Injured Henry ruled out of Crew game


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Thierry Henry will miss the New York Red Bulls' game with the Columbus Crew this Saturday after he picked up a hamstring injury in the season opener against Seattle, the Red Bulls confirmed via their Twitter feed.

New York will already be without forward Juan Agudelo due to international duty with the United States. Also missing for the Red Bulls due to international obligations are defenders Rafa Marquez (Mexico), Tim Ream (USA) and midielder Dane Richards (Jamaica).

Henry, who just began his first full season with the Red Bulls, missed a penalty kick in New York's 1-0 win over Seattle last Saturday. The club hasn't said how long Henry will be out.

Other strikers currently on New York's roster include Luke Rodgers and rookie Corey Hertzog. The team cut Salou Ibrahim earlier this week.

What do you think about Henry being injured again? Do you think the Red Bulls can overcome their various absences, or will Columbus rebound with a win?

Share your thoughts below.

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69 Responses to Injured Henry ruled out of Crew game

  1. Jeff says:

    Still too early to say bust, but you get that feeling, don’t you….

  2. mike says:

    he’s a wuss, seriously a hamstring? imagine if he had a broken ankle he’d b like “yeh im gonna be out two years not great news” he better be back the game after this cuz this is ridiculous

  3. adam says:

    obviously less pressing but who backs up sutton in the goal? just browsing the roster it’s just those two listed

  4. Starks says:

    I agree Jeff. Still to early but this has all the beginnings of a bust and that is a shame. I thought for sure that Henry would come here and be absolute force. I guess that means two things…one the quality of our league is getting better considering that Henry only a couple of years ago was a stud in La Liga, and two Henry is aging quickly! It is a shame for sure, for RedBull fans and MLS as a whole.

  5. roy says:

    lothar 2.0?

  6. mike says:

    i would understand a pulled hamstring but a strain? cmon u gotta suck it up, i mean part of me thinks he sees defeat without the core of the team there but if is he our captain then he plays i dont miss jpa at all but at least tha guy played through injuries this guy wont for som reason evidence is tha earthquake game marquez wouldve played if he had a hamstring strain

  7. mike says:

    i knew he wasnt gonna play ever since saturday when he said yeh i strained my hamstring i knew he would be out for awhile

  8. Brian S says:

    International absences wouldn’t be a big deal if MLS would just recognize FIFA breaks. That’s the only real grief I have with MLS. It hurts the game when the biggest stars in the league are all missing the same weekend

  9. Brian S says:

    This obviously doesn’t refer to Henry but to Aguedelo, Marquez, Ream, Richards, etc.

  10. Brian.MLS says:


  11. adam says:

    do international absences hurt more than highly-paid superstars that are made of glass and don’t earn their paycheck and play through strains? just a question….

  12. Lisa NYC says:

    Zut Alors! With the call ups and no forwards, we’re going to concede this match.

    Lucky for me I won’t get to see the loss because I’ll be in transit to the New Meadowlands to see Juan and Tim. USA! USA!

  13. Brian S says:

    As I stated earlier, you shouldn’t have to choose. NYRB should be off this weekend

  14. Brian.MLS says:

    They all like to collect paychecks from the bench of Metro/Red Bulls. Add Jaime Moreno to that list, btw.

  15. too soon says:

    Uh Oh, sounds like “Beckham 2.0″

  16. Jack says:

    The RBNY lineup is just getting better and better. Yes, that is sarcasm.

    Well, at least I won’t have to watch that trainwreck. I’ll be cheering on the USMNT at the Meadowlands!

  17. Matt S says:

    Just another form of parity… no team has their big stars this weekend so they’re all even. Yippee!!!

    Even though they don’t recognize the date they still recognize the pull of the US game so a majority of the scheduled matches are taking place early in the day to avoid viewing conflicts

  18. Brian S says:

    IMO, it’s not fair to the people that pay full price for a ticket but not see the players that people pay to see

  19. Jeff says:

    Now who’s going to slap the ball into the net for NY?

  20. Dainja says:


    as a RBNY fan but a USMNT fan first, the only Red Bulls I care about this weekend are named Tim and Juan!!!!!!!!!! See you all out at the Meadowlands! Yo Ives, anytime there is a game in the NYC/NJ metro area, there really should be an SBI pre-game tailgate party in the parking lot or close bar or somethin!!

  21. kplonka says:

    I just came off a hamstring injury and I assure you a hamstring injury is quite serious. If severed enough it could require surgery, and if you don’t give it enough time to rest it will get worse. The smart thing to do is to take off some time early in the season so he can be available later in the season.

  22. DCUPedro says:

    If he misses one game, its not a big deal. If this becomes a problem all year — then yes, it is a potential “bust” situation.

    That said — you can’t compare Henry to other “busts”… when he has been in the lineup he has been very good. His combination with Agudelo last week to setup the PK was great, and while he missed the PK, it was just a great save by Keller that denied him. And this was the case when healthy last summer/fall for NYRB. They played quite well with him out there.

    I say this as a DCU fan and not an NYRB fan at all … Henry lends a touch of class to that whole endeavor, unlike Beckham, and he’s no media whore. If he shows up in Luxembourg to watch France’s UEFA 2012 qualifier on Friday — ok, I’ll have my doubts. But I bet he travels with the team to C-bus, and not just to hit on Ohio State co-eds (though thats what I’d do).

  23. Lisa NYC says:

    I love both teams, but I agree that USMNT comes first.

    My fantasy result for this match is that Tim shuts down Messi and Juan nets one for the victory. This will wake up the local media about the Red Bulls and bring more fans to the arena. We need them.

  24. Upstate Jason says:

    As a RBNY fan, Henry’s absence doesn’t bug me that much. Better he skip an early game then take a chance and really hurt it. I’d like to see what Corey Hertzog can do in a league match and hopefully Rodgers will be fit enough to give 60+ minutes.

  25. Josh D says:

    It’s a physical league, he’s an old(er) man. It’s tough to come to such a rough league. I’d say we’re rougher than the EPL or SPL because of the reffing or lack there of..

    Not calling him bust yet…. It’s just a hammy, happens to everyone.

  26. Josh D says:

    This is the problem with being a “super” team in MLS – the better your players are, the worse your team gets during international time…..

  27. Waterlewd says:

    Robbie Rogers sustained a bruised ego and will nurse his injury sulking on the bench.

  28. Salim says:

    Disappointing to say the least. This is not looking good. I hope this is not another situation were MLS pays tens of millions of dollars a year for DP players and no results. This happen with Beckham, leaving the club and injury prone and now Henry with his injuries. We need to concentrate more on home grown talent or perhaps internationals that are not big stars.

  29. Jeremy says:

    He looked fine on Saturday. Pretty weak that when his team needs him to step up with all of the international absences, he pulls out do to a strain. Time to man up Henry.

  30. Ben says:

    Really don’t think the injury to Henry is that serious. As players age, they become more susceptible injuries. Reality is that Henry is a old player now and has been for a few years at this point. To whoever claimed Henry was a “stud” in La Liga, I would have to disagree. Ever since his departure from Arsenal Henry has never been the same player and never was a major force in La Liga. Regardless though, the fact the Henry picked up a little knock on the season opener is not a big deal. Perhaps for this very game Red Bull are thin in depth so the injury is certainly not ideal, but in the grand scope of the season, Henry will still be able to contribute and be an important member of the team. In addition, Henry will also be of immense value to the Red Bull in mentoring Agudelo, something which will continue to occur regardless of whether Henry is hurt or not. Perhaps I may be wrong and it could be a bust as mentioned above, but I would give it a lot more time before I make that judgement.

  31. lurking says:

    Nobody, cuz they likely won’t score this weekend.

  32. bipolar Sheen brother says:


  33. Waterlewd says:

    Pulled hamstring and hamstring strain is synonymous. Asking a explosive forward to play through an hamstring injury 2 matches into the season is just asking for a setback.

  34. dan says:


    “‘It’s better to miss a game than a month,” said Henry, who is targeting the Red Bulls’ next match, home vs. Houston on April 2, for his return.”

    So yes Ives, they have speculation on when he will return.

    (SBI-What does this have to do with me again?)

  35. The Dude says:

    Screw all you haters. Henry is not a bust and he’s going to have a great season. It’s better to miss one game, as Henry says, than risk further injury. Our team is already totally depleted for Columbus, so might as well write this one off altogether.

  36. Adam M. says:

    Henry played about 82 minutes and extra time with the hamstring problem in freezing weather last weekend for the home opener, it having occurred in about the 8th minute. He wanted to stay in and did, and played well. People who claim Henry isn’t “manning up” for an early season away game are beyond absurd — better to risk a longer-term injury? Please. He probably hasn’t scored as often as expected, but anyone who watches the Red Bulls regularly know that he always brings a class above and is typcially the best player on the field for either team. Plus, he is devoutly loyal to New York City and hasn’t made a peep to cause anyone to question his committment to the team or the league. Bust? Utter nonesense to even breathe that word softly at this point. Soccer players get knocks, he got one. He’ll be back soon. No worries.

  37. Gopha says:

    If anybody should have know a good training/stretching regimen, it is Henry. While injury is not always preventable, he should have been ready for the season. If he thinks Seattle’s defense is physical, wait until he plays tougher D’s. The mystery injury last season was also strange. He isn’t that old.

  38. Eugene says:

    So why can’t Agudelo play for the Red Bulls? His international call-up is in NY. If Bob Bradley just plans to have him on the bench or put him in for a short period, he might as well let Agudelo play a full game for NYRB at the other stadium in northern NJ.

  39. Lisa NYC says:

    Match is Columbus, not Harrison.

  40. arm says:

    what a waste – both last year and starting out this one. so much for all those big bucks and our big expectations!

  41. northzax says:

    and rescheduled for when, exactly? not the middle of next week, that’s another FIFA date. NYRB has five matches in April, six in May, five in June, plus the Open Cup June 28, (when there are more FIFA dates so no time in the middle of the first two weeks) seven matches in July, five in August (I guess they could squeeze it in in the dog days, but the first week of August is another FIFA date) four in september (and two more FIFA dates) and three in October (and hey, look! another FOUR FIFA dates) assuming two wins in the Cup, you have 17 matches from June 1-August 28, one every 5.2 days. when you want to squeeze in a trip to Columbus?

  42. Thorpinski says:

    I said it last year…he would be lucky to score 5 goals and that he isn’t cut out for MLS. He’s too soft and should go back to Europe.

  43. kb says:

    USA! USA! USA!!!

    see you guys there!

    (on a side note: go crew!)

  44. Paul says:

    “Bust” is way too harsh a term for Henry. MLS busts like Mattheus just dogged it. Henry is giving his all. What is worrisome, though, is the injury bug that hasn’t stopped biting him since last year. Is his age catching up with him?

  45. patrick says:

    i really, really hope you’re kidding and or being sarcastic. Hamstrings are notoriously difficult to come back from and often take weeks, if not longer. I was at the game, and I think this is more a case of cold weather and some lingering soreness/tightness. I’d rather him miss this game than a lot more games down the line.

  46. patrick says:

    if you choose to buy your ticket based on seeing individual players, YOU should consult the international calendar when doing so. MLS teams are selling you a ticket to watch the game involving team X and team Y. At this point, most people do, or should know MLS doesnt follow the fifa calendar.

  47. patrick says:

    that’s just a fantastic, wonderfully crafted response. I hope to see you around more often.

  48. patrick says:

    no one in the MLS is making 10million a year.

  49. patrick says:

    I just can’t comprehend how some people view a game missed due to injury as a sign of weakness or lack of desire. He played the full 90 in terrible conditions to open the season and, in the first half looked pretty good. I’d far rather have him take this game off, particularly since the forecast has a high of 44 degrees, not exactly conducive to getting and staying loose. Even if he just had a tight hamstring I’d sit him.

  50. Grant says:

    Agree on the Hertzog point. I’d like to see if he is for real.

  51. Chris says:

    I still think they have the depth to take 3 points from the Crew. It’s too bad they got rid of Salou Ibrahim, and some of the baby bulls too soon.
    I really hope the Henry injury isn’t more than a one week rest. I assume if the hamstring injury was bad enough, he would have been taken out of the Seattle game. It’s better to rest him for an early road game when many other players will miss the game as well due to national teams. At least we will get to see our new draft picks. Maybe John Rooney will make an appearance.

  52. Santi says:

    Bologna…This guy was still a stud at Barca when he played…Which wasn’t often enough. He can still be a force, but he needs to train harder as he gets older.

  53. This Guy says:

    BUST! is that soft enough for you?

  54. eric's PO'ed says:

    I am so F’ing tired of this shhhh… Anybody who takes up for this mysterious hamstring is just as bad as the becks an henry’s that come here to retire this is bs an i am soooo done after 10 years this is enough!!!

  55. DWB says:

    It’s not weakness,,,it is lack of preparedness..You hear about his great work ethic and then he is out after 8 minutes?

  56. Rehan says:

    He isn’t soft…He is more physical than most MLS strikers, but he does need to work on conditioning

  57. Will says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see John Rooney on the pitch at some point for the game. He can play AM or F.

  58. BrianK says:

    Two thoughts on this:

    1. Why is MLS playing on an international date? No Agudelo, Marquez, Ream, Richards? This is downright stupid.

    2. Henry,…here is the deal. TT is saying all the right things (winning, commitment, etc.) but he is living it up in NYC. He and some friends recently opened an eatery in the Meat Packing section of Manhattan. Me thinks he is more concerned with his party time and new business than how things go with Red Bull. He did nothing against Seattle. He is steaming toward the bust category! MLS should have a rule,…no team should be allowed to sign a DP over the age of thirty.

  59. solles says:

    Luke Rodgers!

    (chuckle snort)

  60. Brian says:

    Awooooga! Awooooga! Sound the alarms!

  61. Starla says:

    You can play 2 games a week so there is no problem at all to fit all the mls games and cup games in there and still take time off for fifa dates and a full month off for the gold cup / world cup. Other countries playing same season and even more loaded schedule can do it.

  62. Northzax says:

    But then again, the match is in Columbus, all their players will be around.

  63. mase says:

    +1…i agree i think he netted 17 goals one year b4 Pedro basically took over his spot

  64. agnigrin says:

    and Yuri Djourkajef (sic)

  65. wanker says:

    You should have said Merde!

  66. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Why do I feel like this is the beginning of the end of a healthy Henry? And with all the call-ups throughout the season, RBNY may not be the easy favorite in the East that everyone is saying they are.

  67. Tim F. says:

    This must be incredibly frustrating for Thierry Henry. Get better soon!

  68. Front Row says:

    Once again, MLS buys an old fogy and suckers in season ticket holders. Henri was a joke last year and few would admit.

  69. Charles says:

    Wrong. The top 3 DP players

    1. David Beckham LA Galaxy $6,500,000

    2. Thierry Henry NY Red Bulls $5,600,000

    3. Rafa Marques NY Red Bulls $5,544,000

    That is WAY more than $10 million for DPs and I only grabbed the top three.