra says:

    Yup the Mormons came to Don Garber’s door and told him if they don’t win they’ll knock on his door everyday for a year

  40. fischy says:

    That can’t be it.

    They must have someone else in mind for later in the year. Or, they’re underwhelmed with Arnoux, which doesn’t make sense.

  41. Aljarov says:

    Can you give us more info on Agorsor? Never heard of him.