The Latest from Special 1 TV

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11 Responses to The Latest from Special 1 TV

  1. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I LOVE this show. But this is certainly not one of the funnier ones. Bummer.

  2. spencer says:

    Not as good but it ended well, and was there not one last week?

  3. CJ in OC says:

    true. true. but it had its moments: wenger making up injuries for his players; wayne threatened by JT. i didnt rofl, but i had a laugh.

  4. FulhamNick says:

    Love when they bring Crouch in and make him like 3 times taller then everyone else

  5. Colin Ferguson says:

    First couple minutes were weak but the last minute and a half was pretty awesome. “Gaffer my bed’s not big enough”

  6. MesaATLien says:

    Wow, it looks like they changed the Wenger puppet. It looks horrible now.

  7. Igner Ant says:

    Well, they can’t all live up to the standard set by last week’s live show. And the Crouch moments are always funny.

  8. AJ says:

    Anyone else notice that the volume control goes to 11?

  9. DML says:

    Loved it. England camp gone mad. Wayne was brilliant as always!

  10. Supsam says:

    how could you not laugh at Wenger’s attempts to make Cappello not play his arsenal players hahaha

  11. John says:

    yeah, someone says that every week lol