Ream’s composure, passing impresses coaches, teammates in USA loss


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When Bob Bradley reflects on the U.S. national team's March camp, one of the major things he'll take away from it is the play of some of his younger players, and that doesn't only refer to Juan Agudelo and Timmy Chandler.

It also refers to Tim Ream.

In just his third cap for the United States, Ream once again demonstrated the type of calmness and composure on the ball that is rare among American centerbacks, helping the U.S. team dictate much of the flow in a 1-0 loss to Paraguay. He also put in a good 90 minutes defensively, dealing well with Oscar Cardozo and Hernan Perez.

"Ream certainly again showed that coming out of the back, his composure on the ball, his passing is a big plus," Bradley said. "His ability to size up options, play the ball forward, find midfielders, find advanced players, mix up passes, that's all good, and he continues to learn defensively in these games. But I thought he handled most situations pretty well tonight."

The 23-year-old Ream put forth arguably his best 90 minutes in a U.S. jersey thus far, connecting on the majority of his passes. Ream even hit a pass on one occasion after he slipped on the slick turf at LP Field, kicking the ball while on the ground to a teammate right before a Paraguay attacker got to it.

Along with initiating multiple attacks, the New York Red Bulls centerback also appeared to be an outlet players were comfortable passing to, maybe even a little too comfortable. There were a couple of instances where a Paraguay player was in Ream's vicinity and U.S. teammates still opted to pass it back to him. Ream repaid their faith in him, spraying pinpoint passes to the wings and to midfielders Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu and substitute Jermaine Jones.

"I thought he had a very good game. I thought he played very well," said Landon Donovan. "He is probably our best passer out of the back. He's comfortable with the ball, he's comfortable making decisions and I thought his defending was very good. He's another guy that if he keeps progressing he can help us a lot."

Ream said after the game that part of the reason for his success was due to him playing with the core group of U.S. players. In his previous two caps, against South Africa and Chile, Ream played with a much younger and less experienced side, so having talented players like Donovan and Clint Dempsey to release passes to made things simpler.

"I felt good. Obviously not as shaky as the first couple of games with the national team," Ream said. "All those guys make it so much easier. The way they move and just their whole positioning, it just makes everything easier, easier to move the ball. And there's so much communication, which for a young guy like myself is huge."

Helping his team keep possession is his forte, but Ream looked strong defensively as well. Granted, Paraguay mostly looked to hit back on the counter, but even when the South Americans tried that, Ream was up for the challenge.

That was something Ream really wanted to do, saying after the game that staying strong defensively is the biggest issue with how he plays.

One other issue Ream wanted to face head on was adjusting to the speed of play at the international level. Bob Bradley said Monday during his press conference that the speed was a bit fast for Ream at times, and the Saint Louis University product agreed following Tuesday's loss.

"Obviously it's going to be faster than MLS. To be honest, it was even faster than the January camp and the South Africa trip in November, so there is a little bit of a difference," Ream said. "But over the last 10 days in training, I think I knew that coming in so it wasn't so much of a shock."

Whether it be the speed of play or his positioning, Ream will need to continue to work on his game while with the Red Bulls. The Gold Cup is a little more than two months away from starting, and Ream is still fighting for a spot on the roster with the likes of the experienced Clarence Goodson and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Los Angeles Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez.

Ream, however, is confident that his three performances with the United States have boosted his chances of being selected for the Gold Cup.

"Look, I wouldn't be able to put a number on it, but I feel pretty confident without being cocky and saying I'm going to be there," he said. "The (chances are) as good as anybody else's, right?"

With his unique ability to accurately pass the ball and start an attack, his chances might be even better.

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90 Responses to Ream’s composure, passing impresses coaches, teammates in USA loss

  1. The Dude says:

    Dear Tim Ream, I love you. I love your passing. I love your composure. I love your ability to play possession soccer. Please replace Gooch or Demerit as soon as possible.

  2. Big Chil says:

    It impressed this fan, too.

  3. chewp says:

    I saw “reams passing” in title and was like… OMG finally a good cb gets a major cap and he dies!?!?

  4. gas huffer says:

    The Dude,

    Well said. Just, bravo.

  5. I agree. He was the bright spot of yesterday’s game. His distribution was excellent.

    (Even though I criticized the passing in another post, Ream was the exception from a position where we have struggled over the years)

  6. jpc says:

    his passing was excellent, I was actually more impressed that he seemed to be more athletic than I at least thought he was

  7. Big Chil says:

    Lol. Yeah, it does look like the headline is talking about Tim Ream’s sudden death, and how well the undertakers embalmed the body in a major loss to the USA team.

  8. Chris says:

    AHAHAH! I saw this too.

    Kidding aside, I was super impressed with hsi ability to distribute out of the back. THe way our defense handled the ball and actually created the attack, in my mind, is the biggest difference between this game and the Argentina game. And I didn’t mention the gulf in quality of Paraguay when compared with Argentina as the main difference, because both teams pressured our backs roughly the same.

  9. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s a lock for the GC- him, Agudelo, and Chandler sealed it with their performances in the friendlies, I think.

  10. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Demerit played well.

  11. boosted335 says:

    I haven’t watched this game yet but for the first time i was truly impressed with his game when NYRB faced that mexican squad in AZ this preseason. With that said there is ALWAYS at min 2 times a game where he gets beat 1v1 defensively.

    I recognize im the minority on this one but having a CB state that “staying strong defensively is the biggest issue of his game” Is a HUGE issue to me. I anticipate him only to get better but hopefully Bradley doesnt end the search for our CB until he gets a good look at other young talents like George John

  12. Chris says:

    His passing last night was the best on the team. Accuracy and pace of his passes are so fundamentally sound. Reminds me of a G. Pique type. Maybe once his comfort is there we may even see more of him on the attacking end.

  13. Ken says:

    No I’m not surprised at all. His club coach already said he will make it at the international level. Quote:
    “He has a future. I probably shouldn’t say too much, but Ream has a chance to be a national team player. He’s a center back who is comfortable and calm in possession of the ball. He plays a good passing game, he’s an excellent passer. A European-type center back who, I think, reminds me of Rio Ferdinand in the Premier League. Ream is strong tactically and never stressed, and of course he’s good in the air. He has a top-class attitude and spirit.”
    -Red Bulls coach Hans Backe speaking about Tim Ream, March 17, 2010

  14. Ty Keough says:

    Boca has been a great warrior but, when he came in, he went back to the “Row 17″ clearance style. With Ream’s arrival, hopefully, that will be a thing of the past.

    Fear the Billiken!

  15. boosted335 says:

    with that said I think hes jumped a lot higher on our depth chart after the performance of our CB’s during the Argentina game. Jebus that was embarrassing! They looked and played as panicky as I wouldve been.

  16. boosted335 says:

    lol what?? that headline would only work that way if he was a suicide bomber

  17. A.S. says:

    “but Ream looked strong defensively as well”

    Except on, you know, the goal that resulted in the loss.

  18. Phil says:

    so to all you tacticians out there:

    what I’m hearing is he’s an excellent passer who is slightly suspect on 1v situations. That said, does Ream line up/work side by side in flat a central back pair or does his passing and transitional ability shift him into a higher position, creating more of a diamond formation? Since I’m thinking 2014 as much as I am Gold Cup, I imagine that his skills will compliment a “big man/disruptor” like Goodson or Onyewu (who IMHO is not as washed up as many people seem to think) or even someone like Gonzalez and ‘boss down the road.

  19. Big Chil says:

    Ha! They changed the title. It used to read “Ream’s passing, composure impresses coaches, teammates in USA loss.”

  20. Phillip says:

    I love your scent, your musk. When all of this over, I think you and I should get an apartment together.

  21. Will says:

    Yeah, being thrown down by the attacking player would be the cause of that.

  22. Jack says:

    I’m happy that he’s getting the attention now that his skills deserve.

    However, don’t mind me as I, a RBNY fan, sit here in fear, waiting for a European club to scoop up him (and Agudelo) within the next few years.

  23. spencer says:

    It is good finally seeing some decent passing out of the back. I always dread when we drop it because I know whoever has it in the back will only waste the ball anyway. About time we get someone who has some ability.

  24. boosted335 says:

    Or we can find someone who is composed, passes well, fast, and is dominant in 1v1 & 50/50 situations..

  25. St. Addi says:

    Wow, I think you really need to watch both games again. The backs had no time on the ball against Argentina. I was very impressed with Ream, but to say he would have been as impressive in the Argentina match is really pushing it.

  26. A.S. says:

    That’s a sorry excuse. Defenders need to be ready for attackers to be physical with them, and need to have the ability to adequately mark their men even in the event that the attackers are being physical. Relying on the referee is not a sufficient strategy.

  27. St. Addi says:

    Lets be honest, that guy who “threw” Ream down, would have bounced right off of Gooch. As great as Ream was with distribution, he’ll have to learn to be tougher defending set pieces. You can’t expect to get that call there and in the end it was the difference in the match.

  28. Goalscorer24 says:

    I thought Ream played well, and right now I would prefer him over Gooch. Overall I thought the US played well, the only weak link is Left back. Bornstein does not cut it. Other then that I don’t think the US team’s issues are so much about the players anymore. Paraguay came out and played the way the US should play every game, which is with hard pressure on the ball. When we play against Mexico if we play the way we did against Argentina (bunkering), and don’t put heavy pressure on the ball carriers we will lose.

  29. Steve says:

    If Ream can play like he did yesterday, I am much more excited about the US team. There are certain things USMNT fans have come to expect from this team, good and bad. The good: no one out works them, an outstanding goalie, an offense that can put home set pieces on ocassion, unmatched speed/work rates from Donovan and Bradley, aerial superiority on the back line. The bad: inconsistent finishing leads to a reliance on set pieces, ocassional horrible turnovers leading to golden scoring chances, and being outpossessed by a 60/40 ratio or more.

    I think the trouble possessing the ball is often attributed to our midfield, but much of it has to do with passing out of the back. If Ream can provide us with a capable passer back there, watch our time of possession increase.

    But while

  30. baquito alyeska says:

    Fortunately, defensive positioning and situational defense is one of the more teachable/acquirable facets to the sport.

  31. Srgn02 says:

    Thanks for that

  32. Tony in Quakeland says:

    DId you actually see that play?

  33. Cubillas says:

    I have to agree with most commentary about the outcome of the game. I definitely expected the US to play with more aggressiveness since this game was a measure of how well we are as a team. We need a playmaker and that is something Bradley should be looking to address as the transitions from defense to offense were lame and uninspiring. Ream did impress with his accuracy and poise when passing the ball from the back. Our midfield failed to control the game even though we had decent possession. We must do better than this next time…

  34. gas huffer says:


  35. Primoone says:

    Dear Tim,

    Taking into consideration that you have yet to respond to the 100’s of letters (sprayed with my favorite cologne)that I have sent you…I will no longer write however, I will be attending all home games. I have just purchased a NY Red Bull season pass Directly over the tunnel that leads to the dressing rooms. Now you and I can be closer together while you do your thing…and I stare at you while you do your thing…I can’t wait!

    P.S. I can’t wait to see you at the Season ticket holders “Meet and Greet” function!

    XOXO – The Dude

  36. St. Addi says:

    It doesn’t matter that it was obviously a foul. There are fouls committed on most corners. He needs to be in complete control of that area and not get blindsided like he did. It’s better it happened in a friendly and I’m sure he will improve on it.

  37. KenC says:

    Now if they can find someone to replace Boca’s aimless booting of the ball. I cringed every time they played the ball to Boca out left late in the game. Not one of his crosses were dangerous.

    Thank goodness we are getting better passers in the game at all positions.

  38. Primoone says:

    Gooch nor Demeritt would have been thrown down like that, and if they had been they would have flopped and made it noticeable. Ream will develop that veteran presence in due time.

  39. Thorpinski says:

    This article is my worse nightmare come true. Ream will be a bust once he faces real competetion.

  40. patrick says:

    i hope you’re kidding. before he was subbed out against paraguay he was god awful

  41. A says:

    I really am at a loss for words when it comes to Gooch. Your center back should never have the passing abilities and agility of a high school goal keeper.

  42. patrick says:

    why is it a huge issue? Every player has things theyre great at, and things that they’re not so good at. I think what Ream meant was his 1v1 defending, becasue overall his positioning and play in the back has been great. And by the way, Ream is a far more capable CB than ream and has far more potential, not that George John is garbage by any means

  43. patrick says:

    oh, its going to happen, there’s no question about it. It’ll probably come earlier for Ream since he’s already got a year of MLS under his belt but both Juan and Timmy should enjoy their time in Harrison, as they won’t be there for long.

  44. Dennis says:

    Let’s not fault Ream too much for being thrown to the ground, I thought some of the other younger guys also were also caught off-guard by opponents roughing them up a bit (and Edu was surprised at least once). I recall that Hedjuk was pretty well man-handled in his firs USMNT cap way back when (by a U-23 Denmark team no less). Latter on he was more likely dish it out than receive it.

    I do not think the lesson will be lost on him, already Aguedelo looked more prepared to face physicality than he was against Argentina. I think it is more mental/psychological preparation than actually getting bigger or stronger that helps.

    As for passing, that has been an historical weakness of the USMNT backline. Lalas, Balboa, Pope, Agoos, Onyewu, Boca represent a long line of “clear it out first” players. Ream, Omar Gonzales, Lichaj, Chandler, ‘Dolo and even Bornstein are better passers than we had just a few years ago.

  45. Turgid Jacobian says:

    The sackcloth-and-ashes aspect of so many Nats “supporters” never ceases to tire.

  46. SBI Troll says:

    Demerit was subbed because he was injured.

  47. boosted335 says:

    1. A defender who isnt great at defending is a problem on the Interntl level. Hell its a problem in MLS! I agree he can and probably will get better but so far he hasnt. I wouldnt be so concerned if he wasnt our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. Unless hes moved to Dmidfield this should be an issue with every fan.

    2. I think you meant to say Ream is more capable then George John.

    If so I would ask you what do you base that on?

    Ive found John to have excellent touch and therefore as confident and composed on the ball as Ream. He distributes quickly and accurately plus he’s bigger, faster, and a much much better 1v1 defender and set piece threat.

    But probably the biggest difference in the two players is NO ONE TALKS ABOUT GEORGE JOHN.

    Dont believe me? MLS daily named him co-winner of the most underrated player award to end last year and just recently did an article entitled “the best young american defender under the radar-until now”

    If your serious about the future of the US team you should want him in camp competing.

    I hope Bradly’s radar isnt as jammed as most of our fanbase is.

  48. GW says:

    I don’t think any of our guys were caught off guard by the physicality of Paraguay.

    If you’ve played in MLS, the SPL or the EPL what Paraguay did should not have been surprising to anyone and if they couldn’t handle it well shame on them.

    What was surprising about the game was how awful Donovan ( especially his pathetic dead balls) was and how much off his game Clint was.

    If either one of those two was on their game we win.

    If both were on, this game might not hae been close.

  49. Turgid Jacobian says:

    I would agree that if either of the two was really on, we win, and both would’ve been a pretty nice game.

    I still think tat the play was not that disappointing. I really liked the new guys.

  50. Patrick says:

    Tim played alright in his 3rd game.

    The trolls on the other hand will always be in fine form.

    Lousy, pathetic trolls.

  51. patrick says:

    If his defending was that large of an issue, would he be getting called in ahead of others? His 1v1 defending isn’t his strong suit, it’s not a lot of central defenders strongsuit. No one ever said he was terrible, in fact I’m FAR more concerned about Chandlers defending than I am Reams.

    My assessment of John has come from watching him in a handful of games. From what I’ve seen he’s a promising player that possesses a lot of the attributes that ream has. I just see Ream as being further along in development than John, as does the US team apparently. His passing, particularly longer passes, doesn’t seem to be as good as Reams and I think his decision making while good, is a bit slower. Again, John is a good player, but if he was as good as you play him up to be, he’d already be with the USMNT. Hopefully he’ll be on the backline with Ream one day, that would be a nice combo

  52. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    There is a great interview with Chandler on 1.FC Nurnberg’s web site.

  53. patrick says:

    german i assume?

  54. Micah King says:

    His passing was awful in the game. No wonder we lost people were not even watching the same game yesterday. He has potential,but he is not there yet

  55. boosted335 says:

    1.John actually is on Bradlys radar and therefore (IMO) would likely been playing had he not missed camp for bone spur removal surgery per article.

    2.FCD and NYRB play a different system so (most times) Ream holds the ball longer looking like a QB in the pocket finding a passing lane in the D while John (mostly) gets the ball of his foot in 1-2 touches as FCD is always on counter. Both are excellent passers but the NY system lends itself to being recognized more for it.

    While a Ream/John combo sounds sweet I really want to see whoever outplays the other(s) in camp.

    Competition is the word. I only post hoping Bradly hasnt used pen on his roster list yet.

  56. Mike says:

    Man, some people are just never gonna be happy. It was a friendly people, losing happens, it isn’t the end of the soccer world as we know it. And for those people that take issue with positive stories about USMNT players, I have to ask: What would writing a bunch of negative articles about a game that was positive overall accomplish exactly? And if you really get off on trashing people, you know Jamie Trekker pretty much has that covered, right? I can’t even imagine what some of you would say if you were Argentina fans after the game with the U.S. I imagine it would be somewhere along the lines of, Messi sucks and should be kicked off the team because he can’t score against a backwater footballing nation like the U.S.

  57. Josh says:

    Too funny. But let’s be honest, we’ve got some good CBs. It’ll be when we FINALLY get a good LB, and the poor dude will die in the tunnel after the game.

  58. r.benjamin says:

    I agree. And it seemed he was more composed when he had Ream next to him. They seemed to be a good mix of raw get stuck in and composure.

    My question is.. Can Ream BATTLE in those games we need to. Like against Argentina and Spain.. anyone? I barely get to see him play and there was little battle yesteday.

  59. cudevil says:

    So when this site and numerous other media outlets (not to mention commenters) report that Ream was effective with his distribution from the back, they were all wrong and you’ve got it pegged?

  60. Idahosa says:

    you know instead of bornstein why didnt bradley bring gonzalez in??? i wonder and oh yea Tim Ream is a good player his passing was very precise and people tend to talk bad about the MLS we are making this talent

  61. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Ja! or yes..

  62. ManicMessiah says:

    We could do more to take advantage of Ream, which I don’t think happened enough in the Paraguay game. Our midfielders can push up the field because they don’t need to take the ball from basically the feet of our defenders, and that pushes up the forwards too. Maybe then our forwards won’t need to be coming to pick up the ball 35 yards from goal.

  63. Ceez says:

    @ErikAbarca, @nando31, and @Herb_Maldonado can testify…I called it from DAY ONE. From the very first day I saw him in an RBNY uniform I called him being on the USMNT in a year or two. This man is something special.

  64. Rob says:

    Naa they would have all committed hari-kari, and we wouldn’t have to deal with them….

    In all seriousness it’s good to be critical, or things will never get better. Compliantly is a bigger sickness that USMNT reports and fans have had over the last few years. That being said the few who go over board on criticisms are also hurting the process, because it empowers the compliant to staunchly defend their position, not allowing them to also see that there is a grey area that is correct.

  65. Brian says:

    I’m surprised at how much German I was still able to retain from high school. I understood most of it.

    Here’s the link for anyone interested:
    link to

  66. PetedeLA says:

    Ich bedanke mich.

    Nice interview. Short, but interesting.

  67. Champ Kind- Sports says:

    …. and when all of this is over, we should get an apartment together.

  68. GSScasual says:

    you should NEVER be allowed to watch or comment football ever again after that stupid post. Of course Ream’s passing was great…. not 1 bad thing about his distribution.

  69. Rob says:

    Complacency not compliantly….and complacent not compliant…. wow I need to stop posting on an Apple mobile device

  70. mbw says:

    That would be Boss, who will be there in 2014 if his developmental trajectory remains what it is now.

    I LOVE Ream and watch him play with NYRB every chance I get, but I think he’s at least 5-10% worse without the ball than any of the other top-choice centerbacks. If he ever develops Demerit-like tenacity in 1v1 he’ll be a really top-notch player. Until then, every time he takes the field I’ll have visions of the matador defense he played on Bobby Convey’s second goal last fall.

  71. marthac says:

    Id rather see Geoff Cameron on the backline than ream. Defensively hes a turnstile

  72. martha says:

    Because Gonazalez is too slow for the Intl game and horible on the ball. watch the USA Brazil tape and youll never ask that again

  73. d-bar says:

    I’m pretty sure Gonzalez is injured; he didn’t play in the huge LAG/RSL match. Also, how would that have helped at LB?

  74. Brian says:

    Uhhh Omar Gonzalez isn’t that good on the ball and his passing isn’t all that great, and I’m a Galaxy fan. And Boca has decent passing and ball skills. He’s better than Gooch for sure.

  75. A.S. says:

    Yes. What’s your point?

  76. Taylor says:

    its a refreshing sight to see a US centerback spraying thirty yard passes right to teammates, it was ver nice. as opposed to Guch hoofing it 70 yards away into space, like he’s afraid of the ball(i love him, but come on) as for Omar Gonzalez, i’m not drinking the kool aid quite yet. he’s a great physical specimen and can move for his size, but he looked like Guch 2.0 in his last outing, booting it as hard as possible with no destination. Ream can hopefully force him to be better with the ball if he wants to play anytime soon

  77. Jay says:

    George John’s problem is staying healthy. And I think for the future our CB combo is Ream and either Opara or Boss. Ream is prone to getting beat 1v1 so I think Bradley would want a physical beast that could compensate for that. If I had to guess barring something sort of player regression or injury our 2014 starting CB combo is Ream and Boss.

  78. HoboMike says:

    I love your musk.

  79. HoboMike says:

    Dammit, everyone beat me to it.

  80. Micah King says:

    Did I say I was right i just said people were not watching the same game. He was very shakey on the ball.

  81. Drew says:

    Did Ream just leave the last 78 comments… Its funny how everyone is all over this kid after 3 caps… The sight of any new fresh face on this team and we forget about everything that Onyewu has done… Last i checked Onyewu is still playing top tier football and earning HIS spot on the team… lets not let some kid that plays for the redbulls, immediately erase what Gooch has done… Games against S. Africa, weak Brazil side, and Paraguay and this kid is the next Ferdinand? Let’s chill and let him earn his spot… He might be able to pass but he still lets players slip behind him and body him… We need to Focus on replacing Cherundolo and Boca for now…

  82. Micah King says:

    Your stupid for thinking his passing was good. If it was so good how come his brilliant passing did not lead us to a goal. -___- How come he could not do a long pass over the Par defense then someone runs on and score. So my point is right.

    (SBI-Micah, you’re entitled to your opinion but calling people “stupid for disagreeing with you is pretty childish. Also, you might want to ask yourself why most journalists, and most USMNT players, all agreed that his passing was stellar. You seem to be living in serious denial if you’re going to ignore that. Argue that his defending wasn’t stellar, but to sit here and keep insisting his passing was bad makes me seriously question what game you were watching.)

  83. HoboMike says:

    Why doesn’t anyone place any blame on Demerit for not clearning the ball????? For god sakes, he had a direct line on the ball, and turned his head and closed his eyes at the last second, resulting in a whiff. He’s gotta be able to clear that, IMO.

  84. CroCajun says:

    My only question of Ream…

    We score most of our goals on set pieces. Two of our best headers are Boca and Gooch. Taking one of those guys of the field is a huge offensive loss.

    Is the distribution worth the aerial loss?

  85. Chicago - Scott says:

    This is crazy.. Tim Ream is not that good!!!! He is going to be the next Bornstein of the National Team. :(

  86. Micah King says:

    So I get attacked and I defend myself and its childish ? How ? He insulted me first so I insulted him back. How was Reams passing stellar ? He passed the ball to Paraguay a lot of times. He was very shakey on the ball and looked nervous. His poor defending as well as demerit made us concede. Chandler and Jones were good. Donovan was good also. Jones tackling and passing was far stellar and superior to REAM.

    (SBI-Micah, maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anybody calling you stupid (I stand corrected, after a search I did find a “You idiot”, which I removed. Stand by your opinions, but pulling out the “you’re stupid” line was a bit much, even if someone comes at you. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    As for Ream’s “poor defending” on the goal, he got pulled down and no foul was called. If that’s what your basing your entire premise on then you might want to reconsider. Then again, it seems clear you’re set in what you believe, even if nobody agrees with you. So tell me, do you think the world is flat too? Haha.))

  87. Micah King says:

    Okay so Ream did have one good pass to Edu which he gave to Dempsey them Dempsey took a wack and the keeper caught it. That is all I saw good.GSScasuael called my post stupid. He also said I should never be allowed to comment again or watch soccer becaue my post is stupid. Just because I state my opinion on a post, I get attacked and the post is called stupid. That is immature too.

  88. MiamiFCforever says:

    Its awesome to see the soccer i.q of the fans getting higher. Now a days everyone (just about) knows that cb’s in the mold of gooch (spray and pray it goes out or to a teamate)are not the answer.

  89. ptk says:

    its funny all the DeMerit bashers out there… just proves that anyone can voice an opinion. if you were playing brazil or argentina, (oh wait we did) who woud u want back as the last line of defense one on one? Goodson? Ream? sure Ream was good on the ball and passing, but against paraguay? really? Are you so quick to hand him the heavyweight title? And for those than think DeMerit is NOT good in the air….BB NEVER lets him go up on set pieces!! Have you seen what he can do with Watford? or how about with Vancouver? he had 3 headers and 2 on goal in his first game…

    Oh and before he was subbed out with an injury he managed to almost score on his last play of the half..perhaps you missed that too..

    So mush talk on here about, “one bad play” or “one bad pass” that u miss the other 89 minutes and overall picture of the next few months or years. Everyone is going to have a bad game.

    So heres my summary:

    Best CB— DeMerit

    why? Because BB HAS to play Carlos because he is the captain and solid. DeMerit played his way into the starting lineup after being shunned for a year or so… the problem is Gooch. He must have something on BB that he keeps starting. Jay lacks soccer skill and some passing ability, but im not sure Gooch EVER connected on a pass. headers out of bounds, kickball to the corners and he cant jump anymore. Would u want him chasing down Messi? bradley was in a #’s crunch and had to Jay, but also played Gooch forcing Carlos to the outside in a spot that cant be filled as of now. Weren’t the US THAT much better with Jay and Carlos in the back? Yes i know, they lost to Ghana, and both were on the highlite reel for the winning goal, but can you blame them?

    Weren’t the US the comeback kids of the Cup? I’d like to see any of you try defending for 70 minutes…. perhaps the REAL problem is up front. No one can consistently put the ball away.

    So go ahead, by all means, put Goodson and Ream back there…. Chicharito will have a summers worth of highlites!