MLS Week 1: Match Day Rundown



Major League Soccer is back, and it's back with some new friends.

The Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers will make their MLS debuts today as the Expansion class of 2011. The Whitecaps will open their season against Canadian rivals Toronto FC, while Portland will be in Colorado to watch the Rapids make their debut as reigning MLS Cup champions.

There are plenty of entertaining match-ups in the first week, with the Seattle Sounders looking to shake off their opening loss with a win at Red Bull Arena, while Charlie Davies is set to make his first professional first-team appearance in 17 months when D.C. United plays host to the Columbus Crew.

SBI will be covering three of tonight's matches live, with Avi Creditor and Thomas Floyd at the D.C. United-Columbus match, Adam Serrano and Jonathan Vera at the Chivas USA-Sporting Kansas City match and Michael Nastri and I at the Red Bulls-Sounders match. We will have live commentaries from all three matches. Feel free to share thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play for the rest of tonight's matches in the comments section below.

Here is a rundown of all of this weekend's matches:



Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC (6pm)

The Whitecaps make their MLS debut at home against a rebuilt TFC side. Designated Player Eric Hassli will get to show what he can do, while we get our first glimpse at the cast of little-known internationals brought in by TFC.

D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew (7:30pm)

Two teams that appear to be heading in opposite directions square off as a revamped D.C. side take on a rebuilding Crew team that isn't quite done tweaking its roster. Charlie Davies' D.C. debut will be the headliner, but Andy Najar will also be looking to build on his impressive Rookie of the Year-winning first season. For Columbus, the Crew will be looking to show that it's youth infusion and rebuilding process won't mean a forgettable season for the Crew.

New York Red Bulls vs. Seattle Sounders (7:30pm)

Thierry Henry and Juan Agudelo will get their first chance to work their magic together, but a hungry Seattle side coming off a season-opening loss will be hungry to avoid a two-match losing streak to start the season. 

Houston Dynamo vs. Philadelphia Union (8:30pm)

Eastern Conference rivals square off (yes, admit it, that will take some getting used to). The Dynamo will show off a rebuilt defense and some promising rookies against a Union side that brought in a strong group of veterans to solidify a squad that went through its expansion growing pains in 2010. 

FC Dallas vs. Chicago Fire (8:30pm)

MLS Cup finalist FC Dallas sets out to show 2010 was no fluke with an opening win against a Fire team hoping to make people forget last season ever happened. Can reigning MLS MVP David Ferreira spin some more magic in the opener, or will Sean Johnson pull off some of his dynamic saves to keep Chicago in the game?

Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers (9pm, Fox Soccer Channel)

 The Rapids lift a championship banner on the same night the Timbers make their MLS debut. Portland head coach John Spencer will be facing a Rapids team he once starred for, but now he'll be leading a Timbers attack that could be dangerous. The Timbers defense will have their hands full trying to contain Omar Cummings and Conor Casey.

Chivas USA vs. Sporting Kansas City (10:30pm)

Sporting KC unveils a new look as well as a new striker in Omar Bravo, who should provide a stiff test for the rebuilt Chivas USA defense. Can former Kansas City captain Jimmy Conrad gain a measure of revenge against the team that cut him loose last winter?

San Jose Earthquakes vs. Real Salt Lake (10:30pm)

One of the best matches of the day features reigning Golden Boot winner Chris Wondolowski against the stingiest defense in the league in 2010. Real Salt Lake could feel some fatigue after playing a CONCACAF Champions League match on Tuesday, but RSL is deep and dangerous enough to test a San Jose defense that was surprisingly stingy at home last season.


Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New England Revolution (8pm, Galavision)

The Galaxy opened the season last Tuesday with a 1-0 victory, and now LA returns to the Home Depot Center, where Juan Pablo Angel could make his Galaxy debut. New England will be looking to show off a revamped defense that will need to be strong considering New England's attack still looks to be lacking a bit of punch.


Which match-ups are you most looking forward to? Which game do you see being the best of the weekend? Excited to see Portland and Vancouver making their debuts?

Share your thoughts on today's matches in the comments section below.

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65 Responses to MLS Week 1: Match Day Rundown

  1. JA says:

    Anyone have a stream for the DC United game? I want to see Charlie…

  2. Crosebud says:

    Is Juan Agudelo expected to play for New york tonight?

  3. StevenG says:

    Not covering TFC-Whitecaps Ives????

  4. Billy D says:

    Red Bulls will destroy Seattle and their shoddy finishing…They better try to bring Nkufo back!

  5. Qwerta says:

    This is the most unpredictable match…It will be interesting to see how these teams come out. One thing for sure is Empire Field will be rockin.

  6. Footy Man says:

    Free preview on TV

  7. Brad says:

    Which Juan should I start in my MLFS team…you know, the NYC or LA Juan?

    BTW: I have figured out how I will get on national TV in Detroit for the GC. The sign will read: Canada can keep Wayne, because we have the Great Juan.

    Yeah, thats happening.

  8. StevenG says:


  9. dakota says:


  10. kfly says:

    Vamos United!! I couldn’t be more excited for tonight’s game!

  11. Z Dog says:

    San Jo/RSL looks like the match of the week…

  12. Les P says:

    How about putting “AT” instead of “VS” so we know where they will be playing…

  13. Starks says:

    Does anyone know the type of ratings the Galaxy V Sounders game drew for opening night?

  14. Starks says:

    I am really looking forward to the season and hopefuly the Red Bulls can stay healthy and make it to the Cup this year.

  15. Abiatti says:

    If healthy, JPA will get 2 vs awful NE

  16. Vic says:

    Hopefully Davies is ready to start

  17. Silva says:

    PDX has a chance against the champs…They have been playing well and Larentowicz is ailing for the Rapids.

  18. Andrew says:

    I am so excited for the season to start. Let’s go Quakes!

  19. Silva says:

    I wonder what kind of lineup Yallop will use. Salt Lake is in a vulnerable spot here.

  20. StevenG says:

    Something like 680k viewers.

  21. Starks says:

    680K viewers? Is that official, and is that good compared to last year?

  22. James says:

    I think there was more then 680K viewers….these ratings are not exact science FYI…..

  23. Jacob ATL says:

    Most NBC NHL games get about 400k, I think is what I read.

  24. Becks says:

    TV listings???????

  25. jim in Atlanta says:

    no links to theses matches for those who don’t have theses channels?

  26. jim in Atlanta says:

    these lol

  27. Kevin says:

    Come onnnnnnn youuuu Quaaaakes!

  28. Brian S says:

    I think the most compelling thing about this season is how many people are excited for it to start. I think it’s great that our league is starting to have different story lines and rivalries that other leagues have. I think this is going to be the best MLS season to date and I for one am pumped for it to begin.

    Also, I love the free preview weekend for Direct Kick!

  29. Dylan B T says:

    streams not showing up in the regular places… uh oh. help?

  30. kfly says:

    Davies not starting for United tonight. Instead, Wolff and Ngwenya will partner up top :S

  31. KC says:

    Anyone with Direct Kick getting no sound for the Whitecaps broadcast?

  32. CSD says:

    That’s better than my MLS Matchday Live with a Video Failed to play message.

  33. Brian S says:

    Stupid metric system. I have no idea what the temp is there. What temp is 8C in real weather?

  34. Brian S says:

    Are there any other teams that play on recycled Sprite bottles or are the Sounders the only team playing on turf now?

  35. VCap says:

    No sound on Directv HD Channel 470-1…Trying to phone them but nobody picks up…

  36. h Bon says:


  37. johnc says:

    it was double the viewership from last year.

  38. Streams for NYRB game?

  39. KC says:

    I have Directv too, sucks to watch without sound.

  40. Sam's Fan says:

    Matchday Live is also not working for me. Glad I paid that $40.

  41. Jacob ATL says:

    I’m on hold with comcast right now. They’re telling me the free preview isn’t until next weekend. I’m pretty interested in buying the package anyway, but I’m trying to figure out if the games are in HD. They PDF of the schedule on the inDemand website says so, but not my channel guide. Can anyone help me out?

  42. VCap says:

    Finally sound is on

  43. Brian S says:

    Sold out and a great atmosphere. I don’t know how much can be attributed to them playing TFC but it seems like a great fanbase

  44. jim in Atlanta says:

    I see the same thing so I’m not sure. I don’t get how it would be in HD if there is no HD listing. I want to watch the games but I’m not going to pay for something that isn’t in HD when I can find a link…hopefully.

  45. 1Q says:

    Hassli is a beast, but De Ro gets one right back…Nice action

  46. Jacob ATL says:

    Especially when I can buy the internet package that streams HD, for half as much

  47. A-Lott says:

    This Vancouver-Toronto game has been entertaining through the first 24 minutes. Some quality play from both sides.

  48. El Tri says:

    Most people were ready for the White-Out save for a few TFC fans sprikled in

  49. RoryD says:

    I have the free preview this weekend (Dish) and it looks like none of the games tonight are going to be broadcast in HD. I can confirm for you that the VAN-TOR match is not in HD.

  50. Youri says:

    This Pimiento guy is pretty darn good

  51. jim in Atlanta says:

    which internet package are you looking at?

  52. 1Q says:

    Directv Games are in HD…You should contact them

  53. Jacob ATL says:

    MLS Matchday Live

    I used it last year and it’s pretty nice, but I like to be able to watch the games on my tv and still have use of my computer.

  54. Knocka says:

    it was promoted well…Hopefully ESPN keeps it up

  55. Pimiento Guy says:

    Thank you

  56. D Will says:

    Vancouver seems to be using that garbage on their temporary field…but even so the surface plays much than what happened on Tuesday

  57. jim in Atlanta says:

    right, that’s what I’m looking at now. It’s $40 trying to decide if it’s even worth it though.

  58. says:

    And then Ben Olsen killed everyone’s buzz…

    I’ll be watching some hoops tonight.

  59. jim in Atlanta says:

    This no link thing is a bit annoying!

  60. Dylan B T says:

    get out the credit cards tfc cuz yall gettin blowed out. real impressed with hassli and teibert.

  61. Harley says:

    De Ro needs the braids back…That hair is awful!

  62. Gil says:

    Their attacking style is fun to watch

  63. KC says:

    Is the Union/Dynamo being broadcast by Cell Phone camera? Worst broadcast ever.

  64. Alibaba says:

    Dynamo dont want people to see that awful offense…

  65. Brent McD says:

    Carlos Ruiz is still a punk. He should have been sent off for an elbow to Andrew Hainault’s head.

    Dominic Oduro still can’t hit the broad side of a barn. He has pace and nothing else.