Tuesday Kickoff: UEFA Champions League knockout stage begins


After more than two months off, UEFA Champions League play resumes on Tuesday with the first legs of two knockout-stage ties.

The headliner is AC Milan-Tottenham (2:45 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes), where a shorthanded Spurs side will try to steal a result at the San Siro against an AC Milan team that is battling injuries of its own.

Meanwhile, a bit to the west, Valencia is out to prove that it can have European success without former stars David Villa and David Silva as it hosts FC Schalke 04 (2:45 p.m., FoxSoccer.tv/Fox Sports Network). The German club has fared beter in this competition than it has in domestic play, where it has struggled most of the season and has scored just two goals in its last five matches. The match also marks former Real Madrid captain Raul's return to Spain.

How do you see Tuesday's matches shaking out? Who do you want to win each match? Do you see either road team coming away with a victory? Happy that the Champions League is back?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to Tuesday Kickoff: UEFA Champions League knockout stage begins

  1. bopst says:

    Will any games by on espn?

  2. montana matt says:

    f*ck spuds!!

  3. Aquaman says:

    They most likely will be on ESPN3, I didn’t see them in the lineup for the regular ESPN channels though. I know for certain they’ll be on FSC because I have them set up to record.

  4. FireAddict says:

    Spain is to the “west” of Italy. But Europe is confusing 😉

  5. Don Pelayo says:

    They’re not listed. I’m pretty sure Fox has the US rights for Champions League footage. Never fear, atdhenet.tv is here!

  6. Avi Creditor says:

    LOL. Never been much of a morning person…

  7. Alexandria says:

    Not sold on Milan but spurs don’t look too hot right now but I like Valencia to win there game.

  8. Ferris says:

    Fox Soccer Channel hosts UEFA champions league action with a live headline match at 230 pm today and tomorrow and the less attractive match on repeat immediately following.

  9. andrew says:

    where can i watch the tottenham game?/? I dont have fox soccer

  10. neill says:

    Fox’s programming decisions are insulting. It’s not bad enough, apparently, to put the much more appetizing match on Fox Soccer — which, despite what their logo says, is not “Live in HD” — and the less appetizing one on the regional Fox Sports affiliates (which is in HD). No, they have to go one step further and make Spurs / Milan unavailable on Foxsoccer.tv either (though, if my two weeks as a foxsoccer.tv subscriber are any indication, the online feed will be just as bad as FSC SD.)

  11. donttreadonme says:

    Valencia! Valencia! Valencia!

  12. Waterlewd says:

    Do you have pubs/bars in your town? Google atdhenet[dot]tv for streaming internet links.

  13. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Don’t put website names on here, there’s bots looking for them so they will shut them down

  14. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Also check your local channel listings, I know here in LA most of the time when there were a ton of games for the group stages, we would get the main games on FSC and Fox Deportes sometimes would get the Real Madrid or Barcelona game, and I think now that Chicharito is a huge draw even some Man Utd games if the big Spanish team’s games were on FSC. Sometimes Fox would use the local Fox Sports (West, Ohio, Florida, Southwest etc) to show more games and in some markets where they don’t have a channel or as much coverage for the local pro and college teams they would sublease if you will the rights to matches to Comcast Sport networks.

    Also if you have DirecTV I’m sure the 2nd match is on the 470+ channels

  15. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Just out of curiosity?

    Do you have a cable service? Like Time Warner or Comcast or Cox? Because I have heard AND seen that for some reason lots of cable customers don’t get FSC in HD even if like you mentioned the logo says it on TV?

    I use to have it in DirecTV? I think U-verse peeps get it too?

  16. giaco says:

    Say it louder on the internets next time….maybe they’ll hear you and give a s#!t.

  17. neill says:

    I’m on Comcast in Michigan. I think that FSC just puts the “HD” logo on all its programs that they’re taping in HD, in the hopes that you’ll lobby your local provider to add the HD station. Which, of course, I have, to no avail.