Ochocinco’s first day in Kansas City

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48 Responses to Ochocinco’s first day in Kansas City

  1. Ryan says:

    To anyone who was in attendance, how did he do?

  2. afc says:

    OK on some of the drills, didn’t do well in long range passing kept missing the equipment manager who he was meant to pass to.

    In the game he looked lost, not sure of what to do, no back passes though IIRC.

  3. lprevolution says:

    I like how football can turn anyone into a class act in front of the camera. He is truly respecting the beautiful game. Go Bengals!

  4. Sir Knox says:

    I hope he makes the team! It’s a longshot but success for him would be very cool

  5. dan k says:

    From what was shown he doesn’t look too awful… but again, that’s what was shown and i’ll take with a grain of salt. Definite room for improvement especially with an open mind that he seems to have, and he can be a decent player if he’s able to transform some of his athleticism into the game and get used to it… He probably won’t be on the team at all this year, even if the lockout went all the way through the season, but I can definitely see him maybe cracking a reserve team later on in the year.

  6. Matt S says:

    What are the chances that Kansas picks him up just for the simple overwhelming marketing aspect? It may be a gimmick and a dog and pony show but if it puts a few extra butts in the seats and sells a few more jerseys is it worth it? I wouldn’t see him doing much more then playing in the reserves and being a 90+ minute sub but maybe Kansas will take the risk instead of padding out their numbers on an extra random backup.

  7. Andy says:

    Wow! He gets it, he really gets it!

  8. Brad says:

    It just makes you wonder where we would be as a soccer nation if DeSean Jackson or Chris Johnson played striker, and Lebron James played centerback.

  9. afc says:

    Watching the interviews I can’t help but feel he wanted to play soccer all along. It is his true passion but american football was in a way chosen for him.

    Even if he doesn’t make it, at least he got the opportunity. He really is putting in the effort!

  10. BK says:

    It is in MLS’s and KC’s best interests to avoid looking like fools attempting to execute a cheap publicity stunt. Therefore we will only see video of Chad Johnson’s best attempts to play soccer. Those, my friends, were the highlights.

    I want to know who’s idea this really was. He says it was KC’s. KC says they were approached. Who should take the credit…ahem, the blame for this trainwreck?

  11. Troy says:

    Great for MLS that he tries out.

    Horrible for MLS if he makes any starting position (just by judging the comments of people who were there).

  12. United says:

    Wow! I am rooting for Chad Johnson. That is saying something.

  13. afc says:

    I heard 85 asked on twitter if he could tryout and Vermes only agreed after speaking to him on the phone.

  14. Kyle says:

    As much as I don’t think he will, I’m pulling for him to make it. He said he would play for free. Other than the roster spot that takes I don’t see the downside. People say that it will make our league look bad. At this point our league doesn’t look that amazing anyway so anything to get a few more fans or a few more kids playing soccer instead of football.

  15. Matt says:

    My opinion of him has changed, he’s not cocky and not a d-bag from what i’ve heard and read. If SKC thinks he should play, so be it. He’s willing to play for free so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Put him in against LA, SSFC, and RBNY for good effect.

  16. afc says:

    Scored a pk at the end of practice

  17. socnow says:

    If he’s really serious about playing – and playing for free – then once his trial his over he should go down to D2 or D3 and work on things there. It would be a great draw for the lower division team that signed him and would demonstrate sincerity that he’s willing to work his way up, if he develops the necessary skill.

  18. ko'd says:

    I like that he is humble and respects the game. His technical skills–passing technique–are very poor.

    But good form him for trying.

  19. Cosmos Forever says:

    From what I’ve read the guy has taken this seriously, so more power to him, even if it is a publicity stunt. SKC needs all the attention it can get.

  20. B1879 says:

    He’s actually been saying soccer is first love for a few years now. There’s probably a youtube video of him talking about it after he kicked an extra point in the NFL preseason last year.

  21. TGA says:

    i cut kids on the school jv team with more soccer skills. it was embarrassing to watch. pure publicity stunt

  22. ko'd says:

    Yea, I really don’t think he can play D2 or D3. He just doesn’t have the skills or technique. As someone said below, there are high school players that don’t make JV teams that are more skilled right now.

  23. Jase says:

    If he had been able to anticipate the lockout and had more time to hone his skills he probably could play at a PDL club with no problem. Some might sign him now just for publicity sake. NASL or USL Pro might be a little above where he could be at but if given the time I think he’s got the tools to play at that level.

  24. Jon in Quakes Country says:

    He may have love for the game, some skills that we don’t expect, athleticism, speed, and what not. But does anyone honestly think that he can the technical sense to play in a soccer system and succeed after being away from organized soccer for 10+ years? It’s not going to happen. If he really wants to get it done then I agree with a previous poster about going to a lower-tier team, but that just isn’t going to happen. He’s too old to try and get back into soccer.

    85, thank you for the publicity for the league. Please have a minority ownership in a team when you retire (or while youre playing) and help that market succeed

  25. Hopper says:

    I agree %100. There’s no way he’s good enough to even play in the USL, let alone MLS.

    I love the fact he has so much respect for the game, and now, if anything, he’ll have an appreciation for just how good you have to be to make it in MLS.

  26. Michael says:

    I think its really cool that he’s trying. I don’t see a problem with them extending his training stint with them a while as long as its mutually beneficial.

  27. hoosh says:

    This entire situation brings a smile to my face for a couple of reasons.

    1. Ochocinco has a loyal contingent of fans, and it could send a great message to his fans that soccer is a legitimate sport that their favorite WR enjoys playing
    2. Ochocinco is really enjoying himself out there
    3. His struggles further corroborate that MLS is NOT a mediocre league that any athletic individual can excel in. Putting to rest the thought that LeBron James could dominate in MLS.

  28. ManUfan1999 says:

    I wonder if he’s better suited playing defense instead of trying out for forward. He’s fast, strong, and read passes coming off of QB (attribute of a wide receiver). I bet Dane Richards would think twice about beating him down the flank if 85 is marking you. You would think these skills are more suited for a defender.

  29. stevePDX says:

    Couldn’t agree more, hoosh.

    That said, I do think it would be kinda fun to watch LeBron play ‘keeper on some corner kicks.

  30. KC fan says:

    DUDE! It’s Kansas CITY, not Kansas! This is not England….

  31. socnow says:

    Yeah, I didn’t mean he could start at D2 or D3. Just that he should “trial” there instead and IF signed maybe come off the bench very late in a blow out. And if anyone in USL/NASL ever did sign him, he would be a good draw… at least initially. D2/D3 is maybe the place for publicity stunts like this, not MLS.

  32. socnow says:

    Or sponsor some youth soccer camps so a kid now in the position 85 was in 18 years ago sees that American soccer can give him a future.

  33. wichin says:

    Nicely put. I know they want to use his speed at forward but as a defender he can run up and run back as well. Probably catch up to someone on a fast break and he would be excellent on set plays such as corner kicks to out jump everyone.

  34. ManUfan1999 says:

    I just think playing defense is a easier transition to make instead of trying to put the ball in the back of the net.

  35. JJ's shin says:

    Interesting to think about…he’s obviously in over his head as an attacker seeing as he has no ball skills, but if he learned some tactical awareness it’s possible he could be a decent right or left back in a year or so. Not probable but possible

  36. Starks says:

    to Chad,

    Best of luck my friend, I wish you the best and I hope at least you can make the team and at least sit on the bench and come into a game late in the game and experience your dream, whether it is the MLS or La Liga or EPL, the beautiful game is the best sport in the world bar none and I appreciate you as a fan of the game trying this out and I wish you the best.

  37. Oranje Mike says:

    I’m not going to hate on a guy for trying to live his dream.

  38. Brad says:

    Jon…I bet they said similar things about a track star from france that wanted to play soccer.

  39. I says:

    Based on this article in the Kansas City Star, SKC approached him…

    link to kansascity.com

  40. ACS says:

    It could be good for a USL or NASL team in need of money, even though Michael Jordan was horrible, I am sure he boosted the revenues of the Minor League team he played for.

  41. Tim says:

    IF KC isn’t getting a sponsor, they should put the #’s on the front like this

  42. ... says:

    i support this

  43. I believe it was the Birmingham Barons. They had some games broadcast in Chicago (or at least his at-bats), such is the power of his Airness.

  44. Rick says:

    Ding ding ding ding.

  45. MiamiAl says:

    10th grade soccer back in 1994? This is another Ochocinco stunt…

  46. Todd says:

    Respect to 85. Great job on the mic and he didn’t look half bad on the pitch.

  47. Johnny Thunder says:

    Cynicism is so pervasive these days. I used to put a lot of effort into staying cynical but it’s just a waste of time and is off putting to others. If his try out is a stunt, who cares? It’s exposure for MLS. I’ll take him at his word that he loves this game and is truly interested in playing for KC. His story is probably shared by a lot of other kids who grew up playing soccer but peer pressure eventually pushed them towards baseball, football or basketball.