Adu nets game-winner for Rizespor

Remember when Freddy Adu could use his quickness and shifty moves to score impressive goals? It might seem like ages ago, and for some, you may not even remember, but the diminutive midfielder has scored some good goals in his career.

Adu flashed that old goal-scoring touch today, netting a pretty sweet left-footed shot that proved to be the game-winning goal in a 1-0 triumph for Turkish Second Division side Rizespor. Adu has enjoyed success since joining the promotion challengers, and is doing his part to elevate Rizespor to the Turkish First Division.

Here is Adu's goal from today:


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  1. Ed in Austin says:

    Love the chant after the goal!

  2. nate says:

    Can’t help but be happy for the kid. Great scenes.

  3. FulhamPete says:

    I think he needs to replace Jr. in midfield. Freddie is SO in form right now.


  4. Mig22 says:

    absolutely. Go Freddy.

  5. chris says:

    Freddy’s back

  6. ahm says:

    well done to freddy, i constantly hate on him on this board but this was very well done. regardless of division this was tremendous. good luck to him

  7. Mehnman says:

    the same here

  8. Great goal, hopefully it builds up his confidence. Hell it’d be amazing if they win promotion, that’d be a great experience for him. The chant for him afterwards was amazing. This makes me happy.

  9. Adrian says:

    He continues to show why he is arguably the most technically skilled player the US has had in a long time.

    If only he could figure out whatever it is that is causing him to fall out of favour with coaches.

  10. bizzy says:

    Where are the Adu Jokes now!!! Damn, the kid is slapping haters in the face. 3 games 2 assists and a goal…helping his team move towards their progression into the turkey superlig. Put the Adu in a position where he can progress gradually instead of suddenly and this is the result. More power to him…..If he can grow with this team and move to the turkey superlig, Adu will do great things…..

  11. Mehnman says:

    Good goal, don’t care whether he scored this goal it in Turkey D2 league or in high school match. A good goal is a goal.
    His haters would hate him even if he scored this goal in the EPL.

  12. Mike in Long Island says:

    Nifty little finish…. I told you guys he should of been on the world cup squad.

  13. his_real_age_birther says:

    Nice shot! Them is some wily old veteran skillz! Who says twenty-eight year olds can’t ball?

  14. ko'd says:

    LOL. This.

  15. stanley says:

    how much worse can Adu be than Bedoya out on the wing?

  16. CJ says:

    (I don’t mind piling on here) Great goal. Good on ya, Freddie! Hope you have found a home, and some peace of mind.

  17. FulhamNick says:

    Doesn’t play defense very well, lack of a physical presence, low soccer IQ, not the greatest work eithic…

    How true all that is, I obviously don’t know but that’s a list of things that have been thrown out there through various sources about why Adu “falls out of favor with coaches”

  18. Adrian says:

    Low soccer IQ?

    The kid’s soccer IQ is in the atmosphere. He’s a central attacking midfielder, they rarely play much defense.

  19. Powderhorn Pops says:

    This would be good with an overdub of “Working My Way Back to You” by The Four Tops.

    C’mon Freddie!

  20. PetedeLA says:

    Good to hear some love for him.

    Nice curving shot.

    Bless the announcer.

    Announcer: “Freddy”
    The masses:”ADU”

  21. Dlewis says:

    So great to see Freddy doing well. Is he in contract in Benfica. Maybe they will consider bringing him into the first team if he keeps this up.

  22. bizzy says:

    I like the way people still throw in the Bank Asya 1. League comments, (added to the already “he’s too slow”, “he’s too small”, “he has no technical skills” and “he’s just overrated””, and it really makes you wonder about people’s judgement of talent.

    A perfect spin and shoot….that could have force the best out of Van der saar or any goal keeper in the EPL and the praises still have a degrading or inferior touch.

    Love him or hate him Adu is one of our most talented/skilled players in the US Pool. He’s proved that when playing with Bradley, Altidore, Robbie Rogers, Zizzo, holden, Edu, Kljestan etc.

    Damn, after hearing the chants in the stadium for Freddy, haters are going to be mad for a while with him in turkey….

  23. SoccerJohn says:

    That’s a nice enough goal–though it must be said that it’s unusual to find that kind of space in top leagues. The thing that made me happiest was seeing the way his teammates happily mobbed him. If their reaction is any indication, he’s fitting in well. Positive atmosphere, positive results…it’d be really nice to see Freddy rebuild some positive momentum.

  24. Nick says:

    I am not his biggest fan, but atleast he is dressing for matches, starting a few, and scoring. Sure, it might be in the Turkish second division, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

    Good for him.

  25. Adrian says:

    Like the goal Rooney scored against Chelsea where they just allowed him a free shot from 18 yards?

    That kind of space?

  26. Adrian says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The guy is arguably the most technically gifted player in the pool. The things he can do are world class, but he doesn’t have that “Michael Bradley hustle” so he is discounted.

    He has twice the ball skills of every midfielder except probably holden.

  27. Phil says:

    Really people?

    One goal in a second Turkish Diviision and we’re all “Her-ca-leez! Her-ca-leez! Her-ca-leez!”


  28. JS says:

    Did you just compare Adu to Rooney? Soccer IQ in the Atmosphere? Better ball skills than everyone except Holden? Look bro..we want Adu to shine and improve but lets be realistic..he’s not been sent on all these loans because he’s lighting it up. Is this a good start..yes…but he scored at Aris as well and generally (from what little, grainy video we could see) played well.

  29. JS says:

    and we see how that turned out. Hopefully he can keep this up but there isn’t a worldwide conspiracy to keep Adu down…He’s almost like a Harlem Globetrotter..yeah he can do some neat tricks..but that doesn’t make him a great soccer player…yet

  30. USA_A_OK says:

    Looked liked he had a decent all around game. Created some chances, was robbed of an assist on a very close offside call and seemed comfortable on the ball.

    Adu highlights from the game for those who couldn’t hunt down a stream of the Turkish 2nd division game.

    link to

  31. Phil says:

    Tell you what: let’s see what happens at the end of this season. I am not convinced he has hit rock bottom and realized that he’s always been his own worst enemy. If his team advances and he sticks it out without anyone hearing him hollering boo about what he’s worth but rather continues to play nice with others, then maybe I’ll start thinking this kid has had a change of heart, but until then, he has not really shown much new compared to what we already knew: The kid has a wicked natural talent but has never been much interested in acquiring the skill and discipline required of a professional.

  32. Phil says:

    are you serious?

  33. Adrian says:

    Absolutely, and I am right.

  34. Adrian says:

    Who compared anyone to Rooney?

    Did you even bother to read the comment or did you just jump all over any comment that isn’t negative of Adu?

    Yeah, Freddy Adu has more technical ability than any current midfielder.

  35. bizzy says:

    Dude He’s talking about the comment that soccer john made “that it’s unusual to find that kind of space in top leagues”…where is that comparing Adu to Rooney? Rooney had lots of space to even do his bicycle kick goal…just like I was about to say Aston villa had 2 to 3 plays that it was just the fwd and goalie that they missed, so what he’s saying is that you have acres of space in defenses in the EPL. He’s not a great soccer player yet?? Do we have “great” soccer players on the USMNT yet? The answer is no but Adu’s skill sets and abilities are among the best we have

  36. FulhamPete says:


  37. Always nice to see glimpses of the Freddy that made such a splash earlier in his career – let’s hope he can keep it up. Great turn, wicked shot.

  38. fischy says:

    And…I’m pretty sure I told you — It’s “should have” or “should’ve”.

  39. GW says:

    It’s not that. It’s this assumption by Freddy worshippers that all Adu has to do is put together a good run and he is automatically entitled to a position of greatness US soccer.

    Adu has yet to prove himself capable of consistency; which is what a career is all about. It’s just not enough to have a couple of games here and there. He’s still mostly about hype.

    If Dax McCarty had done what Freddy just did, no one would have noticed.

    Let’s see where he is when the season is over.

  40. JD says:

    Today I read an interesting article about Tracy McCrady that may apply to Freddy. The article discussed how McCardy’s skill level was so far above everyone else he developed poor practicing habits and work ethic. Is that the case with Freddy?

  41. Jamie says:

    He said better ball skills, not a better player. Chill.

  42. fischy says:

    Great vid! Thanks for the find. As nice as the goal was, Freddy’s best moment came after that bad offside call nullifies Freddy’s neatly-timed through ball. Replay shown about the 3:20 mark — gorgeous bit of volleying skill ending with a bicycle pass cross the six that nearly produces another assist but the header goes over the bar.

    If the header had gone in, that would be shown worldwide. Fantastic skill.

  43. kimo says:

    Thanks for the extended clip. Freddy looked to have put in a strong 90 and was working hard up until the 90th.

  44. Matt says:

    very happy for the kid as well

  45. Adrian says:

    That could seem likely.

  46. bizzy says:

    Apart from Deuces and Donovan with skills and speed, who else “really stands” out with abilities to take on defenders, with the skills and ball control to turn up field and get by multiple midfielders/defenders??….like you said Adu has mad natural talent that going to develop GRADUALLY rather that SUDDENLY in the Bank Asya 1. League.

    Average ball control skills and passing abilities is what the USMNT is made of, so the “most technically gifted” pool is not that much (Did you watch the Aston Villa vs Bolton game? Villa players had horrible touches, constantly turning the ball over, missing point blank range shots on goal. Why is this relevant? Bradley is warming the bench for a team like that!!!!)….food for thought.

  47. Matt says:

    for what its worth, he still is only 21 and has loads of time to develop before he can be considered a flame out (compared to someone like EJ who turns 27 this month)

  48. bizzy says:

    link to

    Like you said mad skills….

  49. StevenG says:

    Loads of time to develop? I think by 21 your are the player ur gonna be. He is probably not gonna get any better.

  50. Tony says:

    I dont want to hear about his past or his potential future, that goal was filthy! Great touch, great spin, perfect placement. Well done Freddy!

  51. Tony says:

    You sure about that? Might want to go ask Diego Milito, Drogba and many others about their exponential growth during their mid-to-late twenties. No ones future is set in stone by 21, for better or for worse.

  52. Sam's Fan says:

    Despite his perceived ‘deficiencies’, I love watching him play. Very exciting.

  53. SoccerJohn says:

    Freeze the video 4 seconds in, which is right when Adu makes his move. There are 7 dark shirts in the picture, and Adu is about to get behind 6 (SIX!) of them with one move, 20-something yards from goal. Look at how many dark shirts are just walking around or standing flat-footed. And the 7th defender isn’t remotely in a position to defend Adu. Are you seriously trying to suggest that’s typical of defense in top leagues? Are you seriously suggesting that the defense of Rooney’s bicycle kid was comparable to the defense depicted here?

  54. ed dog says:



  55. Matt says:

    Freddy Adu for:

    -Argentina 3/26/11
    -Paraguay 3/29/11
    -Gold Cup 2011
    -Confed Cup 2013
    -World Cup 2014

    Just getting that out of the way 😉

  56. ThaDeuce says:

    damn that was a sweet goal.

  57. Micah King says:

    + 1 Anyone is better then having Bedoya on the wing.

    (SBI-The dead horse called, said to stop beating it. LOL)

  58. ThaDeuce says:

    No one said anything but “congrats” and “happy for the kid” until your post. Nobody even said he should start for the nats or even make the team. Nobody even brought it up. So the question is, why were you the first to 1) bring up the nats and 2) be so negative?

    It was a great goal and I hope he continues to 1) get minutes and 2) perform.

  59. ThaDeuce says:

    ditto, this seems like a good fit so far.

  60. Micah King says:

    Gratz Freddy I hope they get promoted and maybe Jozy will stay at his team at the end of his loan and they buy him. Then we can see them go head to head. 😀

  61. ThaDeuce says:

    I think if he puts in a good run for 8-12 months he should definitely be in consideration for a spot. That is what we are all hoping for. I agree lets wait till the end of the season and hopefully he will not be on the bench again.

    I don’t think anyone on the board above you has voiced the opinion that he should be starting for the nats, not even close. People just said congrats. You are kind of arguing with a mythical person with this post.

  62. Andre says:

    Happy for Freddy but that shot gets saved in a better league with quality keeping. Poor shot, really..

  63. ThaDeuce says:

    I’ll say this. Adu was marked. He juked the defender and made his own space at the top of the box. The space wasn’t given to him.

  64. ThaDeuce says:

    ditto + 1000000

  65. ThaDeuce says:

    yeah, curving the ball around defenders into the back of the not from the top of the box is piece-o-cake standard chops.

  66. Brett says:

    Fantastic turn and shot. Hopefully this is a signal that he is turning the corner on his way back into the big scheme. I’m not sending in my fan club dues yet, but it’s good to see him on the pitch and playing.

    People forget Adu has had some shining moments because of the hype around him. He was our best player by some margin in that friendly in Spain and looked like he was turning into a world-beater during the u-20 cup where he scored a hat trick against Poland.

  67. wally says:

    Thanks for the clip!! it’s always fun to watch freddy when he gets some time on the ball. at this point, you wonder whether he has the speed, strength or soccer knowledge to ever succeed in a top league.. but he’s one guy i’d pay to watch against 2nd division turks..

  68. ThaDeuce says:


  69. golfstrom says:

    I was about to use this comparison, too. Makes sense comparing Adu’s goal to one by a guy w/ 100 goals in one of the 2 best leagues in the world in a game between two of the best teams in the world with a goal by a washout of 2nd tier European leagues in a game between two teams who are at best the 19th and 20th best teams in Turkey.

    And Rooney definitely wasn’t open b/c the cross was deflected and the goal certainly didn’t still require a ridiculously difficult and acrobatic finish resulting in one of the great goals of the past few years.

    So yeah, good analogy.

  70. fischy says:

    No way he plays in any friendlies this side of the Atlantic during the season. I wouldn’t rule him out of the Gold Cup. Anything else depends on performance with the team.

  71. DCUPedro says:

    Umm, in top European leagues, every player on the pitch defends. That is the expectation. They are not always dropped back deep in defense, but every player is expected to be involved defensively.

    More importantly, every player needs to help defensively by being tactically aware. That is where the low soccer IQ comment comes from.

    Freddy’s “Soccer IQ” begins and ends with him having the ball at his feet. It is not in the “atmosphere” at all. When he is off the ball, he has a very, very low level of tactical awareness — basic things that kids in Europe of far less technical ability learn at a young age just to get by.

    And yes, this is the same knock that Jozy gets. People think that the biggest gap that Americans have to close developmentally is in technical ability or creative flair. Tactical awareness is probably a bigger gap that we have – positioning, when to make intelligent runs, etc. European coaches expect to see these things ingrained by the time a player is Adu’s age.

  72. DCUPedro says:

    “Ball skills” are nice for fan boys.

    They don’t win matches.

    11 guys that have a tactical understanding and know when to make runs that create space when they DON’T have the ball; know when and how to close down space correctly in the midfield; know how to position themselves off the ball so as not to leave the team open to a devastating counter — these things win matches. These are the things that make it possible for “ball skills” (i.e. technical ability) to flourish. People think Spain wins because they are technically the best and most creative. The only thing that allows them to do so is an understanding of the game’s tactics that consistently allows them to wrong-foot their opponents.

    It isn’t about “hustle”.

  73. Goalscorer24 says:

    I hope he makes a comeback. I would love to see all the naysayers (The same ones that use to call Donovan Landycakes) eat crow.

  74. Jolivernyc says:

    WOW. Freddy is LIGHTING UP the Turkish 2nd division! It’s clearly time for Coach Bob to not just call him up, but build the team around him.

  75. Red says:

    Turkish 2nd division and people are going crazy. I’ve seen many great goals in HS too.

  76. Music says:

    Yeah lol, Adu’s ball skills are light years above Holden’s, what a silly comment.

  77. Music says:

    He was comparing the fact that players get space in all leagues, as evidenced by Rooney’s goal, where he had lots of space.

    Some people need to work on their reading comprehension skills.

  78. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Yes, its good to see he has found a league in which he can be competitive. The Greek SECOND FRIGGIN’ DIVISION!!!!

  79. Todd says:

    I hope Freddy goes golazo crazy, gets noticed by the big boys, gets rich, helps the USMNT win the World Cup and lives happily ever after.

    Yes I do.

  80. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Whoops….make that the Tukish Second Friggin’ Division. Even better. 😉

  81. Mike in Long Island says:

    Sorry Mr. Fischy… I didn’t know you were correcting papers today… It will never happen again I promise. Please don’t tell my mom.

  82. wally says:

    Hopefully you will also meet a prince charming one day, who will pay all your bills and carry you off on a white horse.

  83. Mike in Long Island says:

    You spelled skills wrong… be careful… Mr. Fischy is giving out failing grades for grammar and spelling… see my post above if you don’t believe me.

  84. ThaDeuce says:

    Too much. Take a deep breath. Step back. Give it a day or two. Then re-post. Something like, “that was a great goal!” Or, “man I hope he continue his run of form for a good period of time!”
    ; )

  85. ThaDeuce says:

    well, Turkish 2nd division is probably closer to MLS than it is to high school. : )

  86. stellar says:

    you r serious! and u ARE right!!!

  87. stellar says:

    i can taste the hatin’ on that one

  88. Hush says:

    What was that again ADU haters? It’s just the second Turk division?LOL Haters are full of it. I don’t know any other American futbolero can pass the ball to himself with a soft touch and hammered it in. Adu is by far the only “REAL” technical player in our pool. I don’t care what league the kid is playing in, every time my boy hits the field, something nice happens. He doesn’t disappoint!

    Lets see here, haters are going to be talking about how “Adu Terry” didn’t defend well and that he should man up better therefor he

    I will continue to say it my Americans, we must protect out talent because we are not BRAZIL or ARGENTINA when it comes to individual talent.

  89. ThaDeuce says:

    That was great, but I think my favorite is the one touch pass in the 38th minute. Who does that? Freddy Adu.

  90. ThaDeuce says:

    38th second

  91. Lorenzo says:

    No, problem is he didn’t say ball skills, he said “the things he can do”, and said that he lacks Michael Bradley hustle.

    World Class has to do with a lot more than just ball skills. I love Freddy and respect his skills, but obviously there are things MB can do (like long extended energy and focus) that are more World Class than Adu.

    Basically implied MB90 is a running robot and Adu is a underdeveloped foot magician. Bradley is closer to “World Class” than Adu right now, come on. Not saying Adu can’t turn himself into some special, or more than MB90, but right now Adu is in Turkey D2 and Bradley is an accomplished player at one of the bigger EPL clubs.

    As much as people may want to prop Freddy by bashing MB’s lack of foot skills, Adu may extremely benefit from having such a hard nosed hard working and -yes, skilled- and competent player like Bradley behind him if he get’s his dream “in the hole” position.

  92. K-Town says:

    Regardless of the level of play, that was a world class goal. Great first touch to play in to open space and a nice low curving shot with the left foot. Shaped the ball around a player screening the keeper who had no chance. Nice goal Freddy, keep it up. You have been making millions since you went to Europe, but I know you just want to play like everybody does. Here is hoping that you help promote Rizespur. Keep playing and enjoy yourself. Screw the haters, and don’t let it get to your head.

  93. Gacm32 says:

    Haha that shows your ignorance when it comes to player development. Didier Drogba was just starting to actually play for a second division French side.

  94. Micah King says:

    Im sorry. I promise no more Bedoya lashing out. :)

  95. SD says:

    interesting point….the shin guardian posted an interview with alfonso mondelo technical director of mls….he noted that the teaching of tactical awareness is what is lacking in the USA coaching ranks…

  96. bizzy says:

    Turkish second division in a position/race to move up to the turkish superlig…ranked 11th in the UEFA standings. If you watch soccer other than MLS you’ll know that the level of the 1st and 2nd division is not that great……whoops

  97. bizzy says:

    McCarty and Adu are not even in the same Class or level……and if michael bradley had done what Adu’s done he’ll still be on the USMNT playing for his dad. Thats life…

  98. Grant says:

    +1 hahahaha nice grammar slam

  99. bizzy says:

    Thats true….he froze 6 players with “one move”. It was quick, controlled and the defense wasn’t ready for that razzle. You want to see sloppy play? Offense and Defense? Flatfootedness? Bolton vs Aston Villa……(EPL)

  100. Hood Rich says:

    That’s where the problem is by expecting coaches like Arena or Bradley to “teach” tactical awareness. Do you think either of these coaches played the game day in/day out all through their lives? They learned soccer from a text book.

    The only way American kids are going to have tactical awareness is through pick-up games or sandlot soccer. Either that or grow up in a soccer mad country like England or anywhere else in the world where soccer ubiquitous 24/7.

    How do you think a guy like Dempsey is where he is? Do you think he got his creativity from attending soccer camps and excessive coaching? LOL.

  101. FuelMonkey says:


  102. Philip says:

    That Poland game was the first serious match I’d ever been to. Adu definitely impressed at that time, as did Jozy.

  103. N-Whit says:

    Ya know, everybody knocks Freddy for playing in the Turkish second division, but I don’t hear as many people get on Benny’s case for playing in the Danish second flight. Just food for though.

  104. Tom says:

    C’mon. Dax McCarty hit a bicycle kick in practice (PRACTICE) and we noticed.

  105. Tom says:

    The player who doesn’t get better after 21 is an idiot.

  106. omar says:

    Bradley must consider Freddy for Cup action.

  107. shweazy says:

    Adu does a wonderfully skillfull move to freeze defenders and scores a pretty good goal, oh its wack second class defenders.
    Rooney does it and he’s just world class, smfh. some of you guys are just stone cold haters. Adu is more skilfull than every american player, not saying he’s better overall; however he has proven over and over by playing with these same guys on the USMNT and with the youth teams that he’s more skillful, no question.

  108. shweazy says:

    I thought of the same thing , people just dont like Adu. reason being that you have people like Alexi Lalas who spread seeds of hate for the kid , shooting off his red head mouth.

  109. Tommy says:

    Take it easy everyone. It was a super goal for sure. I certainly want him to do the best he can over there. Discussion of him coming back to the national team are a little premature. Lets just see how things go. He needs a stable place more than anything right now.

  110. GW says:

    You misunderstand the role of a National Team manager.Players spend little time in the National team set up.

    Arena or Bradley don’t “teach” tactical awareness. By the time a player gets to a senior national team he either has that ingrained in him or he doesn’t. That’s why players like Agudelo and Mix are so impressive. They’ve obviously had better training as youngsters.

  111. GW says:

    Clearly you aren’t reading bizzy’s posts.

  112. GW says:

    Benny had a good World Cup, so gets some slack. He’s proven what he can do at a very high level. I didn’t see Freddy getting it together enough to do the same thing.

  113. GW says:

    Freddy has still has time to salvage his career but the Drogba comparison is a bad one.

    Drogba got a late start.Once he got serious, things progressed in a reasonably orderly fashion.

    Drogba did not sign a full time pro contract until he was 21. He had committment and family issues, homesickness, injury etc. so he really didn’t get serious until then.

    In his first five years he had:

    Appearances Goals
    30 7
    21 5
    11 3
    34 17

    96 32

    If you consider Freddy’s signing with Benfica the first sign of his seriousness then what you have to compare is the fact that Freddy has managed a total of 35 appearances in his first 5 years in Europe.
    Plus Drogba has generally shown ongoing improvement while Freddy has mostly shown stagnation or even regression.

  114. FulhamPete says:

    Boy, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this afternoon.

    First of all, I was the third person to post a comment, so the “No one” and “Nobody” else you are referring to is all of two people. You want to start attacking people, get your facts straight.

    I read this blog, and the comments, to learn more about the progress of USMNT players. Mentioning Adu inherently involves the nats. It was certainly a very well taken goal from an all but forgotten player IN THE USMNT POOL.

    I, too, wish him the best and hope that he lives up to his potential.

    Get off your high horse.

  115. CrispyST3 says:

    No he compared the amount of SPACE Rooney had and the amount of space Adu had, basically saying that in any league in the world, defenders are going to mess up, and give any player alot of space, whether it be Rooney, when you know you’re not supposed to give him that much space, or some no name, that no1 knows about, in the Guatemalan league.

  116. Stoked for Freddy. I hope his experience with this team gives him some valuable lessons to learn from.

  117. #JustSaying says:

    Another plus 1.. Sheesh, I didn’t even read who wrote and realized it was the same person as before lol

  118. Red says:

    Don’t offend MLS.

  119. Brent McD says:

    Both Bradley and Arena have coached at the MLS level. They should be doing some teaching.

    I think Kinnear is pretty good at teaching tactical positioning and awareness. Look where Holden is today.

  120. Brent McD says:

    Nice goal, but that almost looked like a set piece from the training ground. Wake me when he scores from the run of play.

  121. r.benjamin says:

    Quick feet create space. The turn move here would work in any league in the world at the right moment. Suarez through Man U is proof of this. Only Dempsey and maybe Holden would make this move in the current pool and is the reason why this gets 120 comments and all of us thinking damnit adu get it going on the rest of the game.

    Re Rooney v Chelsea.. To be honest that space was in part given because Luiz got knocked in the nuts 70 seconds prior to the goal and can be seen drifting in recovery rather than hawking Rooney like he did the rest of the game.

  122. GW says:


    Do the math.

    Kinnear has his players for about 30 league games and who knows how many practices and exhibitions. Plus he has a lot more control over his players.

    Bradley, since he took the job in 2007, has managed about 70 games, which is about as many as Kinnear gets with his guys in a two seasons or less. His players are borrowed.

    These guys are not USMNT players, they are LA Galaxy ( or whatever) players who occasionaly play for the USMNT. National team managers lay out a game plan, practice certain set plays and then try to get these guys to play a representative game. They have no time for teaching.