Should Torres celebrate if he scores vs. Liverpool?

Fernando Torres (

With Chelsea taking on Liverpool this weekend, just days after Fernando Torres left behind the Reds to join the Blues (for a lot of green), there is a big buzz over whether Torres should or shouldn't celebrate if he scores a goal against his former club.

To some, choosing not to celebrate against a former club is seen as a classy gesture, but with Torres being vilified by Liverpool fans, it's tough to imagine that it will matter much to them whether the Spanish striker goes crazy or stays calm if he finds the net this weekend.

What do you think he should do? Cast your vote here:

 What do I think he should do? He should just go ahead and celebrate. The gesture of not celebrating has almost always been made by players who left their clubs on good terms. Given the fact that Torres asked to leave Liverpool, a gesture like not celebrating would probably be seen as hollow and fake. If the match were at Anfield, I would probably suggest he tone things down, but with the match being played at Stamford Bridge, Torres could easily enjoy a celebration in front of his new fans.

How did you vote? What do you think Torres should do? think Liverpool will shut him down, making it a moot point?

Share your thoughts below.

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40 Responses to Should Torres celebrate if he scores vs. Liverpool?

  1. Bryan says:

    He should at least show some respect for him former club imo, even though he stabbed them in the back.

  2. bluefanmd says:

    I don’t think he has a choice. If Fernando scores, he is going to be mobbed by his new teammates, will smile and will recognize the fans applause. I don’t think he will do an Adebayor, but his familiar knee-slide will be sufficent!

  3. jonk says:

    A fist pump and run to the corner flag seems appropriate. I’d highly advise against pulling an Adebayor against Arsenal type celebration, though, heh.

  4. TheRyan says:

    A goal is a goal. Celebrate for your new club and their fans.

  5. GSScasual says:

    Well, if he has class, than no… but if he is truly a chelsea player, then class is out of the question… (John Terry, 9/11 jokes)

  6. Hutskizzle says:

    Proved thats hes not a red. Torres. Torres. im off to stamford bridge he said. Torres. Torres. he kissed the badge upon his chest and handed in a transfer request. Fer-nan-do Tor-res, sold-us-a-pack-of-lies

  7. John from Philadelphia says:

    No – celebrating against your former club is a sign of disrespect the game and most importantly the fans.

  8. Collin says:

    Non-issue. More fruitful pre-match discussion: Will Ancelotti run out a 4-4-2 w/ Torres/Drogba or will he go with a more typical 4-3-3 and banish one of the two players out wide?

  9. EA says:

    If I nutmegged a one armed pregnant woman, and scored a goal, I’d celebrate, so yes, if he scores against Liverpool, I think he should.

  10. Jeremy says:

    How much money did Liverpool pay to get him and how much did Liverpool get from selling him? Quit you whining and get over it.

  11. Jdavids says:

    He was saying how much he loved Liverpool 3 weeks ago. He had years left on his contract. He jumped ship due to the muck Benitez and Hicks-Gillette got us into. When Liverpool and Dalglish get us back to the top and Chelsea doesn’t win anything……i’ll be a happy Liverpool fan.
    NO CELEBRATION. I don’t think he will, he’s humble, but selfish for leaving like he did. We have a right to vilify him.
    You’ll never walk alone.

  12. Kevin_amold says:

    You could make a case for either choice. Since I’m all for increased drama, I say celebrate.

  13. QuakerOtis says:

    Sorry, but can you or someone else please explain this to me?

    No one said anything about taunting fans, about throwing up a middle finger or the like. When did mere celebration with one set of happy fans become “disrespect” to another set, let alone the whole game… ?

  14. Annelid Gustator says:

    Chortle. Funny stuff.

  15. k says:

    He should do the same celebration he would do scoring any goal against any team, a goal is a goal and the liverpool fans need to get over themselves.

  16. Jeremy says:

    How is it selfish? Liverpool made a bunch of money on the deal when it was all said and done. They also picked up two very high quality players with the money from selling Torres to Chelsea. Players move on from crappy situations all the time. Get over it.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Celebrate at Stamford Bridge, don’t celebrate at Anfield. Done.

  18. Free says:

    Yes. Do it. Do it. Embrace the hate.

  19. Jack says:

    Chelsea is his club now. He should celebrate with them.

    Honestly, the Reds fans who despise him will keep on despising him no matter how he acts when he scores–some have gotten a bit scary, to be honest. I’m a die-hard Liverpool fan and was pretty angry at him, but the way people are acting, you’d think that he murdered a puppy or something. I actually felt a bit bad for him when all of those photos of people burning his jersey came out. That said, I’d love for Liverpool to steamroller Chelsea.

    Interested to see how he and Drogba work. I kind of have my doubts about that partnership.

  20. spencer says:

    I don’t see any harm caused by him celebrating. Remember he wanted to leave Liverpool, respect went out the window when he asked to leave.

  21. KFree says:

    A striker must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Athletico? Heh. Liverpool? Heh. A striker craves not these things.

    – C. Ancelotti

  22. Erik says:

    Celebrate and then expect a horror tackle.

    Although, he will probably be injured for the match anyway.

  23. David says:

    The classy thing to do is to not celebrate. A small clap for the new clubs fans would be a sufficient gesture that you appreciate your new team and respect your old one.

  24. boosted335 says:

    He should worry about scoring/winning

  25. soccerinTN says:

    Celebrate, but dont over celebrate. Chelsea are only playing a mediocre team, so celebrate like you would against Stoke, Wolves or Birmingham.

  26. Joamiq says:

    I don’t see how it matters if he celebrates. He’s no Liverpool hero, and his time at the club happened to coincide with its worst run in recent history. I really don’t see what Liverpool fans are so upset about. They essentially traded Torres for Suarez and Carroll and they’re much better off for it. I think they’re just getting their panties in a bunch for the fun of it. Sports fans always love to act like they’ve been wronged.

    No player should ever show up an opposing team, but I don’t see what’s wrong with a regular celebration. You can’t take a score for granted in this game. You should enjoy every one.

  27. brassboots says:

    Chelsea rent boy. Shite club with no history. Ynwa

  28. Josh D says:

    You don’t do it one way or the other because of hate. You do it because it’s your new team and you scored a goal. Now can he have a muted one? Sure, but to not celebrate is childish.

    By the way – not advocating for an Ade celebration!

  29. Clark says:

    English Premier League football tradition holds that Torres should not celebrate a goal against his former team. After this first game, he can celebrate. Please, if you don’t understand English football, please try to do some research.

  30. Suarez says:

    In reply to Clark… It’s a moot point Clark, sulky and moody Torres will not be able to score under the pressure.

  31. sandtrout says:

    I don’t understand this. He plays for another team now. He should celebrate if he scores — not to rub it in, but just…. because he scored. The “class” shown should be by Liverpool fans and players who understand he’s gone and there’s nothing to be done about it. Time to take your 50 million pounds and move on.

  32. rory says:

    He should make a god-awful commercial for Nike where he embraces the hate, then when he later says “I would have done things differntly” and the reporters press him on what he means he could say “I don’t know… just something.” (That’s the Lebron way to roll!).

    Only way Torres could have handled the whole thing better would have been if he had gathered up a bunch of boys and girls from the Liverpool Boy’s and Girls club to serve as prop in his announcement… that he was getting the hell out of Liverpool!

  33. Chris says:

    Anybody remember Wayne Rooney kissing the Manchester United badge in front of the Everton fans a few seasons back? Now THAT’S how you celebrate against your old team!

    Go for it, Torres.

  34. KFree says:

    I seem to recall marco boriello wearing a black zorro type mask upon his return with roma to the san siro against milan this season… not sure if that was tradition.

  35. This Guy says:

    Years ago there was an Arsenal playered loaned out to ?. When Arsenal played ? the loanee scored an own goal in the 88th minute and then celebrated with Arsenal. I wish I could remember the name. It was 1996ish right when Arsene got there.

  36. Neuwerld says:

    He should celebrate. Nothing disrespectful of course, but he has a new club now. It’s not like he’s a Liverpool legend, it was just a stop in his career.

  37. LFC 2012 Winners says:

    I’m Liverpool fan and I think that he should celebrate if he scores (Ain’t gonna happen), honestly him not celebrating doenst give me any more respect for him. Celebrate so we can have more of a reason to hate.

  38. DomiNate says:

    He’s now a blue he was a red – Torres! Torres!
    He’s left The Kop to join The Shed – Torres! Torres!
    He didn’t want to be be a scouse,
    He hates it when they rob your house
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!
    They thought he’d always be a red – Torres! Torres!
    You’ll never walk alone he said – Torres! Torres!
    They bought the lad from sunny Spain,
    He scored a few then grew a brain
    He told the club he wants to leave,
    To play with Frank instead of Steve
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!

  39. DomiNate says:

    He’s now a blue he was a red – Torres! Torres!
    He’s left The Kop to join The Shed – Torres! Torres!
    He didn’t want to be be a scouse,
    He hates it when they rob your house
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!
    They thought he’d always be a red – Torres! Torres!
    You’ll never walk alone he said – Torres! Torres!
    They bought the lad from sunny Spain,
    He scored a few then grew a brain
    He told the club he wants to leave,
    To play with Frank instead of Steve
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!

  40. Hector says:

    goals are meant to be celebrated. especially ones against liverpool.