Friday Ticker: Mourinho attacked, Whitecaps sign DP, Starikov loaned, and more



Jose Mourinho may have more to worry about than catching Barcelona in the standings. Mourinho was the victim of an assult in La Coruna Friday afternoon, according to Cadena Ser.

Mourinho and a bodyguard were attacked by a knife wielding man, but the Real Madrid head coach was uninjured. The bodyguard was stabbed, but his condition is currently stable.

Here's some more news to get you through Friday:


The Vancouver Whitecaps are thin at forward, but help is on the way. 

French forward Eric Hassili will be joining the Whitecaps as the club's Designated Player Hassili, who joins the Whitecaps from Swiss club FC Zurich. Hassili scored a modest seven goals the last two seasons, but scored 18 goals in 2008-2009. The French forward will be the first DP in the club's short history. 

Vancouver had been desperate for a forward threat with only rookie Omar Salgado and veteran Atiba Harris on the signed roster.


Eugene Starikov is heading back to Siberia.

After signing a contract with Zenit St. Petersburg, Starkiov has been loaned back to Siberian side Tom Tomsk. Starikov made nine appearances for the club last season while scoring one goal. His play earned the attention of U.S. head coach Bob Bradley, who called the forward up for the January camp.


The Trinidad and Tobago Federation has been ordered to pay the World Cup bonuses to 13 members of the 2006 World Cup team. The Soca Warriors have been embroiled in a legal challenge since 2006 and will now receive a court ordered interim payment of 7 million dollars. The 13 members, who are to be paid include Stern Hislop, Shaka Hislop and Cornell Glen among others.


What do you think of these developments?

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23 Responses to Friday Ticker: Mourinho attacked, Whitecaps sign DP, Starikov loaned, and more

  1. shutupayouface says:

    love me some Stern Hislop

  2. Steve McSteve says:

    Jack Warner is a crook #thingsthatareobvious

  3. The Dude says:

    About time that the Whitecaps got another forward. They still need a speedy player to balance Harris, Salgado (in September), and now Hassili. But why did it take so long? And why did they pass up on strikers in the many MLS drafts? They could have taken Conor Chinn, for instance. IMHO, they’ve been way too picky, and now their scrambling for personnel. They’ll be kicking themselves come October.

  4. wc says:

    What about FC Dallas on the verge of signing 18 year old Fabian Castlilo as a DP?

  5. tnnelson says:

    who tried to stab him, Rafa Benitez?

  6. vik says:

    Hassili looks like a quality pickup. Good scoring record, and good size. Probably a good role model for Salgado as well.

  7. Bottlcaps says:

    Agree!!! I think the High Court Justice Rampersand was making an aside comment directed at Mr. Warner and the rest of the TTFF. Account for the missing MILLIONS, or face further action. As a High Court Justice and an officer of the court, he can refer the case to be prosecuted for fraud, corruption, or any other crime he feels may have been committed.

    Bu because this is a civil action, the Justice gave the TTFF a chance to amend the books to reflect the missing funds. Now how many indicted or convicted fraudsters or embezzlers were given a chance to get out of some trouble(although by amending/admitting funds were disbursed illegally, they could be in trouble) and possibly avoid serious charges?

    I personally think that Mr. Warner has used his position in the TTFF and FIFA to enrich himself and those around him. But then again, as was shown recently in the run-up to the World Cup Selection, this is a “de rigueur” practice at FIFA.

  8. AL17 says:

    I’m just happy that the Trinnies are FINALLY getting just reward for getting to the World Cup. Shame they had to wait so long to get paid but I’m glad it happened. However the article doesn’t state whether or not it’s TT$7 Million per player or to be split amongst the 13 players. Hopefully it’s per player.

    TT$7 Million is approx US$1.12 Million.

    TTFF made a hell of alot of money during their World Cup Appearance and like most federations, the players get the least amount of money. Truly surreal.

  9. Will says:

    Crazy Depor fan…

    On another note, while playing time is great, nobody can be too excited about being loaned to Siberian side Tom Tomsk…

  10. Nick says:

    It looks like Karim Benzema was pissed at off at someone.

  11. alex says:

    Dude, did you actually check this guys profile?

    That’s not scrambling for personnel, it’s actually getting something better than going rinky dink with expansion drafts and dealing with unproven players.

  12. Phil says:

    Siberia, huh? That’ll put some hair on his chest…

  13. Hdhf says:

    It was a Hitman send by barca.

  14. fischy says:

    If the reports are true, they’re paying a lot of money to get someone with a pretty thin resume.

  15. Nani says:

    VWC is already better than New England

  16. Steve says:

    Reason why Hassili only scored a modest seven goals last 2 years was because of a severe broken leg that he just came from. He’s scored 3 goals in the last 2 games. Over those last two years he’s had a strikerate of .4 goals/90 mins. And in 08-09 he scored 18 not 13.

  17. Such Mourinho is real man

  18. Brian says:

    I feel like the Whitecaps are going to be the worst team in the league

  19. Warren says:

    +1 duh

  20. Miguel says:

    Why is Vancouver adding such a crap DP?

  21. solles says:

    hey its already march, how bad could it be… P

  22. solles says:

    Jay DeMerit the new Alexi Lalas lol