German-born Chandler an intriguing USMNT newcomer

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CARY, North Carolina– Of all the new faces joining the U.S. National Team camp in North Carolina this week, the most intriguing and least known of the newcomers is German-born midfielder/defender Timothy Chandler. 

Chandler first drew attention from U.S. national team fans, and U.S. head coach Bob Bradley, when he expressed interest in playing for the United States earlier this year. Since then, the midfielder has broken into the first team at Nurnberg and established himself as a rising star in the Bundesliga. This caught the attention of Bradley, who had been tracking the 20-year-old Chandler since he declared his desire to play for the United States.

"For Tim, it's only been in the second half of this season that he has started playing with the first team at Nurnberg," Bradley said. "Immediately we were aware that he was working his way into the first team and he started to get some playing time."

Chandler, who speaks limited English, was born in Frankfurt, Germany but has American citizenship via an American father who served in the military. Current U.S. assistant coach Lubos Kubik, a former Nurnberg player, traveled to Germany to scout Chandler.

"Lubos went to Nurnberg and saw a game live and met with Tim," Bradley said. "We knew that he wanted to play for us and we felt good about the progress he was making. We’re excited to have him with us."

Chandler is an attacking midfielder by trade but has lined up as a defender in recent outings for Nurnberg. Chandler could eventually offer the United States an attacking option in central midfield or on the right flank, but before he finds a position with the national team, Chandler will be busy adjusting to the U.S. national team system.

"We just need to get to know him," Bradley said. "When he plays as a right back (for Nurnberg) I don’t think they play right back exactly the way we do. It’ll just be an opportunity for us to give him our ideas on how we do things and see how he responds."

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67 Responses to German-born Chandler an intriguing USMNT newcomer

  1. keene010 says:

    I am excited to see how Chandler does, I think that he could be a major asset to the USMNT, especially if we are looking to have a attacking defensive winger.

  2. FXB says:

    The kid looks legit from what I’ve seen. Good pace, good delivery, knack for being in the right place at the right time. Alas, he is very young.

  3. tedhill says:

    I think he can be very important going forward. If we go back to a 4-5-1, you need good wide players, and perhaps he can provide that. If not, then maybe we can transition him into a fullback for us.

  4. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    And American Joe Enochs, is Interim Coach at VfL Osnabruck…a VfL legend

    link to

  5. Steve C says:

    Excited to see Timothy play. I’ve watched a few Nurnberg games and he’s looked very good on the right side.

    Curious, is it Nurnberg or Nuremberg?

  6. tnnelson says:

    i’d be interested to see him out wide ride in a 4-2-3-1 and push Dempsey or Donovan into the middle, now that we can’t put Stu in there

  7. MSNats says:

    That’s what I was thinking

  8. matt says:

    he kind of looks like nani from man u, no? lets hope he’s not as big of a flopper as him lol. i think he should be pushed up top though and not used as a defender. he seems much too flambouyant and flashy from what i’ve seen to be used as a fullback who just gets up, makes crosses, then treks back. i think he’d be better utilized if he was focused 70-80% on putting the ball in the net and the other 20-30% on getting back to defend in transition…

  9. moosecat says:


  10. B. Foley says:

    20 I believe. I hope we see him out wide!

  11. montana matt says:

    I really think both Donovan and Dempsey are much better suited to playing out wide in a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1. Neither of them are at their best playing attacking mid/in the hole.

    I’d much rather see Jones, Bradley, and Edu in midfield, and Deuce, Donovan and Altidore as the front three, with Chandler coming off the bench.

  12. TheRyan says:

    He’s 20.

  13. otergod says:

    With Dolo out it’s possible we see him used as a wingback as he is in fact a RB that can play RM.

    RB options this camp: Spector, Lichaj and Chandler.

    Not sure who wants to use Spector as a wingback anymore. Leaves Lichaj and Chandler IMO

  14. Warren says:

    Very young is very good.

    Kid can get even better.

  15. Warren says:

    I’d rather see Dempsey up top with Altidore, Chandler wide right, Donovan left.

    In second half try Chandler at right d, and bring on another middie.

  16. Warren says:

    Chandler’s playing significant minutes in Bundesliga vs Lichaj’s Championship vs Spector’s spot appearances for West Ham.

    Let’s give the newbie the minutes.

    Give him a start at right mid, then move to right back for second half is my vote – if Bob were asking ; )

  17. Aaron in StL says:

    Specs Nats future has to be at CB/CDM cover.

    Expect to see Chandler for 45 or less v Argentina. Have to think the Paraguay game we trot out a young starting 11.

  18. Brian says:

    Based on the quotes from Bradley, I won’t be surprised if we do not see him at all for these friendlies.

  19. montana matt says:

    When we use two up top we get overly reliant on counter attacking, and lumping long balls to the forwards. Which can be effective, but I also think that strategy limits our growth potential.

    IMO, playing with three cm’s is almost a prerequisite if you want to play proper football, keep possession, keep the ball on the ground, build out of the back, etc.

  20. Alex says:

    attacking defensive winger?…. make up your mind. if you mean a two way player, that’s kind of a given if you call him a right mid.

  21. Dawson says:

    Attacking defensive winger, i.e. Dani Alves. Gareth Bale before he moved into midfield.

  22. DaveY says:

    It’s Nuremberg in English — N├╝rnberg in German.

  23. Pete says:

    That’s pretty cool. Enochs is a legend at that club. He played there for 12 years with over 350 appearances. He also opened a sports bar in Osnabruck.

  24. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Is it even possible for him to play in this round of friendlies? I thought that he had gotten a US passport, but that they weren’t sure if he’d gotten FIFA approval. I hadn’t heard if he had filed with FIFA. Hopefully I am just out of the loop, and he is available for these 2 and beyond.

  25. JG13 says:

    It reads that way to me too. As much I want to get a look at the kid, I’m not holding my breath that BB sees him as anything more than a late sub, at best.

  26. golfstrom says:

    attacking defensive winger…I’m sure EA is already adding it to FIFA 12 to go along with ‘CAM’ and ‘left/right forward’.

  27. Thorpinski says:

    Why off the bench. I think he is our best RB going into these 2 friendlies.

  28. montana matt says:

    Yeah, I suppose that’s a fair point. I wouldn’t mind seeing him start at RB.

    I was operating under the assumption that he’d be used as a winger when I suggested using him as a sub. I still think that might be a good role for him: relieving either Duece or Donovan out wide. You’re right though, with Cherundolo out, it probably makes more sense for him to start at RB. I just wonder if Bradley will start an uncapped/unfamiliar youngster in the back line against Argentina.

  29. Slobo Ilijevski says:

    Can the US open a military base in Brazil, please!

  30. DC Josh says:

    Being a scout has to be one of the best jobs in the soccer circuit. Travel, watch soccer, analyze players.

  31. larry y says:

    You mean wingback?

  32. WK says:

    Only in passing- isn’t Tim nearly 6’? I don’t imagine the Germans stand for flopping any more than the English do…

    Finally some elaboration of his position as right back. He must be an attacking winger of sorts- I agree let’s push him further up field and see how he does.

  33. Alex G says:

    I’m really sad about Holden news, on the other hand, I’m happy we are getting good players committed to our program and eager to shine.

  34. Since our left back options are limited … Chandler can make a lot of overlapping runs on the right and put pressure on the opponent’s left side. For our left side, we’ll just be more defensive … don’t want JB to be caught upfield while the ball is played behind him!

  35. +1

    Never really understood what people get out being di**s on this blog.

    I think everyone knows what the dude meant. The kid is very solid defensively, very athletic, and dangerous in attack flying up the right side. RB has become a very dynamic position and this kid has the potential to be very good.

  36. jon says:

    right central defensive midfield attacking sidewinder?

  37. ANM says:

    I was always a bit disappointed that Joe Enochs never had a real opportunity with the US national team. If I recall, he was in the squad for one friendly, came on late in the game, and then got a bloody nose from some collision or another. He never came back.

  38. bryan says:

    i agree in that i can’t tell if Bob even plans on using the kid. personally, i’d like to see him get 90 min at least, 45 at RM and 45 at RB.

    i actually love the idea of a 4-4-2 with Dempsey and Jozy up top and LD and Chandler out wide. the problem with that is bradley isn’t getting any minutes and Jones and Edu are both defensive minded.

    so that leaves a 4-2-3-1. Jones and Edu in the defensive mid positions and Chandler, LD and Dempsey as the 3 attacking. Jozy up top. I’d probably use LD in the middle in that scenario. However, i could see Bob putting Chandler in the back and then using LD, Dempsey and Benny as the three attacking mids given Holden is out. Maybe he’ll even use Sasha or Mix? Who knows with BB…

  39. louis Z says:

    I believe he is 6.1 180 lbs, good size kid. I saw him play last year before he got injured and was very much impressed with his speed and attacking sense, his ball control is close to Jones level. But to me his hustle is his biggest assest, he can flat out fly on the flanks. Now he is also known for being a hard tackler, I guess a bigger version of jones, so he does pick up yellow cards in bunches.

  40. Louis Z says:

    he can play friendlies with just passport and some fifa filing. for the gold cup he may need more paperwork.

  41. Louis Z says:

    i would very surprise if we see JB at LB, he hasn’t play that position since the WC, he has beenn playing CB for his Mexican team. But with BB the logical conciousness doesn’t apply.

  42. Pablo says:

    I read that Bob has called him in just to introduce him to US soccer and welcome him to the fold. I imagine they will work him at a variety of positions in practice and if it really clicks for him he could make the field as a sub.

  43. Todd Nelson says:

    I like your lineup thoughts, but I’d rather see Agudelo up front rather than Altidore. He hasn’t produced anything lately.

  44. Jack says:

    I’m finding it kind of interesting that a significant chunk of talent seems to be coming out of Germany for the US. Jones, Chandler, and Yelldell–that’s 3 out 22 players in total. Heck, it’s 3.5 if you count Spector’s German passports.

    I’m excited to see him play and, like everyone else who’s commented, want to see where he’s going to be fit in. However, I also think that, as great a season as he’s been having, we shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions that he’s our best option at RB in this pool. Playing for a new team, moreover a national team against two very, very strong opponents, is very different than playing for a club. I’m not saying that to be a downer–it’s just a fact. The pace, the overall quality of play, the style, it’s all different. Also, the odds of Bradley starting a new player at RB against Argentina seems unlikely–that’s like taking a kid who just learned how to swim and tossing them into the deep end. Maybe he’d be put in as a second-half sub depending on how the camp goes, but I’d be very surprised to see him start.

  45. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    I am guessing that he is the first Yank to take on such a role in Europe. Am I missing something?

  46. louis Z says:

    I agree with you but like it or not, he is going to have to put someone at RB. he has 3 choices non have played for the NATS in a regular basis.

  47. duhboy7 says:

    after watching a couple of his games with nurnberg, i was impressed. i’m excited to see what he brings to the national team….but on a side note, he was one ugly dude.

  48. alex says:

    haha i didn’t mean to be a jerk to anyone, i just get annoyed with the over naming of positions. when you get to the point where you’re calling a guy an attacking defensive winger, you need to take a look at what you’re trying to describe and simplify it. it’s just a pet peeve, like ives’ beef with the CAM position (which i don’t love either.) at the end of the day, it’s to each his own, call it whatever you want, we’re all excited to have this kid in the program and to see what he can bring to our team.

  49. alex says:

    sounds pretty great, but they’re also under a lot of pressure to uncover quality players. they’ve gotta produce just like anyone else. it does sound pretty sweet though, i agree.

  50. alex says:

    Edu is a lot more offensively capable than people realize. He’s got a decent goalscoring record and plays a box-to-box role for Rangers, not simply a defensive destroyer role.

  51. botttlcaps says:

    With all these German/American Players, it only make sense to get a German coach! Maybe a Jurgen ____? Are you listening Sunni?

  52. Brent McD says:


  53. r.benjamin says:

    Good to hear about Enochs.. In a quiet way he was a trail blazer himself..

  54. Justice from the Big D says:


    I love when things get resolved with a little civility. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

  55. Hush says:

    Dude, you check out guys?!lol i kid.

    I’m excited for this weekend. Timothy is going to be a great player for us in the future.

  56. Whitehartlane says:

    When was the last time Bradley played a full 90 min match??


    It was December 12, 2010, where Mikey must have dazzled the assembled masses with Gladbach losing 3:0 away to mighty SC Freiburg. He has made only 2 appearances in 2011, one as a late substitute and the other as a starter in the fa cup, where he was hauled-off the park immediately after City’s 3rd goal.

    Villa only have 8 matches left and find themselves in a relegation battle. It is highly unlikely that Mikey will play again this season for Villa, his loan just being cheap cover.

    My guess is that Mikey is using his 2 week vacation stateside to line-up a move to MLS. I think he should just forget it and go to college, a mid level D-1 player is still what he looks like to me.

  57. Hoodoo says:

    Spec as centerback? I guess I would take him over others but I think most coaches would move someone from LB or RB into CB then place spect is one of those positions.

    He must play CM for you to be suggesting this right? I knew he got moved to MF but wasnt sure where. He’ll make the team regardless, unless BB somehow gets Sacha and Bornstien on the team since they’re basically his adopted children

  58. GW says:

    How about this.

    Think back to the 2002 World Cup. Think about Tony Sanneh, maybe the last dynamic US attacker from the back. This kid could be the new Tony Sanneh.

    Speed + skill + cojones is tough to scheme against.

  59. Bob says:

    I thought Barcelona was after Mikey.

  60. Bob says:

    Barcelona, Real Madrid, A.C Milan, Manchester United, etc. all wants Mikey. I have not been smoking anything strange amigos. Well, maybe a little.

  61. FulhamNick says:

    “We just need to get to know him,” Bradley said. “When he plays as a right back (for Nurnberg) I don’t think they play right back exactly the way we do. It’ll just be an opportunity for us to give him our ideas on how we do things and see how he responds.”

    That’s right Bob…keep shoving that square block into the round hole…I’m sure it will work out.

    4-5-1 against Argentina with Jones/Edu/MB is coming and I hope this finally is the end of it. None of them have the ability to reliably distribute and control the ball and now someone just needs to tell BB and MB. Expect possession to be abysmal for this game, like it will be hard to watch if he trots out this formation.

  62. Dennis says:

    Chandler, as Bradley said, is just being invited for a learning experience. If he sees the field in a game it will likely be a late cameo.

    Edu, Jones and Bradley will not be confused with Reyna or O’Brien, but they are not simply defensive destroyers either. Against Argentina, NO USA player is going to control the midfield and all players will be forced to play long stretches of defensive play.

    Anyone who thinks the USA has enough players to maintain possession against Argentina, well, I want some of the good stuff your taking.

    It will be defend and counter, or just defend. Fortunately Dempsey and Donavon are decent counter attackers and any one of the lone strikers who is employed has decent speed, but, sadly, too few magical moments conjuring up goals.

    Without a strong attacking threat from the USA, it will be too easy for Argentina to dominate the midfield by pushing up. The USA will have to be mindful of Messi, DiMaria and Lavezzi which will limit opportunities to go forward.

  63. Louis Z says:

    We can pray for rain to “even out the playing field”, I think that is our only chance for a tie a win if they get red carded and catch them in a counter.