Wigan 0, Manchester United 4: The Highlights

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8 Responses to Wigan 0, Manchester United 4: The Highlights

  1. Po says:

    there goes the gold cup :p

  2. James says:

    Hernandez is a beast. 9 premier league goals. One in each competiton in england like community shield, Carling cup and fa cup, and other international like champions league.

  3. hank says:

    i wish the usa had a striker with half of his skill.

  4. Happy Camper says:



  5. Artie says:

    Oh, if only there were an American with nine goals in the Premiership… We’ll get killed in the Gold Cup for sure for lack one!

  6. Artie says:

    *lack OF one

    That’s what I get for sarcasm.

  7. Big Smoke says:

    The problem is that Demps has probably twice the league appearances as Cheech (this is a total guess — could be less or more). Dempsey’s the man, but he can’t match the statistical production/finishing of this kid right now. That doesn’t mean that good ol’ fashion American heart and stamina can’t undo El Tri. They’re getting better, but so are we. We just need to solidify our back 4 to protect Chicaritus (the virus inflicted to teams by Javi Hernandez). Maybe Demerit can return to WC2010 first game form when he, and others, shut down Rooney.

  8. Brent McD says:

    where’s chav rooney’s elbow?