Red Bulls/Sounders Ticket Contest


Attention New York Red Bulls fans. If you're hoping to go to Saturday's season opener against Seattle at Red Bull Arena but don't have tickets, today could be your lucky day.

SBI is giving away two tickets to the match in our first MLS Ticket Contest of the season. To win, you have to post your Twitter name in the comments section of this post, and THEN post a Tweet including #SoccerByIves, #NewYorkRedBulls and #SBITicketContest. One lucky winner will be chosen and will win two tickets (section 107) to the match. The contest is open only to people who follow SBI on Twitter.

Get your entries in right away. Good luck to all of you.


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50 Responses to Red Bulls/Sounders Ticket Contest

  1. Brendan Vaughn says:

    @bmvaughn will be there, but no harm in a seat upgrade!

  2. Alexander says:


  3. Mike Pauls says:


  4. rob says:

    @rob_larkin will throw his hat into the mix…

  5. says:


  6. AR says:


  7. alexalex says:


  8. J says:


  9. Jimmy Jarosz says:


  10. k says:

    If I win I will sell them to someone in NY.

    LOL, just kidding, not entering.

  11. geo says:


  12. Lawrence Pereira says:


  13. Chris Proano says:


  14. philmatt24 says:

    @philmatt24. Worth a shot – love the Sounders! (am I allowed to say that for a NYRB tix contest?)

  15. Stanley Tatum says:


  16. Dro Scott says:


  17. says:


  18. AT says:


  19. abeautifulanimal says:


  20. Ted says:


  21. Greg says:


  22. radi0head says:


  23. radi0head says:

    automatic disqualification :)

  24. Don Corrao says:

    @Deej_C_24, Thanks Ives!

  25. Stephen Pinto says:


  26. Mark says:

    Hopefully, I’ll get lucky. Thanks…


  27. kfly says:

    Or, you could just buy them, because there are undoubtedly some available.

  28. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:


  29. TBrodie says:


  30. Nick says:

    @NickPoleto been following from the beginning. I can’t wait for the game tomorrow! #SBI #RBNY

  31. Jay says:


  32. John says:


  33. Ryan O'Reilly says:


  34. Chris says:


  35. Danny says:


  36. brian says:


  37. paul says:

    when was that pic taken? I didn’t know the arena actually got filled for NYRB matches.

  38. Chris says:


  39. tom says:

    that’s what he said…

  40. Seth says:


    yo, would love some tix

  41. GSScasual says:

    your team is?
    i bet you go to (1) match a season…. if that

  42. Brandon says:


  43. Leslie says:

    @lesliekicksbutt – yeah, I’ll kick this contest’s butt.

  44. paul says:

    season ticket holder for Toronto, though I do share them since work takes me out of town. You sound bitter…I was actually serious. I like watching NYRB..and get frustrated to see the place so empty. Actually, I went to a NYRB game at the arena last year…fun…but empty.

  45. pete says:


  46. Cothy says:

    I want to see O’Brian White shank a few…Put me in