New York Red Bulls vs. Seattle Sounders: Match Night Commentary

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The New York Red Bulls are ready to kick off the 2011 season tonight by taking on the Seattle Sounders at Red Bull Arena (7:30pm, MSG).

The Red Bulls will be looking to build on  strong 2010 that saw the team rebound from a last-place finish to complete the regular season in first place. The Sounders come in looking to erase the bad taste of a season opening loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy last Tuesday.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along with the action here. As always, feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


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47 Responses to New York Red Bulls vs. Seattle Sounders: Match Night Commentary

  1. ec says:

    Hopefully MLS’s online viewer gets its act together and works for this game, tried to play the Vancouver-Toronto game but it just gives me an error. Rough way to start a year of MLS watching…

  2. Glass says:

    Links? atdhe doesn’t seem to have any.

  3. Darwin says:

    I’m pissed about that one, and have my fingers crossed too.

  4. wwaw says:

    oook i just bought matchday live and none of the videos are loading.. anybody else have this problem?

  5. Floho says:

    Nightmare start of the season for SSFC

  6. DavefromNewcastle says:

    That is he very reason why I wait till about the 3rd week to get it.

  7. mike says:

    oh it looks like the matchday live might actually work for ny vs seatle

  8. ec says:

    Yeah, it finally game me a “The game will start soon” screen

  9. K-Town says:

    Oh Snap MLS! PIP works!!!!! I am watching both games and can switch back and forth on Match Day Live!!!!!!

  10. GMD says:

    RBA arena empty again. Wow. That’s pretty sorry NY.

  11. RSLRob says:

    That was a terrible penalty call for Agudelo. Didn’t realize being struck by the turf after you slip is considered a foul nowadays.

  12. ec says:

    Nice ball movement early for NY. I have no issue rooting for whoever plays attractive soccer, and hopefully this is a good omen for a fun season.

    Also, nice to see Keller still capable of playing big. Game on!

  13. bkmelendez says:

    Found the Toronto-Vancouver game and hopefully we’ll see the second half of the NY-Seattle after it.

    link to

  14. bkmelendez says:

    Ok the broadcaster just changed it to NY-Seattle.

    link to

  15. ec says:

    The official MLS pass is $40 for the year. Totally fair and better quality than a pirate stream, and all 3 games in progress work for me now.

    I’m really glad Agudelo gets to play next to Henry, great situation for hm to develop.

  16. abc says:

    So basically where we’re at is Charlie Davies isn’t even starting for DC United, who were the worst team in the league last year, and are starting three forwards…. :-(

  17. set says:

    Ballouchy blows!

  18. Rob says:

    The IPad stream is blacked out. I am in an area with no MSG right now so I paid $40.00 for nothing. Very dumb and I am pissed. Don’t buy if you want to watch on IPad

    Also, DC game is blacked out as well. Wasted $40.00

  19. ec says:

    I wonder if it a flash thing? I know you have to have Microsoft Silverlight to play in Firefox, but I don’t know enough to say if that’s a problem for the iPad. I’d check to see if you do/can install it.

  20. ec says:

    Quality soccer, good show by both teams and for MLS. Disappointing non-sell out, but pretty lively crowd. Hopefully it’s because it’s a big March Madness night, but if NY can’t consistently sell out with this team, you have to worry.

  21. Rob says:

    Naa the app says the game is blacked out and to check my local listings.

    The whole point to the matchday live app was to watch streaming on your iPad, or so they said in the description.

  22. Dylan B T says:

    I love Agudelo but he goes down easy and that was a complete dive.

  23. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Didn’t go down easy on that goal did he buddy?

  24. StevenG says:

    All the games today have been fantastic!

  25. justink says:

    He is a future player for the national team and a real talent but-he does go down really easy for a US player. It probably is a good thing to have players who go down on the slightest of contact like iniesta at the world cup.

  26. ec says:

    +1 Love to see him have confidence in his game to get the goal and fight to win the ball instead of trying to draw a call. Classy way to open his MLS account.

  27. ec says:

    Big night for Charlie Davies!

  28. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Following on the Mosaic feature on MLS Matchday. Money well spent…games are great.

  29. Drew says:

    He goes down easily when he thinks it will benefit him. The composure on the ball on that goal was anything but going down easy.

  30. james says:

    and mls wants a 2nd team in the nyc area.

  31. JoeW says:

    Unless of course you’re a Columbus fan. : )

  32. Revlin says:

    Seattle’s defense is much improved with Hurtado back, but Montero can’t do all the finishing himself.

  33. Guerito says:

    How is Tony Tchani not starting over this guy? And where is Bouna? Sutton is so pedestrian.

  34. patrick says:

    not sure if you saw it, but on the goal, when the ball was played to agudelo, the defender was ALL over him, grabbing pulling etc. kid goes down, only when necessary

  35. Latte lover says:

    How could we lose to RBNY??? How can we be 0-2??We invented soccer! We invented MLS! We are the best fans in the world! We wear emerald green and drink lots of coffee! We hold our scarves high above our heads! We have Drew Carey! We’re a proper footy CLUB!!!! I demand a recount!!!!

  36. acj says:

    Local games are blacked out for 48 hours since MSG paid for the rights to broadcast the game locally. It has nothing to do with the ipad.

  37. acj says:

    Ives, can you ban this guy by IP? He’s just a troll digging for a reaction.

  38. BrianK says:

    Had a nice laugh at that.

  39. Rob says:

    There is no msg in this area, northern half of CT in Hartford county….

  40. Matt says:

    Had a laugh.

  41. Joamiq says:

    The fans at RBA don’t actually arrive late. I’ve attended sporting events in a lot of stadiums. Red Bull Arena has THE slowest employees, both at concessions and the ticket windows, of any stadium that I’ve ever seen. Today I spent over half an hour in line before the game trying to get some food before I gave up and went back to my seat empty handed. A friend of mine stayed in line and said that the women working concessions had trouble getting hot dogs into buns and was taking almost 10 minutes to serve each customer, even when all they got was popcorn and a soda. I’ve gotten to the arena 45 minutes early and failed to get through Will Call in time to be in my seat by kickoff. At kickoff tonight, there were almost as many people in the outer parts of the stadium as there were in the stands. In addition, today they were funneling people in through – literally – a 3 foot wide corridor, to give extra space to some guy on a motorcycle and some guy doing donuts in a sports car (I have NO idea what this was about). The security people are fast, but it took people forever to get in line for security because going through that narrow corridor was so slow. People aren’t going to be in their seats at kickoff until the Red Bulls fix these major logistical failings.

  42. BrooklynFC says:

    Preach, My girl wanted a coffee during halftime and we didnt get back to our seats in time for the goal…. luckily we made it out of the stairwell as the ball was going over top to agudelo…. That goal was beautiful

  43. BrooklynFC says:

    The thing that could help is if while you were standing in line someone was taking your order so when you got to the register all you had to do was pay

  44. Happy Camper says:

    Even with two people per stand, they are the S.L.O.W.E.S.T ever.

    Cash-register-people, need training. Seriously.


  45. BrooklynFC says:

    100% agree……
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