Liverpool 3, Manchester United 1: Match Highlights

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20 Responses to Liverpool 3, Manchester United 1: Match Highlights

  1. Taken says:

    Damn united. but hernandez destroy pepe Reina clear sheet and couldn’t save hernandez header. Hernandez bright future just needs more physical to push away bigger defenses. He atleast made a goal to make it look less bad.

  2. spencer says:

    Kuyt is a cherry picker extraordinaire, but as long as you are in the right spot at the right time it doesn’t matter, because he always gives it everything he has. I think he has more heart than skill.

  3. Warren says:

    They all count the same, whether cherry-picked or spectacular. Attempted ‘spectacular’ shots usually end up in 10th row.

    So real question is why aren’t more players trying to be in right spot at right time, aka cherry-picking?

    Anyway, good for Kuyt & his skill – at cherry-picking.

  4. shweazy says:

    safe to way that chicarito is the best player out of the region?

  5. Oog says:

    Always been a fan of Kuyt. Glad the hat trick came against ManU!

  6. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    The best forward surely, but Dempsey is doing more at Fulham with a lot less around him. Both players are having great seasons.

  7. SBI Troll says:

    What an assist by Nani! Pure class.

  8. Grant says:

    He may not be as “skilled”, as you put it, but he scored 3 goals. Did Berbatov, who you would consider more “skilled”? Did Rooney? Kuyt works hard every game, and his hard play puts him in good spots. Not one united player ran to get a rebound, don’t blame Kuyt for scoring an easy goal. Skilled or not, they all count the same.

  9. Jack Warner equal corruption says:

    Hernandez 10 goals in the league Dempsey 9 and hernandez with less playing time. Hernandez is the most consistent.player in the epl as of know.

  10. Mito says:

    Does anyone know what the record for the most goals scored by a concacaf player in the ELP? I know Dwight Yorke scored something like 18 goals for Man Utd.

  11. UnionCityAthletic says:

    Yeah I really hate to say it but he is the best player coming out of CONCACAF. The kid is an assassin. Phenomenal strike rate. Small guy but an absolute beast with his heading ability. I hope we can produce a player like this for our pool sometime soon. Agudelo perhaps?

  12. Steve C says:

    I don’t know what you mean by “destroy” ?? I mean, he scored a goal, yeah, but how does 1 ‘destroy’ a clean sheet?

  13. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Look who Hernandez has around him! Dempsey gets the ball now and he gets planted on him backside immediately. Put Dempsey alongside Berbatov and he’d have the same # of goals as Chicharito or even more. I don’t think its possible to say that one is having a better season than the other. Certainly dumbing down the issue to goals and number of match minutes gives you a pretty trivial solution.

  14. wally says:

    Suarez! unreal dribbling and pass on the first goal. Ives called it – Suarez is a nasty EPL player

  15. BenH says:

    I love little Rooster, but I don’t think Demps would be seeing PT at United. So there’s that to consider.

  16. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    they play different positions.

  17. BenH says:

    I know. And he wouldn’t be playing much because of who Demps would have in front of him. So it’s a difficult comparison to make.

  18. Taken says:

    Since it was 3-0 he could ended the game with out being scored on duh. If he wants to earn another golden glove then he can’t let that happen.

  19. Lazy says:

    In Epl I don’t know in la liga Hugo sanchez And concacaf.

  20. WK says:

    heh, i’m still laughing at his headed pass. just perfect/awful.