USMNT Camp Notes: Bradley talks Holden, no more players being called in

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CARY, North Carolina- Nine months after the United State's exited the 2010 World Cup, Bob Bradley was finally set to coach a full-strength national team. Injuries changed those plans after news that breakout midfielder Stuart Holden's knee injury would keep him out for six months and defender Steve Cherundolo suffered a groin injury.

"We all feel bad for Stuart," Bradley said. "He got injured last year when we played Holland and was able to work his way back and be in the World Cup but he still wasn't 100 percent. He's had an excellent season at Bolton and he's a player we still see as an important part of the team."

Holden needed 26 stiches to repair a gash in his knee inflicted by a nasty challenge from Manchester United's Johnny Evans. Holden said on Twitter that Evans called to apologize and the 25-year-old will undergo surgery on his injured knee in London today.

"We were looking forward to him being back 100 percent and confident," Bradley said. "This is a setback but he's shown in the past the mentality to fight through these things and he knows we're all behind him."

Bradley also said the team would miss Cherundolo, who's enjoying a stellar season as captain of Hannover 96, but that it would give some younger defenders the chance to prove themselves.

Joining Cherundolo and Holden on the injured list is Norwich City defender Zak Whitbread. Bradley called up 22-year-old Leeds United defender Eric Lichaj to replace him but U.S. Soccer confirmed that no one will be called up to replace Holden and Cherundolo, bringing the total roster to 22.

Players traveling with the team to New Jersey for Saturday's game with Argentina will be announced Thursday. 


What do you think about Holden's injury? Disappointed Bradley won't call anyone else up?

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71 Responses to USMNT Camp Notes: Bradley talks Holden, no more players being called in

  1. dman says:

    Does anyone have any idea what else happend to stu’s kneed which is causing for surgery

  2. Freddy Adu says:

    Did someone say attacking center mid?

  3. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    No. We don’t. We can keep guessing though, but I’m sure they will eventually say what exactly happened.

  4. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Will you just go away already?

  5. MicahK says:

    Wow!!!!! six months is a very long time goodness. D:

  6. Brad says:

    Ives- Any idea how match fit Benny is? Its got to be Benny, Sacha, or Mix up top in the CAM role right? (I am a huge MB fan, but am not sure he will press high enough to sustain attack.)

  7. daggius says:

    It was a dumb slide tackle by both of them

  8. jess says:

    I heard it was actually a fractured shin… not sure though.

  9. BigDeezey says:

    Does Bob want to try put young defenders against Argentina and FIFA player of the year Messi??? This cant be good

  10. sdbransonusa says:

    That’s actually what I thought too. They both threw themselves into the tackle.

  11. Jack says:

    What else would you have him do? Considering how quick Messi is, having some young guys in there could be good. DeMerit is awesome, but he’s getting older and isn’t at his peak fitness regardless, so maybe having Ream, who has good pace and reflexes, in there would be better. We also know that Lichaj is capable of putting in a good performance against more skilled opponents. And anyway, we’ll probably see a mix with Gooch in the center and probably Bocanegra on the left. Bottom line–it’s going to take the entire back four to stop Messi.

    Besides, the Argentina game is being hyped because of who we’re playing, but in the end, it’s a friendly. I’d rather he give younger players PT now and see how they fare so that we know what they can do when the GC rolls around.

  12. Dainja says:

    Brek Shea’s face says it all as it dawns on him: “wait…this is gonna be the only time i’m ever here right? …oh.”

  13. Hush says:

    Shea’s face expression is more like, “damn the Gooch is strong” is he dating anyone?j/k

  14. Kevin says:

    How did Whitebread score and play nintey minutes on the weekend and end up injured…What happen?

  15. BigDeezey says:

    Did you just say Lichaj can cover Messi and di Maria?? Need i remind you what Tevez did to Lichajs career…thank goodness he was left out of thr Argentina roster. If you dont remember, Tevez burned Lichaj twice which led to him not seeing the field for Villa since. Theres nothing Bob can do but pray. Hopefully Timmy can have another miracle game otherwise this could get really bad, friendly or not. Messi will be playing for his national side (which he has been criticized for not playing as well) in a billion dollar stadium in New York in front of 50k+. Do you think he cares if its a friendly?

  16. wanker says:

    Hey meatballs! It is called going for it and playing with passion!

  17. BigDeezey says:

    Oh, and last time Arg was in town we drew with them. Theyll be looking to show that was a fluke and redeem themselves

  18. otergod says:

    one was a slide tackle, the other was a studs lead lunge

  19. marko says:

    It is nice that Evans called him up to apologize. I know its part of the game and Evans didn’t do it on purpose, unlike the dirty dutchman.

  20. otergod says:

    who do you suggest take his place?? Lichaj, Spector and Chandler are our 3 RB options

    1 is out of form as a defender, 1 has 6 pro matches and no US callups til now, and the last has 1 cap and Championship experience.

    Someone is CERTAINLY going to get tested

  21. BigDeezey says:

    Well Bocanegra has played some rb at st. Et but theres nothing bob can do. It could end up being really bad.

  22. MesaATLien says:

    Ives, did he say specifically why they didn’t want to bring in anyone else?

  23. Waaaaaaaaaaaah says:

    Apologizing doesnt make it hurt less :'(

  24. Judging Amy says:

    Yep. Hence why Stu is out injured for 6 months and Johnny Evans is calling him up to apologize.

    I’m a Man U fan but to lay any of the blame on Stu is pure idiocy.

  25. Judging Amy says:

    For whatever reason, Messi hasn’t been terribly effective against the US (Senior level, he tore them apart at that U-20 or U-17 tourney). At the last Copa America the Nats attended, Jonathan Bornstein of all people did a fantastic job of containing Messi.

    There’s a reason why the games are played on the field and not just on paper.

  26. Benny says:

    Why would Bob think his side would have to fight for their lives against Argentina? It would be nice to have Dolo and Holden but the U.S, is very capable of beating Argentina at home.

  27. BigDeezey says:

    Since that copa america in 2007, messi has been twice named world player of the year and has scored 94 goals in 104 games at barca. What has Bornstein done since then?? You dont honestly believe he can contain messi once more. I mean, it would be nice but lets be realistic here. That was a young 20yr old kid. Now he’s a 24 yr old vet in his prime. Im a big USMNT supporter but also a realist. An unjury depleted backline vs an explosive Arg does not bode well for the Yanks

  28. abc says:

    That would be preferable to a mangled up knee or serious ligament damage, no?
    Of course who knows if it’s true, “I heard”…

  29. Mikey says:

    There’s usually a gentleman’s agreement between MNT coaches and club coaches regarding notice of call-up (time).

    The match is this week; too soon to bring in someone else last minute. Also if BB has a good idea of whom he wanted to play where and he could work around these injuries, no sense in wasting replacement players’ time.

  30. KenC says:

    Hmm… perhaps, maybe that’s why he’s having it taken care of in London, and not back in the US by Dr. Steadman or Andrews, who are experts at joints, knees and shoulders. Just about anyone can set a bone.

  31. Primoone says:

    Being fit is really not an issue when it comes to Bradley giving his favorites PT. If you are on Bradley’s list…all you have to do is have a pro contract and your golden. You will get at least 2-3 calls/per year to show him how worthless you are.

  32. Phil says:

    How about we play a back three with two dms?

  33. CGold says:

    well said, well said

  34. CGold says:

    For the record otergod, Lichaj has TWO caps not one…and yes of course someone will be tested, you are right.

  35. Warren says:

    Lichaj and Chandler split time at RB; Boca and____ at CB; Gooch at LB like in his Dutch league play and we are good and/or big at back line.

  36. Primoone says:

    If we can’t stick someone out there that can at least stay with him then there are other ways to minimize his damage. You can’t defend him as a team…you will turn him into an assist machine. The only real ways to attack his game is to shut down the passing lanes to him and deny him the ball. This will force him deeper into the MF to recieve the ball. That tactic requires everyone in that MF to attack ARG’s short passing game. Fortunately, the MF can collectively execute this plan and it’s easier than trying to stop Hurricane Messi in and around the 18. In any event, the game is going to be entertaining.

  37. Whitehartland says:

    This is not a razzle dazzle travel team, there is no such thing as “attacking” center mid. If you want to play at this level, center mid has to “attack” and “defend”. Mikey can’t do either, 50 caps now and still not a single assist to his name and then in is his only club start in 2011, FA Cup vs Man City, his complete laziness and ineptness in not closing down Silva on City’s 3rd goal, shows that he can’t defend either.

    The Bradley’s have to go, and it won’t be long now, after the Copa Oro is my guess.

  38. lneaton says:

    switch gooch and boca and you might have it right …

  39. MSNats says:

    How about some


    Donovan Dempsey Chandler

    Bradley Jones

    Boca Ream Gooch Lichaj

    Could switch Edu with Ream or Spector with Lichaj

  40. Jamie Z. says:


  41. Judging Amy says:

    Clearly its not a Bornstein vs. Messi comparison since JB isn’t even on this roster.

    True Messi is better now, but even back then at age 20 he was still a much, much better player than JB. I’m not saying its not likely that he’ll smoke whoever is marking up on him (he does it to the best defenders in the world), I’m saying there’s a reason the games get played and the US as a team is not an easy game for anyone (especially at home).

  42. Whitehartlane says:

    Yawn….yep, that sums up Mikey’s game (when he can get one, still hasn’t played a full 90 in 2011) and it sums up dad’s coaching style too, both will be gone shortly. Party time when that happens.

  43. Louis Z says:

    I don’t forget in that game, there was rain which took some of their advantage…ball control, do we have any rainmakers in the payroll? we may need his services.

  44. Me says:

    I think even BB was going to start Holden…well moving on for the Argentina match probably your lineup is mostly right but not sure if BB will start Chandler, maybe Spector starts at RM

    Otherwise what about Jones at LM with Edu and MB holding, Donovan outwide and Demps in the hole?

  45. SeattleStan says:

    Bradley’s 5 Robbie Findley and 5 Rico Clark clones are only half gestated in their cloning vats at his secret lair.

  46. Lorenzo says:

    this guy does over do it doesn’t he?

    And off the top of my head I remember him sending a nice through ball to Ching who struck it straight at the keeper and then Dempsey buried it. He also had a niiiice assist with Gladbach this season.

  47. KevDC says:

    Someday I’d like to read just one post about the national team without some moron bashing Bob and/or Michael (and btw, there’s no apostrophe when pluralizing Bradley).

  48. Brian says:

    He is on the roster

  49. Brian says:

    Lol dude. It doesn’t matter how many times you keep pimping Gooch at LB on this site, no one is going to agree with you.

  50. Idaho Brian says:

    I’m fairly confident we will see this in the front seven:

    Donovan Bradley Dempsey
    Jones Edu

    I am less certain of what we will see in the back, but possibly,
    Boca, Ream, Gooch, Spector, (although Lichaj could start as well)

  51. Bones says:

    You’re the moron, buddy!!!!!!!

  52. Bones says:


  53. Bones says:

    Yeah, that’s what he said you dope!!!!

  54. Bones says:

    You mean the same Messi that only scored three goals for his country during qualifying. And the same guy that can’t score a goal against teams like Bolivia and Peru. There is a reason why he scores lots of goals for FC Barcelona and so few for his country, you meatball!!!!!!

  55. bizzy says:

    Why are we hung up on a player who was coming of the bench in the latter stages of his time with Gladbach and is currently bench warming on a team that lacks luster?? When was the last time Bradley played a full 90 min match?? How do you get considered to play CM for the US National team, one of the most important spots on the team, yet you don’t have the current skill set to play, let alone start on a team like Aston Villa?? Chandler is a starter and an integral part of Nurnberg, a team way higher in the league table than a “bound for relegation” Borussia M├â┬Ânchengladbach MB played for, and yet we can’t trust him to play in the midfield???

    How does this work?? How is daddy going to justify playing junior when he’s not even getting time in as a second half sub!!!!

  56. bizzy says:


  57. Bryan says:

    Bradley hating is so predictable. When Chandler actually has a body of work to make an argument for starting over an established national team player like Bradley, then I will actually bother with posts like the one above.

  58. Sky says:

    No kidding. You Bradley bashers are stupid, did you even watch the World Cup or Confed Cup last year?

    The only question for me in this game is do we play with three DMs and one forward or two DMs and two forwards. I say start Aduelgo. I know he’s young but he’s the future.

    Besides we’ll probably start Altidore and Davies in the Gold Cup anyway so might as well practice the 442.

  59. I like your line-up, but I’d switch Donovan and Dempsey and plug Chanlder in at RB. I think that people are really going to like what they see out of Chandler. I’d bet on him claiming the spot come next WC cycle. By far our best athlete at the position. Huge upside.

  60. I’m very high on Chandler, but CM is not Chandler’s position. Chandler and Bradley are certainly are not competing for the same spot.

  61. Defran says:

    Lichaj may have had a rough game against Tevez but that was maybe a couple days after he shut down Bale. To the point he actually made Bale switch sides just so he could get some play. I think he can handle it and it will be another good test and learning experience for someone with great potential

  62. RSLRob says:

    Haha! +1. Bradley does sort of look like a Sith now that you mention it.

  63. bizzy says:

    I second that. I was speaking of people immediately having MB in the CM role while saying Chandler hasn’t proved himself as a midfield option (right winger).

  64. bizzy says:

    when Bradley actually gets some playing time….even as a second half sub, then post something worth replying to

  65. bizzy says:

    You bradley “lovers” are so ignorant, you are holding on to past glory (if only Adu’s dad was head coach!!!!!) FORGET the world cup, did you watch MB’s villa debut?? I haven’t seen any US player that lost in recent years. Have you even asked yourselves why he was coming off the bench as a second half sub at a time Gladbach needed its “A” team the most to avoid relegation?? Or why he’s riding the bench and not even coming on as a sub…period. Oh I forgot he played in the world cup…..that ended JUNE LAST YEAR!!! Villa is not like the USMNT, daddy isn’t the coach. There you play your way to the top like everyone else


  66. Whitehartlane says:

    When was the last time Bradley played a full 90 min match??


    It was December 12, 2010, where Mikey must have dazzled the assembled masses with Gladbach losing 3:0 away to mighty SC Freiburg. He has made only 2 appearances in 2011, one as a late substitute and the other as a starter in the fa cup, where he was hauled-off the park immediately after City’s 3rd goal.

    Villa only have 8 matches left and find themselves in a relegation battle. It is highly unlikely that Mikey will play again this season for Villa, his loan just being cheap cover.

    My guess is that Mikey is using his 2 week vacation stateside to line-up a move to MLS. I think he should just forget it and go to college, a mid level D-1 player is still what he looks like to me.

  67. GW says:

    There is a reason and he was fired a little while ago.

    I haven’t seen them since the World Cup but this edition of Argentina could be a lot more potent than Diego’s World Cup street ballers.

  68. GW says:


    “(if only Adu’s dad was head coach!!!!!) ”

    You really think so?

    Freddy Adu’s dad abandoned his family shortly after they got to DC when Freddy was about 8 or 9. Apparently he is completely out of the picture.

    My guess is if Maxwell Adu was manager of the USMNT you’d never see Freddy in a US shirt again.

  69. bizzy says:

    Maybe if Daddy was head coach it would be different….lol

  70. Will says:

    Benny and Mix really stink…Sacha is only god on the wing. USA needs Torres back in there.

  71. Zsa Zsa says:

    Where is that boon boon re?