Behind the Scenes of Ochocinco’s trial

  OchoCincoKC (GettyImages)

There has been plenty said, and written, about Chad Ochocinco's trial with Sporting Kansas City, but this behind-the-scenes video of his stint in Kansas City offers some pretty good insight into the trial and the NFL star's positive approach and respectful attitude toward the trial.

Count me among those very impressed by his attitude and respect for the game. Seeing him look as happy as a schoolboy at the news of getting to play in a reserve game was priceless.

What did you think of the video? 

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54 Responses to Behind the Scenes of Ochocinco’s trial

  1. BlueOrder says:

    I agree. He looked positively giddy at getting a chance to play in the reserve game.

  2. Yo says:

    It’s hard not to like the guy after all this. You just know so many of the idiots that just thrash soccer any opportunity they get are scratching their heads, and hopefully he’ll change perception of the game, if for only a few people than it was all worth it. “How can such a great NFL player love Soccer so much? Maybe it’s more than a kids game afterall..”

  3. hendrix says:

    video has been removed from Youtube.

  4. afc says:

    Video doesn’t work but he does seem very happy to be given this opportunity. I really do hope he does well in the reserve game

  5. boludo says:

    SBI, the video has been removed

  6. Eric says:


  7. BBB says:

    I didn’t realize T.O was trying out also. (re: pic)

  8. benji says:

    Guys, it is on

  9. Tres says:

    It is? Where?

  10. USSFdon'tthread says:

    Link please?

  11. travis says:

    Link please?

  12. Tres says:

    This comments system remains so bizarre.

    Let’s drill down to basics: What’s the main reason a user refreshes a blog comments page? TO SEE REPLIES THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT SINCE HIS LAST COMMENT. So why does this system, upon refreshing, cut off at the point of one’s last comment, rather than displaying all the new comments below it?

    Instead, you have to click “Load more comments” and wait once again — which is supposed to be the whole point of refreshing in the first place.

    It’s not normal web functionality, and it’s not user friendly.

  13. Brett says:

    That extra click must have really ruined the experience for you.

  14. Tres says:

    “That extra click must have really ruined the experience for you.”

    Little things like “extra clicks” are exactly what good web design and functionality are supposed to take into account. If nobody cared about addressing minor annoyances, the web would essentially be unusable.

  15. Tres says:

    Minor annoyances like failing to post replies where they’re supposed to go, for instance.

  16. tmack says:

    so, has anyone figured out where we can see the video at this point?

  17. Tres says:

    No. Twitter and Facebook are filled with all sorts of dead links, to both YouTube and

    It’s all kind of weird. They seem to have pulled the video just minutes after it was posted.

  18. This Guy says:

    It is normal web functionality. It looks like this in ASP: {

  19. Tres says:

    This Guy: It’s not normal comments-display behavior, is the point.

  20. Ricardo says:

    Ochocinco has always said that soccer was his first love. I think he does mean it when he says that. He definitely is ‘like’ a little kid when he talks about soccer. He must really enjoy it!

  21. Tres says:

    Gggrrr, immediately annoyed by the opening comment from the Sporting KC owner: “It’s not every day you get a world-class athlete coming into the game of soccer.”

  22. A says:

    Does the Sporting KC owner even watch soccer?

    I don’t think I’ve heard a more ignorant comment from a professional sports owner since Donald Sterling claimed he had no idea who Elgin Baylor was when he hired him into the front office of the Clippers.

    “It’s not every day you get a world-class athlete coming into the game of soccer”… I mean come on, did you watch the trial? That world-class athlete was ran into the ground by those “lesser athletes.” Sickening.

  23. Jason B says:

    Thanks for posting. It got me thinking that it would be really cool if a TV network like HBO or ESPN would do a “Hard Knocks” style show centered around an MLS team’s preseason camp.

  24. jim in Atlanta says:

    I have a sledge hammer, so keep that soapbox of yours hidden. Are you really arguing that Chad isn’t a world class athlete? He is playing a sport he hasn’t played in over ten years, or course the pros are better than him. that has to be the dumbest comment of the day by you. “Ran into the ground” lmfao! Are you mental!?

    Just because he struggled with something outside of his comfort zone, for good reason. Doesn’t disqualify him from being a world class athlete lol.

  25. Snare says:

    In football Chad is a world class athlete. I don’t think the owner meant Chad is in soccer, but that we have a world class athlete of another sport in America trying soccer. I think (at least hope) that is what the owner meant.

  26. Eric K says:

    Even if they just kept him training with the team, I imagine at the very least that would have a good effect on everyone’s morale. It’s good to see when anyone – at whatever they’re doing in life – takes on a challenge.

  27. Kevin says:

    When I first heard about this I thought it was total BS and I wasn’t too happy about it. But I like him a lot more after seeing this video, and its obvious he loves the sport. And he’s right, more than anything else it’s about chasing a childhool dream.

  28. Aaron in StL says:

    This seems like far too much dissection for somethings so “minor”. Pump the brakes and think about how much ranting you just went through on this… a little weird

  29. SoB says:

    There’s thee link. Disregard previous post.

  30. roger says:

    Is this an episode of MTV Made?

  31. DomiNate says:

    TRES- You just wasted 5 seconds of my life, I can’t believe I took the time to read this comment. And now I’m responding! There’s one more minute down the drain.

    Get a clue dude, if you have a request for a product enhancement submit it in email form to the ‘contact us’ link in the upper left.

    I know what you mean about minor annoyances. Your post has nothing to do with the Ochocinco trial with KC.

  32. Venegoor of Hesslink says:


  33. obxfly says:

    Sounds like 85 is a guy who likes really soccer. I wish him all the best.

  34. K-Town says:

    LOL. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was watching it. I couldn’t help but be happy for Chad though. I have a lot of respect for him as a person by the way he has handled all this.

  35. Arsenal says:

    Is there any shot he gets signed to the team, especially if there is no NFL

  36. necaxista4life says:

    No surprise, in an interview a few yrs back with espn deportes. He admited to playing soccer in high school but chose football instead cause of the prestige and better pay

  37. socnow says:

    Ochocinco might be serious, but after watching that video it’s clear to me that SKC views this as a publicity stunt. About the only good thing you could say about that video is seeing what a trial is like and that SKC players look like a good group of guys.

  38. Jules says:

    Anyone else think that he might be trying out at the wrong position. I know out on the field is where he wants to be but I think he would probably be one hell of a goal keeper. He has got great hands. His athletic ability is without compare. And there is no fear, I am fairly certain that he would never get hit by anyone like he would going across the middle of the NFL. He would know how to time a jump to be at the highest point. I think he already has the skills and training to be a great goalkeeper. just a thought

  39. jdavids says:

    i’m a huge ochocinco fan now. guys is great. generous too.

  40. aristophanes says:

    oh ives… can’t take a little criticism?

  41. socnow says:

    The way you put it GK sounds more realistic than striker.

  42. Eric says:

    Ochocinco seems like a really cool guy. I watched the Sportscenter segment on the trial, and he came off as a really humble and respectful dude.

  43. c says:

    center back

  44. scott47a says:

    I just watched it. Must be back.

  45. scott47a says:

    I just watched it. Must be back.

  46. scott47a says:


    My feelings exactly. Let the naysayers bitch about this. If Chad is enjoying it and the KC players like having him around and the coach thinks it’s worth the time, it doesn’t matter at all what anyone else says.

  47. Clayotn says:

    I’ve never been more excited for a reserve game in my life! Please tell me when and where I can see this game. It’s gotta be steaming online somewhere. Anybody know anything?

    I’m rooting for Chad. I don’t think he’ll make the team and play for the USMNT and all that (joking), but I want him to do well and have a good experience. And I definitely want to see him get a chance to score. Go get ’em, Ocho

  48. Soccernste says:

    This was the first video where he even touched the ball with his left foot (in that one-time short pass drill). That said.. looking forward to the reserve game highlights.

  49. BrianVT says:

    Lighten up already. I’m sure the owner is not implying that soccer players are not world-class athletes. Geez, crucify a guy for not being able to fully articulate his thoughts clearly?!?!?!? Sure, you’ve never misspoken a word in your life, have you?

    To think that he didn’t mean, “world class athlete [from another professional sport],” is naive and petty.

  50. Phil says:

    the level of “b*tch” -ness on this site never ceases to amaze me. Some of you act like a bunch of irritable old men fighting over the last tube of hemarrhoid ointment or something…

  51. Brent McD says:


  52. Brent McD says:

    Tres clearly needs a different kid of “enhancement”

  53. Erik says:

    Pretty cool. He might be a savvier marketer than anyone running MLS, and I sure he pitched it to them this way: Sporting gets to use him for publicity (this is certainly the only time they were on Sportscenter or on the front page of or and he is using them to get a soccer fantasy camp. win-win. hope they keep him on the practice squad while NFL is locked out.