USA tops Canada, 3-0, in CONCACAF U-17 final (Updated with Highlights)


For 90 minutes of regulation the U.S. Under-17 men's national team failed to break through a Canadian defense that had gone an entire tournament without giving up a goal.

Then overtime came, and the goals began to pour in.

Nathan Smith, Andrew Oliver and Alfred Koroma scored overtime goals to help give the United States a 3-0 victory in the CONCACAF Under-17 Championship final in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Sunday night.

Smith broke through Canada's defense in the second minute of overtime with a 35-yard curling laser into the far top corner. That goal followed a late-game rush by the United States, which overcame a sluggish first half with a stronger second half.

Overtime was all USA, with Smith's goal opening things up for the American attack. Oliver scored his fourth goal of the tournament by racing behind the Canadian defense to make the score 2-0.

Here are the match highlights:


Things turned ugly late, with Oliver and Canada's LaPenna drawing red cards after a skirmish. The United States made it 3-0 with Komora capping the scoring in the final minute.

What did you think of the match? Which players impressed you? Think the United States can make some noise at the World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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74 Responses to USA tops Canada, 3-0, in CONCACAF U-17 final (Updated with Highlights)

  1. prizby says:

    that second goal came off that American throw in, thrown for the breakaway, which should have been a Canada throw in…just saying

  2. Colin Ferguson says:

    I’m not sold on lasers’ ability to curl…

    That said, I would like to see this mythical curling laser goal.

  3. QueBueno1 says:

    USA should have had a pen in app. the 80th min.

    Also the here is the Canadian coach:

    “We just had to play 3 straight days at mid day. In the heat of the day. Right in the heat of the day, but thats the luck of the draw and I am not complaining.”

    Are you sure your not complaining? Because it sounds to me like your were complaining.

  4. Babieca says:

    Great win and Smith had one hell of a shot.

    I’m left wondering, however, are Mario Rodriguez and Esteban Rodriguez related?

  5. Louis Z says:

    they aren’t.

  6. irishapple21 says:

    I’m rather impressed that Canada put up such a good fight. Maybe their future is a little brighter than we all thought.

  7. StevenG says:

    I dunno how I feel about these kids. I saw glimpses of good soccer, but absent of games against high quality opponents I can’t judge in comparison. I hope at least a few of these kids pan out.

  8. Lou Holtz says:

    Canada’s head coach is definitely not a main boarder.

  9. tnnelson says:

    videos anyone?

  10. John says:

    Would like to see a few U17 games on a playable pitch as opposed to that sandbox.

  11. sas says:

    Wow, so anybody with the same last name is related. I mean you could kinda of ask the question if it was a unique last name. Rodriguez is like he American version of Smith or Johnson.

  12. CrispyST3 says:

    Who’s number 11, he takes some nice free kicks. And he’s left footed

  13. Wahhhh says:

    Quit bitching. You lost like you always do against the U.S.

  14. Wahhhh says:


  15. Ed says:

    It was a joke. The commentators mentioned they weren’t related a preposterously funny amount of times throughout the match

  16. ericJ says:

    I am 100% certain he is mocking the announcer. Jesus people.

  17. Brett says:

    Lol… That shot had no curl on it at all. A little back spin, which kept it over the keeper’s hand on its way to the post. Great shot though. I couldn’t tell if it was a mis-hit or not. If not, great skill to put that back spin on the shot.

  18. pancholama says:

    Highlights – here on SBI, also on US Soccer web-site. Whole game was broadcast live by ESPN.3 (thats the free on-line web streaming that ESPN gives on the internet), with color commentary by two delightful Jamaicans – I think the game is archived on the web-site for the next couple of months – easy to look up.

    The lads played some pretty nifty soccer, on a craptastic surface, all sandy and full of rough divots, and loose turf – they really move the ball well, and show some high level individual skills, good field vision, good team work – I saw the quarter final game v. El Salvador, and the final ( missed the Jamaica game) – and it seemed to me that the team improved as they went through the tournament – and they often look better than the full mens nat team in the way they work the ball up through the mid-field, and open up the attacking half of the field with insightful, incisive and quick, precise passing – the Rodriguez who played on the right wing for most of the game though he penetrated and dribbled quite well, took on defenders one on one with courage and calm – but, his crossing was poor this game – would have liked to see some decent balls into the box from him and we would have won 6-0.
    Pelosi could mature into a real force as an attacking mid-fielder, he has maturity and vision beyond his years, Oliver is a force as well, and our backs were iron pillars – won’t go into all the individual players – but this is a WELL COACHED, and VERY WELL CONDITIONED team – part of the reason they blew Canada away in the second half and in over-time – is our superior conditioning and fitness/agility training. No doubt.
    Well done lads – congratulations. OUTSTANDING!

    And well deserved congratulations to coach Wilmer Cabrera for putting together such a fine team. Ole Wilmer! Mucho, mucho – ole!
    Excelente labor maestro!

  19. Scott A says:

    That first goal was thumped

  20. Seriously says:


  21. JJJ says:

    Good job for the U17s. What happened to Mexico?

  22. Tyrone says:

    I would have wondered that question too if it were two Smiths on the same team. What diff does it make if Rodriguez was the last name.

  23. MensreaJim says:

    They are hosting the whole enchilada, so didn’t have to go through regional qualifying.

  24. Gerry says:

    “curling laser”

    say what?

  25. Seriously says:

    You clearly didn’t read the above posts…

  26. theultra says:

    How about the first and third goals? How should they not have counted?

  27. theultra says:

    That one Canuck Lepenna was rocking the hardest mullet i’ve seen in awhile.

  28. Drew says:

    The celebrating after they won was sooo girly!

  29. eric says:

    Canada’s our bitch once again!

  30. Gacm32 says:

    +1 hahah

  31. Tyrone says:

    I did read the above posts and I understood Babieca meant it in sarcasm. I am replying to sas, who made a remark about players with the same last name. You “clearly” need to lay off me.

  32. ringo says:

    So is Oliver out for the beginning of the WC? The announcers in the semifinal game were saying cards carry over from the qualifying tourney to the big dance

  33. Seriously says:

    In that case your comment makes little sense and you clearly need to learn how to use the reply feature properly so that your comments can be properly addressed to who they are intended for.

  34. Juan from L.A. says:

    Honestly this was not a good tournament for this group of guys. They have a lot to improve. Hopefully we can see Pfeffer and Kellen Gulley make the trip to Mexico…5 of the 12 goals in AET is nothing to be proud of and eventhough the defense ONLY received 3 goals, it made colossal mistakes that an African or South American team would easily capitalize on…

  35. Rob says:

    Hey at least you can say that the Canadian youth system is producing kids will actual ball skills. The only difference is that the youth on the US are more athletic. With age these kids on Canada will surpass the kids on the US. I remember people trying to argue that our youth system is good and doesn’t need to be changed because a former US star is running it…..

  36. robert daniels says:

    Or south American and European.

  37. Annelid Gustator says:

    It was Evens-Only Day, duh.

  38. Annelid Gustator says:

    Last fall or whenever that Nike thing in Phoenix was, it was a very mixed bag. Did all right against Brazil, were outdone handily by Turkey. Some good play, some bad. Some good individuals.

  39. Annelid Gustator says:


  40. Rob says:

    However Canada seems to be surpassing us in the skills department. Something needs to change.

  41. Annelid Gustator says:

    You said that after the first two games, also. To that I say: pfft.

    They won their last two games very handily, having only failed to seal the deal they inked in regular time. In both of the last two, they were much the better side through regulation.

    The first two games were similar in that on balance they were the better team. And yet, because it was not 11-0, you pan play that won 3 of 4 and tied 1 on a +9 G.D.?

  42. Canada relied on long balls and high balls to relieve pressure.

    The US at times, used one time passes in tight spaces to move out of pressure and string passes together. I would argue that the US played down to Canada’s level.

    The difference in philosophy was pretty telling. Canada was defense first and try to counter. The US, while not pretty attempted to move the ball by stringing passes together.

    We had more chances in the final third than Canada for most of the game.

    The Aleman kid for Canada is a baller. Pelosi for the US is looking like the real deal for us.

  43. otergod says:

    LOL, ok Nostradamus.

  44. KCB says:

    So that explains Canada’s lack of class on the double red-card.

    Calling it now. First goal for US Soccer Goal of the Year. Pretty sick shot son.

  45. otergod says:

    not concerned though. With Mario and Kellen being available, not to mention Karoma and Bean, we should be fine.

  46. Rob says:

    I love the US blinders people put on on this site. Canada was dominate in that first half, they controlled the game.

    Even Ives was commenting on that in his twitter feed “Twenty minutes in and the Canadians have shown more skill than the Americans. USA midfield not creating much yet.” “Wonder how many times USA defnders/midfielders hav booted long balls forward under no pressure rather than dribbling/passing short? #TooMany” “Yes, the field is in bad shape, but Canada’s attacking players have still looked better on the ball than USA’s, so don’t buy field excuse.” “END OF REGULATION- USA 0, Canada 0 (CONCACAF Under-17 Final for those asking). Anybody’s game, but USA looked stronger late.”

    If it were not for great goal keeping, the US would have been down 2-0 (and should have been down 1-0 at the very least). In the second half, the game became more even, till about the 80th min. where Canada started kicking the ball down the field. This shows that the US has a better fitness program, as Canada was getting gassed. The extra time, US dominated and Canada cramped up.

  47. Rob says:

    See above, no need to comment other than that to a thoughtless comment.

  48. BellusLudas says:

    Wilmer Cabrera is to be congratulated for the right selection, the right environment and the right training.

    These boys peaked at the right time and fought off a great effort from a Canadian side that shows a lot of potential.

    The future is bright.

  49. Thorpinski says:

    Canada was really fortunate to beat Panama by all accounts. But seriously they played Ok for the first 25 to 30 minutes and then it was all US.

    The US should have been down 2-0 or 1-0 at least..who has the blinders on lol The US could have also been up 2-0 or 1-0 what if candy and nuts…

  50. Thorpinski says:

    More importantly do either of them wear black shoes.

    FWIW I think the Oliver’s are distant cousins.

  51. Rob says:

    You crack me up; The US had NO shots on goal in that first half. Canada had a one-on-one with our keeper… I love it. Your right the US dominated the game from 20 on and we are soon to be world champs, and all these kids will be on either Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man U, or one of the Milan’s. Come on we only played well the last 20 min of regulation when compared to Canada at that time.

    The US was lucky to get by El Salvador, Panama out played the US as well (1-0 win was the same as Canada’s 1-0 win, but to tell the truth I didn’t watch the Canada-Panama game). The US has better athletes, that’s it.

  52. agnigrin says:

    I agree the USA’s superior conditioning is how they won the last two games. You could tell Canada and El Salvador were dying out there in the extra time period. Not sure how the USA will do at the WC… they still have work to do as the midfielders and forwards need to have more of a cohesive and less selfish presence.

  53. agnigrin says:

    Also wanted to say that I thought McIntosh the GK was absolutely outstanding!

  54. rob says:

    Sorry Canada had two one-on-one’s with our keeper……

  55. Captain Pedantic says:

    It should be “to whom they are addressed” not “to who.”

    link to
    link to

  56. JJJ says:

    OK Thanks. Wish we could have beat them. The USA beating Mexico in soccer is one of lifes great pleasures.

  57. bottlcaps says:

    Yeah, they do. While you don’t want to subdue the exuberance of youth, the US had the game well in hand, but let, at least, one of it’s players take his focus off the game and into some personal payback. The result is that a good US player will miss the first game of the U-17 WC.As a youth coach myself, I’ve learned that the discipline, and/or lack of, pushes itself into the persona and habits later in life. A god lesson to be learned for the next potential US stars.

  58. Ben says:

    Meh, I know it is a rough thing to say about 16 year old kids, but color me unimpressed. Again, we as fans are appluading results in an age group when results are not the most important thing, skills are. Anyone else see Pique say that the Barca youth system places emphasis on skill, and winning takes a back seat? Grit, hustle, determination are all nice but I wasn’t blown way by the collective skill or any single skill.

  59. Ben says:

    *applaud. I cannot spell today.

  60. Dennis says:

    Well 16 year olds can be selfish. I would rather a player at this age have the talent to take on 3 players with an occasional bit of success than always pass because he doesn’t have the skill to even try. Good coaching can teach better decision-making in not too long a time as the player gets older (most parents of 20 year-olds can tell you how much more easy to reason with kids become as they get out of their teens.) It takes years of individual effort coupled with some innate talent to develop skill.
    My prognostications:
    #16, Oliver, will look like a smarter player in a few years, but he will still be able to take on players 1v2 successfully.
    #11 Pelosi already looks to be smart, has some great skills and is still just a skinny kid who is not dominating by sheer size and athleticism.
    The keeper in this game looked fearless, made all the saves he should have, a couple saves that robbed Canada and except for one tentative moment made solid decisions. Ya can’t ask for much more.

  61. otergod says:

    my nostradamus comment was in reference to this:

    “With age these kids on Canada will surpass the kids on the US”

    Sorry, but at the age of 16-17 you have no idea how these players will pan out. You may have an idea of how they MIGHT turn out, but blank statements like this does nothing for your point. Players at this age level are a crapshoot. Some pan out, most don’t. If 3/4ths of this team is lucky, they’ll be regular MLS’ers. Actually that goes for both US and Canada’s U17’s.

  62. I don’t have blinders on at all.

    On the contrary, I am disappointed in the Canadians. They played an English style game.

    The US at times showed they could ping the ball out of tight spaces and create space for themselves. Can they do it for 90 minutes? Not yet, they are still U17s.

    I never had the sense that the Canadian back line could use their midfield to get the ball out of pressure. They booted up to their forwards.

    As development goes, I think I kids are getting there. Not there yet, but getting there.

  63. Pretty sure the ref gave him the red card for his mullet alone. Not sure why it took the ref until OT to notice…yikes.

  64. Tyrone says:

    Wow seriously, you’re getting on me because I didn’t reply to the right person? You do take things seriously don’t you.

  65. Scott says:

    I’m a Canadian and I would say that the US was the better side on the day. US clearly field a team of superior athletes, who were better coached and looked far more fit in extra time (Canada chased the play for the whole 2nd half so that might have been a result talent not conditioning).

    Having said that this was a very good showing for Canada at international age group tournament. These age group tournaments really tend to favor the nations with larger populations or at least larger participation numbers in the sport (Canada’s population is 10% of the US and our soccer participation numbers aren’t like those in central america). This was a real breakthrough for Canada. The Canadian roster was comprise almost entirely of players from the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Academies which are really just getting established.

  66. Dale says:

    To bad, the final would have been against Mexico. I think Mexico got the chance to host the U-17 WC because they already won the U-17 WC in peru, I think they can do it again at home this time. Congrats USA…

  67. Aquaman says:

    Couldn’t you technically curl a laser through a prism? I guess it depends on your interpretations of “bending” and “curling”. *This ends the nerdy response to your soccer related joke*

  68. Annelid Gustator says:

    Yes, it is super cool. Check this out: link to

    It is a thick sticky sugar syrup that has settled a few days.

  69. fieldsy says:

    Sunday was the best day of the weekend. U.S. beat Canada and the Knicks beat the Heat!!

    I thought Aleman was good in the Panama game and unimpressive in the U.S. game. For all the hype surrounding him from the announcers (he’s the mvp of the tournament), I thought he was completely shut down. The U.S. was definitely the better team and I hope we get a chance to play Mexico in Azteca.

  70. Aquaman says:

    Ok, A.) Your name is pretty awesome (I just taught an annelid dissection this week) B.) I knew it could bend through a prism but I never knew you could get an actual curve through water and syrup.

  71. papa bear says:

    man that sucks that in a sport, the US has better athletes…wait what?

    On another note, enough complaining Canadians. I hate this mentality of ‘oh man we played really well so we DESERVED it’
    It is such a wimpy defeatist attitude. The English and other Europeans say the same crap. You know who ‘deserves’ to win? The team that kicks/heads more balls past their opponents’ goal line in compliance with the laws of the game. That’s who ‘deserves’ to win.
    That’s life. Sometimes you work hard but the other guy gets the ‘lucky break’ which as you know: luck is merely the byproduct of hard work.

  72. I love soccer.I love David Backham