MLS Ticker: FC Dallas lands Castillo, Portland signs Perlaza and Red Bulls add Tainio

Fabian Castillo (GettyImages)

A flurry of major player acquisitions were announced by Major League Soccer teams on Monday. Here's a quick rundown.

FC Dallas announced the signing of Colombian Under-20 striker Fabian Castillo from Deportivo Cali. Considering the significant dollar amounts being linked to this move, the 18-year-old Castillo will be expected to step in and be an impact striker.

The Portland Timbers made official the long-expected signing of striker Jorge Perlaza from Deportes Tolima. Already settling in as Kenny Cooper's likely strike partner, Perlaza brings a combination of size and speed that could help him challenge for MLS Newcomer of the Year honors.

New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe dropped a tasty nugget amid talk of team injuries when he revealed rather matter-of-factly that the club had signed Finnish defender/midfielder Teemu Tainio. A former Tottenham and Ajax player, Tainio steps in as arguably New York's most impressive off-season acquisition and gives the team depth at multiple positions, including right back and central midfield.

What do you think of these moves? Excited to see what Castillo and Perlaza can do in MLS? Confident that Tainio can provide a significant upgrade on the right side of the field?

Share your thoughts below.

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52 Responses to MLS Ticker: FC Dallas lands Castillo, Portland signs Perlaza and Red Bulls add Tainio

  1. Frank says:

    Ives, you posted this twice.

    Anyway, how can RBNY afford all these players?

    (SBI-All what players? They got rid of Angel, Petke, Stammler, Sassano, Boyens and have added Jan Gunnar Solli, Tainio and Rogers. The numbers aren’t a problem really. The key is getting European players to come play for modest money by European standards. If they are getting guys like Tainio and Solli to play for 200-300K then they’re doing something right.)

  2. dude says:

    POP! Fizzzzzz. Feel that?

  3. BellusLudas says:

    This is the most excited I have felt about a MLS season to date…lots of great acquisitions, expansion…and all within a rotten economy. Things are looking good.

  4. JL says:

    I think Frank’s question is in relation to the overall roster. You have lots of Euro guys on it, plus two DPs and then guys like Richards who has a nice size contract. I am curious to see what everyone is making this season, especially someone like Lindpiere and Meyers. Should be a fun list to see when the player’s union releases it.

    (SBI-The two DPs aren’t as much of an issue under the new CBA. Impact is less. Then you factor in number of rookies/homegrowns on small money, that savings is used on having more six-figure salary players.)

  5. wc says:

    Feel like this Fabian Castillo signing should be generating more buzz. Not because of the name, but because this type of financial commitment to international 18 year old is unprecedented in MLS history.

  6. Josh D says:

    Are Colombians the second largest group of players in MLS after the US?

    If we had an MLS World Cup, I think Colombia could field the strongest team…

  7. Ivor says:

    Ives – The $ makes sense in terms of being able to afford all of these new players given the low $ associated with most of the rest of the roster. My question is how the Red Bulls can fit all of these players into their 8 international roster spots (not sure if they traded for any additional ones). Even if a number of players have green cards, refugee status, dual citizenship or something else that qualifies them as domestics (assume that players like Sutton, Coudoul, tchani, Ballouchy, Borman and Chirgadze all fall into those categories), it still seems as if NY is well over the limit since most of the other 12 players just recently began playing in the US, such as Henry, Marquez, Lindpere, Solli, Tainio, Rodgers, Miller, Rooney, Robinson, Ibrahim, Paullio and Nielsen. I know that Ibrahim is probably a goner but it seems as if a few others would have to go as well.

  8. Mojo_Rising says:

    Wow, great signings.
    Have Toronto FC signed a player yet since Nathan Sturgis last fall?

  9. Dainja says:

    Nah, seeeen. Dem Yardi bwois gwon whirl a trouble for dem yankee bumbaclots. (in other words, Jamaica would smoke Canada in a MLS World Cup: Omar Cummings, Andy Williams, Dane Richards, ok i’ll stop there.) someone sound the Jamaican air horn when the beat drops!

  10. Dainja says:

    I meant Columbia, not Canada. Wow, that’s a whole additional flame-causing post. haha

  11. bob says:

    What is a Toronto FC????

  12. solles says:

    toronto flying chickens lol

  13. David says:

    Great point right here, someone putting money where their mouth is vis a vis ‘youth movement’

  14. The Dude says:

    SOOOOO happy we got Teemu. He’s been fantastic, and I can’t wait to see him at midfield. Don’t forget that Solli also plays RB. Lindpere and Tchani have been shaky this preseason, as has Solli. Only Richards and Ballouchy have impressed me at midfield, so things are still wide open.

  15. BrooklynFC says:

    as it looks right now the lineup on opening day will be as follows due to injuries:








    —————-Sutton Time—————

    Not bad if you ask me…..

  16. chris says:

    Yes MLS is finally spending money on international youth, not retired europeans. It will be a good year unless your a Toronto Fan.

    Am i the only one that thinks canada should make their own top soccer league? I just think it would help the NT so much better.

  17. chris says:


  18. CJ says:

    Any word on the whereabouts of Richie Williams & Des McAleenan? Think Williams will end up in DC again?

  19. Dainja says:

    Random note but…THERE’S A BROOKLYN FC?? haha. I’m sayin, i just moved to the Stuy and i was wondering how many Red Bull fans there are in Crooklyn. Maybe they can start having post game parties at the Applebuy’s on Fulton. 😉 “never takin shorts, cuz Brooklyn’s the borough”

  20. JohnC says:

    I think they just signed the janitor of Ajax, rumor is he has seen a lot of practices and games and really should bring an innate knowledge of the game that no North American Player could ever possess.

  21. Paul C says:

    I heard the deal fell through, he was asking for too much coin.

  22. Warren says:

    I could see a Canadian-only 2nd division.

    But for the national team, if the players can’t compete for MLS playing time..they aren’t good enough to get Canada into the World Cup.

    So no I don’t see a separate Canadian pro league helping.

  23. says:

    I actually like the Castillo signing, but something’s out of whack when a U.S. U-20 is worth about $100,000 per annum and a Colombian U-20 is worth ~500,000 per annum (give or take depending on the timing of the payments). Anyone else find that interesting?

  24. solles says:

    with what, 5-6 teams max? Canada doesn’t have enough people/big cities for pro sports leagues of their own, see MLB, NBA, NHL …

  25. solles says:

    Of couse I have forgotten the CFL. But so has everyone else! yuk yuk yuk

  26. Shmenge says:

    Don’t confuse salary with transfer fee.

  27. Juan from L.A. says:

    Castillo is probably the biggest signing so far from any club and you watch 5 years from now. If you guys think Montero was good and worth its hype. This kid is huge potential and considered a ‘diamante en bruto’ in Latin America. Kid stood out when he came over here with U-20 Colombia amongst his team and his opponents which at the time were the super hyped U-20 US and a worthy and competitive U-20 Mexico. In the recent finished U-20 qualifiers in South America, he was injured, but he showed his potential. Mark my words, Europe will come asking for this kid and MLS will make a huge profit out of it. This is good for FC Dallas and the league as it will continue to bring the future Patos, Neymars, etc to our league even if they are Colombians or other nationalities.

  28. Jake says:

    I’m not confusing the two. I’m saying all in (transfer + salary) MLS is prepared to drop (I bet) close to 500K this year on Castillo. It looks like he’s a beast, just risky that’s all.

  29. JoeW says:

    1. I agree that the signing of Castillo is big: b/c it’s like signing a Montero–a player who is young, should only get better and can potentially be sold for big money. That said, remember that most foreign signings end up as disappointments or worse.

    2. What impresses me about many of the RBNY signings is that they’re versatile: Lindpere, Marquez and now Tainio are all players who easily cover multiple positions on the field. Why does that matter? If you’ve got a small roster (as all MLS teams do) and a tactically astute coach (like Backe) than having a guy who can start at central mid but slide to the left (like Lindpere) or start on the backline but move to midfield (like Marquez) gives you a lot of ability to either make adjustments easily in games or create tactical mismatches on the field for the opposition.

  30. Peter says:


  31. Peter says:

    RBNY is the team to beat.

  32. Jon L says:

    where have yo been the past 5 years…

  33. Unai says:

    Most talented team…but RSL is the team to beat

  34. Hector says:


  35. Peter says:

    Too bad they don’t play each other till August.

  36. GSScasual says:

    frank, you just got served a hot plate of rejection…. how does that feel?

  37. fischy says:

    This gets to a question I’ve been asking for awhile. In the past, the salary cap covered a team’s entire roster, except for homegrown players and GA players. This year, the cap was increased to $2.67 million, but it seems that it doesn’t have to spread out to all players. The league has limited the a cap, now called a budget, to a a group of 18 or 20 players on each roster.

    Just looking at the numbers, it stands to reason the Bulls have more cap room to play with — the increase and the limitation to just 18 or 20 players, instead of 24 last year.

    What I don’t get is what criteria is used here. Are teams limited to 20 players who aren’t exempted under other rules? There are homegrown players, GA players, and now, apparently, any player younger than 25 years old. Are they the only players allowed in the back half of the roster — the up to 12 players that don’t count against the cap? Or, can a team simply designate which 18-20 players will be under he budget limit and which will not?

  38. fischy says:

    I don’t think anyone knows how much money he’s getting. The one thing you can be sure of is that the initial reports of $700k – $800k are fantasy. That’s probably more than the total value of the contract over years and the transfer fee/

  39. El Fur de' Ball says:

    Jorge Perlaza will be the best signing of all of these. Steps in and will be one of the fastest/skilled forwards in MLS. 15 golazos last year for Tolima, League champion. Along side players like Kenny Cooper and Darlington Nagbe, Perlaza is going to star.

  40. Justin O says:

    It would be easy to blow away Columbia. I don’t think they have any players. Harvard and Brown yes, but not Columbia.

  41. Brian says:

    I understand what you said. But you just confused the hell out of me.

  42. WendellGee says:

    Yeah….I can hardly imagine a country with 33 million people, and the number of urban centers Canada has, having their own first division soccer league. That’s unimagineable.

  43. Brian says:

    How many teams would this hypothetical league have?

    I’d say given the population size of some of Canada’s cities, you couldn’t get more than 12 teams in a Canadian league.

    Not to mention this isn’t taking into account that soccer is probably at best Canada’s 2nd or 3rd favorite sport (after hockey, and about the same level as the CFL), the lack of stadiums in some of the cities, and of course the need for investors, or the fact that on the Whitecaps and TFC there is a GRAND TOTAL of 10 Canadian players, and even if you count Montreal the total only comes to 18.

  44. StevenG says:

    And Tolima just let a great goalscorer like that leave on a free transfer? Any idea why?

  45. Ferris says:

    I wonder if there is some criteria about players not counting toward the cap and whether they mainly play for the first team or the reserve squad?

  46. jason says:

    DAMN! All this talk…I am SUPER excited for this season! MLS just keeps getting better each year. Here’s to MORE fans, MORE goals, and MORE thrilling games! Oh, and I hope MLS/FIFA fire Jair Marrufo.

  47. AppurSiMuove says:

    Not real happy with Sutton at GK. Open Cup games, yes. League? Might be a stretch.

  48. giaco says:

    Loved Teemu at Spurs. Will not like seeing him in a NJ kit….especially against the Fire.

  49. wc says:

    If the rumored 700k amount includes the transfer fee and his salary for three years that almost certainly makes him the highest paid, non-Adu, 18 year old in league history.

    Considering Cali was asking Benfica for 1.6 million Euros, I think it’s reasonable to assume FCD is spending decent money – even for just 50% of a future transfer.

  50. BrooklynFC says:

    Im not happy about Sutton starting either but Backe thinks bouna is hurt and probably wont be ready for opening day.

  51. BrooklynFC says:

    On train rides back from games there are quite a few fans…. you should check American Outlaws Brooklyn… they meet in Bay Ridge for USMNT games some of those dudes are Red Bull fans…. There really isnt a Brooklyn FC, though I wish that is where the Cosmos ends up. I think there is a PDL team that plays in Ridgewood Queens that is called a Brooklyn Team

  52. Dainja says:

    say word? that’s cool. I’m a way bigger USMNT fan than Red Bulls fan, so maybe i’ll try to link with the Outlaws group. I’m definitely going to that Argentina game. Should be bananas. Anyway, wish there was a Brooklyn pick up soccer league to play in. I just moved here from ATL. I suck, but its fun to run around.